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Soar en una oración (en ingles)

  1. To soar on the notes.
  2. Her heart begins to soar.
  3. I’ll soar to heaven then.
  4. What do eagles do? They soar.
  5. To soar among the clouds?

  6. And rhyme that just won’t soar.
  7. When you succeed and soar, the.
  8. His heart rose to soar with mine.
  9. Soar beyond the limits of the sky.
  10. Fly now and soar through the skies.
  11. Soar high in the deep blue sky with.
  12. The divorce rates are about to soar.
  13. With visions of how far it’ll soar.
  14. Souls that shall gladly soar and sing.
  15. His need to soar into the clear, blue.

  16. That with no middle flight intends to soar.
  17. The meager with voices that soar toward renewal.
  18. The object of being able to soar is the story B.
  19. However, after the 18th earnings once again soar.
  20. Reminisce with sad regret or soar to heights above.
  21. Watch seals and porpoises play, and eagles soar above.
  22. Adam decided to soar high above Zeke and watch him closely.
  23. So Arnold knew that if Zeke continued to soar, Steve was OK.
  24. But ’twas something more: my Spirit seem’d to soar at Sea.
  25. I seem’d to float, to soar, to dip and dive thro’ the Air.

  26. Just as eagles soar through the vast expanse of the sky with-.
  27. Turning it at higher levels can make your water bills soar high.
  28. That crow shrieked and spread its wings to soar into the darkness.
  29. What happens when you try to make a duck soar? They fall flat on the.
  30. I swoop and soar over the basin, familiarizing myself with the controls.
  31. Hovercrafts soar in the sky, illuminated by the rays of the setting sun.
  32. Grantaire, in whom writhed doubt, loved to watch faith soar in Enjolras.
  33. In this case, it initiated the move that eventually saw silver soar to $50.
  34. It was as if when left to her own devices she knew she could soar, and she did.
  35. There is every reason to expect that your romance rating can soar to new heights.
  36. We had no fish to eat, while on the land, the drought caused grain prices to soar.
  37. By the gods and stars, the three of them would soar or topple together, so it seemed.
  38. A golden conifer which would soar to thirty feet if it was not pruned back filled the space.
  39. In that time LIT-TISSUE sales through supermarkets up and down the country continued to soar.
  40. Just trying to keep you guys entertained, I said as I watched a hawk soar on a thermal updraft.
  41. Calvin watched the model of the Nighthawk soar to meet the enemy ship, which matched Sarah's maneuvers.
  42. At the same time those corporations and industries involved with the military watch their profits soar.
  43. In addition, the debt held by the public with current tax policies extended would soar to 90% of GDP by.
  44. For the beasts of the earth languish, and the creatures of flight fail to soar, for they know what is coming.
  45. Early in 2000, the stock was trading above $50, based on the expectation that earnings would continue to soar.
  46. The chatter of riveters filled the air in every part of the city as skyscrapers began to soar into the heavens.
  47. Everyone was of the same opinion that stocks would continue to soar, and as we all know, that opinion was wrong.
  48. Becoming addicted to the television is one of the things that can cause your electricity bills to soar higher.
  49. On more than one occasion, Eilidh’s heavy boot cracked a floor tile, causing her heart rate to soar instantly.
  50. If you do these things, your earnings will soar purely because your emails constantly appeal to your subscribers.
  51. Bobby marvelled at how it must feel to soar far above the ground and zoom between the outstretched arms of giants.
  52. It could soar thru the house and found Alan sound asleep in his bedroom, covered with only a light flannel blanket.
  53. It is the characteristic of the life’s curve that while hopes soar with its ascent, dreams nosedive in its descent.
  54. Champion eagles soar high above the clouds, while pigeons waddle around seemingly confused about their mere existence.
  55. The other aircraft, much smaller but still of an imposing size, gave the impression of a flying predator ready to soar.
  56. By this heat, they pull a deal of their seawater after turning them into vapors that are able to soar up high in the sky.
  57. I expect this is where I will rest throughout eternity while my spirit continues to soar above the majesty of this land!.
  58. A tiny stock could soar because a group have got together to make it sound irresistible on the bulletin boards/internet forums.
  59. This boy could hear secret melodies and soar with the notes contained in them, as they drifted, carrying him through the night.
  60. The birds in the trees quickly fly away, but not before vindictively crapping on her as they soar off into the complicated horizon.
  61. The market seems to soar or tumble with little rhyme or reason, and every tidbit of news, relevant or not, has an exaggerated effect.
  62. Conversely, if you received a five-year return that was similar to the best we’ve seen since 1926, your $10,000 would soar to $62,313.
  63. As the divine dark liquid had caressed her palate with hints of berries and vanilla, her spirits had begun to soar with sensual pleasure.
  64. In a few short months, the tech-heavy portfolio went on to crash and burn, and the small-cap and large-cap value portfolio began to soar.
  65. Equable, natural, mystical Union thou, (the mortal with immortal blent,) Shalt soar toward the fulfilment of the future, the spirit of the.
  66. In the late blue light, he can watch the people in the streets below, hurrying home, and sometimes gulls soar past, white against the dark.
  67. My Queen addressed Me lovingly, On Earth Thou learnt to love to sleep, for there to sleep was but to soar beyond the confines of the day.
  68. A solid understanding of commodities will give you insight into the way the world works and into why some investments soar while others slump.
  69. Love is the most precious jewel of all, she whispers, unclasping the pearls that drop from her throat, scales of sorrow that soar and diminish.
  70. For those interested in shorting these stocks, it is wise to remember that they are the very type of securities that soar during market bubbles.
  71. Armed with an understanding of commodities, you’ll realize the way the world works and why some investments will soar while others will slump.
  72. One minute she was falling for him and felt that she could soar in the skies and now she was wondering why the hell she allowed herself to jump.
  73. For example, in the late 1960s, the airline industry underwent a renaissance with the introduction of jet airplanes, causing airline stocks to soar.
  74. Third, far more companies go bankrupt and trade to penny stock status than soar to infinity, so the overall trend is on the side of relative safety.
  75. These people do not understand that once the time low interest rates is up, they will then have to pay a great deal more as their interest will soar.
  76. Except for her feet being firmly grounded well back from the edge, she may have been an eagle in its aerie preparing to soar from one peak to another.
  77. Who stretched out the measuring line and who laid the cornerstone? He asked Job if he could bring forth the constellations or command an eagle to soar.
  78. I expected him to, at worst, be able to unfurl his wings and use them as a sort of hang glider, to soar us to the floor of the gorge without killing us.
  79. Normally, I would have preferred to soar at higher altitudes on thermals but my wings and muscles didn’t seem to find the constant flapping a hardship.
  80. If you think the number is high, there another 500 currently in registration with the SEC and the total by the end of 2009 could soar to close to 1,500.
  81. I hear the drum of the tribal one that beats while we gaze at the rising sun, and as we watch the eagle soar by, its glory is painted in our memories eye.
  82. Thursday morning our hopes soar when the jury requests transcripts of Marie’s testimony, and then plummet in the afternoon when they ask for Nikki Robinson’s.
  83. And there is a Catskill eagle in some souls that can alike dive down into the blackest gorges, and soar out of them again and become invisible in the sunny spaces.
  84. Through stock splits and good old-fashioned patience, Theodore Johnson eventually saw the value of his UPS stock soar to over $70 million by the time he was 90 years old.
  85. Birds would soar through it into the upper radiance, and hang on the wing sunning themselves, or alight on the wet rails subdividing the mead, which now shone like glass rods.
  86. Profit by that unique minute in life to soar away to the empyrean with the swans and the eagles, even if you do have to fall back on the morrow into the bourgeoisie of the frogs.
  87. If international oil companies can raise the recovery rates on existing oil fields from a paltry 35 percent to closer to 50 percent, the world’s recoverable oil reserves would soar.
  88. I see at intervals the glance of a curious sort of bird through the close-set bars of a cage: a vivid, restless, resolute captive is there; were it but free, it would soar cloud-high.
  89. Perhaps savvy shorts know something very bad about GMCR, but what if its stock rallies even a little? Many bears will run for cover, and as they scramble to cover shorts, the stock may soar.
  90. Of gallant strength like the mighty sea Your soul will soar to heaven’s delight Your emotions will heal and take flight Your mind will indulge in a sanctuary of heaven Where few have been.
  91. They also projected that interest rates and inflation were going to soar back to new highs as a result of massive government borrowing that would crowd the private sector out of the marketplace.
  92. We all dreamt of the vast expanse of Earth and all its possible adventures; what better Earth creature to envy than one which could soar and swoop throughout the planet with the greatest of ease.
  93. And even if he for ever flies within the gorge, that gorge is in the mountains; so that even in his lowest swoop the mountain eagle is still higher than other birds upon the plain, even though they soar.
  94. Sotillo's ideas did not soar above the care for his personal safety and the chance of plundering the town in his charge, but he feared that such a late adhesion would earn but scant gratitude from the victors.
  95. Thus, while Trending Value is a great long-term strategy, my point is that by the end of 1999 you likely would have been deeply frustrated with its modest returns, especially as you watched other growth and momentum stocks soar.
  96. The only time you should buy stocks from this group is in the first year following a severe bear market, because that is the only time that they soar in value and actually outperform not only the market but the best performers as well.
  97. Yet for those readers who might want to use these strategies to short stocks, keep in mind that they do have one-year periods when they soar in value—gains in excess of 200 percent are often seen in the data—generally during stock market bubbles.
  98. I was actually tempted to turn and fly along the south face for a while and try to stay in the lift and maybe soar for a bit, but then I thought better of that and decided to stick to the original plan and fly straight to the beach, which now seemed within easy gliding distance.
  99. It is the recognition of Natural Laws that has enabled us to annihilate time and space, to soar in the air, and to make iron float, and the greater the degree of intelligence the greater will be our recognition of these Natural Laws and the greater will be the power we can possess.
  100. And as they sang, Fentriss sneaked his hand to find a pad and pen to hide under the covers so that its scratching might not disturb the choir that soared and dipped to soar again, firing the bright air that flowed from the tree to tune his soul with delight and move his hand to remember.
  1. It was at a soaring.
  2. I'm always soaring high above.
  3. She was soaring to new heights.
  4. He is soaring above the strings.
  5. Byron soaring through his heart.
  6. The ship was soon soaring upward.
  7. As genius seeks its soaring themes.
  8. Soaring high overhead, its serrated.
  9. The others followed, tensions soaring.
  10. Subject: Soaring as opposed to sore-ing.
  11. That initially made it a soaring contest.
  12. They began soaring on the heights of passion.
  13. And the soaring palm trees, with clustered dates.
  14. I followed his gaze to the crow soaring overhead.
  15. Elowen could hear the soaring songs of skylarks.
  16. They were all soaring the south face of Bald Hill.
  17. It had been a rich, full soaring, an exhilaration.
  18. As they neared, a soaring shadow crossed the tower.
  19. Suddenly, instead of fal ing, I was soaring over the.
  20. The sound of a rook soaring overhead breaks the tension.
  21. The dragon took 5 paces and was soaring off the hillside.
  22. I was soaring again, but this time it was not intentional.
  23. Almost any company looks good when the economy is soaring.
  24. There’s no doubt the adrenaline is soaring on these jobs.
  25. It all happened in slow motion, soaring, arching, descending.
  26. Raven staggered to his feet, adrenaline soaring in his veins.
  27. Just then an eagle came into view, soaring low across the east.
  28. One bird kept dipping low over the raft, then soaring off again.
  29. A blackbird, soaring skyward, took a lock of his hair with it!.
  30. Demand from developing economies has resulted in soaring exports.
  31. Again, this little needle sent Sir James’ blood pressure soaring.
  32. His spirits were soaring when he began the main song of the concert.
  33. With my adrenalin soaring, I determine to over-come my nervous panic.
  34. Defense and space demands kept the aircraft and electronics soaring.
  35. Her hands were like the wings of a phoenix, as sudden as the soaring.
  36. Some successful Internet stocks had no earnings yet had soaring sales.
  37. With stress levels soaring, her husband insisted that she take a break.
  38. She closed her eyes and was soaring now, spinning, her heart going wild.
  39. Even with the soaring gas prices (let's not even go THERE!) and rising.
  40. Even though he was a man, and not a bird, still he was soaring through.
  41. Di Yang! The young man gestured his hands to form a soaring gesture.
  42. Northwest Orient 727 soaring above the terminal and climbing rapidly into.
  43. But despite soaring cocoa futures, there’s trouble lurking in candy land.
  44. It was a soaring contemporary with cantilevered decks and hundred-mile views.
  45. If you work for a chemical manufacturer, soaring oil prices could be bad news.
  46. Thinking of my life with Cassius had my hope soaring I was starting to see it.
  47. He could see specks of black soaring through the sky that he knew had to be birds.
  48. Dog-eared copies of the journal of the Soaring Society of America covered the table.
  49. An instant later, the flags went soaring to her mizzen yard and broke to the breeze.
  50. I was soaring above the vampire within seconds, my wings flapping beside me at ease.
  51. She imagines the walled city behind her, its soaring ramparts, its puzzle of streets.
  52. I rose high enough so that I caught thermals, soaring so that it was nearly effortless.
  53. This pavilion replicates a hang-glider flight complete with visions, smells and soaring.
  54. With his heart rate soaring, he approached the locker and opened it with his plastic key.
  55. But just then a voice spoke behind them that sent Silas' blood pressure instantly soaring.
  56. It was a mass of black sludge that was soaring over the land…and it was headed for him.
  57. A whitish speck flattened against the rock does not prevent the condor from soaring aloft.
  58. She rolled over on her back, and watched a seagull soaring in the thermals from the island.
  59. They are soaring and wind on your face, full of life and the joy of life, for lifes sake.
  60. This is an exhilarating experience, you appreciate how it feels to be a bird just soaring.
  61. But these inverse leveraged ETFs and their soaring popularity took much of the heat as well.
  62. Rayne had been looking out the porthole by her seat as they were soaring to the planet below.
  63. To him, twirling with Anne across the crisp winter ground was better than soaring as a bird.
  64. In ten miles they reached a neatly painted white sign that said Mid-Maryland Soaring Society.
  65. The courthouse was a soaring, dignified edifice to Harvey Schwartz/The Reluctant Terrorist.
  66. Alas! we are pigmies in mind compared with the soaring thought of the States of North America.
  67. Joshua couldn't shake the feeling that he was racing against time, soaring inexorably away as.
  68. Two close friends, both high on LSD, sent their car soaring onto a fatal dive in the Red River.
  69. Sometimes he saw other peaks to his right, much closer and milder, covered with soaring trees.
  70. DA 302 was roaming those skies and merrily soaring towards JFK with an indistinct evil intent.
  71. I felt as though chains had been lifted off my limbs, and that I was now soaring in a clear sky.
  72. The grey clouds, magnificently lit by the soaring silver moon, were watching the girl once again.
  73. Minutes later we were soaring above Athens then circling towards the south like a migrating bird.
  74. Of course, in this dusk, rapid movements, quick glances, and soaring hopes come naturally enough.
  75. When it is summer time, the chicks get exposed to soaring heat and this might lead to dehydration.
  76. She resembled rather something on the point of soaring away than something on the point of dying.
  77. Veronique merely thought about moving and she was soaring along the treetops of her beloved forest.
  78. He flung open the door, his cheeks burning, his heart soaring, only to be brought to a sudden halt.
  79. The trees rushed up at Manda, and she seemed to be soaring above it and through it at the same time.
  80. And that’s just wrong given the soaring popularity and obvious flaws in the buy and hold strategy.
  81. He handed her a pair of binoculars and pointed out a bald eagle soaring overhead, its wingspan huge.
  82. Often, when growth investing is struggling in the market, value investing is soaring and vice versa.
  83. It was repeated seven times (often just before a major election day) and the viewership kept soaring.
  84. Even as the solicitations became overwhelming, the demand for the product began soaring to the skies.
  85. Like a huge soaring eagle, his wing hovered at least five hundred feet above the next highest glider.
  86. He sounded it six times, and between each soaring trumpet the echo reverberated throughout the mountains.
  87. The calls of the large birds soaring above blend in with the brush of God’s breath upon my face and arms.
  88. Dawn spent the next two hours firing away at the clays that Terry sent soaring into the sky above the trees.
  89. As swiftly as Shaylah had flown away, she reappeared, soaring right over the Oogie and her siblings’ heads.
  90. The improbability of rescue, coupled with the soaring rate of accidental crashes, created a terrible equation.
  91. The population of Japan was soaring and the Japanese were beginning to feel very crowded in their small islands.
  92. Interestingly, employees didn’t mind taking on this new responsibility because at the time, stocks were soaring.
  93. Instead seven soaring eagles with the color of red, yellow, black, green, white, blue and purple were drawn on it.
  94. I kiss and give thanks! Now I've torn myself in half; left behind a mad visionary who dreamed of soaring to the sky.
  95. I had that opportunity once and I will never forget the sensation of this magnificent bird soaring away from my arms.
  96. Monday morning broke bright and sunny, with little wind and temperatures soaring all the way up to a balmy forty degrees.
  97. It wiggled through the mountains, hidden from the sun by soaring cliffs that almost touched one another above the water.
  98. My answering smile is weak, completely dazzled by him, and I’m reminded once more of Icarus soaring too close to the Sun.
  99. He paused to look at the soaring west front of the cathedral, almost two hundred years old now and as awe-inspiring as ever.
  100. And a nice room it was too, reminding one of Liberace’s boiler room, all fluted columns soaring into the corbelled vaults.
  1. The music soared with her.
  2. Celina soared up with an.
  3. He felt giddy, his heart soared.
  4. One said to another as he soared.
  5. His humble soul soared up to the Lord.
  6. The dragon soared into the air, but.
  7. He felt elated and his spirits soared.
  8. Yeye soared over the Statue of Liberty.
  9. His heart soared that this was all true.
  10. While my grades soared, the team didn’t.
  11. During 2009 and 2010, gold prices soared.
  12. My heart soared and sunk at the same moment.
  13. Then it spread its wide wings and soared away.
  14. An eagle soared overhead in great lazy circles.
  15. By March 22, 2000, its price had soared to $110.
  16. Conal’s eyes widened and his heart rate soared.
  17. The dragon took off and soared high up over the.
  18. Giselle soared above his head screaming at Joseph.
  19. With the new fall of currency, prices soared again.
  20. In six months, the stock soared from $100 to $550.
  21. The creature soared past the spot she had occupied.
  22. Ethereead soared high, the giant wings flapping away.
  23. The Pegasus beat its powerful wings and soared just.
  24. As the ship soared, the open OMS ports took their toll.
  25. Bellerophon soared down through the heart of a column.
  26. The wyvern soared at them blinded by rage and bent on.
  27. Because of its ease of use, its popularity has soared.
  28. I soared into the sky, my heart racing with adrenaline.
  29. The market soared and the firm was positioned to take.
  30. An eagle soared overhead as the road dipped again into.
  31. And silver prices soared by a whopping 371% (Figure 14.
  32. You have not dreamed of— wheeled and soared and swung.
  33. So he spread his arms, soared into her beautiful waiting.
  34. Every mind soared instantly, mentally rechecking the data.
  35. My soul soared to the heights and spread to the breadth.
  36. American casualties soared to a record 142 killed and 825.
  37. The day was clear and with it her spirits soared up to it.
  38. The swan soared, then came to land on the carpet below her.
  39. Her heart sank in her chest as they soared above the clouds.
  40. I soared downward and perched myself on Raziel's shoulders.
  41. And as the dragon soared away, they turned and started to.
  42. Kain soared across the field and rammed into Remu, knocking.
  43. A hawk soared over the valley beneath the early morning sun.
  44. New York soared up around them, out of rock and cave and sky.
  45. My heart rate soared while my hands shook with exhilaration.
  46. Down the hill I soared, not once feeling the ground beneath.
  47. Because of the gold price increase, gold mining stocks soared.
  48. She shook the towel out of the window, and the bat soared away.
  49. It soared toward them, covering twenty yards with every bound.
  50. We soared into the night sky—the six of us and a smal cabinet.
  51. We beat high up into the air and soared among the lower clouds.
  52. Steadying his ride as the rocket soared directly at him, Cloud.
  53. Tiny holes appeared in my wings as I banked and soared upwards.
  54. Tom let the music carry him and he soared in a stream of longing.
  55. It was then that a golden angel soared through the broken window.
  56. When the terrain soared we climbed three days without equipment.
  57. About 70 million years ago, it soared over vast areas of the USA.
  58. Suddenly the young man in gray coughed out a sound as he soared.
  59. The diabolical creature soared down towards Dante and his fellow.
  60. Volume has soared since these were introduced in February, with 1.
  61. Together we soared over the bay and flew toward the eastern hills.
  62. On its first day of trading, the stock soared 56% to close at $20.
  63. His soul soared high in a heavenly place that he never knew before.
  64. The more ridiculously overvalued a company was, the more it soared.
  65. The two sisters unfurled their feathers and soared to him in haste.
  66. Stretching their physical and mental wherewithal, they soared from.
  67. The strong updraft lifted them, and they soared high above the city.
  68. Spitfires and Hurricanes had soared up into the skies to fight them.
  69. The drone of an airship could be heard as it readied and soared away.
  70. For example, the bottom 50 stocks from Value Factor Three soared 28.
  71. She soared through the spiraling warm air that the fires had created.
  72. Again Rayne soared thru the air and this time she landed beside Tarak.
  73. As usual, Carla soon mastered the technique, and they soared together.
  74. Then it soared high and away, up where the sun reflected off the ocean.
  75. I soared high in the sky, doing some tricks and moving here and there.
  76. After October 19, implied volatilities on equity products soared above.
  77. Nicole stared out the window as the plane soared over the Atlantic again.
  78. Now that she could catch fleeting glimpses of the sun, her spirits soared.
  79. Implied volatility soared the following week as Ford stock dropped to 41-1/2.
  80. Huge Corinthian columns soared above me, capped with ornate heroic carvings.
  81. George was a almost in tears from the flow of adulation that soared over him.
  82. I didn’t know if this discovery would help us or not, but my hopes soared.
  83. His spirits soared and drifted into an equally treacherous realm - euphoria.
  84. Whoa! Orphenn leapt out of the tree and soared with the accuracy of a.
  85. And this human feeling dominated everything else and soared above all their.
  86. They retreated to their thoughts again as the craft soared over the mountains.
  87. Short stalagmites served as light posts, while others soared into the ceiling.
  88. Like a cool drink of well water, it was so stimulating that my spirits soared.
  89. The ride soared up into the air with a small burst of help from a rocket plant.
  90. But eight years later, on our comparison date, its revenues had soared to $53.
  91. I almost forgot about revolutions and robberies as we soared through the night.
  92. Eyeing the onslaught, he took flight and soared over the battlefield, evidently.
  93. It soared higher than any other plane and was caught up by the wind, taking 164.
  94. When housing prices soared, the bubble began to burst because corporate earnings.
  95. The soul of the man soared up into the Light ; abandoning his body down there in.
  96. When in time, it decelerated into the station; their spirits soared to the skies.
  97. As the booster soared, Mitch had no time to watch the spectacle on the main screen.
  98. I smiled at the thought and my heart soared to think how much she really loved me.
  99. It soared and dipped, sending an eerie chill through the undergrowth surrounding it.
  100. I cannot hope to emulate the lyrical heights to which some have soared in the press.
  1. INDX soars to 1125.
  2. And music that soars.
  3. A Heron Soars, Saying.
  4. Soars through the skies.
  5. My World Soars and Then Crashes.
  6. The ball of energy soars into the.
  7. Thus, our self-esteem soars to the.
  8. The wild lion soars through confusion.
  9. Her mind soars, escaping to the heavens.
  10. The pun is the dung of the mind which soars.
  11. Trace soars through the air in her eagle mecha.
  12. My spirit soars with the rest of God’s creation.
  13. Now Eagle spirit soars with our prayers to the Sun.
  14. It is amazing how your adrenaline soars when you really get mad.
  15. An eagle protects its territory and soars above the beautiful canyons.
  16. The rain has a slightly cooling effect but, when it stops, the temperature soars.
  17. Sir, it must be evident to every mind that his ambition soars to universal conquest.
  18. Her body soars in sweet convulsion, rising higher and higher with each magic moment.
  19. When we feel love it is reflecting the love that is in ourselves and our spirit soars.
  20. The entry hall is large and rectangular, with a ceiling that soars to open roof rafters.
  21. When I'm with him, my heart soars and i don't want him to leave my life ever Jasmine says.
  22. Her singing soars, flamboyant, a coloratura soprano, diva of the season in an operatic aria.
  23. A book, a pen behind your ear, a learned research—that's where your spirit soars! I am the same way myself.
  24. The amount of it is, the imagination give it the least license, dives deeper and soars higher than Nature goes.
  25. For that man rides like a skiff; in his troughs he wallows in his lowness and at his peaks he soars as high as the gulls.
  26. And quicken, in all righteousness, the morrow and its mystery that soars upon the Sun’s ascent when I will take a forenoon walk.
  27. The man who is not loved soars like a vulture over the mistresses of other men; and for my own part, to all those unfortunate men.
  28. As bulls and bears battle in the market, the value of your open positions soars or sinks, depending on the actions of total strangers.
  29. On the other hand, if a company’s stock price soars, a convertible bond exchangeable into that stock will perform much better than a conventional bond.
  31. Yes indeed! Away with everyday traffic jams, be gone tiresome railway waiting rooms and congested bus terminals, with DOCTOR GLORIA PLANKTON's new flying course it's Hello Blue Skies as you soar gracefully through the heavens like something that soars gracefully through the heavens quite a lot.
  32. An eagle soars the sky,.

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