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    1. contract with that person

    2. And in that contract there are

    3. effectively is to study the contract thoroughly and

    4. stipulations of this contract

    5. covenant or contract with Him

    6. There was nothing else in Herndon's folder but a scrap of scratch paper and a blank copy of the storage contract

    7. He’s got a job over at Hinkley Point where Adrian works – a five year contract

    8. “Every would-be salesman signs a contract which contains a penal clause: If the salesman doesn't sell enough within the first month of work, which is ''on trial'', they are not only fired without being paid but they also have to pay 50,000 drachmas to the company!” she explains with glowing eyes

    9. ‘Yes, but I don’t think there’s anything in the contract which means you have to leave

    10. ‘Then we have to do the legal bit, drawing up a contract and signing it in the presence of an official witness … one of the High Guild, for example

    11. ‘That’s all covered by the legal contract

    12. They’ll have the repair of all the tracks round here in their contract, I expect

    13. As old Ted signed the contract for his new television programme, as the crowds cheered again and again, no one noticed the furious argument taking place between the judges

    14. When we met, he was working in the Salisbury area but that was only a short term contract and by the time we were married, he’d got a job in Bristol so we moved up to this area

    15. He was also offered a promotion to the position of Head of Light Entertainment with the BBC, which would have been fabulous had someone on the board of governors not insisted on inserting a clause in his contract forcing him to keep a whole twenty percent of the schedule for factual content

    16. Despite his grief, and with his deeply tanned six-pack still in fine shape, the young man overcame his tragic flirtation with married life, secured a new recording contract and within a month he released a new disk full of sad little love songs, which sold millions of copies

    17. This dedication will bring success once the contract is made

    18. The truth was, however, that Lucy had known Alan since they first started primary school together, and although she had never thought of him in terms of love during the occasional friendships of their early years, now that they were both at senior school, now that they were bound up together by contract, she found that she did love her step-brother

    19. They may also refer applicants to local or nearby technical assistance workshops or to organizations that are under contract with the Federal government to provide this kind of assistance

    20. Mournfully, he says that he has to go back tomorrow morning explaining that he’s got a week to finish off his contract in Bournemouth before flying off to Italy on Monday to inspect apartments

    21. Oh, tell Simon I’d be more than happy to look through his contract

    22. As old Ted signed the contract for his new television

    23. of governors not insisted on inserting a clause in his contract

    24. bound up together by contract, she found that she did love her step-

    25. After retiring from the Air Force, I drove a limousine under contract for Conrail, moving train crews from stations to trains, and anywhere needed

    26. So, if we contract with Mandy's restaurant for a meal plan per bungalow at five dollars a week, purely as an additional amenity, we could charge a total per suite of at least thirty dollars per week

    27. The silly cow had hoped that Masa would let her off once she told him of the lucrative contract she had been offered at the big theatre round the corner

    28. Tdeshi’s mother left the household after her contract was up

    29. Allcock would be in translating my rods into his own commercial ventures, when she made the contract with him so long ago on behalf of your education

    30. Her mother left the household after her contract was up

    31. 'But he signed this contract before we were wed!' she

    32. Even though he really hadn't had a contract, his father was the one with the contract

    33. She figured she knew where this conversation was headed, so she told him "I agree that's why I reinstated his contract, this afternoon

    34. She is a one woman design firm and contract agency, she is

    35. One of the provisos she had insisted upon in her contract of transfer was that Jameson would no longer be a member of her former restaurant's staff, which naturally left him with the only avenue available for the pursuit of his chosen vocation---the head chef for the new establishment

    36. Klok was a contract bodyguard for corporate sheiks

    37. Originally, she’d figured everyone would just move into the Lytle-White house, but when Jewel wrote the contract for eighty rooms per night, well who was she to argue with profit

    38. She found negotiating a contract with them, nearly as difficult as with teamsters

    39. Normally, I have finished already my two years employment contract last March 27, 1979 but my employer tried to convince me to renew my contract for another two years with them as they said they still need my services, so I stayed

    40. But because my auntie keep on writing to my sister and even my employer herself wrote to me also and sent the employee meant contract to sign my signature, they tried to convince me to accept it

    41. As you know, I'm finishing my two years employment contract on comings of March, 1981 and of course I have to take my leave

    42. For this reason I can't pursue my intention about coming to USA after my employment contract on March, 1981

    43. I believe he went to see Professor Rappaport who I talked about earlier who taught contract law

    44. How are you going to talk to an expert in that legal area when you're a freshman in law school and there isn't one comment on your essay exam? To make a long story short guess what! The student’s grade didn't get changed and he lived with a C in contract law

    45. For negative sentences in the simple future tense, we contract with won't, like this:

    46. They didn't actually have a contract to keep their location secret, at least as far as Klowa knew, and he should be informed if he was case agent

    47. "Moth eaten means worn out for those who don't know" Grandpa glared at Flitter, "Anyhow the bank has foreclosed as Todd had difficulty in meeting the new contract

    48. You see Lemoss it doesn’t seem quite fair that one party in the contract can change it without the agreement of the other namely Uncle Todd

    49. The grower's price I understand to be the same with what is sometimes called the contract price, or the price at which a farmer contracts for a certain number of years to deliver a certain quantity of corn to a dealer

    50. As a contract of this kind saves the farmer the expense and trouble of marketing, the contract price is generally lower than what is supposed to be the average market price

    1. The muscles are contracted in geometric shapes and the contracted muscle is stretched

    2. "Oh god," Parker said as Horcheese’s now-removed left arm contracted into a default position

    3. The places on her torso where the artificial limbs attached were pink ovals, lumpy with contracted fibers and at the center of it all was the titanium bone and the expected set of ports for the neural interface processors that did the fantastically complicated and nuanced task of translating between machine language and the language of the human neurological system

    4. ‘Kate’s also concerned that she might have contracted an STD

    5. He was afraid he was going to be paralyzed by the native anti-violence virus they had all contracted

    6. Nine days following birth they contracted

    7. ‘You’ll be suing me for damages next, illness contracted in the workplace and all that

    8. contracted and he doubled up in pain

    9. This was another committee he should have looked into concerning the bad tail, they used operatives often and he wouldn’t be surprised if they had contracted that bad tail

    10. Waterhouse and his entourage arrived punctually a half hour before the Monday appointment held in the offices of the contracted construction company, Brown & Backhouse

    11. Unfortunately he contracted ‘sleeping sickness’ and now is incapacitated

    12. It took a long time to tell her because she asked lots of questions about the strange people that had contracted them

    13. "But why should he think that this disease which he has contracted is Eastern?"

    14. "The fellow who came for me--I've forgotten his name--said that you contracted it down in the East End among the sailors

    15. They complained of the contracted views and dastardly spirit of the directors of those banks, which did not, they said, extend their credits in proportion to the extension of the trade of the country ; meaning, no doubt, by the extension of that trade, the extension of their own projects beyond what they could carry on either with their own capital, or with what they had credit to borrow of private people in the usual way of bond or mortgage

    16. In the course of the four French wars, the nation has contracted more than £145,000,000 of debt, over and above all the other extraordinary annual expense which they occasioned ; so that the whole cannot be computed at less than £200,000,000

    17. the full contracted price

    18. The last French war cost Great Britain upwards of £90,000,000, including not only the £75,000,000 of new debt that was contracted, but the additional 2s

    19. When the government, or those who acted under them, contracted with a merchant for a remittance to some foreign country, he would naturally endeavour to pay his foreign correspondent, upon whom he granted a bill, by sending abroad rather commodities than gold and silver

    20. The orb slowed her pulsing and contracted into a small ball, barely visible amongst the pine needles

    21. The red glowing field that enclosed the pack blinked twice and contracted

    22. contracted for three months and wanted to

    23. It amounted to more than ninety millions sterling, including not only the new debt which was contracted, but the two shillings in the pound additional land tax, and the sums which were every year borrowed from the sinking fund

    24. The whole burden of the debt contracted on account of the war would in this manner fall, as it always has done hitherto, upon Great Britain; upon a part of the empire, and not upon the whole empire

    25. For this purpose, and for this purpose only, in the two last wars, more than two hundred millions have been spent, and a new debt of more than a hundred and seventy millions has been contracted, over and above all that had been expended for the same purpose in former wars

    26. The headcap was a thin plastic web that, when placed over her head, contracted to a snug fit

    27. But then there were many questions to answer: the space agency having to face legal proceedings from the Canadian government they were contracted to

    28. Secondly, In a private copartnery, each partner is bound for the debts contracted by the company, to the whole extent of his fortune

    29. In 1722, this company petitioned the parliament to be allowed to divide their immense capital of more than thirty-three millions eight hundred thousand pounds, the whole of which had been lent to government, into two equal parts; the one half, or upwards of £16,900,000, to be put upon the same footing with other government annuities, and not to be subject to the debts contracted, or losses incurred, by the directors of the company, in the prosecution of their mercantile projects ; the other half to remain as before, a trading stock, and to be subject to those debts and losses

    30. It augmented, however, their trading stock, it being equally liable with the other three millions two hundred thousand pounds, to the losses sustained, and debts contracted by the company in prosecution of their mercantile projects

    31. Her parents had moved to Nazareth just the year before, but they contracted a disease of the lungs and died soon after

    32. There must have been shit or putrefied flesh on the barbs of the wire and when it gouged into him it infected his leg and he contracted first blood poisoning and then gangrene we were told that he tried to fight it even when his leg was amputated but it had gone too far

    33. There was worst news to come for us however and a lot closer to home when our good friend Eli Woods the footballer contracted dysentery

    34. contracted with the shipbuilding firm of Fawcett, Preston and

    35. see?” Jacob asked pointedly, a muscle above his eye contracted in a manner that suggested a raised

    36. What is called the unfunded debt of Great Britain, is contracted in the former of those two ways

    37. A great part of those debts had been contracted upon short anticipations, and some part upon annuities for lives; so that, before the 31st of December 1701, in less than four years, there had partly been paid off; and partly reverted to the public, the sum of

    38. During a war of nearly the same continuance, a new debt of more than seventy-five millions was contracted

    39. During a profound peace of eleven years, little more than ten millions of debt was paid; during a war of seven years, more than one hundred millions was contracted

    40. } The new debt which will probably be contracted before the end of the next campaign, may, perhaps, be nearly equal to all the old debt which has been paid off from the savings out of the ordinary revenue of the state

    41. The republic was, in this manner, enabled to pay the great debts which it had contracted with the sixth part of what it really owed

    42. That debt has been contracted in support of the government established by the Revolution ; a government to which the protestants of Ireland owe, not only the whole authority which they at present enjoy in their own country, but every security which they possess for their liberty, their property, and their religion; a government to which several of the colonies of America owe their present charters, and consequently their present constitution; and to which all the colonies of America owe the liberty, security, and property, which they have ever since enjoyed

    43. That public debt has been contracted in the defence, not of Great Britain alone, but of all the different provinces of the empire

    44. The immense debt contracted in the late war in particular, and a great part of that contracted in the war before, were both properly contracted in defence of America

    45. She explained that Helen hadn’t been able to write because she had contracted Tuberculosis and was not well at all

    46. The way his relaxed body flowed like water curling along its course before it contracted into steel for a strike was mesmerizing

    47. There was no other way to test without destroying your career because in those days it was believed (wrongly) that only homosexuals contracted the disease as a punishment from God, and as such thoroughly deserved it too

    48. Mumford turned the Journal headquarters into a ward, in which he personally tended all the officers he could accommodate until he fell with yellow fever contracted by exposure at the front and the long hours he devoted to this work

    49. He’d become familiar with every one of them over the years; the ticking of the hot water pipes as they expanded and contracted, the hum of the fridge in the kitchen, the drip of the bath tap, each one now loud in his ears

    50. This program will be contracted by public and private interests who will assume joint ownership rights in this collaborative effort designed to (efficiently) usher commuters, travelers and shoppers alike to their appointed destinations without (much) fuss or bother

    1. The creation process as enunciated in our religious scriptures matches to a great extent with the evolving scientific hypothesis of Big Bang and expanding and contracting universe

    2. Practice all the Yoga asanas described in the chapter on constipation, and in particular practice the water-drinking habits of the Yogis and the relaxing and contracting movements known as Uddiyani

    3. Now, you can let go of your fears about contracting flu viruses

    4. His vision was contracting to a small porthole

    5. 'Was this really something he wanted to pursue? Do I actually have so little contact with what he describes as 'conscience'? Am I just a mass of 'I's, each pulling this way and that? Don't I have my own independent will? Do I actually have possibilities I should have, but don't see right now? Do I even trust this strange old man anyway? I wonder who he is and where did he come from? He reminds me of an old guy I worked with at that Government contracting job

    6. Low moans could be heard up stairs, from the wood expanding and contracting to the differing temperatures outside

    7. Among the barbarous nations who overran the western provinces of the Roman empire, the performance of contracts was left for many ages to the faith of the contracting parties

    8. The company you are contracting with short-term will

    9. more in the long-term than contracting or outsourcing the work

    10. But this million being raised, not by a call upon the proprietors, but by selling annuities and contracting bond-debts, it did not augment the stock upon which the proprietors could claim a dividend

    11. excellent opportunity to educate you, my ally, of the history and contracting techniques of the

    12. knew he would be contracting there for a year or two and had

    13. The want of parsimony, in time of peace, imposes the necessity of contracting debt in time of war

    14. A sinking fund, though instituted for the payment of old, facilitates very much the contracting of new debts

    15. If free and unmortgaged, it might be sufficient, with proper management, and without contracting a shilling of new debt, to carry on the most vigorous war

    16. ” George scowled at this but really he should have had more sense as we were all in the same boat and all in danger of contracting trench foot if not something worse

    17. The winch-man's eyes shot open to their fullest extent as his contracting muscles locked his arms about Grunt's waist and they both began an oscillating dance that jerked them ever closer to the open doorway

    18. He got a job at an electrical contracting firm, and started saving up his money

    19. And it’s my guess there were after—” Conal felt for his pocket, his stomach contracting when he realised that it had been torn off, gone, along with the hard drive

    20. “See…Princess…I still have the kerchief you gave me…” He began twitching and contracting his muscles with great rapidity, a trick that had gotten him out of math class once, (but only once,) back in grade five

    21. Gradually, her body stopped contracting and he pulled out and crawled up to untie her hands, and then collapsed next to her

    22. ” He pulled slowly out of her, making the muscles start contracting again, and then turned then so she was on her side and he was behind her

    23. Here is a rhetorical question – Does the body sit upright and come alive due to the burning process, contracting the muscles…

    24. contracting around him—something was in the air—he could smell it, and it reeked of

    25. By contracting this

    26. The uterine wall starts contracting and these contractions (labor

    27. staffing and contracting policies and practices were followed," the report

    28. But her muscles are contracting, stiffening

    29. What made the whole transformation into the type of lawyer that I never wanted to be so debilitating was that that bastard Mack used the happenstance of his near fatal illness plus my showing up two and one-half years early from Chicago to get out of not only the legal profession entirely but Motorola and government contracting specifically

    30. The other Administrative Contracting Officers besides Platt were John Krummel and Jim Schroeder

    31. The SCA Contracts and Ship Repair Committees to which Gorvine appointed me had many Navy contracting officers in attendance, and they confirmed that the scandalous means by which I had been “fired” made its way around SEA 02, etc

    32. At Pascagoula, the chief civilian contracting officer, a GS-14 named John Mahaffey, had the balls to attend my very small (seven persons) going away party at Mrs

    33. “open and notorious” romance with a SupShip contracting officer

    34. By March 1st, Peg Rushing, the elderly Purchasing Agent who resisted Dino’s shift to paperless contracting, had informed him that she would no longer report directly to him

    35. of Labor, which could have resulted in PSL’s being debarred from contracting with the federal government or from receiving federal grants for up to three years

    36. next morning the Administrative Contracting Officer called and he chewed my ass at length

    37. Every government contractor has a field contract administration office as an intermediary between it and the Procurement Contracting Officer back at agency HQ who actually awarded the contract and funding

    38. ” Lying through his teeth, Dino said that he fought hard for me, but was outvoted by 1) Hottman, 2) Hansen (woman business development director whom I was investigating for off the books contracting, 3) the Hispanic woman Program Manager, Esparza, for contracts with the Army at White Sands who consistently worked in advance of receipt of funding on IDIQ contracts, and 4) the Director’s Assistant, Shelley Meyers, an alcoholic floozy who cast Director Birx’s proxy

    39. The officials who took the personnel action terminating my employment were aware of my protected communications before they took the action against me because I had told them all in person, via telephone and/or email, that I had grave misgivings about the illegal contracting actions proposed by the lab’s PM and ARL’s Contracting Officer’s (Technical) Representative who possessed no authority to modify contract and the woman ACO at WSMR

    40. Towards the end of my one-month gig, I was told that I was going to Amman, Jordan, to meet with the Contracting Officer who would take a military flight there from Baghdad

    41. At one point, she stops and begins contracting her muscles on his penis

    42. representatives of the Contracting States entitled to sit on the Committee of

    43. “I will present them with a list of the skills and services I can offer, and if Mark and Talia are interested in contracting for any of them, we will negotiate

    44. As the material finished cooling and contracting the surface was broken as it was pulled apart

    45. Is the universe expanding or contracting? That’s another question

    46. if, on the other hand, it is contracting, we could all end up in a big

    47. I felt intense activity in the middle of my brain, followed by waves of energy, causing it to feel as if it were expanding and contracting

    48. I was the body expanding and contracting

    49. realization, his eyes began to relax, his pupils slowly contracting,

    50. expanding and contracting as if the mouse was seriously exercising

    1. Zitteraal takes out his penlight, opens one of John’s eyes, watches as the pupil contracts immediately when he shines the light into John’s eye

    2. The developers, all five of them, were under contracts so stringent they could probably not afford to ever leave

    3. Even if they were, they had certain contracts that could not be ignored and would have given them a free ride anyway

    4. Within a month the paperwork was done, the local council searches were completed and contracts were signed

    5. Oh well, who needs peace and quiet anyway - just hope it’s not that annoying man in personnel again fussing about one of the part time contracts

    6. As Samuel signed for the check, Harry rose and in a calculated impulse, placed the respective contracts before each of the gentlemen who quickly accepted and signed them; Harry returned them to the document pouch nestled under his arm as calmly as if adhering to the script of a play

    7. Those kinds of things weren’t in teaching contracts

    8. By the time the ink had dried on her transfer contracts, Mandy was in possession of the construction plans and interior design drawings for the new establishment

    9. The interest of money is always a derivative revenue, which, if it is not paid from the profit which is made by the use of the money, must be paid from some other source of revenue, unless perhaps the borrower is a spendthrift, who contracts a second debt in order to pay the interest of the first

    10. When the law does not enforce the performance of contracts, it puts all borrowers nearly upon the same footing with bankrupts, or people of doubtful credit, in better regulated countries

    11. Among the barbarous nations who overran the western provinces of the Roman empire, the performance of contracts was left for many ages to the faith of the contracting parties

    12. The grower's price I understand to be the same with what is sometimes called the contract price, or the price at which a farmer contracts for a certain number of years to deliver a certain quantity of corn to a dealer

    13. She asked him to explain the details of negotiating contracts

    14. If asked to explain, scientists would probably say: “Time expands or contracts according to a number of physical factors in a define situation

    15. The customs of merchants, which were established when the barbarous laws of Europe did not enforce the performance of their contracts, and which, during the course of the two last centuries, have been adopted into the laws of all European nations, have given such extraordinary privileges to bills of exchange, that money is more readily advanced upon them than upon any other species of obligation; especially when they are made payable within so short a period as two or three months after their date

    16. Brasov, which have direct contracts with the

    17. A nation may import to a greater value than it exports for half a century, perhaps, together; the gold and silver which comes into it during all this time, may be all immediately sent out of it; its circulating coin may gradually decay, different sorts of paper money being substituted in its place, and even the debts, too, which it contracts in the principal nations with whom it deals, may be gradually increasing; and yet its real wealth, the exchangeable value of the annual produce of its lands and labour, may, during the same period, have been increasing in a much greater proportion

    18. in the media hall, he had the contracts all

    19. The first is the invention of writing, which alone gives human nature the power of transmitting, without alteration, its laws, its contracts, its annals, and its

    20. more prestigious contracts, he was making a steady progression, his name known to millions

    21. Money is frequently sunk in France, upon what are called contracts for the constitution of a rent ; that is, perpetual annuities, redeemable at any time by the debtor, upon payment of the sum originally advanced, but of which this redemption is not exigible by the creditor except in particular cases

    22. Except bills of exchange, and some other mercantile bills, all other deeds, bonds, and contracts, are subject to a stamp duty

    23. Stamp duties, and duties upon the registration of bonds and contracts for borrowed money, fall altogether upon the borrower, and, in fact, are always paid by him

    24. the highest and lowest paid contracts in Nightchild history were executed simultaneously

    25. “He had made a name for himself ruthlessly carrying out contracts normally overlooked

    26. only members of the Raven Guardian cult not to accept contracts

    27. It consists partly in a debt which bears, or is supposed to bear, no interest, and which resembles the debts that a private man contracts upon account; and partly in a debt which bears interest, and which resembles what a private man contracts upon his bill or promissory-note

    28. Soon we’d have ten contracts in hand, covering a fairly compact

    29. We’d say, “Here are ten contracts, now

    30. That was only one of a string of alleged corrupt practices, including handing out jobs and contracts in return for campaign contributions

    31. It’s contracts, tax

    32. The final contracts needed to be signed and cargo delivered to the ship’s dock, where it could loaded and secured for the bumping and rolling that typically accompanied a sea voyage

    33. These were contracts

    34. men without a second thought, and that she’d done contracts as well

    35. Something which is standard in our contracts as it should be in all shareholder contracts

    36. Another good clause which is standard with our contracts is to make the share value for the first year on a new venture rated zero

    37. Maso's project of inducing restricted immigration from the Canary Islands and northern Spain will solve the latter difficulty, if placed into effect; and to the former, while America financiers may still be cautious, English capitalists are winning contracts, obtaining options and making effective arrangements for aggressive investment

    38. It‘s no longer a game! The modern athlete, caught up in the whirlwinds of big business and long-term contracts and commercial

    39. Thus many left after their contracts expired and became security experts all over Africa

    40. Contracts have no real protection against a subpoena

    41. We look after this aspect in our contracts too and specify where the bank account must be

    42. Regrettably this is seen as disrespectful and frowned upon for Africa is moving towards reciprocating contracts

    43. He has to pump more money in to survive or scale down but he also forgot to ask us about the labour contracts and now faces serious lawyer costs and labour issues for the unions are not going to sit idly by and let their members become unemployed

    44. Good labour contracts are always the answer if you need to fire someone for whatever reason

    45. So apply it in your contracts

    46. But you may immediately lose the government contracts that your new company holds and in fact is the only value in it because you are white

    47. When you lose contracts for no real reason you should seriously think where the information comes from

    48. Two things which you should incorporate in all your contracts is an indemnity to say that as long as the contract is unsigned you accept no responsibility whatsoever for any claims arising from it

    49. The standards which I saw, in pleadings, were extremely low but the contracts are better and sometimes very complicated

    50. Especially when dealing with the Oil & Gas sector who make all contracts subject to UK or American Law

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