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    1. You want to showcase your business as an innovator, as a company that is a leader and as a company that is going to take charge in the industry that it is in

    2. they require tons of traffic inflow to showcase their

    3. Showcase a Face-507 book Fan, congratulate a Twitter follower, customer of the week on your site

    4. It was on a Thursday near closing time that she spotted a boy of about thirteen standing near the front candy showcase, looking at the various candy bars wistfully

    5. standards risen in recent years; a great, big house furnished with all the modern conveniences, purchasing or leasing a new car every couple of years, a television in every room, showcase furniture, expensive trips abroad, extensive wardrobes, routinely dining out, consumer products purchased and quickly discarded, electronic gadgets, exercise equipment, cell phones for each family member, casino gambling, so on and so forth

    6. For these reasons many athletes are given free passes to showcase their (baser) impulses, (reflecting their own true nature, perhaps,) by flaunting such boorish attitudes that seeks to provide ―entertainment‖ value to the lowest elements of our society while enthusiastically dancing to the beat of their own drums without regard to proper style and form

    7. Christian marriage is supposed to be a showcase of the relationship between Christ

    8. Christian marriage is supposed to be a showcase of the relationship

    9. years where they showcase their equipment

    10. room to showcase the countless ideas in his

    1. This of course is very true of an ill person, in fact any person failing in life could be deemed mentally ill, since they are not showcasing the mental skills and tools to live properly

    2. A Socialist/Marxist showcasing ―prime time‖ examples of ―crass commercialism‖ in all its material ―decadence‖ for the benefit of his acolytes need only draw their attention to the ludicrous vulgarity of (television) game shows

    3. Still it was another step in showcasing his talents and he would get to use the big computer upstairs to do the job on

    4. During attraction, you have to show women how interesting and cool you are by showcasing

    5. The group claimed to be non-partisan, but its objective was clear—widen Modi’s appeal by showcasing him as a governance icon

    6. ‘By invitation only, Adrian’s Element will hold a private showing of what promisies to be the best club in the area, showcasing Adrian Conner and his musical talents

    7. showcasing success stories not only of book popularity, but of profit potentials as is a valuable way to

    8. Also, some of the large city newspapers may run a photo expose where photography is clearer however showcasing vintage and old time images

    9. The insect house of London Zoo, UK, opened in 1881, showcasing such specimens as silk moths and the rarer butterflies and moths from Europe

    1. This song showcased every bit of Leshar's talent and he was in his best form today

    2. times, is a frequent and welcome guest on radio, as well as having been showcased in

    3. It would be showcased in the casino’s grand entrance for all to see

    4. In the fifth dream a perpetual, vibrant menorah was showcased, with Zerubbabel and a plummet-tool serving as its doppelganger

    5. showcased a grand portrait of Herod Machinma

    6. His name was Daz and the back display room showcased the most applicable packages

    7. produced and marketed posters and art that showcased her poems

    8. The images showcased a type of twisted sadism that most

    9. Every row, every book displayed showcased little more than hardbacks with strange symbols, exotic letterings, and images of such foul depiction that I dare not rebroadcast here

    10. The Kennedy Center showcased her life in the play My Lord, What a Morning: The Marian Anderson Story in 1999

    1. He turned and waddled towards the incredibly long series of illuminated showcases in which his varied assortment of handguns was displayed

    2. shown commissaries or agricultural communes that were, in reality, showcases, off-limits to their own people

    3. The Tri-State Fair and Rodeo takes place every year in September, and showcases livestock and agricultural products grown in the Texas Panhandle and adjacent states

    4. Above: This aerial view of downtown Amarillo, rail yards, and the northeastern section of the city beyond, showcases the horizontal plane of the earth under the city

    5. What began as hasty camps have become amazing showcases for proud nations, and I know you’ll be astounded at some of them!”

    6. “So I suggested to my friend Butch Roxas of having a show that showcases the House of Representatives

    7. What began as hasty camps have become amazing showcases for proud nations, and I know you’ll be astounded at some of them!”

    8. This section of the guide showcases a handpicked collection of websites that anybody

    9. The old Street of the Turks was at that time an abandoned corner where the last Arabs were letting themselves be dragged off to death with the age-old custom of sitting in their doorways, although it had been many years since they had sold the last yard of diagonal cloth, and in the shadowy showcases only the decapitated manikins remained

    10. Last but not least is Joseph, whose book showcases his abilities as both a writer and teacher

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