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Petty en una oración (en ingles)

And petty issues.
Their petty weapons.
was a little too petty.
He hangs petty thieves.
Petty Officer Donald D.
quarrels on petty matters.
Navy Chief Petty Officer.

The petty offence surely.
It is petty, ugly, infamous.
That's a petty thing to say.
But now I’ve become petty.
but hey, let’s not be petty.
It was grand and it was petty.
He was ashamed of their petty.
Petty perhaps, but there you go.
Learn to laugh at petty matters.
No more of that petty errand shit.
Sylvia, the CEO, is a petty tyrant.
A hundred dollars is petty cash for me.
Look, I don't believe your petty story.
than my petty, ego formulated questions.
Many burglaries involve only petty theft.
At that moment a Petty Officer Steward.
I cannot deal with his petty jealousy now.
‘’I hope so too, Petty Officer McBride.
sometimes petty way that our ego defines it.
For parchment? That’s only petty theft.
Their lives were filled with petty concerns.
cluding his disciples with their petty plans.
manipulations, it seemed too petty to believe.
Her retaliations were both petty and wounding.

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petty fiddling footling lilliputian little niggling picayune piddling trivial lowly secondary subaltern

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