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Zoom en una oración (en ingles)

  1. He can zoom out and.
  2. I see a shadow, zoom in.
  3. She wants me to zoom in.
  4. To look deeper, use the zoom.
  5. You're now using the zoom lens.

  6. Let me see if I can zoom in a bit.
  7. He doesn’t have time to zoom in.
  8. You both zoom past, Vic winning by a.
  9. Let’s zoom in on the breakout area:.
  10. Let’s zoom in on the right shoulder:.
  11. Locke clicked on the picture to zoom in.
  12. Both laugh as they zoom down the highway.
  13. Let’s zoom in now and look a bit closer.
  14. Let's zoom into a few of the mentioned above.
  15. Some of the components, such as the ZOOM LENS.

  16. When you use the zoom lens tool, notice where.
  17. This is so awesome! Can I zoom in more?
  18. Both the zoom lens tool and the instructions to.
  19. Focus, zoom in, and hold the camera still, Sarah.
  20. Amelia narrowed her eyes to zoom in on the scene.
  21. Predators use their street smarts to zoom in on a.
  22. Jaden tries to zoom in and see these jets up close.
  23. Zoom along the country lanes, between the rows of trees.
  24. He adjusted the zoom, peering backwards into the digital.
  25. Twenty Three Oh Six, please zoom in on that archipelago.

  26. Use a Trade Apgar to help you zoom in on the best prospects.
  27. I could see the camera pan towards me then zoom into my face.
  28. I’ll email you the pictures now, you’ll have to zoom in on.
  29. Charles grabbed his mouse and selected his browser’s zoom option.
  30. When we zoom in on the specifics of what is happening, we might not.
  31. I don’t often hire cars so I picked one with plenty of room and zoom.
  32. You can zoom into areas of interest, and highlight where your mouse is.
  33. As he looked, he noticed he could focus on a spot, and zoom in upon it.
  34. At a 50 percent recovery rate, that number could zoom to a staggering 2.
  35. If you zoom into the relevant dates you can see them move in similar ways.
  36. I was trying to zoom in on the planet so I could see what Marco was up too.
  37. Now that his zoom lens was useless, he would have to get closer, and on foot.
  38. As soon as it was over and things were peaceful, my heart rate would just zoom.
  39. Have you used the zoom lens on a camera? You can change the focus from a wide.
  40. He put the paddle down, and with full zoom on the lens, took a couple of shots.
  41. Jaden can zoom in and out to different parts of this large map and notices a line.
  42. Roger raised again his camera and focused on them with his big zoom lens, a tool he.
  43. We can zoom in with this, Seven said, bringing them in for a closer view of one.
  44. As soon as it was over and things were peaceful, my heart rate would just zoom.
  45. Crouching, Darek flung his head back and saw the bright light zoom past, spiraling around.
  46. I tried to zoom the picture in to view the details however the photograph became pixilated.
  47. Mark manipulated the joystick and motors on the camera to zoom in, and follow his movements.
  48. Suzy clasped her face in horror as she watched the item zoom across the bottom of the screen.
  49. He would zoom to one corner, rap against thinly woven metal, then continue to the next corner.
  50. Zoom in on that five-minute chart, however, and it looked as if a real rally was taking shape.
  51. He was wearing a wool cap and black sweats, and had his microcamera with the 103 zoom in hand.
  52. They were able to zoom in on the same tuxedoed man standing at the edge of the crowd, observing.
  53. When we finish, Captain Blitner taps an icon and the orbs zoom toward the center of the machine.
  54. And there was no doubt that you didn’t need someone standing behind the camera to zoom in the frame.
  55. They have zoom, night vision, all the works to detect visitors or potential problems heading this way.
  56. It’s almost three miles away, but when I zoom in on it with my camera, I see that it’s Dad’s car.
  57. Evan Lair was seen on camera, in the far distance, at the limit of a shaky zoom, waving questions away.
  58. Make use of your camera’s zoom, or move closer to the subject, so that you can fill the frame with her.
  59. I could occupy the control unit of an F-22 and zoom into the sky and fire its guns and launch its missiles.
  60. If you zoom in north over the ocean horizon you can see the ocean floating upwards towards the thin clouds.
  61. Holographic charts flash on the wall, Officials shout orders to officers, and data orbs zoom through the air.
  62. Zoom past the isolated hilltop, plunge down the other side, rolling out and down and across the valley beyond.
  63. One of the photographers with a zoom lens on his camera suddenly shouted while pointing towards the Northeast.
  64. Bobby marvelled at how it must feel to soar far above the ground and zoom between the outstretched arms of giants.
  65. On the principle of steering into the skid, Jenny goes speeding toward the riverfront, where cars still zoom along.
  66. Lancer 1-2, zoom in with your flight helmet and tell me how many gun towers you see on those incoming alien destroyers.
  67. The Trade Journal allows you to zoom in and trace your equity curves for specific markets, strategies, and exit tactics.
  68. Dogar examined the video camera mounted on it, taking inventory of the controls and noting the crosshairs on the zoom lens.
  69. Then using our telescope we start to zoom in, first onto the 15 minute chart, and then in fine detail to the 5 minute chart.
  70. Upon reaching a four hundred percent zoom factor, his mouth partly opened and an ear-to-ear smile streaked across his face.
  71. Crawling around the house, which backed up against the orchard, he adjusted the hood of his headgear to zoom in on the sedan.
  72. He pressed the zoom button and rapidly tapped the center of the image until the man and his blue car were lost in a pixel fog.
  73. I zoom in further into the broken aircraft, under the seat, maybe three rows back and concentrate on the movement of the papers.
  74. He could choose to zoom in and focus on the activity of an individual, or one may have a radiance that would catch his attention.
  75. Garnet felt herself feeble and the ganglion about to crash down, when she saw Don zoom out of the building with the vaccine case.
  76. They waited a few seconds while a weak looking Mohammed stared at each individual view and gave instructions to someone to zoom in on the relic.
  77. In the end, it was about four o’clock when they eventually hit the A12 out of Brussels towards Antwerp and Bergen op Zoom, in Pierre’s new Audi.
  78. I note the zoom in of James’ hand waving is ideal – no need for words when you see his fingers move and then he’s being taken out of the plane.
  79. That was all it took for the boy to scramble to his feet, flash a hand at Will, and, eyes hidden by the brim of his ballcap, zoom past her into the hallway.
  80. Ingrid had to change course to avoid the rain of debris coming down at her and went into yet another zoom climb, followed by the swearing enemy fighter pilots.
  81. Not waiting for an answer, Ingrid then pulled up in a zoom climb, going through a cloud before throttling down her engine and looping around into a vertical dive.
  82. For instance in the private offices, as soon as anyone entered cameras would zoom in catching every close up image and tape, very audibly every word that was uttered.
  83. Just zoom straight at the wall of earth and grass and shrubs dead ahead of you, pull back, and roll with the ailerons, shove just a bit of down elevator into it, then fire the gun.
  84. A camera was attached so it was outside and could see she was in a floating ball, like the good witch from Wizard of Oz, and the editors could make it zoom in occasionally when they felt it was needed.
  85. We use the fast or ultra fast time frame as our microscopic view on the market, and then zoom out to our longer term time frames to give us that broader perspective on the volume and price relationship.
  86. On weekends, I run the 500 component stocks of the S&P 500 through my divergence scanner and zoom in on stocks flagged by that scan, selecting a handful that I'll consider trading during the coming week.
  87. The lens and camera unit itself are fixed to the left side of my helmet, while the remote viewing panel, mounted on a swivel point, can be flipped in front of my left eye to help me point the camera and zoom in.
  88. Finally, we zoom out to bring the complete chart into focus, which is what we are going to focus on in this chapter, and in doing so, I hope will also help to reinforce the basic skills we learnt in the previous chapter.
  89. Darlington knew the CBU pellets probably wouldn't take the gun out but they would totally distract the crew as the bomb�lets floated down crack, cracking towards them, while Jack Ward would zoom down and scrape his napalm off on the gun barrel.
  90. Madeline was doing more than turning on Stuart, as he could see Stuart was taking more of an interest in Dale, and the watchers fingered their zoom buttons with mounting excitement, as one scenario played to their ears, and the other to their eyes.
  91. When you use the zoom lens tool,.
  1. He was zooming on a.
  2. Zooming his camera in and out.
  3. Hey, are you still zooming?
  4. Zooming in to the city, the screen.
  5. Zooming in closer, he snapped off a.
  6. He tapped keys, zooming the door’s gold plate.
  7. He is zooming in on the pitch-black ocean floor.
  8. He hadn’t just been behind the camera zooming in.
  9. Therefore, I concentrated very hard, zooming in on the.
  10. The reporter continued, the cameras zooming away to the.
  11. But instead of zooming in to Chicago, the view shifted west.
  12. Then the Maruti van started again zooming on the high way road.
  13. I crack open the door and see the beast zooming past the door.
  14. Kasumi started the skit by zooming in on the bill on the table.
  15. She began zooming around becoming a blur ,making my head spin.
  16. Soon they were zooming down the Monongahela River headed southeast.
  17. She was pointing toward Manhattan, which was quickly zooming into view.
  18. Suddenly, I woke up with the zooming and rattling sounds of motor bikes.
  19. A good one to look for is a share that is inching up, rather than zooming.
  20. Yes, the share price may go on zooming up still further, but your profit is safe.
  21. He picked up few pebbles and started hurtling to the zooming truck a far distance.
  22. And chapters from last night’s incredible story kept zooming around in my head.
  23. We tried replaying the scene, zooming in as close as we could, but Vince’s jacket.
  24. I knew it was around here,’ Jaden says while zooming in towards it with a nanoscanner.
  25. But he jumped in the car and screeched off, zooming across all the lanes of traffic again.
  26. Zooming in on the cluster revealed the direction of travel of the shadows as they passed.
  27. Zooming in on the map as the dot stopped, the tag showed that it was at a disused factory.
  28. Take a look closer, Yaffa said as she pinched the screen, zooming into Kerim’s head.
  29. Then, I crouched down, zooming in quite accurately at the counter the slice of pizza was on.
  30. Quick Express Taxi, Quentin said, zooming in on the intersection, rolling his cursor over it.
  31. Like a natural zooming lens, he focused in on each face that initially, he was unable to remember.
  32. Bullets were zooming past us but sooner or later one or more bullets would either hit me or Thomas.
  33. The Canadian speaker launched into his presentations like a 747 zooming down the runway to takeoff.
  34. There was a swishing sound, and Bryony saw three pointy missiles zooming through the air towards her.
  35. Her quick reflexes paid off, with a big missile zooming over her head, missing her by maybe 200 meters.
  36. Let’s take a closer look by zooming in on the second half of 2008, shown on the chart on the next page.
  37. Cami felt many different emotions zooming through her as she held the envelope, unsure whether she wanted to read it.
  38. The plane took off 200 meters before the hotel and started climbing, zooming past his balcony, level with MacArthur.
  39. Frozen out of their bombing runs since August, she now found herself back in, zooming deeper into the boroughs.
  40. The Anemone army spotted the plane zooming towards the spot, where the wrecked cruiser laid, and took their positions.
  41. They had run off in the opposite direction, the thug looked back then at the girls, then saw a fist zooming into his face.
  42. Like zooming in on a fractal—with enough magnification you can find a place that looks almost exactly like where you started.
  43. The effect of the abrupt cessation of movement was to make his head suddenly vivid, as though it had come zooming across the table.
  44. The carnivorous, winged mammals flew near his brow before zooming past the large, circular moons and spiraling toward the uppermost towers.
  45. Jaquar’s eyes dilated when he saw the courses of all planets in the solar system collapsing and a mighty asteroid zooming towards the Earth.
  46. I understood that he had something to say to me so I righted myself and then cropped up my ears, zooming in on him with my eyes in the process.
  47. She took the lens off her camera and took photos of Bruce’s curious alter-ego, starting with full body shots and then zooming in on his face.
  48. Tina nodded her head, then took out her electronic notepad and opened on it a map of Africa, zooming it to the area of Lagos and showing it to Mavutu.
  49. The wavering then turned into a mass retreat when the first BEARCAT repeated its ground-hugging strafing run, this time zooming by from left to right.
  50. Not that zooming up is bad, it is just that a company that is being snaffled up sneakily is more sexy than some shooting star on its firework trajectory.
  51. And within a second, the driver started the van and it was vanished in the midst of the crowded vehicles, zooming away and left the dark smokes in the air.
  52. Shiva Shankar Kakoti came back; he was stunned and thrilled with joy; his unmoved Ambassador car was zooming on the road in full speed without any problem.
  53. The camera was panning quickly over a smiling scene of rolling hills, patchwork fields and woods, before zooming in on a bridge over a strange, two-way river.
  54. Beyond the shoulders of this stranger, high beams are zooming along a path into the park, rendering it not nearly so tangled or secret as Mercer’s been imagining.
  55. Even if you’ve been an avid golfer, a fiend for tennis, loved playing hockey or zooming downhill on skis, you can’t assume you’ve retained your sense of balance.
  56. Already guessing what it was, Nancy filmed the site, zooming in particular on a piece of tail that bore a registry number that was still readable, as Mousavi explained.
  57. The six P-38s then continued on their dives, zooming by the stunned surviving Japanese fighter pilots and already putting each a Mitsubishi G4M BETTY in their gun sight.
  58. The operator, playing with his connections, took a few seconds to switch his display to an external infra-red camera and point it upward, zooming to maximum magnification.
  59. You really think if this Lexie person is behind the camera zooming in on a murder, she’s going to confess that she’s an accomplice and hand over the recording?
  60. Growling like a couple of alley cats, clawing and scratching until Alger got Begum on her knees, back a deep curve, erstwhile private parts offered to the zooming cameras.
  61. After three seconds of continuous fire, Lieutenant Mike Robertson veered off slightly, zooming by the wounded troopship and following his leader towards the next troopship.
  62. He called up a 3D map of the building, rotating and zooming the image as he briefed the meeting on access points, elevators, stairwells, the location of the event, the roof.
  63. He was then able to see four huge jet bombers of unknown design zooming towards the sky while flying away, leaving behind them an enormous cloud of smoke and dust over the Zhongnanhai.
  64. The Soviet fighter missed her narrowly but she didn’t, putting its left jet engine on fire and then zooming past it on her way to the other Soviet planes following maybe a kilometer behind.
  65. As with any trade, you’ll want to consider the market within more than one time frame, always zooming out to see the bigger picture, which helps you maximize runners (more on this later).
  66. They are the stocks we see zooming up in price, they are the ones that our friends and fellow investors talk about, and they are the ones on which investors focus their attention and buying power.
  67. The Israelis kept up wave after wave of the attack, destroying the aircraft, bombing the runways, and then zooming in again just as the Egyptians were clearing up and trying to get a few planes into the air.
  68. I felt my last consciousness only when my closing eyes were instantly blinked with the flickering flashes of lights, that was coming from the in coming vehicle, zooming and screeching against my car………….
  69. He reaches out now through the solid walls of the stairshaft and over the eight million stories and the harbor and the landfills to where she’d be by now, a pair of headlights zooming south on the Jersey Turnpike.
  70. Zooming one of the surveillance cameras of the scoutship on those signatures, Sylvie felt dread on recognizing the five quadrupeds approaching silently the cave, obviously intent on catching the Neanderthals by surprise.
  71. The first American air attack on the fleet that day actually took place just before sunset, with over twenty P-40 fighters zooming over the beachheads at high speed and skimming the waves, targeting first the surviving landing barges and shooting them full of holes before the Japanese fighters on top cover could even react.
  72. The result of such discipline and methodical tactics was soon evident, with the group of Japanese fighters being literally eviscerated by the P-38s, who kept zooming by them at such high speeds that they could never really chase after them, with even less chance to engage into turning dogfights, of which the Japanese pilots were so fond of.
  73. How can investors deal with the complexity of multiple inputs and perspectives, let alone with the even more bewildering assortment of novel investment products on offer? This book provides a map to investors, giving a bird’s eye view over a rugged terrain and occasionally zooming in to interesting locations (12 case studies), not unlike Google Earth™.
  74. The screen came to life revealing the interior of the Imperial House Diamond Boutique - showing the fashion-parade of diamond jewellery, then panning over the alarm installations and control-box for the video cameras, scattered about the premises - finally coming to rest on the walk-in safe and zooming in to a close-up of the dial – Amelia felt that she had obtained what Rory had told her to…she really would have liked to have the necklace and matching ear-rings though!…she thought wistfully….
  1. John zoomed in on it.
  2. Time had zoomed by again.
  3. As the crash site zoomed.
  4. She zoomed in on the parcel.
  5. His optical lenses zoomed in.
  6. I zoomed in to a giant apple.
  7. Hooper zoomed between the boys.
  8. I zoomed in on the lecture room.
  9. The big guy zoomed another shot.
  10. Bullets zoomed by me like hail.
  11. The PBT zoomed passed me, 'ran'.
  12. Suddenly everything was zoomed in.
  13. We zoomed out of the grounds of St.
  14. The camera actually zoomed in on it.
  15. He zoomed in on a soft music station.
  16. Flint spoke up and I zoomed in on him.
  17. So naturally I zoomed in to take a look.
  18. Immediately, I zoomed in on all nearby.
  19. Vincent zoomed in the camera at her and.
  20. The feds have zoomed in on the killer cat.
  21. It pulled up speed and zoomed towards them.
  22. The screen zoomed in on the door of the hut.
  23. A police car zoomed to the area with siren.
  24. Topps zoomed the picture in, pixillating the.
  25. The stylist zoomed in on Alicia's gleaming ones.
  26. Corey said goodbye and then zoomed to my location.
  27. A cyclist with an orange shirt zoomed passed them.
  28. It zoomed in until a large mound filled the screen.
  29. She zoomed in to get a close up of the woman’s face.
  30. Liu pressed a control and the camera zoomed out again.
  31. They zoomed on the motorcycle leaving the condo behind.
  32. She zoomed ahead to the following day’s Arts section.
  33. I zoomed in on the dead squirrels their heads had been.
  34. Corey zoomed in to the exact location of the sound and.
  35. I zoomed in on the Morgan Building then galloped to the.
  36. Corey braced himself and then zoomed up into the sky in.
  37. Thomas peeled out of the parking lot and then zoomed to.
  38. I looked into the monitor and then zoomed into sector in.
  39. I zoomed so fast within a short while the patrol car was.
  40. Airport travelers zoomed by the limping bomber as if he.
  41. I zoomed in on the blotch of paint, which by the way was.
  42. Corey zoomed in and then determined that there was a wide.
  43. Kiddron Valley, the picture zoomed in on the mount itself.
  44. I zoomed in on the location of the gunshots making sure to.
  45. The computer operator, Christine, zoomed in on the location.
  46. As I zoomed in on the classroom window I realized that I’d.
  47. It wasn’t until I zoomed in on the parking lot sign that I.
  48. The camera zoomed on a small girl eating a bar of dried fruit.
  49. They zipped and zoomed down the stairwell, desperately trying.
  50. I cropped up my ears and zoomed into the on-goings in the park.
  51. Corey limped towards the couple then zoomed in on the couple's.
  52. Quell consulted his instrument panel, and zoomed in the picture.
  53. Lezura zoomed out and checked around the perimeters of the camp.
  54. A gray shape then zoomed close by, level with Yamamoto’s bridge.
  55. The screen filled with the Manhattan skyline and slowly zoomed in.
  56. Roughly thirty seconds later several speeding patrol cars zoomed by.
  57. I zoomed in really hard on the action and I also cropped up my ears.
  58. He pointed to the display as it zoomed in on the planet in question.
  59. The swamp-dwelling dragonflies zoomed away from the traveling party.
  60. Sterling took out his compact Nikon camera and zoomed onto the scene.
  61. Aarav said after the train zoomed off towards the next station, You.
  62. But someone had zoomed in that camera to get a close-up of the girls.
  63. She made a front flip taking off the second pistol and zoomed inside.
  64. They crossed the street and hid in an alley as a car zoomed past them.
  65. She zoomed in and recognised the sports car driver from the other day.
  66. She zoomed in with the goggles and saw Joey’s foot kick out briefly.
  67. They both moved a scope each towards the estuary and zoomed in on the.
  68. Mindy Park zoomed in on the latest satellite photo with practiced ease.
  69. Locke’s mind zoomed through excuses until he found a plausible reason.
  70. Hardin pressed a button on the electronic tablet and the map zoomed out.
  71. Here is the chart example from above again, zoomed in a bit this time:.
  72. At that very moment, the Skimmer came alive, and it zoomed by their spot.
  73. She zoomed in the glimmer and found that it was coming off Joey’s sword.
  74. Frank snapped his head back and forth, and then zoomed across the highway.
  75. The camera zoomed out from the flying objects and panned across the crowds.
  76. The gorgons holding the incantation zoomed close to the affected soldiers.
  77. He rolled his eyes clockwise once, and the goggles zoomed in on the vehicle.
  78. She turned a dial and zoomed the camera in, carefully studying its features.
  79. Steve zoomed in the camera so they could get a good look at him as he spoke.
  80. I zoomed in on the affected leaf and determined that it had been stepped on.
  81. To their surprise, the chasm remained open even after the Dinos have zoomed in.
  82. Ben zoomed in on one of the continents and began a sweeping side to side search.
  83. When he zoomed out he saw that the direction was in the said clearing up ahead.
  84. As the camera zoomed out, two violently copulating bodies were joined by a third.
  85. Not thinking where to run she rapidly turned left and zoomed towards the stairs.
  86. Forrest watched as the camera zoomed in and focused on the side of Donna’s neck.
  87. A YF-83A then zoomed overhead, caught by the next picture taken by the journalist.
  88. Aahh, that explains everything, Justin said and smirked as we zoomed on ahead.
  89. The aerial camera zoomed in on a Honda Accord crushed against a tree near the toll booth.
  90. Then he started his car and we zoomed away from the family restaurant and on the high way.
  91. He stared at his phone screen, zoomed in on the detail, wondering what exactly this meant.
  92. The instructor zoomed past, and climbed into a tight turn to go round and land behind them.
  93. The shocked warrant officer also ducked instinctively as the BEARCAT zoomed by his gun crew.
  94. The hand held camera zoomed in on the four of them in their salute as the documentary rolled.
  95. Obotron 1 and the now remaining 15 other fleet ships zoomed off into the vast Kroonum system.
  96. It was heading straight for them and zoomed past very low indeed, dipping one wing in salute.
  97. A few adjustments and the camera zoomed back and they got their first view of the three ships.
  98. At that point implied volatility zoomed to an amazing 60% or so — up from a normal 25%.
  99. One American network reporter then asked her a question while the camera was zoomed on her face.
  100. An orange-colored planet appeared in my mind’s eye, which then zoomed in to view a huge pyramid.
  1. He zooms in on her.
  2. The scene zooms out.
  3. He zooms into where he is now.
  4. The camera zooms in on the reporter.
  5. He zooms in and looks in slow motion.
  6. The image zooms in on the bomb’s counter.
  7. Jaden moves the nanoeyes closer and zooms in.
  8. The next chart zooms in on the breakout area:.
  9. And the next chart zooms in on the breakout area:.
  10. Jaden zooms out and he sees Andromeda Galaxy glowing.
  11. TK releases the torrent as he zooms over the cranium.
  12. He zooms in and sees Robinson’s old, wrinkled face up close.
  13. The first officer zooms in the satellite at the fast moving missile.
  14. It zooms out until it is nothing more than a flat plane sprinkled with static.
  15. Jaden zooms in on the planet and it looks almost destroyed, just the core is left.
  16. Jaden zooms back and notices Marco changed his direction from the rest of the team.
  17. Jaden zooms in on spaceships coming out of this portal and entering at the speed of light.
  18. Jaden walks over and touches the universal 3D map; it zooms in to the planet he is on now.
  19. Jaden levels out horizontally in front of the tramway and zooms inside with a nanoscanner.
  20. He zooms in and sees trillions of atoms jumping around spreading and mating with oxygen atoms.
  21. He zooms in on Andromeda and sees more solid lines leaving Andromeda’s Galactic Bulge center.
  22. He admires it and zooms in on the purple exotic looking molecule with the clear egg-shaped balls moving around it.
  23. The engine roars to life and the mysterious black car backs away from the wreckage of the Limousine then zooms away.
  24. Jerry stretches and moves fingers over the projection, and it zooms in so to see the place where they are currently located.
  25. The three step process which begins with a close up look at one candle, then gradually zooms out, to step 2 which is the candles in close proximity to the latest candle.
  26. But when the camera zooms in even closer it’s apparent that these are no ordinary hunters—they can fly! There are rocket engines where there should be tails! These hunters will replace the helicopters! A new breed of hunters for a new era!.
  27. The camera zooms in for a close-up and it couldn’t be more beautiful, the several-hundred-foot head slowly being scorched black, and the inhuman scream from his wide open mouth blasting over the speakers crystal clear and so loud it cuts right through to the bone.

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