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    1. The idiot supervisor! I didn't give a shit either

    2. If supervisor McManus hadn’t been asleep in the locker room for the whole of that night, resting his bum leg, he would have seen the upright corpse seated at the Boston Monitor rear entrance

    3. before supervisor McManus finally noticed that old Ted hadn’t entertained the other guards with his impression of a bugle call to signal the end of another long night shift

    4. Several long seconds went by but the canny supervisor held his peace

    5. The teams of cleaners finished their work and, wondering where their supervisor had disappeared to, signed themselves out of the building and evaporated back into the teeming maelstrom of the city from whence they had come

    6. their supervisor had disappeared to, signed themselves out of the

    7. He noticed that shift supervisor tended to hand his in every three or four weeks while Kulai was always that week

    8. “The shift supervisor in medical that they turned the girl over too

    9. “He was the supervisor of the guy who should have been monitoring me,” Ava said

    10. Allcock passed along the report he'd received from the much relieved supervisor of Mr

    11. Strenhowell made him acquainted with their names and duties, each time presenting Harry as their new supervisor and reminding them of their responsibility to produce their work in a timely manner---always submitting their products for 'Mr

    12. ’ But the supervisor was singularly

    13. Miss Pringle was duty supervisor, with a mop and a broom in each hand she swept all before her including the dust, cobwebs and infant children gambling round their elders

    14. They saw Fizzicist dragged before the supervisor and then tied to one of the fallen trees

    15. “Where’d she come from?” said the supervisor as he lifted his shotgun in her direction

    16. At the same time he could write an insult on the lift wall, which would wind up his tactless supervisor

    17. His supervisor didn’t know he was missing or where he is

    18. He left the compound, not caring that he was being observed and most likely followed by his b’tari supervisor

    19. And even as they arrived at the vehicle there was not a sign of Torbin’s supervisor

    20. ‘My supervisor can update you with details on my progress

    21. Of course, his b’tari supervisor had this lab closely monitored

    22. At this point he knew his supervisor would be making his way to the control room, wondering if this pushing-the-limits experiment was the result of

    23. He was confronted with an array of multi-role craft: designed equally for high speed and high manoeuvrability within or out of the Earth’s atmosphere, one of these vessels had superluminal capability – although his b’tari supervisor denied that such a craft was in their possession

    24. ‘The maximum,’ he said, only thinking of how his supervisor would at this moment be running towards the nearest fast ship in the hanger

    25. Roidon’s supervisor then spoke

    26. As far as his b’tari supervisor was concerned he was perfectly at ease

    27. He will be your new supervisor

    28. ‘Zardino would never accept that,’ Torbin informed the device, of which he was certain – without even needing to ask his b'tari supervisor

    29. The supervisor was in her late thirties

    30. The supervisor inspected Sharon for a few

    31. I was able to work things out by constantly having meetings with my immediate supervisor

    32. A few weeks later, my opinion of this attorney went further south, for he had written a memo to my supervisor, using the Latin „sina qua non

    33. " My supervisor came to me for a translation

    34. " I informed my supervisor that the phrase, when spelled correctly, means literally „without which, nothing

    35. Anomaly gone, the supervisor accepted his explanation

    36. Whether the supervisor was part of the conspiracy – willingly or not – he couldn’t tell, such a thing was not to be discussed

    37. This time the chief supervisor would conduct an evaluation report

    38. When L-Seven-Six was given the command to shut down, and his sentience faded and connection lost, the system eventually switched to a default when program errors could no longer be resolved, as if the workers had lost their manager and supervisor, lacking any organised structure for making executive decisions

    39. Jocko didn’t come home this morning, hasn’t called and his supervisor claims that it is an ‘Internal’ problem, and that they are working on it

    40. When federal investigators started uncovering irregularities, my name showed up on fake contracts as supervisor, and data on some of my actual reports was altered too

    41. As shift supervisor he had more information, more dockets to discuss with his relief than a mere constable

    42. There was no way for Marguerite to make the supervisor yield

    43. At the end of my shift, I collected my hundred in cash in a small white envelope - which is to say under the table – from the area security supervisor

    44. Elizabeth had mentioned to him that the supervisor and chaperone of the female Red Cross staff, Miss Boysen, had interrogated her on the same subject

    45. Her license’s next stop was the desk of a supervisor

    46. More conversation ensued, involving another supervisor

    47. I sit on the edge of the chair, and he sits behind the desk of Matthew’s supervisor, turning a half-empty coffee cup in circles on the metal

    48. I thought you were more my friend than my supervisor, but I guess I was wrong

    49. I’ve never met his supervisor

    50. She pauses at the door to the labs Matthew and his supervisor use, and knocks

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    executive program supervisor supervisory program executive operator administrator