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Speculative в предложении (на )

In the case of a speculative.
The more random and speculative.
Midge cast a speculative eye at her.
The speculative merchant exercises no.
Where the speculative approach is followed, i.
His eyes grew speculative, and his fist relaxed.
Two Viewpoints with Respect to Speculative Bonds.

He regards me for a moment, his eyes speculative.
Low Price Coupled with Speculative Capitalization.
Advantage of Separability of Speculative Component.
Foreign investing can be particularly speculative.
But all this is part of the speculative atmosphere.
Examples of Speculative and Investment Common Stocks.
We do suggest that such a price would be speculative.
Higher Prices May Prevail for Speculative Commitments.
There is a speculative urge encapsulated in all of us.
Investment Value, Speculative Value, and Intrinsic Value.
Operations not meeting these requirements are speculative.
Speculative Capital Structure May Be Created in Other Ways.
Murky, speculative stuff, a smear campaign on a dead woman.
MORAL AND QUESTIONS: The speculative public is incorrigible.
Positivists regarded speculative thought as long on theory.
The Factor of Leverage in Speculative Capitalization Structure.
While the picture I have painted is obviously speculative, it.
The king looked speculative, What is it you want of me?
The T-bill/option strategy is not a speculative buying strategy.
American Can was a typical example of a prewar speculative stock.
When sorrow ceases to be speculative, sleep sees her opportunity.
For example, a speculative run up in the stock would affect the.
It remains, on a number of important levels, uniquely speculative.
The mix includes highly speculative resource stocks, high stakes.
However despite a wide range of speculative views on where in the.
Her thoughts were all speculative, based on the facts as she knew them.
He is really but the froth, riding lightly on the speculative current.
In a larger and more speculative sense, the theory suggests that the.
As he addressed the teen, his expression was thoughtful and speculative.
The concept was speculative until the 1980s, when it was corroborated by.
ED was surprised to recognize the psychic signature of a speculative and.
That comment only spurred on more questions and speculative comments from.

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inquisitive questioning speculative wondering notional bad risky

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