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Case en una oración (en ingles)

  1. As the case may be.
  2. You are on the case.
  3. But in the case of.
  4. In my case I do not.
  5. The case of Marbury v.

  6. It is never the case.
  7. It was a case of.
  8. Case will be that of.
  9. In the worst case, I.
  10. In fact, in our case.
  11. It becomes a case of.
  12. This case is not rare.
  13. Board was a hard case.
  14. In the case of those.
  15. This is NOT the case!!.

  16. In the case of visual.
  17. Her case was on appeal.
  18. In any case, that was.
  19. In this case the Lord.
  20. In this case it was a.
  21. In this case the NDEr.
  22. So is the case with me.
  23. It was my first case.
  25. Not in this case he was.

  26. In case it's a rough day.
  27. I expect the case will.
  28. In this case we do not.
  29. In this case, Swami is.
  30. Case in point, look at.
  31. The case he held was a.
  32. In this case, formula (7.
  33. But this is not the case.
  34. Another case cited was Dr.
  35. In this case, you could.
  36. A good case in point is.
  37. Shit, in that case, Greg.
  38. Consider the case of Mrs.
  39. In any case, after much.
  40. What was it in any case?
  41. In case of places where.
  42. Whatever the case may be.
  43. Oh, it wasn’t his case.
  44. There was even one case.
  45. You may remember the case.
  46. In any case, after a few.
  47. A case of salmon weighed.
  48. But that’s not the case.
  49. Open the side of the case.
  50. In the case of Chisholm v.
  51. That is just not the case.
  52. But such was not the case.
  53. In my case, my father is.
  54. In this case, the matter.
  55. In case he should need me.
  56. But this was not the case.
  57. There was no special case.
  58. This was the case with a.
  59. Then the case is closed.
  60. Or not, as the case may be.
  61. Ashi left the case in the.
  62. In that case, my dear Mr.
  63. In this case I agree with.
  64. This is not the case today.
  65. That is no longer the case.
  66. That is presently the case.
  67. This is no longer the case.
  68. Q: In that case all is real.
  69. In the latter case it may.
  70. Another case was coming up.
  71. Is there a business case?
  72. In this case, I had to do.
  73. As is the case in certain.
  74. In our case, however, the.
  75. It is still the case today.
  76. In that case, they should.
  77. This is not the case here.
  78. It was a start, in any case.
  79. In any case, it hit Brendan.
  80. What in your case occupies.
  81. In this case, its http://www.
  82. This was not to be the case.
  83. That was typically the case.
  84. Here's a case in which the.
  85. In that case, I apologize.
  86. Filburn Case to expand the.
  87. This case is very strange.
  88. This case affected me deeply.
  89. In case of the traditional.
  90. In that case, he is right.
  91. The case was not mismanaged.
  92. In case of limited savings.
  93. In any case, Bush wanted you.
  94. The lawyers are on the case.
  95. The case of the peculiar cat.
  96. This is certainly the case!.
  97. It’s in a white birch case.
  98. In case you are interested, O.
  99. In my case, it was different.
  100. In our case, we dropped the.
  1. It was a spent shell casing.
  2. I’m casing the joint now.
  3. Your body is your shell casing.
  4. Garcia stepped up to the casing.
  5. In addition, a large glass casing.
  6. She opened the leather casing and.
  7. The other was a photon torpedo casing.
  8. The white casing stones of the pyramid.
  9. A bullet shattered the television casing.
  10. Eric ducked as a piece of computer casing.
  11. Blood drips as the casing swipes through it.
  12. The black plastic casing in the back of the.
  13. Silas looked close at the electric rope casing.
  14. The glass casing was thick and wouldn't shatter.
  15. Next, the casing halves were filled with Semtex.
  16. The polished white casing, vandalized to build.
  17. The casing burst open with an ear splitting crack.
  18. The nurse opened the casket, removing the top casing.
  19. Donna’s immune system is destroying the outer casing.
  20. Specific gravity tests had shown that the casing of the.
  21. Al pointed to a big nail protruding from the flat casing.
  22. Saunders verified that the cartridge casing was a match.
  23. Her wrists were cut with the plastic casing of a pen.
  24. He reached in the casing and pulled out the card, which.
  25. And I can’t do that with the steel casing in the way.
  26. When things quieted down, I stood up and pulled out the casing.
  27. The two casing halves were then rejoined and bolted securely.
  28. The moving bearings threw more bright specks inside the casing.
  30. She carefully picked up the casing that fell into the trunk and.
  31. It was a USB flash drive with an EDA emblem stamped on its casing.
  32. A cable connecting it to the casing of what was undoubtedly… A.
  33. The plastic is a casing for a super-tough ceramic composite material.
  34. It's band was sliver, a bright sapphire glowed from it's centre casing.
  35. When Sam checked it, the outer casing on the vial was dangerously thin.
  36. When things quieted down, I stood up and pulled out the casing.
  37. He put the casing down, held up the key to a yellow lava lamp in the corner.
  38. Any attempt to open the casing will result in a small but powerful explosion.
  39. We found a casing that matched the caliber of weapon Derickson was shot with.
  40. There was inevitably partly formed rubber and reactants around the disc casing.
  41. Only then did she see the three bullet holes in the casing of her time distorter.
  42. Does anybody know what this is? she took the metal casing out of her pocket.
  43. By this time, the second battery was also on fire, and its casing was melting down.
  44. Smooth outside casing, olive coloured body with a yellow band, nasty little weapon.
  45. The two technicians took a short break before preparing the second casing for its deadly.
  46. Fragments or chips only of the outer casing of marble were found in the area he excavated.
  47. It only took a few seconds till the outer casing of the reaction vessel started to overheat.
  48. Suddenly, the glass casing that kept the keypad dry during wet dock began to lower and close.
  49. Your Honor, we believe we found a casing that matches the gun used in the Derickson murder.
  50. He remembers his father's last words to him before shipping out: Your body is your shell casing.
  51. Of course, the nitro could just have been placed in its casing, which was placed under the hood.
  52. Satisfied he can do no more he re-seals the device in its casing and inserts it back into his head.
  53. Thyne opens the casing holding the microchip and hands him one of Grailem's modified microchip‘s.
  54. He had heard the huge crack when the casing had split just seconds before he arrived at the scene.
  55. Finn dashed across the room to where Ivar and Ailia stood, and he withdrew his sword from its casing.
  56. Werner sketches out the equation on the metal casing of the transceiver and starts plugging in numbers.
  57. Sigyn presses firmly at the sides of the pendant around her neck, and the casing in front springs open.
  58. I know, said Gary, The only safety device is that pressure disc fitted at the top of the casing.
  59. The phone creaked within the gloved hand as Rude's fingers tightened on the plastic casing of the device.
  60. The treads shatter the drone’s fiberglass body and flatten the steel casing of the control unit inside.
  61. It was a large apparatus in a wooden casing that was placed on a high shelf in the corner of the kitchen.
  62. Inside the contents are protected by a thin waterproof casing made of thin plastic which Grailem rips off.
  63. The casing may have been made of some material, plastic perhaps, that would melt at a certain temperature.
  64. When the disc was switched and the steel casing overheated, the plates the casing was made of over expanded.
  65. With his microchip now cool he turns on the new microchip for Martin Maseeve and seals it inside its casing.
  66. Sorry, buddy, I said, reaching through its watery casing to pat the limb it had wrapped around my chest.
  67. Straightway he began taking out the screws, and finally lifted off the lid, showing the casing of lead beneath.
  68. This, coupled with the enormous surge of pressure, sheered the heads off the rivets holding the casing together.
  69. Once the fireworker has removed the casing from its wooden form, he fastens a long match, or passafuoco, inside.
  70. The first of these, the casing, is a corset of butcher paper several layers thick and up to 12 inches in diameter.
  71. Drew fired the first time, and then thought he had ejected the empty cartridge; the empty shell casing did not eject.
  72. And slid off the glass onto the plastic casing of the monitor, leaving the pointer quivering uselessly on a flowerbed.
  73. What the hell was Red Beard doing in Ohio? We had just made the breakthrough, found out where he was casing his victims.
  74. But as he stretched upward, his arm aching, his middle finger was able to get a slight hold on the black plastic casing.
  75. How was the casing of the barricade going to behave under the cannon-balls? Would they effect a breach? That was the question.
  76. First off, a protective casing; manufacturer Capdase has a large library of solid and soft cases for the PSP’s many variants.
  77. What is a cave? It is the outer dead casing of the human skull: keeping in, and trapping inside it: all radiating outer awareness.
  78. It would depend upon the type of material of the casing, how often he ran the car, the internal temperature, and things like that.
  79. He snapped the bird’s casing closed and threw it into the air, where it flew off again to the window, fluffing its silver feathers.
  80. This cable will no doubt last indefinitely because, as observers note, its gutta–percha casing is improved by a stay in salt water.
  81. With image feed into his visual field, Gerrid was able to carefully control the drill at the node point until it got through the casing.
  82. This is achieved by means of the clamp 12 and the hydraulic resistance of the liquid in the bottom section of the casing of the wheel 3.
  83. Wolf snapped the catches closed on the cases and emphasised his satisfaction with the contents with a smug double tap on the casing of one.
  84. With the pressure release valve locked down tight, the super pressure produced was too much for the dome casing and it failed dramatically.
  85. He had been thinking about casing the houses down there because they all had a backyard that faced the woods but what he saw made him think again.
  86. The pyramid was a little wider before the outer casing stone, that had previously been loosened by an earthquake, was removed to be used in other.
  87. Their examinations of the devices would continue to prove useless as each one had a casing of titanium combined with a radiated form of a lead compound.
  88. Singly controlled robot spacecraft, built in a torpedo shape with metal handles welded onto the casing for the robots to hold onto, fill the cargo hold.
  89. Holy Moses! Paul howled as he ejected the empty shell’s casing from the rifle’s barrel as fast as his fingers could manipulate the gun’s bolt.
  90. Opening the casing and grabbing the handset, he punched a button and spoke in the microphone, with his amplified voice reverberating all around the ship.
  91. The super heating of the steel casing plates had already strained the rivet heads almost to breaking point, and the extra pressure tipped it over the edge.
  92. A certain holdback effect interrupting the uniformity of rotation could be induced by the liquid getting into the bottom segment of the casing of the vane rotor.
  93. Then he looked into her bedroom and saw her lying on the bed covered with the ermine cape, more beautiful than ever and with her skin turned into an ivory casing.
  94. He kissed the corpse on the forehead and withdrew from under her skirt the pocket of casing which contained three as yet unused pessaries and the key to her cabinet.
  95. The robots appear a similar mix with body and limbs appearing as a coarse metal framework that supports a super computer inside the smoother metal casing of the skull.
  96. The lubricants for articulating joints, and liquids that fill the voids in the casing, resist the immense pressure but are quickly lost in the sea or contaminated by it.
  97. The whole train set was encased within a glass casing, and Andrew and Monica were now carrying it outside, as Jack, Julia and Matt carried the volleyball net and the penny.
  98. At that moment, the pirate leader seemed to give up on his attempts at calling his men and went to an intercom telephone housed in a watertight casing bolted to a steel wall.
  99. Some of these flying machine parts crack the glass casing holding Brick and when some of the liquid hits the electrical components the scene lights up like the fourth of July.
  100. Whenever a transmission was received, it would be automatically recorded onto a digital hard-drive sound recorder and a LCD light on the casing would be activated………….
  1. Are cased in the pure crystal; each light spray.
  2. I carefully cased the whole place out, mostly to see if there were.
  3. He had large fat feet cased in soft calfskin boots, with drab-coloured spats.
  4. He kept his axe, its head cased in stout nosehorn leather, propped close at hand.
  5. On the flanks it is cased with wood, and at top completely covered by a large, sloping, battened hatchway.
  6. It was a fine silver cased English pocket watch about eighteen fifty with a lovely enameled landscape on the reverse side.
  7. He is holding a cased video camera, the viewfinder pressed to his eye as he runs his hand along the jaw line of some fair‐haired brown skin girl grinning at him.
  8. The lower part of his dress was more distinctly refulgent beams on feet cased in elegantly made boots of polished leather, over which descended fashionably cut trousers of black cloth.
  9. Shortly afterwards, accompanied by several trumpets and mounted on a powerful steed that threatened to crush the whole place, the great lacquey Tosilos made his appearance on one side of the courtyard with his visor down and stiffly cased in a suit of stout shining armour.
  10. Divorce Spells should be used in extreme cases for example if your husband has disturbed you a lot and you are tired of his tortures, you need a divorce but he is not giving you and thus your life had become miserable in such cased you may go for these powerful Spells can also be used to prevent a divorce, if there are people who are not happy with your happy family life and are trying different ways to separate you and so are insisting on a divorce then these divorce spells should be used to protect you from all such evil people so that you may have a very happy and secured married life.
  11. But Diondra was not going to let it go, she walked over to Michelle’s bed where Michelle was cowering against the wall, whimpering, and she yanked Michelle down by a leg, straightened her out on the bed and sat on her, You want to tell the world I’m pregnant, that your plan, one of your little schemes, some fucking little secret you sell for fifty cents, tell your mommy, guess what I know? I don’t think so you little shit, why is this whole family so stupid, and she wrapped her hands around Michelle’s neck, Michelle’s feet, cased in slippers that were supposed to look like puppy feet, kicking up and down, Ben watching the feet, disconnected, thinking they really did look like puppy feet, and then Debby slowly waking from her zombie sleep so Ben closed the door, instead of opening it wide, calling for his mom, he wanted everything to stay quiet, no other instinct than to stick to the plan which is don’t wake anyone up, and he was trying to reason with Diondra, thinking it would all be OK, Diondra, Diondra, calm down, she won’t tell, let her go and Diondra leaning deeper onto Michelle’s neck, You think I’m gonna spend my life worried about this little bitch, and Michelle scratching, then stabbing Diondra’s hand with her pen, a glint of blood, Diondra letting go for a second, looking surprised, looking like she just couldn’t believe it and Michelle leaned to one side and gulped air and Diondra just grabbed her neck again, and Ben put his hands on Diondra’s shoulders to pull her off but instead they just rested there.
  1. So in cases like on.
  2. A few good cases and.
  3. In no cases should a.
  4. No two cases are alike.
  5. In most cases you can.
  6. In many cases they do.
  7. Its due to their cases.
  8. In some cases, he was.
  9. In most cases all your.
  10. Less than, in some cases.
  11. There were so many cases.
  12. In most cases we ignore.
  13. In some cases, the cost.
  14. I considered the two cases.
  15. I wanted to work cases.
  16. There have been cases of.
  17. In the cases of Japanese.
  18. In some rare cases I may.
  19. In such cases you should.
  20. These are the cases that.
  21. In cases such as these, Mr.
  22. In most cases the acreage.
  23. In most cases you need to.
  24. About ten cases for now.
  25. Are justified in many cases.
  26. In many cases it has come.
  27. In all cases always try to.
  28. There is gain in both cases.
  29. In most cases the signs of.
  30. Most of the cases are women.
  31. In other cases, like say a.
  32. They had come for the cases.
  34. But in most cases it is the.
  35. In some cases it is sensible.
  36. In some cases the different.
  37. Theft: The More Complex Cases.
  38. This leads in most cases to.
  39. In both cases, however, the.
  40. Cases whatever the first word.
  41. In other cases, you may need.
  42. But there have been cases of.
  43. But there are cases in which.
  44. With the room checked, cases.
  46. Sort of dressing- cases, too.
  47. Our solved cases rate shot up.
  48. Of humans, in some cases, both.
  49. What happened in those cases?
  50. His cases were mostly bullshit.
  51. The cases were opened, and the.
  52. And in most cases they did an.
  53. In such cases men do not need.
  54. I got other cases to look into.
  55. Some cases are so severe that.
  56. In most cases, nothing was done.
  57. In both the cases the customer.
  58. In all cases, −1 ≤ ρ ≤ 1.
  59. In both cases, the parents are.
  60. In both cases approval of the I.
  61. Those are sad cases, Hillary.
  62. Cases are the same all the time.
  63. In those cases, get a real job).
  64. Please seal your security cases.
  65. In some cases, there is marked.
  66. In other cases you may be doing.
  67. There are cases where, as in Rom.
  68. These are special cases, I admit.
  69. This is the result in most cases.
  70. He’s still working these cases.
  71. In other cases the Mafia wanted.
  72. In other cases it is recognized.
  73. Two court cases and an operation.
  74. And these are not solitary cases.
  75. In both cases this process only.
  76. In those cases, the pain may be.
  77. You’d be correct in both cases.
  78. Consider the extreme cases first.
  79. But these were exceptional cases.
  80. In all cases, the warts cleared.
  81. In almost all cases, members in.
  82. Always in exceptional cases, if.
  83. Timidity in most cases is a form.
  84. In severe cases surgery is needed.
  85. Here are some other cases cited:.
  86. In cases where a large number of.
  87. This included hands in most cases.
  88. Claire, these cases are related.
  89. It some cases, it's obvious to her.
  90. In almost all cases, the gnawing.
  91. There are a lot of cases, honey.
  92. But NOT in cases of spinal injury.
  93. But these cases were not the norm.
  94. This amount includes three cases.
  95. In most cases, you should heed it.
  96. When discussing special cases, Mr.
  97. Q: There are two cases to consider.
  98. I’d fed cases on the warehouse.
  99. We have many cases of VVF [vesico.
  100. He had seen too many cases when a.

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