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Subaltern en una oración (en ingles)

The sergeant gave his subaltern a sarcastic look.
’ said the subaltern, laughing (the regimental commander was.
Objected politely Admiral Nimitz, who was the subaltern of King.
great article of subaltern finery, which he at length accepted of, as a.
‘Well, he’s really a good fellow, one can serve under him,’ said Timokhin to the subaltern.
The marshal noted at once the shaken expression of his subaltern, who was holding a file in his hands.
Still, it was hard for him not to look at her as a person of exception and to treat her as a subaltern rather than as a superior being.

Reviewing with her subaltern their present workload took a good hour, at the end of which Ingrid nodded, her writing pad now nearly covered with lines of writing.
As his subaltern made a quick calculation, the Chief Supervisor mentally swore at the technical inferiority of the Morg ships, which were slower than the Human vessels.
proved their courage and patriotism, the youngest line subaltern was better fitted for the work, and the staff duties fell heavily on the few attached regular officers.
That report soon created a fierce response in Washington, with Marshall meeting with General Kenney, in charge of the Army Air Force and technically a subaltern of Marshall.
Three minutes later, with her personal kit left in the care of a subaltern and with brief orders to refuel and check her P-38s at once, Ingrid jumped in Geiger’s jeep, which then rolled westward along the tree line.
him (for he had sentiments enough to refuse it) to receive money enough to buy a silver watch, that great article of subaltern finery, which he at length accepted of, as a remembrance he was carefully to preserve of my affections.

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subaltern lowly petty secondary

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