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Shoes en una oración (en ingles)

1. A Mile in His Shoes.
2. I stepped on his shoes.
3. He looked at his shoes.
4. He still had his shoes.
5. You pay for the shoes.
6. He slipped on his shoes.
7. Shoes off at the mat.

8. She had no hat or shoes.
9. For shoes, I just went.
10. Yes, I need some shoes.
11. Then she found the shoes.
12. Peter looked at his shoes.
13. And he took off his shoes.
14. Maybe it was the shoes?
15. These shoes will be fine.
16. She kicked off her shoes.
17. Think of it as our shoes.
18. Shoes (and lots of them).
19. I still have my shoes.
20. But I will need shoes.
21. He removes his shoes and.
22. Benjy kicked off his shoes.
23. He wore no shoes or socks.
24. It was too cold for shoes.
25. Coat the shoes of the many.
26. Sorry, I meant my shoes.
27. Hazel slipped off his shoes.
28. Put on these shoes and.
29. He had taken off her shoes.
30. On his shoes, on the floor.
31. Put yourself in their shoes.
32. The shoes pinched his feet.
33. I then started on the shoes.
34. And one pair of new shoes.
35. Her shoes had been removed.
36. Manda kicked off her shoes.
37. I dust off my tennis shoes.
38. She felt her shoes come off.
39. My father looks at his shoes.
40. Stand once again in My shoes.
41. She looks down at her shoes.
42. And again if the shoes are.
43. The lad took the soft shoes.
44. Wears shoes of plaited bast.
45. It must have been the shoes.
46. My shoes are off, my hair up.
47. I need new shoes, he thought.
48. That fancy pair of shoes is.
49. I put on my shoes and walked.
50. He put his shoes on the table.
51. Alex stared down at his shoes.
52. He had forgotten to wear shoes.
53. I had no shoes until I was six.
54. The ones on our legs and shoes.
55. She put on her newly flat shoes.
56. The shoes traveled around the.
57. She began to take off my shoes.
58. They're a rotten pair of shoes.
59. Put yourself in John’s shoes.
60. He wore old running shoes, no.
61. You have to be in her shoes to.
62. Put bombs in their shoes?
63. Am I in his shoes here? Say yes.
64. In Swahili the name meant shoes.
65. I have to get out of these shoes.
66. She’d found the perfect shoes.
67. You put the shoes in the box.
68. Inspecting his muddy shoes, he.
69. Glad I have my running shoes on.
70. To put ourselves in their shoes.
71. I certainly would, in her shoes.
72. He started to slip on his shoes.
73. He bends over to untie his shoes.
74. She had taken off her shoes but.
75. Shoes give away the scruples, I.
76. Beginning with my shoes of course.
77. No sounds of shoes on the stairs.
78. I saw her shoes ache to pull free.
79. My shoes cling to the rough rock.
80. Nicole pul ed her shoes off and.
81. His shoes squeak as he turns away.
82. Used women’s shoes, and there.
83. There's the new tennis shoes day.
84. My shoes are starting to pinch.
85. We really had to try some shoes.
86. They both slipped off their shoes.
87. Her shoes were filled with water.
88. Better put your shoes on, though.
89. We even found shoes for the girls.
90. To keep it in are dead men's shoes.
91. You have T’Pau’s shoes to fill.
92. Must have been the saddle shoes.
93. Your shoes do not resemble hooves.
94. Glad I am not in this guy's shoes.
95. He glanced at his shoes and nodded.
96. He didn’t even put on his shoes.
97. The shoes were light tan in colour.
98. Shirts, pants, shoes, dresses and.
99. Their shoes were clean and neat—.
100. Have you a pair of silent shoes?
1. We started the practice of horse shoeing to.
2. Keith? She walked up to him while he was shoeing a horse.
3. As they passed a blacksmith’s shop, the smith was shoeing a Kentucky thoroughbred, who looked at them with an airy unconcern.
4. There was no one in the fields at this time of year, but in a yard of beaten earth in front of the monastery he saw a handful of monks working: one shoeing a horse, another mending a plough, and a small group turning the lever of a cider press.
5. Now, these are the expenditures in conformity with your position: for shoeing your horse,—one (he closed one finger); for the apothecary,—two (he closed another finger); for office work,—three (he shut a third); for extra horses, which cost five hundred rubles, my dear fellow,—that's four; you must change the soldiers' collars, you will use a great deal of coal, you must keep open table for your officers.
1. We need to shod our feet with the.
2. But you can tell which ones are shod.
3. If this keeps up, he’ll have to be shod, Linz.
4. The carpet kept her feet off Jonesboro to get him shod.
5. The realization that I had to stand in my shoes shod through.
6. The Private took off at a run, his steel shod boots striking sparks.
7. She set her sweet little foot, shod in white satin, on Marius' foot.
8. Oh yeah, she thought, her shod hooves were for more than prancing on.
9. Slowly, two feet appeared, one was bare; the other was shod with the.
10. Mick had finally taken in the fact that several incorrectly shod, under-.
11. Then the water fronting them parted, and the Jews walked through dry shod, the.
12. Their caps were of iron and they were shod with iron, and their faces were grim.
13. This fellow Hayes had shod his horses with shoes which counterfeited the tracks of cows.
14. Feet shod in combat boots burst through the remains of the window, landing heavily on the floor.
15. Her tiny feet were shod in white satin slippers, with white ribbons that twined to the top of her ankle.
16. The great black stallion reared, striking out with steel shod shoes taking several spiders in mid-flight.
17. The sick cared for, the shoeless shod, the orphan father'd and mother'd, The hungry fed, the houseless housed;.
18. A human foot, bare or softly shod, had made that sound, and Conan, with the wariness of a wolf, turned quickly aside.
19. On they went, all dressed alike, moving a thousand feet all shod alike, swinging their free arms as if to keep up their spirits.
20. He was not far from the crest when, edging around the shoulder of a jutting crag, he heard the clink of shod hoofs ahead of him.
21. She did not hear the distant clink of shod hoofs on rock that warned the keen-eared hill-men; but she was far too frightened to disobey, in any event.
22. As Phalon’s iron shod hooves let off sparks upon landing on the wide wall top, even so did the giant’s helmeted head as it fell with a dull clatter onto the stones.
23. I scanned the ground for hoof prints and saw none–none of the horses were shod, thank the stars so the little track we had left on the road was negligible and not seen.
24. This is a time for self-assertion (but not for riding rough shod over others), for having things your way, and for creating the conditions in your life that make you happy.
25. How serene does she now arise, a queen among the Pleiades, in the penultimate antelucan hour, shod in sandals of bright gold, coifed with a veil of what do you call it gossamer.
26. Most of them had to go on foot, shod in summer shoes and clad in the flimsiest of silks and satins, in torn fur cloaks and military great-coats taken from the shoulders of the dead.
27. But the most extraordinary thing was this: the twelve pairs, that is, the twenty-four donkeys, instead of being shod like other beasts of burden, had on their feet men's boots made of white kid.
28. After a while he heard the sound repeated faintly somewhere farther on, and that was followed by the soft opening of a door, and then a swift scurry of softly shod feet retreated in the distance.
29. The hobbits' packs were brought to them (a little heavier than they had been), and also two stout staves of polished wood, shod with iron, and with carven heads through which ran plaited leathern thongs.
30. The motion of the small foot shod in a Tartar boot embroidered with silver, and the firm pressure of the lean sinewy hand, showed that the prince still possessed the tenacious endurance and vigor of hardy old age.
31. During the 1918 reverses suffered by the Turks on various fronts large numbers of mules were captured and sent to the veterinary bases to be reconditioned, sorted, and shod, for issue to various units in need of them.
32. The old woman of eighty only rakes the hay, but even this is beyond her strength; she slowly drags along her feet, shod with bast shoes, and, frowning, she gazes gloomily before her, like a seriously ill or dying person.
33. Will they not produce corn, and wine, and clothes, and shoes, and build houses for themselves? And when they are housed, they will work, in summer, commonly, stripped and barefoot, but in winter substantially clothed and shod.
34. Minutes later a sharp knife in a soft leather scabbard was strapped to Leon’s upper arm, and he was shod with soft but strong leather sandals with a loop for the big toe and a strap round the ankle—the next best thing to bare feet.
35. If there be a steam-plough, he will use it; if there is none, he will till the soil with a horse-plough, and, if there is none, with a primitive curved bit of wood shod with iron, or he will use a rake; and, under all conditions, he will equally attain his object.
36. But here was exactly what she did want; and presently, suitably shod and skirted, and armed with a stick--not the ebony, ivory-handled, rubber-tipped stick of her future, leaning on which she would totter into rooms at parties, but a stout one with an iron point--she started off in Conderley's company on the prescribed rounds, Audrey watching them from the window, and thinking that her Jim was beginning to stoop rather, and that Fanny's figure was really remarkable for her age.
37. He fumbled in his pocket, drew out his purse, opened it, and took out a small key; he inserted the key in a lock whose aperture could hardly be seen, so hidden was it in the most sombre tones of the design which covered the wall-paper; a secret receptacle opened, a sort of false cupboard constructed in the angle between the wall and the chimney-piece; in this hiding-place there were some rags—a blue linen blouse, an old pair of trousers, an old knapsack, and a huge thorn cudgel shod with iron at both ends.
38. Get you not gold nor silver nor brass in your purses; and take nothing for the way except a staff only; nor bag nor bread; neither shall you have two tunics nor shoes nor staff but be shod with sandals; for the labourer is worthy of his food; And whatever city or village you enter inquire who is worthy in it and there be until 52 you go out; And when you enter into the house ask for the peace of the house and if the house is worthy your peace shall come on it; but if it is not worthy your peace shall return to you; And whoever shall not receive you nor hear your sayings when you go out from that house or from that village shake off the dust that is under your feet against them for a testimony; And truely I say to you 50 To the land of Sodom and Gomorrah there shall be rest in the day of judgement rather than to that city.
39. Any one who had chanced to pass through the little town of Vernon at this epoch, and who had happened to walk across that fine monumental bridge, which will soon be succeeded, let us hope, by some hideous iron cable bridge, might have observed, had he dropped his eyes over the parapet, a man about fifty years of age wearing a leather cap, and trousers and a waistcoat of coarse gray cloth, to which something yellow which had been a red ribbon, was sewn, shod with wooden sabots, tanned by the sun, his face nearly black and his hair nearly white, a large scar on his forehead which ran down upon his cheek, bowed, bent, prematurely aged, who walked nearly every day, hoe and sickle in hand, in one of those compartments surrounded by walls which abut on the bridge, and border the left bank of the Seine like a chain of terraces, charming enclosures full of flowers of which one could say, were they much larger: "these are gardens," and were they a little smaller: "these are bouquets.

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1. It is a lady's shoe.
2. Me? I’m an old shoe.
3. Could be a loose shoe.
4. One of his shoe laces.
5. His horse threw a shoe.
6. One Shoe had an epiphany.
7. So he drew off his shoe.
8. Jesse stared at his shoe.
9. The head of the shoe was.
10. A beautiful red shoe was.
11. The shoe belonged to a foot.
12. Nor the soles of her shoe?
14. The other shoe had dropped.
15. Looks like a standard shoe.
16. Tapped it on my running shoe.
17. We dropped the shoe on you.
18. I could see the shoe prints.
19. Water started filling her shoe.
20. I wear a lift on one shoe, a.
21. With your shoe or your sandal.
22. A shoe box could hold anything.
23. Pair 8: Red Hat and Brown Shoe.
24. What is this on your shoe?
25. He’d lost a shoe to the water.
26. Then I put on Sue’s other shoe.
27. I’m sorry about his shoe, Anne.
28. China Shoe Holdings is an example.
29. Shoe shops, lingerie shops, 104.
30. He sold shoe polish on the street.
31. Slowly, he took off the other shoe.
32. On one foot was a canvas deck shoe.
33. He scooped it up, "Aelia's shoe!".
34. If the shoe fits, he answered.
36. The shoe was on the other foot now.
37. There was nothing in this wooden shoe.
38. I am not worthy to tie his shoe laces.
39. Stamp on the toes with your shoe heel.
40. His shoe has never tasted shoe polish.
41. Not to mention the occasional shoe in.
42. It was about the size of two shoe boxes.
43. I nudged the nearest coffin with my shoe.
44. The man turned the shoe over in his hand.
45. His belt buckle, too, and this shoe sole.
46. Mrs Ito would have hit him with her shoe.
47. Junya looked, and it was a women"s" shoe.
48. She smiled; she really had a shoe fetish.
49. What have you done with your shoe, you.
50. I lifted his shoe a little from my throat.
51. At that price, Brown Shoe was valued at 7.
52. The shepherd plaits his shoe of bark,(66).
53. There was an old woman who lived in a shoe.
54. He tapped his shoe to hers, a gentle nudge.
55. I crush the side of a beaker under my shoe.
56. That would leave enough cards in the shoe.
57. She couldn’t have tied her shoe right now.
58. They have several shoe boxes in their hands.
59. Reverently, he placed the shoe box in my lap.
60. Thinking it was his he placed it in his shoe.
61. Is there a shoe store in town, over?
62. This time the toe of his shoe grazed her arm.
63. She patted the starter with her toeless shoe.
64. In the door he showed me a shoe in each hand.
65. He pointed at the shoe rack outside the house.
66. One Shoe looked down at his feet and shrugged.
67. We dropped the shoe, yes, but, not on you.
68. On waking up, Cosette had run to get her shoe.
69. We meet Victoria and Megan in the shoe section.
70. Suddenly he noticed a shoe made from grass mat.
71. A pair of green shoe that had some beautiful.
72. It was a simple wooden shoe with broken laces.
73. I lifted the tongue and reached inside the shoe.
74. They would use a six-deck shoe that was shuf-.
75. Deal with the moron who dropped a shoe on me.
76. On her left foot was a white, low-heeled shoe.
77. The social worker eventually found a shoe that.
78. A shoe had been blown off, along with some toes.
79. I laid down the shoe and offered him a cigarette.
80. It could be a tendon or a rock stuck in the shoe.
81. Picked up a shoe from where his clothes now lay.
82. The man who did shoe repairs for Kline’s store.
83. Penn used his shoe to lift the man’s shirtsleeve.
84. No trace of shoe prints was visible on the ground.
85. He kicks his shoe off and they hit the wall with.
86. Brown Shoe, meanwhile, had its laces tied together.
87. He pressed his shoe on my throat and held me pinned.
88. He sat on a curb to pick a rock from his shoe, idly.
89. I heard shoe leather flinting the cobbles in sparks.
90. Can it be that this shoe is left behind by 456.
91. His throw was perfectly accurate and the shoe hit.
92. A shoe, shot from a window, tipped them off a fence.
93. He was studying the toe of his shoe; checking it's.
94. The functional anatomy of the running training shoe.
95. My second survey was on Shoe Name Brands and Styles.
96. I got out of there, trying to put my shoe on and all.
97. It was a small box, about half the size of a shoe box.
98. First leather shoe: 5,500 years old.
99. On the other side of the bushes a shoe was projecting.
100. You were a shoe in to win the contest, Mann said.

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