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Sloppy en una oración (en ingles)

1. He planted a sloppy kiss.
2. Why had they gotten sloppy?
3. Sloppy moves cost me the game.
4. They moved slow, rigid, sloppy.
5. He became sloppy and uncontrollable.
6. Sloppy, he thought to himself as he.
7. Someone clearly did a sloppy job in.
8. Early on, it was sloppy and gruesome.
9. You get sloppy and make bad decisions.
10. The whole landing procedure was sloppy.
11. I had to hurry but I couldn't be sloppy.
12. They had been just as sloppy as before, poor.
13. And give him a big sloppy one from me, too.
14. He’s getting sloppy, leaving his DNA around.
15. For answer; the sucking noise of a sloppy kiss.
16. You’re a sloppy, lazy son-of-a-bitch Alistair.
17. He heard a strange noise, a sloppy tearing sound.
18. On it, a small, one man, sloppy tent squatted next.
19. As such, I focused on taking her to the sloppy Joe.
20. Only recently had he ever seen George as a sloppy drunk.
21. I prepared the sloppy Joes in twos and then prepared the.
22. No, you’re much too sloppy and block-headed for that.
23. I sighed and shoved the sloppy foil in his general direction.
24. Not waiting as Samantha gave him a sloppy wave, he galloped.
25. Still very careless of Jenkins if it was him, very sloppy.
26. This can make for some sloppy trading, but it’s worthwhile.
27. I got a wet, sloppy kiss on my cheek and then we drifted off.
28. I’m not having your sloppy seconds, Hvitserk declared.
29. She wore sweats and a T-shirt, her hair in a sloppy ponytail.
30. He moaned loudly and pulled her to his slick, now sloppy mouth.
31. Facts hadn’t been checked and the reporting was a bit sloppy.
32. About half an hour from Carson City, in the sloppy, wet soil that.
33. Then she danced around Allison and covered her with sloppy kisses.
34. Don’t use it as a backstop for sloppy job definition and costing.
35. Splat! he hit and sank into a sloppy, soupy mix of urine and feces.
36. Incomplete or sloppy research very well could hurt you in the long.
37. Ask the janitor how my sloppy seconds taste would ya? Remind him.
38. No one wanted to sit by Sam because he was not only sloppy, but huge.
39. His answer to that was a groan and a sloppy lick that covered my face.
40. She was simpering and sloppy, her tear-soaked face was swollen and raw.
41. Sloppy security that allowed him to learn far more than he should have.
42. They used high powered magnets to erase the drives, but were sloppy.
43. Enjteen was a sloppy baby with snot running from his nose to his mouth.
44. What the fuck is this? His first words came out slurred and sloppy.
45. She stopped enunciating and let her words flow in a slurred, sloppy rush.
46. The unconscious state has heart confronted first in quick sloppy response.
47. There appeared to be a very sloppy signature scribbled on it with red ink.
48. The Oppenheimer analyst dismissed it all as rumors and sloppy journalism.
49. The head wind picked up her ears and threw them around in big sloppy waves.
50. It gets harder as the weather grows colder and the streets get more sloppy.
51. Roche nodded his head and wrote in the appropriate language in a very sloppy.
52. If they were lying it was a little sloppy of them to say the exact same thing.
53. On it, Cap! Tom and the captain gave a sloppy salute back to one another.
54. The work looked pretty sloppy to me, and I wondered what Joseph thought about it.
55. He found it wet and sloppy and wondered why people made such a big deal out of it.
56. He ended the cal with sloppy kisses, at which I made gagging noises, much to the.
57. She looked at him dispassionately and said, Getting sloppy, I was off by an inch.
58. The trick now was not to squander that element of surprise by some sloppy bomb aiming.
59. Typically, the runaway loss is a result of sloppy money management, with no hard stops.
60. Michael stands behind the opened bedroom door fully dressed, but with clothes on sloppy.
61. The archetypal security risk, who gets arrogant and sloppy when he’s in a manic phase.
62. The way many affluent people dress is shabby, mediocre, dull, unimaginative, and sloppy.
63. Tui was appalled at the informal--no, worse than informal--the sloppy, rough atmosphere.
64. Modern fashion has come to the stage of loose-fitting, sloppy, ugly, ill-fitting clothes.
65. In this case, the stock traded lower, but after more than a month of sloppy consolidation.
66. She did not suffer lazy people, pretentious people, liars, the sloppy, or the inarticulate.
67. Thunder lurched sideways in the sloppy mud and Dunk felt his rear legs slip out from under.
68. She was sloppy wet from her eyebrows to her chin, glistening from Veronique’s love juices.
69. From our experience, much long-oriented analysis is simplistic, highly optimistic, and sloppy.
70. Indeed, as Tetloan attacked, his footing was all wrong, his poise sloppy, and his balance awkward.
71. Adherence to your trading routine is the closest thing you have to insurance against sloppy trading.
72. She released her hands and Isabella’s hair fell across her thighs, some sticking to her sloppy mound.
73. For one thing, I was in a sloppy sweater and ratty jeans, and I’d have to change and put on some makeup.
74. Most network users have a tendency to be sloppy about the passwords they select and how they protect them.
75. During the winter of 1914-15 the trenches were just like canals of sloppy mud, and dug-outs were always falling in.
76. When I said Betty was a ‘big’ girl, I don’t mean to give the impression that she was a big, fat, sloppy thing.
77. They were definitely a far cry from the usually sloppy and flatfooted French soldiers and militiamen from the fort.
78. With a mouth as large as his I expected it to be wet and sloppy, which I hate, but it was firm, dry and pleasurable.
79. A poorly-shaven GUARD in a sloppy uniform leans indolently against the gate with his machine gun cradled in his arms.
80. This is not a sign of sloppy reasoning; it is a completely different mode of thought, another way of knowing entirely.
81. If it has been violated many times with sloppy tests, it is reasonable to assume that future tests will also be sloppy.
82. But North and Hall were sloppy, overlooking one key memorandum linking the Reagan administration to the illegal arms sale.
83. He saw what looked like tennis balls, all covered and smeared in gore, and goo, and a milky, mucus-like sloppy substance.
84. If they get discovered inevitably it’s because of sloppy communications, the careless use of a mobile phone for example.
85. The more difficult stocks to trade tend to have sloppy, choppy price movements, wide overnight gaps, and huge intraday ranges.
86. Inside, the goon was seated, resting his fat elbows on the counter and preparing to sink his teeth into a sloppy breakfast roll.
87. I will not tolerate sloppy police work, which has probably cost us our chance to interview our likely suspect, Ms Jessica Harper.
88. She tries a sloppy kick at my side, which I dodge, and while her balance is off, I rush forward and force my elbow up at her face.
89. And only at that distance, cutting sloppy ellipses between parked cars, the wind in his too-long hair, had he seemed to cut loose.
90. Look, it was wonderful, and at the risk of sounding like a sloppy love story, he’s everything I could’ve wanted in a lover and more.
91. This is a sloppy entry in most cases, but there are times and time frames when we may not want to micromanage and fight over every tick.
92. When one of the warriors leered at her and grabbed her jaw to plant a sloppy wet kiss on her face, Aazuria felt her stomach turn in revulsion.
93. Then she told him the story of the bun shop, and the fourpence she picked up out of the sloppy mud, and the child who was hungrier than herself.
94. Whereupon the physician, wheezing, taking snuff, sneezing, stamped down into the swarming streets of London on a sloppy morn in the spring of 1762.
95. If too much risk is placed in a trade and it ends up a winner, overconfidence, irrational exuberance, and sloppy trade execution may be the result.
96. The archer’s weapons failed to catch Eilidh’s sword in time, yet her blade infuriatingly missed its desired target in a sloppy uppercut motion.
97. Allowing for these sloppy tests may sometimes lure us into seeing levels where none actually exist, but they actually are a reality of market action.
98. Andy stepped in close and gave the judge a hug and a sloppy kiss that grossed out most of the people still watching from the gallery of the courtroom.
99. Sloppy trading involves missing trades, trading the wrong lot size, placing the stop loss at the wrong price, or poor execution when entering a trade.
100. One, why did you write in your PlayBook that it was trading higher Friday on a rumor? That is either sloppy on your part or not knowing the news.

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