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Stipulate en una oración (en ingles)

  1. This declaration shall stipulate:.
  2. Did she stipulate I had to meet her alone?
  3. You will stipulate, I see, for peculiar terms—what will they be?
  4. Exchange rules stipulate the strike prices for these options will differ by no less than 0.
  5. Then write down how you would like to be buried and stipulate that cremation is out of the question.

  6. Right, but it does stipulate that we have to share a one-bedroom whenever that’s a possibility.
  7. Since these results obviously will cluster, we will stipulate that we can take only one signal per week.
  8. Russell to stipulate in general terms for an armistice, having only an informal understanding on these points.
  9. The register will also stipulate the required education necessary for all titles by professionals, for example Dr.
  10. Neither did she ever give me any money,—or anything but my daily dinner,—nor ever stipulate that I should be paid for my services.
  11. If she should go to him to-night—wounded vanity recalcitrant—she might stipulate conditions that should forever sunder their lives.
  12. Does the will stipulate what is to become of the child and does the next of kin have any claims or require an obligation from me?
  13. But, for these things, we must stipulate an equivalent; and what can that be, but to unite in striking England from the list of independent nations?
  14. In other situations, sometimes I’d stipulate that a certain percent of the folks at the breakfast meeting had to sign up before the president paid half.
  15. Now that Ive gotten that matter straightened out I shall stipulate the preconditions that you must meet before becoming my best friend in the whole world.

  16. With the consent of the accused, the prosecution and defense stipulate that the accused was at the time of the alleged offense a member of the United States Air Force.
  17. In other words, for the arrogance, insults, and murders, we had borne and suffered, he came to stipulate atonement, if we would stipulate a sort of counter atonement at the same time.
  18. Via a simple telephone code, Sylvia would stipulate a specific date and room number, which corresponded to a like number of kilos and Angel, in turn, would notify Mike of his ‘reservation.
  19. Sir, respectfully, I must point out that as a target officer you are unschooled in basic Douhet principles; principles which clearly stipulate that piecemeal application of airpower is imprudent.
  20. It sometimes happened, however, that the landlord would stipulate, that he should be at liberty to demand of the tenant, either the annual payment in kind or a certain sum of money instead of it.
  21. Let us admit without bitterness, that the individual has his distinct interests, and can, without forfeiture, stipulate for his interest, and defend it; the present has its pardonable dose of egotism; momentary life has its rights, and is not bound to sacrifice itself constantly to the future.
  22. Stating the matter differently, we do not believe that in the case of the ordinary corporation bond—whether railroad, utility, or industrial—it would be advantageous to stipulate any minimum relationship between the value of the physical property pledged (taken at either original or reproduction cost) and the amount of the debt.
  23. We do not reckon our soldiers the most industrious set of people among us; yet when soldiers have been employed in some particular sorts of work, and liberally paid by the piece, their officers have frequently been obliged to stipulate with the undertaker, that they should not be allowed to earn above a certain sum every day, according to the rate at which they were paid.
  24. And be it further enacted, That the President of the United States be, and he is hereby, authorized, at any time within one year, to make and execute such compromise with the parties, or any of them, who were removed from the said batture on the twenty-fifth day of January, one thousand eight hundred and eight, by order of the President of the United States, and to procure a cession of their claims thereto, or to any part thereof, for the use of the public, or to any body politic or corporate, on such terms as may be agreed on with the said parties, and deemed advisable by the President, and to stipulate for a compensation, either in money or public lands, in the city of New Orleans, or its territories, as he may think proper.
  1. To point: state laws stipulating state boards of education must be comprised of a majority of certified teachers.
  2. Illusion by chemical fits like a mask, stipulating recreation out of imagination; until the strap is cut and reality waxes and the wage of addiction is spent.
  3. Rudolph depressed the play button which activated a voice recording of an unmistakeable Jazz Bryant stipulating date time and location of an interview and those present.
  4. Even stipulating that all of that’s true, Zahmsyn Trynair interceded as Clyntahn’s jaw muscles bunched, the point at issue isn’t how we got into this situation.
  5. But, he was particular in stipulating that if I were not received with cordiality, or if I were not encouraged to repeat my visit as a visit which had no ulterior object but was simply one of gratitude for a favor received, then this experimental trip should have no successor.
  6. Yet, I ask, suppose that monarch should make a treaty, stipulating that Hanover or Hindostan should have a right of representation on the floor of Parliament, would such a treaty be binding? No, sir; not, as I believe, if a House of Commons and of Lords could be found venal enough to agree to it.
  7. Background: Following the six day war and as soon as the Israeli Army occupied the Jordan sector of Jerusalem, Knesset adopted on the 27th of June 1967, a law stipulating that the laws, jurisdiction, and administration of the state of Israel would apply to every region that would be designated by ordinance.
  8. Coatl nodded and agreed to be at their lodge in the afternoon, he left it to their discretion to choose the disease, stipulating that it must be virulent, deadly, and have highly visible symptoms, sores, rashes, lumps, he then went on to tell them that they would be on show for the Teoti and would tell the sad story of the disease, one of two things would happen upon meeting citizens of Teotihuacan, one, they will slay you out of hand or two, they will chase you away, hopefully they will choose the later once they see your pitiful condition, but most important of all you must pass on the news of the planned mass exodus of the surviving Toltec the day after the next full moon, an exodus designed to take the remaining survivors north, through the valley of Axber, back to the ancient land of their birth and so to freedom.
  1. Whatever price is stipulated shall be paid.
  2. He has stipulated however, that MPs should.
  3. Annan also stipulated that the final report.
  5. God fulfilled this promise stipulated in that covenant.
  6. As long as I get what I need first, he stipulated.
  7. He stipulated, however, that he would take no dead frogs.
  8. So a new security measure was implemented that stipulated.
  9. Our search warrant stipulated access to your bank records.
  11. A guinea was the stipulated sum--I could as soon have raised a.
  12. The only stipulated requirement for entering the game, was that.
  13. The proviso was that they had to be stipulated in the Basic Law.
  14. Matheson Brothers had stipulated due to the fact that they also.
  15. If they are used in the fair, stipulated, and well-established.
  16. Banks should ensure maintenance of stipulated margins at all times.
  17. Th e research study of animatic ideas stipulated generation of the.
  18. When the articles of the treaty had been fully agreed on, the stipulated.
  19. If they are used in the fair, stipulated, and well-established meaning.
  20. The Supreme Court ruling in 1988 that stipulated once an item is left for trash.
  21. If they are used in the fair, stipulated, and well-established meaning of the.
  22. He also stipulated that he would increase my rate since I was willing to remain.
  23. If they are used, In the fair, stipulated, and well-established meaning of the.
  24. In the chapter on economic profit optimization, we stipulated that earnings are the.
  25. When you quit smoking, your brain starts craving for its stipulated dose of nicotine.
  26. It stipulated that no child of Judith's should inherit if it were born out of wedlock.
  27. In most cases it is stipulated or expected that the loans will be retired in annual installments.
  28. Sam had committed multiple acts of gross misconduct under the Firm’s policies, and the rules stipulated dismissal.
  29. Over and above what is necessary for paying the stipulated rent, the salaries of the officers, and the whole expense of.
  30. Wick and McGraw were out of visual range, but they would have stopped, too, in order to keep the intervals he’d stipulated.
  31. Condemned as a heretic, the court stipulated that on his way to the stake, his tongue be progressively cut out, piece by piece.
  32. This note I spoke of—it stipulated, in quite certain terms, that the box and decisions about its contents were to pass to you.
  33. It is stipulated that the magician (or hypnotist) must be strong of character so as to be able to have control over their victims.
  34. It will give us the aid of a stipulated obligation on the part of the foreign nation making the treaty, to enforce the arrangement.
  35. The actual physical data supports this biblical timeframe of intense change instead of the eons of time stipulated by evolutionists.
  36. Again, we divided it into high and low VIX halves and stipulated only one observation per week so as not to duplicate the same measurement.
  37. Odds are in the realm of non-existence that anyone else could intentionally, or as you stipulated: accidentally, stumble upon that encryption.
  38. Make sure they are registered with the Medical Council and issue you with a yellow fever card in which all your inoculations are stipulated on.
  39. Subscription—by which holders of the bond or preferred stock may purchase common shares, at prices, in amounts, and during periods, stipulated.
  40. As the instructions stipulated, he rubbed the foam into his hair and over every part of his body, and proceeded through the rinsing and drying cycle.
  41. I made my investments when, in 1923 the British government stipulated that a future Kenya would be an African, rather than a White settler, country.
  42. As a parallel development, stock-option warrants—which are long-term rights to buy common shares at stipulated prices—have become more and more numerous.
  43. It is hoped, therefore, that subscribers will promptly remit, free from postage, the small stipulated sum, and also make the required advance for the succeeding volume.
  44. Cole Bell had apologised and stipulated that the collection wouldn’t be ready until six o’clock that night but, he’d pay extra if the courier could pick it up that late.
  45. In today's teaching of an immortal part of a person that is not subject to death, and death cannot be used IN THE FAIR, STIPULATED, AND WELL-ESTABLISHED MEANING OF THE TERMS.
  46. I do, however, consider it in a very different light, and have no doubt that the Government of Great Britain will adopt such modification of their orders as they have stipulated to do.
  47. The treaty only stipulated the forest and valley from one end of this canyon to the other, so the tribe wanted to take the Nevada state government to one of the higher courts in the land.
  48. In addition, successive blocks of the restricted stock were to be released from the restriction according as the earnings for 1925 and successive years reached certain stipulated figures.
  49. After Jacob blessed his sons, he again stipulated in great detail how his body must be disposed of, exactly where he must be buried with a detailed description and history of the grave site.
  50. Their practical importance is less than might appear, however, because in the ordinary instance the showing stipulated would be needed anyway in order to attract buyers for the additional issue.
  51. If the given word can be recalled, and the bargain put an end to after the stipulated sum has been paid, who would be bound by such an agreement? It is a question of life or death for the artel.
  52. In Scotland the abolition of all services not precisely stipulated in the lease, has, in the course of a few years, very much altered for the better the condition of the yeomanry of that country.
  53. Therefore, if he had produced ten thousand powers, unless his instructions had authorized him to do what he did, the British Ministry would have rejected the terms stipulated for them, as they have done.
  54. But, it has been said that Congress have already passed a law, wherein they have stipulated with those people, that they shall be formed into a State when they shall have gained a certain number of inhabitants.
  55. They were attentive but silent observers of the proceedings of the vanquished, failing in none of the stipulated military honors, and offering no taunt or insult, in their success, to their less fortunate foes.
  56. When the articles of the treaty had been fully agreed on, the stipulated payments duly secured, and nothing now remained but the execution of the main point, which centered in the surrender of my person up to his free disposal and use, Mrs.
  57. So long as a neutral nation shall confine itself to strict measures of impartiality, allowing no benefit to one belligerent, not stipulated by treaty, which it shall refuse to another, no cause whatever is afforded for exception or complaint.
  58. These military retirement benefits involve the “primary service dates” that provides the DIEMS or the “Date of Initial Entry into Military Service” and the service date as stipulated in the Title 10, Section 1405 of the United States Code.
  59. Thailand does not accept the French-made and Cambodian-peddled map over ''Phra Viharn'' because it contravenes the Franco-Siamese agreement of 1904, which stipulated that the map was to be demarcated along a watershed line separating the two countries.
  60. Fitzpatrick away from his screen and told him that her daughter had signed for four concerts and that, of course, according to the terms of the contract, she should receive the sum originally stipulated for, whether the society gave the four concerts or not.
  61. This finite aim contains all our future intentions that steers and motivates us all to toil, labor, slave and do whatever is deemed necessary for us to accomplish out an aim which cannot ever be stipulated or expressed out into a logical statement or term over here.
  62. But if he has a lease for along term of years, he is altogether independent; and his landlord must not expect from him even the most trifling service, beyond what is either expressly stipulated in the lease, or imposed upon him by the common and known law of the country.
  63. Norris, having stipulated for there never being a fire in it on Fanny's account, was tolerably resigned to her having the use of what nobody else wanted, though the terms in which she sometimes spoke of the indulgence seemed to imply that it was the best room in the house.
  64. In 1769, they renewed their agreement with government for five years more, and stipulated, that during the course of that period, they should be allowed gradually to increase their dividend to twelve and a-half per cent; never increasing it, however, more than one per cent.
  65. Norris, having stipulated for there never being a fire in it on Fanny’s account, was tolerably resigned to her having the use of what nobody else wanted, though the terms in which she sometimes spoke of the indulgence seemed to imply that it was the best room in the house.
  66. My conjecture is, that France, after she had sold Louisiana to the United States, and received the price stipulated, secretly advised Spain not to surrender it, having at that time formed the project which she is now attempting to execute, of acquiring the whole Spanish Empire.
  67. In the former case, it might have seemed as if the resistance was dictated by a stipulated obligation to Great Britain to make it in this; it can only be dictated by a just sense of our own honor, character, and interests, which is left perfectly uncontrolled by the British overture.
  68. Phipps of Allegheny has given conservatories to the park there, which are visited by many every day of the week, and crowded by thousands of working-people every Sunday for, with rare wisdom, he has stipulated as a condition of the gift that the conservatories shall be open on Sundays.
  69. Chin had to do was doctor the paperwork that the deputy warden had unwittingly signed which stipulated that a two hundred and fifty thousand dollar payoff was to be direct-deposited into his secure bank account by way of crediting his debit card that was listed as his primary checking account.
  70. But if he is in straits, the lender mayrefuse to accept the mortgage as security, and demand a bill ofsale of it, which contains a clause providing that the originalowner may buy it back within a certain time (not over four years,unless more are stipulated in the deed, and never more than ten).
  71. Under those laws, a clear obligation is created upon the apprentice to serve till of age; and in some States, to compensate for absence or desertion during the stipulated apprenticeship; for a faithful performance, the parent or guardian becomes responsible; and for non-performance, liable for damages to the master.
  72. He could hardly imagine being confined to this office given the unpleasantness of the chair for more than just a few hours, let alone an entire day; however, it had to be stipulated, he concluded, that Spalding would mostly have been in the field conducting inspections, thus requiring very little actual time here in the office.
  73. It has, indeed, been asserted that by the treaty between France and Spain, concluded in the year 1719, the Perdido was expressly stipulated to be the boundary between their respective provinces of Florida on the east and Louisiana on the west; but as I have been unable to find any such treaty, I am induced to doubt its existence.
  74. Calculating that the overtures which have been made by Great Britain will be executed in good faith, the committee are willing to believe that the stipulated arrangements will be of such a character as to guard our flag from insult, our jurisdiction from aggression, our citizens from violation, and our mercantile property from spoliation.
  75. By the third article of the treaty, it is stipulated that the inhabitants of the ceded territory shall be incorporated in the union of the United States, and admitted as soon as possible, according to the principles of the Federal Constitution, to the enjoyment of all the rights, advantages, and immunities of citizens of the United States.
  76. But there are limits alike to grief and joy; and long before the watches of the morning came the stillness of those boundless woods was only broken by a gay call from some exulting young Frenchman of the advanced pickets, or a menacing challenge from the fort, which sternly forbade the approach of any hostile footsteps before the stipulated moment.
  77. The words and sentences of the Bible are to be translated, interpreted, and understood according to the same code of laws and principles of interpretation by which other ancient writings are translated and understood; for, when God spoke to man in his own language, He spoke as one person converses with another-IN THE FAIR, STIPULATED, AND WELL-ESTABLISHED MEANING OF THE TERMS.
  78. The words and sentences of the Bible are to be translated, interpreted, and understood according to the same code of laws and principles of interpretation by which other ancient writings are translated and understood; for, when God spoke to man in his own language, He spoke as one person converses with another-in the fair, stipulated, and well-established meaning of the terms.
  79. He said that almost all the injuries and insults sustained by the United States from public armed ships of the belligerents within our waters, were attributable to an inattention to the exercise of this right, and, relax the interdiction when you may, without a stipulated obligation on the part of the belligerents, to respect your neutrality, and your marine jurisdiction, they will be renewed and continued.
  80. That, by the fifth article of the ordinance of Congress for the government of the Territory of the United States Northwest of the river Ohio, it is stipulated that there shall be formed in the said Territory no less than three, nor more than five States; and the boundaries of the States, as soon as Virginia shall alter her act of cession, and consent to the same, shall become fixed and established, as follows:.
  81. After Walter and his gang of thieves tortured and killed the family I’d grown up with since I was a baby, he had the audacity to collect the deed to that bar when it had been stipulated that I should have it because I was eighteen years old at the time of the murders! I wasn’t listed as a minor or a dependent of Walter’s, so the deed to the bar wouldn’t go to any ‘legal’ guardian such as Walter!.
  82. Although the above decrees partake of municipal as well as external regulation, yet the French Emperor, foreseeing that Great Britain would not relinquish the ground taken while the continental system, so hostile to her commercial interests, was continued, and yielding for a moment, as is supposed, to the groans of subjugated States, stipulated by the above letter for a relinquishment of his system by an entire repeal of those decrees.
  83. These terms required that the Orders in Council should be repealed as they affected the United States, without a revival of blockades violating acknowledged rules; and that there should be an immediate discharge of American seamen from British ships, and a stop to impressment from American ships, with an understanding that an exclusion of the seamen of each nation from the ships of the other should be stipulated; and that the armistice should be improved into a definitive and comprehensive adjustment of depending controversies.
  84. He had no hesitation in saying he had uniformly been influenced by this motive alone, entirely disconnected with any stipulated obligation to Great Britain; and under this influence, alone, he would be found at all times as ready to resist the aggressions of France, as he had at any time been those of Great Britain, if they should, unfortunately, be persevered in; but, at the same time, he wished to take away every pretext for such perseverance, by persevering in a conduct of the strictest and most scrupulous impartiality toward all the belligerents.
  85. But when, from different causes, chiefly from the continually increasing expense of defending the nation against the invasion of other nations, the private estate of the sovereign had become altogether insufficient for defraying the expense of the sovereignty; and when it had become necessary that the people should, for their own security, contribute towards this expense by taxes of different kinds; it seems to have been very commonly stipulated, that no present for the administration of justice should, under any pretence, be accepted either by the sovereign, or by his bailiffs and substitutes, the judges.
  86. God, Praise be to Him, has stipulated in the above-mentioned noble verse that the occurrence of the total destruction will be but after emerging of the ground creeper, and since that creeper has appeared, therefore, the scourge has become final matter waiting for executing, but concerning the time of its occurrence, it is something unknown by any as it shall overtake us suddenly, and only Al'lah has knowledge of what is hidden, so He alone will reveal it at the appointed time, but we should take into consideration that its indications have been completed the matter which surely warns of its imminent occurrence at any moment.
  87. At this moment he of the Mirrors came to himself, and Don Quixote perceiving it, held the naked point of his sword over his face, and said to him, You are a dead man, knight, unless you confess that the peerless Dulcinea del Toboso excels your Casildea de Vandalia in beauty; and in addition to this you must promise, if you should survive this encounter and fall, to go to the city of El Toboso and present yourself before her on my behalf, that she deal with you according to her good pleasure; and if she leaves you free to do yours, you are in like manner to return and seek me out (for the trail of my mighty deeds will serve you as a guide to lead you to where I may be), and tell me what may have passed between you and her-conditions which, in accordance with what we stipulated before our combat, do not transgress the just limits of knight-errantry.
  1. Whether the sinner stipulates for.
  2. This system also stipulates that there.
  3. The collective agreement stipulates that.
  4. Whether the sinner stipulates for his wages.
  5. Whether the sinner stipulates for his wages or.
  6. Their treaty stipulates that a farmer shall be provided.
  7. The truce stipulates I won’t kill you, Apollo said.
  8. Contract stipulates uninterrupted access for contractor with a clear site.
  9. Whether the sinner stipulates for his wages or not, he is sure to receive it.
  10. A DJ or artist rider is an additional contract which stipulates the needs and.
  11. Article 12 stipulates that, when a party considers that the numbers of stray animals.
  12. The amendment, now offered to the rules, stipulates only for liberty to each member to speak once.
  13. Secret Service protocol stipulates that an agent never turn his back on a crowd when a president is present.
  14. The law stipulates that 36 billion gallons of biofuels—or fuel from food—must be added to gasoline by 2022.
  15. The noble verse stipulates that the woman should be a widow with orphans, so the purpose of polygamy is a humane and lofty one.
  16. The Principal of Synergistic Multiplication stipulates that one creates a legacy that lasts throughout eternity, when one gives Hope away.
  17. It stipulates that federal agencies cannot initial fuel procurement contracts anymore that are more polluting than conventional sources of oil.
  18. The law stipulates that a National Credit Register shall be created and it is highly probable that this will be done together with Creditreform.
  19. Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT): The brainchild of economist Harry Markowitz, MPT stipulates that investors stand to benefit through diversification.
  20. The regard of the singularity stipulates the conducing of heat in space or the release of heat to form space by means of bisecting the occupied space.
  21. The provision of the treaty of 1803, which stipulates that it shall be "admitted as soon as possible," does not therefore imply a violation of the constitution.
  22. The Affordable Care Act stipulates that the most expensive policies for older individuals can be no more than three times the price of policies for younger adults.
  23. The CAPM formula is fairly complex, but it stipulates that investors should be compensated based on how long they hold an investment (time value of money) and the amount of risk they take on.
  24. Construction building work for the new production bay is carried out by a building sub-contractor and the contract to be concluded with him stipulates uninterrupted access for contractor with a clear site.
  25. All are struck by the justness of his views, but no one undertakes to carry them out, so he takes a regiment, a division- stipulates that no one is to interfere with his arrangements- leads his division to the decisive point, and gains the victory alone.
  26. Now the big question, what if dad says he wants to be cremated because mom was cremated, no matter how we try to convince him that it is unscriptural? This is a nasty affair! What if he stipulates this wish in his last will and testament? After all, it is a legal document which we have to abide by, but what must we do if this legal document is violating the scriptures?
  27. The noble verse stipulates that the woman should be widow and has orphans, so the purpose beyond polygamy is a humane and lofty one, it is to keep the widows and bring up the orphans then to build a sound society, and it is not a spiritual lustful one as many people interpret and put the verse into effect without returning to the beginning of it, and by that, they have drawn bad reputation on Islam and Moslems for religion has turned to be a lustful, not a humane one in their eyes, because of polygamy.
  28. Thus, the fifth clause in the first article of the Georgia deed of cession, dated April 24th, 1802, stipulates: That the Territory thus ceded shall form a State, and be admitted as such into the Union, as soon as it shall contain 60,000 free inhabitants, or at an earlier period, if Congress shall think it expedient, on the same conditions and restrictions, with the same privileges, and in the same manner, as is provided in the ordinance of Congress of the 13th day of July, 1787, for the government of the Western Territory of the United States; which ordinance shall, in all its parts, extend to the Mississippi Territory contained in the present act of cession, that article only excepted which forbids slavery.
  29. The 6th article stipulates, In order to re-establish peace on the most solid and lasting foundations and to remove every subject of dispute with regard to the limits of the British and French Territories on the continent of North America, it is agreed that for the future the confines between the dominions of His Britannic Majesty and those of his most Christian Majesty, (French King,) in that part of the world, shall be irrevocably fixed by a line drawn along the middle of the river Mississippi from its source, as far as the river Iberville, and from thence by a line drawn along the middle of this river, and of the lakes Maurepas and Pontchartrain to the sea; and to this purpose, the most Christian King cedes in full right, and guaranties to His Britannic Majesty, the river and port of Mobile, (now West Florida,) and every thing that he possesses, or ought to have possessed on the left (east) side of the river Mississippi, except the town of New Orleans, and the island on which it is situated, which shall remain to France.
  30. As the law stipulates,.

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