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  1. In the case of a speculative.
  2. The more random and speculative.
  3. Midge cast a speculative eye at her.
  4. The speculative merchant exercises no.
  5. Where the speculative approach is followed, i.
  6. He regards me for a moment, his eyes speculative.
  7. Two Viewpoints with Respect to Speculative Bonds.
  8. His eyes grew speculative, and his fist relaxed.
  9. Low Price Coupled with Speculative Capitalization.
  10. Advantage of Separability of Speculative Component.
  11. Foreign investing can be particularly speculative.
  12. But all this is part of the speculative atmosphere.
  13. Examples of Speculative and Investment Common Stocks.
  14. Higher Prices May Prevail for Speculative Commitments.
  15. We do suggest that such a price would be speculative.
  16. There is a speculative urge encapsulated in all of us.
  17. Investment Value, Speculative Value, and Intrinsic Value.
  18. Operations not meeting these requirements are speculative.
  19. Speculative Capital Structure May Be Created in Other Ways.
  20. MORAL AND QUESTIONS: The speculative public is incorrigible.
  21. Murky, speculative stuff, a smear campaign on a dead woman.
  22. Positivists regarded speculative thought as long on theory.
  23. The Factor of Leverage in Speculative Capitalization Structure.
  24. While the picture I have painted is obviously speculative, it.
  25. The king looked speculative, What is it you want of me?
  26. The T-bill/option strategy is not a speculative buying strategy.
  27. American Can was a typical example of a prewar speculative stock.
  28. For example, a speculative run up in the stock would affect the.
  29. When sorrow ceases to be speculative, sleep sees her opportunity.
  30. The mix includes highly speculative resource stocks, high stakes.
  31. It remains, on a number of important levels, uniquely speculative.
  32. However despite a wide range of speculative views on where in the.
  33. He is really but the froth, riding lightly on the speculative current.
  34. Her thoughts were all speculative, based on the facts as she knew them.
  35. In a larger and more speculative sense, the theory suggests that the.
  36. As he addressed the teen, his expression was thoughtful and speculative.
  37. The concept was speculative until the 1980s, when it was corroborated by.
  38. ED was surprised to recognize the psychic signature of a speculative and.
  39. Important Distinctions between Common Stocks and Speculative Senior Issues.
  41. That comment only spurred on more questions and speculative comments from.
  42. It seems that we measured the stock as it hit a speculative high and then.
  43. The operations of the speculative merchant are principally employed about.
  44. It will be recalled that in our treatment of speculative senior issues (Chap.
  45. It is not for such a people to war for a speculative right or an empty name.
  46. Right – my turn, he mutters, and his glare turns steely, speculative.
  47. Once again, the only real exceptions are during extremely speculative markets.
  48. The speculative interest amounted to 22½ × 42, or $945 per $1,000 bond.
  49. He turned round and found Twoflower looking at him with a speculative expression.
  50. Large Volume and High Production Cost Equivalent to Speculative Capital Structure.
  51. Kennedy said no more, but he had started my mind on a train of speculative thought.
  52. Some of these seem to have been highly speculative and carried at inflated values.
  53. The extent of the profit-sharing or speculative interest per dollar of investment.
  54. This fact is not without significance from the standpoint of speculative technique.
  55. There are two directly opposite angles from which a speculative bond may be viewed.
  56. But that is a speculative bet; sometimes bad management stays in place for decades.
  57. I don’t want to expose you to their brand of harassment and speculative gossip.
  58. Speculative buying and spreading strategies rank the lowest on a mathematical basis.
  59. The rational connection between speculative gambling and probabilistic investing is.
  60. These seemingly cheap securities are unduly speculative and extremely low in quality.
  61. Wheeler said, Extremely speculative? Bah! Then he reminded Tegmark that some of.
  62. He cast glances at me, speculative glances that had me wondering what he was thinking.
  63. In the very speculative year of 1967, the high price-to-cash flow stocks soared by 73.
  64. Hence the speculative interest amounted to 5 × 12, or only $60 per $1,000 bond.
  65. The speculative excesses that helped fuel the economy encouraged the issue of massive.
  66. We have to let go worrying about all the missed opportunities and speculative guessing.
  67. Single-stock calls may be used both in covered call writing and in speculative trading.
  68. This is the most important reason why traders should use only their speculative capital.
  69. He should favor such issues only when they can be bought at a frankly speculative price.
  70. There have been all sorts of speculative excesses on the options market long before this.
  71. This fact clearly detracts from the speculative advantage inherent in such common stocks.
  72. Bearing of Working-capital and Sinking-fund Factors on Safety of Speculative Senior Issues.
  73. Those questions make for interesting speculative discussion, the answers to which are far.
  74. Speculative Capitalization May Cause Valuation of Total Enterprise at an Unduly Low Figure.
  75. So they could bleed off a certain percentage of those profits into their more speculative.
  76. Another risk is speculative risk; this can be found particularly in the mining or oil sector.
  77. Within the church’s treatment of prophecy the speculative, and often ridiculous, naming of.
  78. Others overly concentrate in highly speculative or lower-quality, risky technology securities.
  79. The allegations were never proven and from what I read the evidence is nothing but speculative.
  80. But in the original and most useful sense of the term such a basis of valuation is speculative.
  81. According to Roger Lowenstein's "Buffett", he was far more speculative with his own investments.
  82. Most notably that would have been in 1998 and 1999, the two biggest speculative years since 1967.
  83. To the speculative fraternity these rights are practically equivalent to a special dividend of $10.
  84. The price of the issue was not low enough to warrant recommendation on a fully speculative basis, i.
  85. The future was uncertain, therefore speculative; the past was known, therefore the source of safety.
  86. A tax was levied on profits from short sales in January 1689 in response to another speculative cycle.
  87. He may study from the speculative side the profession or business in which he is practically engaged.
  88. One of the unfortunate lessons of speculative bubbles is that they always go on longer than we expect.
  89. I finish this chapter with a few other speculative views—given in what I hope is a very humble tone.
  90. But it involves the very real danger that it will lead him into speculative attitudes and activities.
  91. The speculative claims of theology and metaphysics, regarded as past history and should be discounted.
  92. Obligations rated BB, B, CCC, CC, and C are regarded as having significant speculative characteristics.
  93. This seems to have been one of the anomalous incidents of the highly speculative atmosphere at the time.
  94. This is due to the incidence of speculative interest, which is attracted by a seemingly low price range.
  95. The speculative profit was the purchaser’s reward for having made an unusually shrewd investment.
  96. One would be entering speculative territory by assuming that the Bible should be interpreted differently.
  97. The one thing the widow must not do is to take speculative chances in order to make some extra income.
  98. This would be a valid consideration, however, only in deciding upon a purchase on a speculative basis (i.
  99. Yet operations of a definitely speculative nature may be carried on in United States government bonds (e.
  100. With a speculative look on both their faces, they both quieted, but I could feel that dull sensation again.

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