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Soggy en una oración (en ingles)

1. The Soggy Bulwark, she read.
2. It was soggy and white indicating.
3. That raises a soggy chuckle from her.
4. It was thick, soggy and ugly-looking.
5. The carpet wherever he goes is left soggy.
6. He could have been eating soggy cardboard.
7. And we love the slime in The Soggy Bulwark.

8. The slim rectangular pack was crushed and soggy.
9. She stepped around her soggy riding garment on the.
10. The path grew soggy underfoot as the kloof widened.
11. I was feeling too soggy when we reached the hospital.
12. He was dressed in nothing but a pair of soggy Y-fronts.
13. It looked like soggy brown discs in a thick brown sauce.
14. The force of it sent Cassius flying into the soggy ground.
15. Not to mention that his soggy armpits were somewhat stinky.
16. If the water cannot get out you will end up with soggy soil.
17. The sinks were brutally clogged with soggy, half-eaten food.
18. I’ve never got the hang of them, they always turn out soggy.
19. Plastic cards, bank notes, soggy bits of paper and a betting slip.
20. Before he had regained his senses she had lowered his soggy slacks.
21. He caught the soggy wet camera and wiped it with his long sleeved.
22. Now the ground underneath me changed from damp, soggy mud to metal.
23. The soggy apples try to grow but they are hindered by our molly roll.
24. The dumplings had disappeared over the brim and lay soggy and forlorn.
25. Nothing left of it that isn’t soggy from ground moisture, he said.
26. No, by Triton’s soggy beard, you have it wrong again! groused Homer.
27. It was a dour and gloomy place dedicated to good coffee and sad, soggy food.
28. Here they were covered with smelly, soggy layers of green terry towels instead.
29. When it arrived, it might have been cold and soggy, but this was the way it was.
30. A bowl of soggy tortilla chips, fried eggs, and green salsa, but I ate it anyway.
31. My reply came out sounding like a geriatric coughing into a bowl of soggy oatmeal.
32. Kevin and Miller ran down the front porch steps and into the soggy grass of the yard.
33. Janet pointed to the soggy satellite phone that Humphrey had retrieved from his pocket.
34. Lots of killing and horror and bloody messes involving intestines and other soggy bits.
35. The torrents of early fall had left the grass glistening, thick, and soggy to the touch.
36. I grabbed a soggy hamburger wrapper out of the current and immediately the paper turned dry.
37. Out of the corner of his eyes he caught sight of movement and he dropped to the soggy ground.
38. The kitchen was strewn with soggy loaves of bread, and meat that had grown a faint green fur.
39. You know you’re getting old when your cucumber gets soggy - the one in the fridge that is.
40. I hated that three little notes from my wife could make me feel this way, soggy and sentimental.
41. The warriors marched across the network of bridges and platforms constructed over the soggy earth.
42. The warriors strode beyond the marketplace and assorted homes, built on stilts above the soggy earth.
43. It seemed she could hear every drop falling from the tree and spattering onto the soggy leaves below.
44. Once they were gone, it was the turn of six P-38 twin-engine fighters to land on the soggy grass strip.
45. When an MP tapped Brooks’s hip to check for the mask, the bottle broke and left Brooks with a soggy leg.
46. Fourth, we could pack up all the soggy stuff and head off to a less-populated area and check into a hotel.
47. With gentle fingers he spread the soggy epistle on the kitchen bench then easily deciphered the untidy scrawl.
48. There were still a few gouges in the roof of the Hickam Field barracks, making for soggy airmen when it rained.
49. She watched, but only half saw on the other side of her pain Mike fishing the wad of soggy money from her handbag.
50. For the second time that day, Celia had me change out of my soggy clothes and dry myself in front of a roaring fire.
51. To celebrate our successful abduction, we ordered very tough steaks, soggy chips and limp greens at an expensive restaurant.
52. A—men, said Granma, and she fell to her breakfast, and broke down the soggy biscuits with her hard old toothless gums.
53. The snarling, slavering wolf-beasts charged down the soggy hill with their goblin and orc mounts saddled to their furry backs.
54. All the windows have been smashed, the roof ripped off, and on the passenger seat is a soggy, charred stack of glossy magazines.
55. He offered a soggy hand, leaving it to me to grip it and waggle, said nothing, then wandered off to sit beside Alan on the sofa.
56. The dark figure then moved forward and dropped down off the roof and knelt in the soggy grass with its head tucked down by its chest.
57. And all I could hear was shuffling summer flip-flops across the Memphis soggy riverside ground, interminably coming closer and closer.
58. As if on cue, Barry swung the wheel and headed for a pile of soggy mattresses that had failed to make their way over the edge the gully.
59. The bin was nearly full and it was hard to see past the Styrofoam food containers, soggy newspaper pages and other rubbish crammed inside.
60. He felt his own head grabbed at the same time, and each man suffered simul�taneously the indignity of having a soggy thumb stuck in his ear.
61. The ground was strewn with dead soggy leaves and while they had to be careful of their slippery footing they were also glad the rain had stopped.
62. Shrugging off his wet jacket, Frank tossed it at the coat hook, kicking it into the corner when it missed and landed on the floor in a soggy heap.
63. His best suit, his only suit which had been so proficiently cleaned courtesy of the Department of Justice, was a soggy heap on the bathroom floor.
64. Where is Philip? He started to dig up the soggy grass with the toe of his sneaker, penetrating the top layer and working his way into the mud.
65. The Puerto-Rican pilot was quickly stripped of her soggy flight suit and underwear before she was dried with towels and wrapped in an electric blanket.
66. She sat down at her mother’s feet and dipped the cloths into the water until they were soggy, then she delicately ran them over her mother’s skin.
67. He spills a quantity of soggy wallpaper on the floor as his grip on the bags slips; together, Liz and I rush over to take some of his burden from him.
68. A forgotten cardboard Christmas reindeer sat soggy in the front garden, which was mostly mud, baby-fuzz patches of grass poking through intermittently.
69. It was heavy work, made more difficult because his grip kept slipping on the soggy fabric but, despite this, Ozzie was grinning and chatting away to the corpse.
70. Then one of the boy's who’d caught her feet, lifted the soggy body, over his shoulder and ran off towards the big house, as fast as his skated feet would allow.
71. In return, he tells me about his sixteen-year-old brother, Maxx, and his eighteen-year-old sister, Scarlett, who apparently, prepared soggy cereal for him earlier.
72. Their foreheads were a sickly white while their faces were as old leather, and their skin looked soggy and ragged as if they had recently suffered severe cases of rash and pustules.
73. Unless he went blind or some mysterious lurking thief of the wild came along and stole his shirt, he felt safe enough to wander away in search of some hopefully less than soggy firewood.
74. I saw but one ambulance along the trail; there were some stretchers but many of the badly wounded were either dragged over the soggy road in a blanket or lay at the creek until the next day.
75. He hoped these would suffice and once he had massed enough pieces of wet yet not soggy wood, he piled it down neatly to form a fire stack, wishing his flint and stone would be enough to get the fire going.
76. Days which used to fly by without remark or care, now crawled by with a mind-numbing pace as her mind delved into a black, soggy abyss where she agonizingly analyzed and dissected her once very much alive relationship with Leone.
77. Looking down, I saw that Aunt Martha was laying on the wet grass with a serene smile on her face, looking for all the world as though she'd just fallen asleep, instead of having just fallen through the bottom of the soggy cardboard coffin.
78. So that various members of the wedding party, soggy with champagne, had to be dragged ashore by their long-suffering wives when they began to ask the stewards if there were any free cabins so they could continue the celebration all the way to Paris.
79. It wasn’t until he had eaten cold, greasy fried chicken with equally slimy fries and drank cold coffee from a soggy cardboard cup, that the barge was docked, workmen climbed aboard and guided cables from an overhead crane around the girth of the gargantuan logs.
80. This wallpaper will make a mess when we strip it and there is nothing like trying to get soggy bits of wallpaper out of a carpet! Jack was frightful when it came to preparation … brilliant at decorating, but I was always the one who had to think ahead and make contingency plans.
81. All over Washington State—in smoky little mill towns out on the Olympic Peninsula, on soggy dairy farms nestled up against the Cascades, in posh Victorian homes on Seattle’s Capitol Hill, and in the Huskies’ drafty shell house down on the Montlake Cut—people stood and cheered.
82. During the last hundred yards, in the press car, Tom Bolles became agitated, then excited, and then, finally, by all accounts, hysterical, waving his soggy old hat in the air as his freshmen—an even better crew than the previous year’s, he had been saying for months—slid across the line, defeating California by four lengths.
83. O I had read all the Travel Books which a bookish Young Lady dreams o’er, and I had fancied ’twas a Pity my Sex forbade me the Privilege of going to Sea as a Cabin Boy to seek my Fortune! But ne’er did I imagine Sea-Sickness, nor Lice, nor rotted Salt Pork, nor soggy Biskit, nor spoilt Water, nor, most especially, the Perils of a Storm at Sea.
84. Despite there having once been a time when each different type of plate was sorted into its own separate stack, they were now being tossed together in random, teetering card-house piles of butter-slathered glass, coated with crusted cheese dips and half-devoured, soggy, broccoli, all of which was routinely splashed into Blok's face from the required high water-pressure of the rinsing hose.
85. As I listened to these songs in memorys eye, I could see those staggering columns of the First World War, bending on soggy packs on many a weary march, from dawn to dusk to drizzling rain, to slogging ankle through mire of shell-pocked roads, to form grimly for the attack, blue-lipped, covered with sludge and mud, chilled by the wind and rain, driving home to their objective, and for many, to the judgment seat of God.
86. I hate toast that's soggy,.
87. I eventually struggled out of the water, a soggy,.
88. George wolfed down the breakfast without noticing the pancakes were a little soggy,.

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