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    1. She found her front door could raise one other, that of their system's administrator and her best friend on Gordon's Lamp

    2. ‘I was an administrator … a secretary

    3. “She is the Systems Administrator, only she can load people in and out of the veron store

    4. He didn’t stop however, getting their Systems Administrator back was much more important than any duty he was ever assigned

    5. lines of communication given to you to the site's administrator

    6. What is an assembly binding redirect? Where are the places an administrator or developer can affect

    7. Ava's personality hadn't interested him for the past few years had it? She had always been full of herself as Systems Administrator

    8. “Did any of the senior officers know you planned to risk the life of our Systems Administrator with equipment that hasn’t successfully met its initial testing specifications?”

    9. Since all Thom’s discoveries were likely part of Alan’s new hack, and Kelvin had asked her to work on those also, he was afraid he had lead his Systems Administrator straight into Alan’s trap

    10. She continued in Kassidorian since that was selected and she still worried that Alan might somehow be involved in this, “I’m Ava Bancour, Systems Administrator for the Pan Solar League starship Gordon’s Lamp

    11. This universe is just as real as Gordon’s Lamp, maybe even more so because we don’t need a Systems Administrator

    12. “We are in a simulation, even if you can’t get to the systems administrator

    13. “You know my wife Yellelle,” he waved his hand in her direction, “and this is Ava Bancour, the System’s Administrator of Gordon’s Lamp

    14. Even as she shouts her distress at being without her administrator privileges, she recognizes the Helmet Room and knows that her med panel, her villa on the Caribbean beach and all the powers of the Afterlife are irretrievably gone

    15. The Contact Administrator was in his office before Harry arrived, so he was let in promptly upon his arrival

    16. Kennitch, the Contact Administrator, nodded and asked very few questions as Harry gave the brief explanations

    17. She didn't have an address, she wondered if there was something that had to be hard coded by an administrator somewhere

    18. She had, under the influence of alcohol, admitted that her powers as system administrator were much greater than they should be

    19. Then the avatar's systems would have the leisure of about sixteen milliseconds to take over Ava's personification and be the systems administrator from then on

    20. She knew the power the system administrator had in this expedition was too great and was conscious of how she handled it

    21. She trusted him such that she didn’t read the small print, no doubt concerning the reason this procedure was still not cleared by the medical council, and thus any deleterious effects would not incur professional liability on behalf of the administrator

    22. Since she was the administrator of Vangie‘s money and property she could do what she wanted to

    23. He was a poor administrator and strategist, but worked hard at being a propagandist

    24. No, Bush's guilt is largely a matter of pure incompetence as an administrator, not very different from the many failings he had in appointing people to administer Iraq, and indeed in prosecuting and planning the quagmire of the Iraq War

    25. Kennedy was not a very experienced or especially able administrator or planner

    26. With the conclusion that the Congress could not pass Cap and Trade, Lisa Jackson, EPA administrator,

    27. Administrator Lisa Jackson about their opposition to EPA's Boiler MACT rule

    28. Administrator Ad Meikert , Ambassador Mark Wallace of the U

    29. Maybe my simulation administrator was distracted because he was worried I would throw up, and he forgot to record it

    30. “Well, the test administrator had to alter the test,” I say

    31. “I wonder how your test administrator knew how to do that

    32. I enjoyed the audition, learned unofficially I was the best candidate so far, and wasn’t surprised to be invited for an interview with the administrator of the new school

    33. As Chief Administrator, or President, over the Jewish nation he was on call at all

    34. Always lurking at the perimeter of freedom there are not only the tyrant, but also the softer-spoken regulator, public relations manager, school administrator, intellectual, news editor, professor, lawyer, and teacher

    35. "Because I saw a slug-infested Administrator, in a Temple of the People, while journeying here

    36. But I have not even seen an Administrator before, so I know very little about them

    37. And, besides, what was an Administrator doing outside of the Occidental Union's capital? They rarely leave their colony

    38. This was my first impression upon glimpsing the Administrator at the Temple of the People

    39. The Administrator appeared human from afar—but the more I studied it, the more my instincts told me something was wrong with the Administrator

    40. If I were an Administrator, then such a caste system would seem like the next obvious step in human evolution—although this manmade step would, strictly speaking, fail to be evolution by natural selection

    41. I manage to grab the dog just before he reaches the second Administrator

    42. The Administrator looks stunned

    43. Moments later, the Administrator begins undulating euphorically

    44. After a few seconds, the calmed Administrator says, "You have trapped us by employing a sophism—for we neither need nor desire power

    45. And you think you are improving our lives? How did you arrive at that conclusion or calculate that so-called improvement? My dear Administrator, you are the one employing a sophism

    46. "So that slug is like an organic wireless internet connecting all the Administrators to each other? So it is sending information to and receiving information from each Administrator?"

    47. "So that means you would know what is happening to every Administrator around the world?"

    48. The Administrator studies my face

    49. After mulling over my question for several seconds, the Administrator replies, "We are allowed to answer your question, for civilisation and life are perishing

    50. "Correct," the Administrator answers

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