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Place en una oración (en ingles)

  1. For there is a place.
  2. He was at her place.
  3. And a place to sleep.
  4. She had no place here.
  5. It was a small place.

  6. Hell is a real place.
  7. This is not the place.
  8. He locked it in place.
  9. It is a place of rule.
  10. You are in a good place.
  11. We drove up to my place.
  12. Not the place, not the.
  13. This place was the pits.
  14. I saw the mystical place.
  15. Store it in a dark place.

  16. I booked a place called.
  17. Yet that was a big place.
  18. It's a really nice place.
  19. Place into the Roach Inn.
  20. Store in cool dark place.
  21. This place is still there.
  22. I found a place to rest.
  23. The library was the place.
  24. This is your place, Betty.
  25. I thought that the place.

  26. Not a final resting place.
  27. Charles, We own the place.
  28. It was their secret place.
  29. Vegas is a good place to.
  30. Sure, they love the place.
  31. It was his favorite place.
  32. There is no place for the.
  33. C took place very recently.
  34. The place was almost empty.
  35. I think I have the place.
  36. The bouts take place in a.
  37. He is not in this place.
  38. Dim light filled the place.
  39. They found a place to park.
  40. This was in a public place.
  41. It was a place to enjoy a.
  42. That would take place soon.
  43. It was a rickity old place.
  44. Place on wax paper to cool.
  45. Let him run this damn place.
  46. Not a hair was out of place.
  47. She tried hard to place her.
  48. So I owe the place a sheet.
  49. Place pretzels on wax paper.
  50. It is not an ordinary place.
  51. It's not in the right place.
  52. Then we'll clear this place.
  53. Place on waxed paper to dry.
  54. Geeze, this place is a mess.
  55. It is the talk of the place.
  56. This whole place is wrong.
  57. He could see the only place.
  58. I wonder what place this is.
  59. She came from this place.
  60. The life’s core is a place.
  61. I feel Jesus, in this place.
  62. Been a lonely place, it has.
  63. He bought this place off him.
  64. She had a place in the world.
  65. It was just a nice big place.
  66. It is a place that has been.
  67. It was sort of a snooty place.
  68. The gym can be a scary place.
  69. It struck me as a dark place.
  70. Find a place where you have.
  71. Place on wax paper until set.
  72. Morning in another new place.
  73. Junya ran towards the place.
  74. You have a lovely place here.
  75. Which one is his place?
  76. The mirror was still in place.
  77. We ran to our old place, and.
  78. Not my place to tell, dekar.
  79. I moved in another place, on.
  80. This IS the best place for it.
  81. Place where livers are stored.
  82. The place was seedy compared.
  83. If the whole place was so.
  84. The Middle East is a place of.
  85. Anyway the name of the place.
  86. After returning to the place.
  87. In this place of alternatives.
  88. I thought this place was a.
  89. Everything was set and in place.
  90. Now this was a dangerous place.
  91. I should get a place of my own.
  92. His place was in the classroom.
  93. We’re the only place in town.
  94. This place gives me the spooks.
  95. In its place I now feel relief.
  96. Place on prepared baking sheet.
  97. And in this place I will give.
  98. It is in that place they will.
  99. She wished she was in my place.
  100. I hope you can find a place.
  1. By placing the two of.
  2. Placing his hand on her.
  3. Placing the thin one on.
  4. Placing hands on hips or.
  5. He was placing a gargantuan.
  6. Placing his face next to his.
  7. Or, consider placing a drop of.
  8. Placing the case on the vacant.
  9. Placing the mess and damage to.
  10. Placing a wireless, button size.
  11. Placing our positive attitude at.
  12. It was only by placing a torch on.
  13. Mount the unit by placing a random.
  14. Placing the glass on the table, he.
  15. The act of placing the concerns and.
  16. Placing the key back inside the hip.
  17. I could be placing you all in danger.
  18. Placing a stool between my legs, she.
  19. I agreed, placing the book under my arm.
  20. When Joseph saw his father placing his.
  21. By placing Π in relation to gravity I.
  22. She was placing C4 all around the house.
  23. Placing her palms against her face she.
  24. Placing the phone back in the cradle and.
  25. He sat down placing his hands on the cane.
  26. Furthermore, by placing the 24 elders in.
  27. They started placing the food on the table.
  28. Picking up coins and placing them in a jar.
  29. After taking it out and placing it on the.
  30. What was this? Placing the Scotch down, he.
  31. I could envision the men placing the chairs.
  32. When placing a close-coupled toilet pan and.
  33. Placing his hands on the table top, he grit.
  34. She smiled, placing a small cap on Shay' head.
  35. Placing his hand in the air one more time, Mr.
  36. You either have the choice of placing a few.
  37. This then they mange in terms of placing the.
  38. He stopped shoveling at my question, placing.
  39. I WENT 'round, placing camp chairs by the pool.
  40. Placing her hand upon it, she opened it slowly.
  41. He began placing little kisses against her jaw.
  42. Arrange the sandwich by placing chicken on the.
  43. Zem was placing a little salad on Bev’s plate.
  44. I lowered my head, placing it against his chest.
  45. Placing a hand on her shoulder for comfort, he.
  46. Placing her hands against his chest she pushed.
  47. Placing the blame may help us to feel good but.
  48. He looked down at her, placing his hand on hers.
  49. Oddly, placing trust in someone had that effect.
  50. Placing it on her plate, Bev cut it and placed.
  51. Placing it upon her hair she tried to flatten it.
  52. Another involves placing chickens in boxes with.
  53. Placing the quarters into the slot of the power.
  54. After removing the shoebox and placing it on the.
  55. Placing a hand over her mouth she covered a yawn.
  56. I am placing Larc in full control of the mission.
  57. Serve by placing equal amounts of all ingredients.
  58. In the meantime everyone began placing more calls.
  59. Placing it back in its spot, I walked out of the.
  60. He leaned forward, placing both hands on the desk.
  61. I do as I’m told, placing my arm on his shoulder.
  62. Liam laughed as he wiggled around, placing Aiden's.
  63. You are placing me in a most embarrassing position.
  64. Cloud strode forward, placing his hands on the frame.
  65. Placing his arms around her, Jerry held her tightly.
  66. She moved closer, placing the bowl in front of Ashat.
  67. Lucy had suddenly realized Max was placing her in a.
  68. After placing the food on a makeshift table he re-.
  69. I am in fact placing a lot of hopes on that project.
  70. We know only what we are herewith placing on record.
  71. Before placing the embryos into gestation carrier'.
  72. He took the meat from her, placing it on the counter.
  73. Skuld walks over, placing his hand on Ross's shoulder.
  74. So how can one judge infer that placing a symbol on.
  75. I came across to him, placing my hand on his shoulder.
  76. I chose the closest one, scaling it and then placing.
  77. One by one, he started placing his cards on the table.
  78. I noticed it while placing the natatakot spell on her.
  79. She sees me and sighs, placing her hands on her chest.
  80. Garcia nodded, placing the guitar back into its cradle.
  81. Anne laughed, placing her hand momentarily on his cheek.
  82. Placing the bowl on the table, I said, its for you.
  83. One splits by placing an equal wager next to the first.
  84. He led her to the dance floor, placing his hand in hers.
  85. Calm down, he said, placing a hand on my shoulder.
  86. He was placing it on her forehead, when the phone rang.
  87. I steady myself by placing my hands on the small table.
  88. Placing the decanter on the floor, her hands began to.
  89. He blew the flame out before placing it down on a table.
  90. Placing it on his cheek she turned his face towards her.
  91. Are you placing his orders over that of the Galaef's?
  92. Cupid nodded, placing his hand on Sebastian’s shoulder.
  93. Thank you, he said, placing it on the counter top.
  94. Naclana! she cried, placing her hand on her chest.
  95. As I was placing the rest of the silverware, I said to.
  96. One way is by placing the house rationally upon its lot.
  97. Anne stood up, placing her tea on the floor and exhaling.
  98. The case keeper nodded placing the last peg in his board.
  99. Anne kneeled beside him, placing a hand on his shoulder.
  100. Placing his hand over the huge wound on his chest, Khris.
  1. I placed all of my.
  2. He placed me at the.
  3. As she placed it on.
  4. Placed it in her palm.
  5. He knew God placed a.
  6. He placed one of them.
  7. And placed on a heading.
  8. He placed it back down.
  9. She placed trust in him.
  10. Steve had placed his call.
  11. He placed my hands in his.
  12. Young was placed in the.
  13. It may be placed in the.
  14. He placed more than 800.
  15. They were placed in the.
  16. Where is Your Ad Placed?
  17. The book was placed in it.
  18. Was placed as God injected.
  19. For which cannot be placed.
  20. He placed his hand gently.
  21. Raine placed the book aside.
  22. It will be placed in your.
  23. What God has placed within.
  24. Placed in a tomb and sealed.
  25. Has placed himself as light.
  26. Then we placed our statement.
  27. Soon Joseph was placed over.
  28. Think about why they placed.
  29. The two medibots placed the.
  30. Real ads that could be placed.
  31. He placed his hands on her arm.
  32. Adam placed his hand over hers.
  33. She placed both of her hands.
  34. Allison placed my hand in hers.
  35. She placed it in front of him.
  36. A bird could be placed under.
  37. John placed the box near the.
  38. He placed his hand on his heart.
  39. My master placed me in charge.
  40. Isaac is placed upon the altar.
  41. He placed a hand on my shoulder.
  42. He placed his hand on Josephs.
  43. He then placed pressed an ear.
  44. On April 9, she was placed in.
  45. Corey placed more emphasis on.
  46. The baby Jesus is placed in a.
  47. He had placed three different.
  48. He placed his eyes against the.
  49. Gibbons placed his arm over my.
  50. He placed a hand on her forehead.
  51. Then, she placed the hot coals.
  52. The F flat aerial's were placed.
  53. Joshua placed Rebecca on a table.
  54. She placed a bag on the counter.
  55. She had it placed in the lounge.
  56. We had the hospital bed placed.
  57. He had been placed in a mental.
  58. He then placed his foot in the.
  59. The Baron placed a hand on his.
  60. He placed the phone in his pocket.
  61. As he placed the bicycle helmet.
  62. Lifted high, placed in the hands.
  63. She smiled and placed her empty.
  64. We placed our gear into the truck.
  65. We’d placed a radio mike on her.
  66. As Jacob kneeled, he placed his.
  67. She placed her hands on his head.
  68. We had placed our vehicles in a.
  69. Without delay, Agatha placed me.
  70. A key was placed in the lock and.
  71. He placed his hand on his shoulder.
  72. Darin placed a stubbie in Rory's.
  73. Joseph placed a hand on Martha’s.
  74. God has placed himself within each.
  75. Just above the bench placed near.
  76. Thalia placed her hand on his head.
  77. She placed Ish's hand on Govind's.
  78. He placed it in her room whereon.
  79. He placed the bag into his trunk.
  80. He placed his fingers to his head.
  81. I placed a pallet on the platform.
  82. She placed her thumb on the switch.
  83. Maria placed the call to the police.
  84. Mary placed a hand on his forehead.
  85. He placed his hands on my shoulders.
  86. She gently placed Her hands in mine.
  87. Three holes were neatly placed in.
  88. Then, I placed myself on red alert.
  89. He placed the two presents on the.
  90. He placed his hand lovingly on hers.
  91. The mother placed the last flower.
  92. He placed his palm against the wall.
  93. She placed her hand on his shoulder.
  94. We placed our teams on the marked.
  95. Lifting Sari carefully, he placed.
  96. Four valves were placed above the.
  97. He placed his hands behind his head.
  98. They placed their trust in an idol.
  99. She placed the other one in her ear.
  100. He placed his ear against the door.
  1. It is only in places.
  3. Which places a C sharp.
  4. In case of places where.
  5. There were no places to.
  6. In places I could not see.
  7. Places his bare hand on.
  8. The fight for places on.
  9. God, I hated these places.
  10. And in Hong of all places.
  11. To sit in the high places.
  12. In all the places you can.
  13. Or travel to exotic places.
  14. Yet in other places it is.
  15. To the places they belonged.
  16. It is a bit scant in places.
  17. How did we switch places?
  18. There are places leaving you.
  19. He places them to his sides.
  20. There are places I remember.
  21. Most were in various places.
  22. There are places we can hide.
  24. Their places shall be removed.
  25. Judging from the places the.
  26. Airports are the best places.
  27. Many churches and places of.
  28. It's happened in other places.
  29. There are places in this mind.
  30. They are places of human shit.
  31. He places his hand on my knee.
  32. He places all into their niche.
  33. Other Places of Great Interest.
  34. They are places of power that.
  35. Like those places outside town.
  36. Tamil as they took their places.
  37. I could think of worse places.
  38. I see standing water in places.
  39. It can be found in many places.
  40. Nothing in any of those places.
  41. That places it second only to.
  42. Dirty places was not her thing.
  43. One of those places was America.
  44. Places to go, people to go with.
  45. In heavenly places in Christ.
  46. There are lots of places where.
  47. There are two places to do this.
  49. Three places in a far-off world.
  50. We put them in their places and.
  51. He wasn’t safe in these places.
  52. Willie places the Roadrunner on.
  53. I worked at a couple of places.
  54. These places are bulging at the.
  55. A bargain compared to most places.
  56. I had switched places with Cliff.
  57. In other places, there might be.
  58. This places inspirations at the.
  59. From the wildest places on earth.
  60. In a few places they were behind.
  61. He places a hand on her shoulder.
  62. After that, hypothermia places in.
  63. Sometimes he hides in those places.
  64. When places that brought pleasure.
  65. These places stay toxic for years.
  66. I’ve got places to go now, John.
  67. It is God who places in authority.
  68. There are only two places in the.
  69. In some places you could hear the.
  70. Send him to places that he’l hate.
  71. Now we rule in the heavenly places.
  72. Except that we’ve swapped places.
  73. All these places had their moments.
  74. You may now shuffle places, ladies.
  75. One needs to get places, after all.
  76. The Best Places to Visit in London.
  77. There were blood-soaked places 70.
  78. Would be parents living in places.
  79. There's places where Angels just.
  80. How bad are all them other places?
  81. You should trade places with me.
  82. In some places the women are also.
  83. You've mentioned several far places.
  84. He then places it back on his plate.
  85. One of these places will be our end.
  86. They were places of horror and evil.
  87. I bet they were pretty awful places.
  88. One of the places we went to, was St.
  89. This places a responsibility and a.
  91. Miller healed many places not only.
  92. Men and woman drive to places when.
  93. In places, the road was completely.
  94. They stopped in cultural places too.
  95. These older places have huge blocks.
  96. There were two places set with BLT.
  97. It's one of those places that seem.
  98. Places like this have to be checked.
  99. Shall we take our places on the.
  100. Places the bottle back in the bucket.

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