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Scratch en una oración (en ingles)

  1. Not a scratch on it.
  2. He was still on scratch.
  3. She wanted to scratch him.
  4. An itch he has to scratch.
  5. You will scratch the tank.

  6. I began to scratch his head.
  7. Scratch the sole of my foot.
  8. There's not a scratch on him.
  9. You couldn’t see a scratch.
  10. Oh, a scratch here and there.
  11. How best scratch his years on.
  12. Max had a scratch over one eye.
  13. No ghosts, no book, no Scratch.
  14. And the wound was a mere scratch.
  15. It was time to scratch that itch.

  16. Huck began to dig and scratch now.
  17. She bent down to scratch his head.
  18. I tried to scratch away the issue.
  19. Halloa! what is that scratch upon.
  20. He wanted to scratch off the scabs.
  21. Follow the scratch marks on the rock.
  22. For that they would scratch and kill.
  23. He gave her a scratch behind the ears.
  24. Sam who had a scratch along the scalp.
  25. Corey wanted to scratch and bite Jeff.

  26. The huckster wants to scratch an itch.
  27. I always scratch my head at this one.
  28. She heard a scratch out of the window.
  29. Your wound is surely only a scratch.
  30. I scratch away the ice upon the window.
  31. Not a scratch on her and only 27k miles.
  32. She says I know how to scratch her itch.
  33. She could hit and scratch when necessary.
  34. And no characters form as I scratch with.
  35. He started to scratch one of his huge ears.
  36. Yeah, he bows his head to scratch it.
  37. It’s just a scratch, but you should.
  38. Or all start scratch then get out of step.
  39. My father built this business from scratch.
  40. All Lewis had to do was scratch below the.
  41. But that doesn’t even scratch the surface.
  42. Starting out from scratch can be very costly.
  43. Not going to scratch her up, are you?
  44. Nem couldn’t see any knick or scratch on it.
  45. It was without a scratch or scar of any kind.
  46. Before he could scratch at it, the sound of.
  47. We’d have to build something from scratch.
  48. The women will scratch each other's eyes out.
  49. It didn’t do much damage—just a scratch.
  50. Lucy decided that starting from scratch was a.
  51. Patch took a two foot scratch that tore into.
  52. I think they're about to scratch the board.
  53. He authorised a full assessment, from scratch.
  54. And the dressing was one she made from scratch.
  55. I lean down and pretend I’ll scratch my ankle.
  56. And we'd better scratch off this one, as well.
  57. He let me scratch his ear, but he was trembling.
  58. Every wart, pimple, scratch and scar stands out.
  59. The jay and the crow scratch air with their cries.
  60. You are Scratch boy and the world will know!.
  61. I squinted at her chicken scratch across the page.
  62. Well, I may have gotten a scratch from the glass.
  63. He had a long scratch running the length of his.
  64. We could definitely scratch the Terminator scenario.
  65. Scratch seemed to have guessed what was on my mind.
  66. I scratch the side of my cheek, let my eyes wander.
  67. Larry, baby, come and scratch my itch, and then.
  68. I’m just … feeling an itch I can’t scratch.
  69. You won’t be able to scratch without me feeling it.
  70. I'll scratch her damn eyes out if I have to! She.
  71. They did not build their societies anew from scratch.
  72. A few times he had actually scratch her skin with it.
  73. Not a scratch on him and he has a degree in criminals.
  74. Again he attempted to move his left arm to scratch it.
  75. You would not have to scratch deep to find her origin.
  76. They're clearly about to the scratch the chalkboard.
  77. An old scratch would be the same colour as the surface.
  78. A scratch with a spear point meant infection and death.
  79. That made Roger Fairfax scratch his head in wonderment.
  80. Bella had poisoned his heart and mind with the scratch.
  81. Oh, Scratch Boy I hope they lock me in here with you.
  82. It began with a thin scratch and ended in a jagged hole.
  83. It was just a scratch, it would not pose any concern or.
  84. Psyekoff grew confused and began to scratch his left eye.
  85. Neither of them appeared to even have a scratch on them.
  86. Theoretically, a single rabid cat could bite and scratch.
  87. Trevain lifted a hand to scratch under his ear sheepishly.
  88. He looked for some scratch, for some mark, for some sign.
  89. Scratch that, it wasn’t just pale, it was ghostly white.
  90. Note that you will also have to pass your scratch papers.
  91. The task of re-writing the book from scratch was daunting.
  92. Especially not a face I intend to come all… scratch that.
  93. This was the first meal they’d ever cooked from scratch.
  94. By the time she finishes her voice has started to scratch.
  95. Over the top of the mirrors was the giant head of Scratch.
  96. Ah! she could scratch and tear that wheel which robbed her.
  97. Creating something from scratch, was much more challenging.
  98. You’ll be alright lad it’s like mine just a scratch.
  99. One scratch from its exposed fangs would have meant curtains.
  100. I reached down to scratch when the charm fell to the ground.
  1. I giggled, scratching its head.
  2. I was still scratching my head.
  3. Garann was scratching at his toes.
  4. Often times, scratching cats are.
  5. Edward stopped scratching the itch.
  6. Jartis pondered, scratching his head.
  7. But it is just scratching the surface.
  8. Then more scratching, more insistent.
  9. He looked at me, scratching an eyebrow.
  10. Nefer looked at me, scratching his tooth.
  11. There was a faint scratching on the door.
  12. Scratching his head, Who I was before.
  13. I petted her, scratching behind her ears.
  14. There, he said, scratching his chin.
  15. The boys sat around scratching their heads.
  16. Nihil stood alongside, scratching his head.
  17. Getting defensive and biting and scratching.
  18. The black cat started scratching the window.
  19. Ben was scratching his leg absent-mindedly.
  20. All the while, Bill was scratching his head.
  21. The scratching sound inside made her flinch.
  22. The only sound was the faint scratching of.
  23. The armor was scratching his shoulders, the.
  24. The scratching became tapping; then rustling.
  25. A gentle scratching sound was heard on the door.
  26. Like scratching an itch in an unreachable area.
  27. Liam was still on the crate, scratching his nose.
  28. He is like a baby who keeps scratching his face.
  29. The fowl were out in the open, scratching about.
  30. Beyond the door the scratching momentarily ceased.
  31. What—bait? Joey said, scratching his head.
  32. I tell you, you are merely scratching the surface.
  33. I am merely scratching the surface of this topic.
  34. Instantly there was a soft scratching at the door.
  35. Perhaps, she said while scratching her head.
  36. Soffen stopped for a moment, scratching her flank.
  37. He addressed his regiments in a scratching timbre.
  38. One hand was obviously scratching furiously below.
  39. Hadaen stood at that point, scratching his forehead.
  40. Your dog will be constantly chewing and scratching.
  41. I stared around me, absently scratching at my arms.
  42. I studied the chickens scratching about in the dirt.
  43. Allah is lawless, scratching his head all the time.
  44. Now, at the CIA, everyone was scratching their heads.
  45. What room, miss? He asked, scratching his head.
  46. The soldier smiled to her while scratching his beard.
  47. Uh, help yourself, he said, scratching his head.
  48. Wait a moment, she uttered, scratching her head.
  49. Beth said it was her treat, she said, scratching.
  50. A scratching at the door broke the tension in the room.
  51. Meanwhile, my mother was scratching her animal carrier.
  52. A short while later we heard a scratching sound on the.
  53. Where are we though? I asked him scratching my head.
  54. He isnae here, said Cardiff , scratching his head.
  55. When the scratching stopped, reasoned out Segundida.
  56. I fell down, scratching my chin against the sandy soil.
  57. Outside, he stopped on the sidewalk, scratching his head.
  58. Above all do not start scratching it, even if it itches.
  59. Yet on I went, scratching where the damned thing itched.
  60. She plays a jaguar, raking her six-foot scratching tree.
  61. A little more scratching, and his neck stretched forward.
  62. A sound of claws scratching on steel rasped from the door.
  63. The bushes caught my pants, scratching the flesh beneath.
  64. Miller kept his focus, and the scratching came to a stop.
  65. Harold was back on the couch with Dan who was scratching.
  66. She was rolling around on the grass, scratching her back.
  67. Jeff was shocked how Corey could even consider scratching.
  68. What? Who are you? Marshal said, scratching his head.
  69. Yes, that’s it, I replied while scratching my neck.
  70. I was not touching myself! I was just scratching my leg.
  71. No sneaking off without even scratching a note in the dust.
  72. We can devise a story in which we evolved, scratching out.
  73. This is administered by injection or by scratching the skin.
  74. Bucca stood outside the shelter, smiling and scratching his.
  75. He stood up scratching his head and walked around the house.
  76. Early the next morning a scratching at our door awakened us.
  77. Suddenly he heard a faint scratching sound on the floor and.
  78. After scratching his/her head the cashier hands you back $6.
  79. Scratching his head, Dionus stood before the beast undaunted.
  80. What is it? asked Peter scratching his head not really.
  81. However, serious scratching and biting are the result of miss.
  82. She waited for the scratching to accompany the infant’s cry.
  83. It was a queer little sound she heard—like a soft scratching.
  84. Scratching my head, I looked at the two shuttles in front of us.
  85. So they came out slow, N’robo mused, scratching his jaw.
  86. It was to be an apocalyptic orchestra of chalkboard scratching.
  87. Well, I don’t know, said the sentry, scratching his head.
  88. He’s been scratching about in the church all day with your.
  89. I grabbed the hands and pulled myself back, biting and scratching.
  90. I'll hardly be able to! muttered Bodlevski, scratching his head.
  91. Karen could feel them scratching at the loose stones and the mud.
  92. I writhed inside the boy, scratching and screaming at his insides.
  93. Son of a bitch, Jack said scratching his ass against an old.
  94. Well I spent a few minutes scratching my head over the mystery of.
  95. He kinda has a point, Lezura, Joey said, scratching his chin.
  96. He walked down the stairs yawning and scratching his unkempt hair.
  97. I reached up and started scratching this brute around the ear as.
  98. Then he heard a scratching sound coming from outside the back door.
  99. In this way, scratching and scarring will be effectively prevented.
  100. Scratching his cheek, Windzer said, World’s going to end in an.
  1. He scratched at his jaw.
  2. Dunk scratched at his ear.
  3. He scratched at his sores.
  4. A rock scratched his hand.
  5. I scratched my head at her.
  6. I scratched a little more.
  7. Ed Quinn scratched his chin.
  8. The agent scratched his head.
  9. The clerk scratched his head.
  10. McKee scratched at his ankle.
  11. Len Davies scratched his head.
  12. The goblin scratched his head.
  13. John as he scratched his head.
  14. Gabe scratched his double chin.
  15. Sir Richard scratched his head.
  16. Horn scratched his head slowly.
  17. Number by number he scratched.
  18. He scratched his chin nervously.
  19. Joey scratched his itchy throat.
  20. Lord Pengrove scratched his chin.
  21. Tee scratched the top of his head.
  22. Then I scratched the back of my.
  23. Liulfr scratched his bristly chin.
  24. The translator scratched his head.
  25. Grover was scratched up pretty bad.
  26. The older woman scratched her head.
  27. Elijah scratched his ass and said.
  28. He frowned and scratched the stump.
  29. Rob grunted and scratched his chin.
  30. Umm… He scratched his head.
  31. Liu scratched his head and sighed.
  32. Elowen giggled and scratched the.
  33. Rohan scratched the top of his head.
  34. Doyle scratched his head, irritated.
  35. Feltus scratched his chin nervously.
  36. Stacey scratched Sig under the chin.
  37. Hadaen scratched his head irritably.
  38. Aquana scratched Raekwon in his face.
  39. Garcia scratched his head, frowning.
  40. Donald smiled and scratched his head.
  41. Randy scratched the back of his head.
  42. Corey scratched the back of his head.
  43. He scratched his head in wonderment.
  44. They scratched themselves with sand.
  45. Feltus scratched the back of his head.
  46. Chalmers scratched a scab on his nose.
  47. Hartman scratched the top of his head.
  48. Carter scratched his nose and snorted.
  49. What? Darek scratched his cheek.
  50. Renato scratched his elbow and said:.
  51. He almost scratched her, not out of.
  52. The N's were scratched off the Louvre.
  53. Joey scratched the corner of his mouth.
  54. Russell scratched his head and grunted.
  55. He's scratched a great tuft of fur out.
  56. He yawned and scratched his lean belly.
  57. I took off my hat and scratched my head.
  58. The war? Kevin scratched his chin.
  59. She scratched, she kicked, she slapped.
  60. Edward scratched his calf with his cane.
  61. He gave a loud sigh and scratched his.
  62. When they weren't looking he scratched.
  63. The aged Lore Master scratched his beard.
  64. They were all scratched it was obvious.
  65. The window is scratched from the outside.
  66. Eddie's father scratched his dragon head.
  67. But they have finally scratched the.
  68. Van Thorn scratched the back of his head.
  69. Tripped him up then scratched his face.
  70. The Clerk scratched his nose with his pen.
  71. He scratched a claw across his blue skin.
  72. How did you get scratched like that?
  73. Scratched his head and kept on thinking;.
  74. Sir Richard paused and scratched his head.
  75. I scratched his head and jumped on the bed.
  76. Brothers? Padlimaird scratched his head.
  77. This whole trial would have been scratched.
  78. Coping With Scratched Furniture By The Cat.
  79. She nodded and scratched at the runes again.
  80. He took off his cap and scratched his head.
  81. Carter scratched his head while flakes of.
  82. Then, I scratched and bit him, without mercy.
  83. Xanthippe scratched lewdly between her legs.
  84. Brent scratched the cats head for the last.
  85. Einstein would have scratched his head about.
  86. He scratched out some notes on his notebook.
  87. Carter scratched his chin and thought it over.
  88. He scratched the earth for worms and insects.
  89. He scratched his chin, as if deep in thought.
  90. Barron pursed his lips and scratched his neck.
  91. The guitarist scratched his lymon-colored hair.
  92. Eckhart scratched his chin and looked troubled.
  93. And illuminated a U scratched into the padlock.
  94. He took off his hat and scratched his tonsure.
  95. Stazl looked at Grobut, who scratched his head.
  96. He scratched his chin as he contemplated the.
  97. He winced from where Rhonwen had scratched him.
  98. I scratched his head and lightly pushed him off.
  99. He scratched among the gray hairs on his chest.
  100. He scratched them again, then got back to work.
  1. He was covered in scratches.
  2. See the scratches along here.
  3. Cass scratches his head as Mr.
  4. He scratches his head a little.
  5. That only scratches the surface.
  6. Sean scratches his head a little.
  7. The king pauses and scratches his chin.
  8. All the scratches on the boxes match the.
  9. The first workman yawns, scratches his ass.
  10. A party and a drill? He scratches his ear.
  11. The second workman yawns, scratches his ass.
  12. Junyas eye, and he had scratches on his face.
  13. He sits up and scratches his head with a yawn.
  14. He scratches his chin and goes back to reading.
  15. Moreover he had received only a few scratches.
  16. She nervously scratches between Fenrir’s ears.
  17. Comatose John reaches up and scratches his head.
  18. Emily wandered back inside to clean the scratches.
  19. He was covered in bleeding bruises and scratches.
  20. Scratches, diluvial, caused by ice, according to L.
  21. He still felt the cuts and scratches she put on him.
  22. Inhibited biting to be In a playful way and scratches.
  23. There were scratches below it and some looked recent.
  24. The blue floor showed white scratches from his claws.
  25. The scratches are fine, and they certainly look fresh.
  26. The congregation suffered no more than a few scratches.
  27. You are fairly unscathed, a few scratches on your arms.
  28. Cuts and scratches to me – scooter and car undamaged.
  29. I smeared the same salve over the scratches on his arm.
  30. He noticed that he had some scratches and a few wounds.
  31. Limping? Scratches? What would I know about that?
  32. As he scratches Fenrir, the armor makes no sound at all.
  33. He brushes his old friend’s mane and scratches its head.
  34. It took over two weeks for the scratches on my neck to heal.
  35. Willie scratches his rump as he steers the blimp towards a.
  36. David swung his arm and the handcuff followed the scratches.
  37. Scratches, bites, and saliva are the avenues of transmission.
  38. But luckily, I survived with only a few scratches and abrasions.
  39. He saw through a haze of fine scratches across the plastic lens.
  40. The surface had a few scratches, but the smile was still the same.
  41. What have you been doing? You're covered with grazes and scratches.
  42. Anyway, we had come out alive, with only a few scratches and bruises.
  43. Some of the scratches had become infected and showed up as red welts.
  44. When they approached him they noticed large scratches and dried blood.
  45. He scratches his head while saying, You’ve grown too quick laddie.
  46. Despite a few scratches and a minor cut he felt he had proved his point.
  47. Peter scratches the side of his head reflexively, shifting in his chair.
  48. Chinna was applying some lotion on his wounds, scratches and bite marks.
  49. The bath is, like Ted's fridge, a mosaic of scratches and chipped enamel.
  50. Four scratches one of his eyebrows with a knife point and approaches Eric.
  51. It scratches glass, carbonat of lime, and even felspar, in a slight degree.
  52. The earth had been laid bare and was scored with long scratches and furrows.
  53. Luckily, most patients were just bumps and scratches and a few broken bones.
  54. I don’t want her to babysit us, Vincent whined, Her cat scratches.
  55. Miniscule redemption scratches through the sky, fleeting confirmation of the.
  56. The marks of fire, of ax and sledge and chisel showed on it but as scratches.
  57. Nodding, he scratches his leg and uses it as a distraction to grab his knapsack.
  58. He was more worried about having to explain the scratches and damaged umbrella.
  59. He scratches his head in confusion, then wordlessly guides her across the hallway.
  60. The women seemed oblivious to the scratches that appeared up and down their arms.
  61. I looked at the thick patina of scratches and dents that had once been a gas tank.
  62. Anderson, how did you contract those scratches on your back?� Steve questioned.
  63. It was remarkable how quickly bruises had faded and cuts and scratches had healed.
  64. Just outside the room he leans against the wall and scratches the back of his neck.
  65. He scratches behind his ear and looks away, like he’s embarrassed by what he said.
  66. He wasn't bleeding profusely but had a few cuts and scratches that stung pretty bad.
  67. She scratches illegibly in her journal of the various forms of truth she’s invented.
  68. His armor, polished and expensive, had the scratches and dents earned by many battles.
  69. The following list is not complete and only scratches the surface of what is commonly.
  70. The following scratches have a higher incidence; finger nail; plants and animal claws.
  71. He'd suffered deep wounds; scratches from a giant clawed paw ran the length of his body.
  72. He received a smile and a nod and Arial continued on cleaning and dressing the scratches.
  73. Mr Underhill saw the boy’s arms and legs and they were covered with scabs and scratches.
  74. She found him sitting on his bed examining scratches to his legs and more sensitive parts.
  75. He scratches his head, which is something Phil has told him not to do about a billion times.
  76. There had been hard fought battles that resulted in many scratches, black eyes and bruises.
  77. He scratches at his stubble and, when the timer on the cooker beeps, takes his breakfast out.
  78. In the upper right hand corner of his back, the fresh scars of three scratches could be seen.
  79. Oh, four years of love class barely scratches the surface with all the species in our galaxy.
  80. His hands roamed around, and in the darkness, rested upon a series of scratches in the padding.
  81. The muscles in his hand trigger, he scratches your scalp, full smile, tiger’s teeth friendly.
  82. Cass laughs as the needle scratches the album, and as the music mysteriously repeats once more.
  83. When he’s stalled long enough, Director Estilon scratches the back of his head and continues.
  84. One of the scratches was deeper than the rest where the havtrols tore her clothes from her back.
  85. He ended up with deep scratches on his hands and used that scarf to wipe away his tainted blood.
  86. The tendrils had lashed her face, leaving a lacy network of scratches slowly welling with blood.
  87. Wrinkling his nose and scowling a bit, Thor gingerly scratches Fenrir on the chest with a finger.
  88. He was covered in scratches and had a splint on his ankle, but he had never looked better to Mac.
  89. Yeah I’m okay Grandma, Dana says as she annoyingly rubs and scratches the back of her head.
  90. Her legs ached from the scratches, her arms were tired from fighting and tears blurred her vision.
  91. Sadly, I now have to use catouflage to cover up cat scratches as well, so it’s a bit of a catch-22.
  92. I checked him out to see if he was alright but he was more concerned about the scratches on his bike.
  93. He turned it from the scratches I had created in the beginning to the design covering the other side.
  94. Lezura hissed through the scratches and bruises left on her body by the birds and the pointy branches.
  95. Stacey holds Jaden’s hands and rubs his head as he lies in bed with scratches on his face and body.
  96. Even without the lens you will perceive, by the scratches on this ward, where the pressure was applied.
  97. Then the fax machine began chattering and spat out a handwritten score in tiny scratches of notation.
  98. Kyle studied the scratches on her arm, Come with me, he said, pulling her toward Chevalier's office.
  99. I woke up covered in scratches in my bed this morning, I can’t remember what happened the night before.
  100. The woodwork was cut and the scratches showed white through the paint, as if they had been that instant done.

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