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    1. Why?’ I said, trying to suppress the feeling of pleasure which his ringing me up has set off

    2. Adrian tries to suppress a laugh but Emma just looks at the retreating backs of her son and my lover

    3. As we have both had several glasses of wine, there are high jinks while we do this, spluttering as we try to suppress our laughter several times … not wanting to have to explain to Wally and Rose

    4. It occurs to me maybe Helen is lying and sabotaged my meeting with George, yet I prefer to suppress this suspicion quickly

    5. Joris throws more and more absurd imprecations at his friend’s back, making me giggle even more - the only suggestion that Berndt can hear any of this being the occasional shaking of his shoulders as he fails to suppress his laughter at the ridiculous things being said

    6. Even with the office matters to deal with I cannot stop the thoughts roiling in the back of my mind: has she told him yet? Is he all right? What’s going to happen? But at least here I can suppress them so that they do not torment me so much

    7. He clearly finds the concept of what he calls a big white powder puff of a wedding dress appalling but, until he knows how I feel about it, is trying to suppress his feelings

    8. However, Jake weathers the comments without obvious signs of strain and Abi does what she can to suppress Ben

    9. Kerry splutters and I have to suppress a smile

    10. on the settle and trying – unsuccessfully, as it turned out – to suppress

    1. No scientific hypothesis had been banned or suppressed by religious teachers or kings in India

    2. Bahkmar was not the only one choking on suppressed laughter

    3. He is either pulling my leg or a penniless Albanian; he is certainly not a literature master, I thought but suppressed that suspicion at once

    4. I hear a quickly suppressed chuckle from where Gilla is standing

    5. “It’s all base simulation, nothing is suppressed

    6. I’ve suppressed her symptoms for the moment, but I need to find her, encapsulate her and cut off her veron grants

    7. He had suppressed a lot of those memories in the last twenty decades hadn’t he? He’d suppressed hearing the wounds in Leand’s voice the evening he showed him the note from Himla

    8. He’d suppressed the memories of the shouting at Klempet’s kegs

    9. Aware that there was nothing he could do about it, he resolutely suppressed his growing anxiety and concentrated on the blisters

    10. perhaps his memory of the incident had been suppressed by some

    1. Here is an opinion that does not contradict the medical science but offers quite a different view: Members of the group that are considered victim of the disorder have been invaded by an immaterial entity that suppresses immediate reality and intoxicates the victim with irresistible obsessions and compulsions

    2. Tobias’s mouth twitches, as if in a smile, but if that’s what it was, he suppresses it

    3. Whoever is partner with the thief hates his own soul; he hears cursing, and suppresses it not

    4. The poor fool, Duncan thinks, but suppresses the words so they cannot be found

    5. an observer’s brain which suppresses certain attributes of the void — enabling a universe to manifest

    6. Water suppresses the appetite naturally and helps the body metabolize stored fat

    7. Steve suppresses his anger at Dippa for hanging up on him but only for a second or two; angrily he stubs out the half smoked cigarette in the ashtray

    8. Suzy suppresses her anger and forces a smile as she tries to keep her voice calm; “You will be amazed at this place as the scenery is a lot better

    9. Feeling it expresses, as what you don’t express, naturally suppresses itself

    10. Unfortunately, when one human suppresses his or her emotions, the other humans present tend to display an increase in emotions

    1. Ava had some trouble suppressing laughter

    2. ‘But … how?’ Kara asked, automatically suppressing the thought that Joris would give her hell … then realising …

    3. ‘That’s easy!’ Kara said, grinning and suppressing the tears threatening

    4. ‘Simon! Behave yourself!’ I splutter, suppressing the giggle which threatens to burst out

    5. Suppressing this bitchy thought, Chrissie’s attention moved on to the remaining members of the party

    6. He could see her suppressing anger, and worried at the might of her wrath, but then he could see her transforming it to resignation

    7. Bitch! He clenched his teeth, suppressing the urge to run after her and confront her with her lies

    8. To free slaves in your dream implies that you are liberating an aspect of yourself that you have been suppressing or that you have previously not expressed

    9. Heron greeted the other soldier with a cheerful though tired smile, not quite suppressing a yawn as he spoke

    10. You are suppressing some old habit or denying yourself of something

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    suppress conquer stamp down subdue repress bottle up inhibit crush oppress hide censor bury cover up contain expurgate overpower restrain curb quell