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    1. Fortunately the high fat content of nuts makes them very filling, helping curb hunger

    2. He would stop on his way home from work to pick up his favorite cherry-flavored cigarettes and watch the girls dance from the curb

    3. Evan’s cigarette remains on the curb, smoldering

    4. Her act caught the attention of a driver of a delivery van passing by, who pulled over to the curb beside her

    5. We pull up to the curb, get out and walk to her front door

    6. They hardly ever used any sail here, just poles and wheel-spars that bore on the well shaped curb stones of the canal

    7. He had heard the motorcycle starting in the distance, but he attached no importance until he went to move the garbage can to the curb for pickup

    8. Spelman joined them presently, they all went through the foyer to the entryway, went out near to the curb, waited for the doorman to hail a cabbie for them then they were off to the Theater

    9. completely over the curb and ran him over

    10. The native driver yelled "Are you lost in space? You damn scrounge!" as Alfred brought the android to the curb

    11. Biting his lip was not enough to curb his desire for Nathalia

    12. Jayson pulls to the curb as the man gets out of his car now parked in the driveway of a modest home

    13. Stops, turns to glare when one car pulls into her driveway, another to the curb

    14. Opts to only glare as Jayson struts to his car, gets in and PEELS away from the curb

    15. As he heads down the street he frowns at a car he passes that’s parked at the curb

    16. “There is a legend that over a thousand years ago, the venerable Matriarch, perhaps Reja Grenassia III, like our own present Matriarch has to some degree, initiated a program of 'public relations' to curb the vitriolic suspicion and loathing the other peoples of the Spur continued to maintain toward us

    17. Then again, he could end up literally losing his face, if he should overbalance and smash his teeth in on the curb

    18. He walked in the direction of the Temple drive, where a long, black limousine was pulling up to the curb

    19. Sebastian walked to the curb, blood pounding in his ears

    20. Russell was already pulling away from the curb as Sebastian began ripping open Aspen’s vest and tearing off pieces of his own t-shirt to dress her injuries

    21. walked to the curb, lifted his hand, and within seconds

    22. Always though you could hear the tramping of boots, the rattle of curb chains, the creak of harness and the clatter and rumble of wheels that never stopped day or night

    23. Around us we could hear the creaking of harness and the rattle of curb chains and smell the horsey smell that marked either s supply of artillery unit that had stopped beside the road

    24. But one thing he must do, he warned himself – curb the drinking

    25. One morning, a gal came into the office with a box of kittens she had found abandoned by the curb

    26. flow, the street widths, the necessary curb cuts, and all that, and made a recommendation regarding the impact on the surrounding

    27. street curb and lawn chairs set up at various places

    28. I got as far as the curb, when I couldn’t help myself

    29. “It hasn’t,” Avery said, “but yesterday before dawn, Sassy Inkwatercrest said she saw a giant brown creature run across her yard and leap the ten-foot fence as if it were a street curb

    30. For when, in after years, his people sought to curb his tyrannies with

    31. A thought concerning insatiable consumerism: Many of us need to return to the basics; that is to say, curb our appetites and rediscover our (natural) mettle; so long have our latent potentials been properly tested

    32. But the police car clipped the curb, flipping over to slide along behind us on its roof, adding to the display, showering sparks and pieces of bodywork in all directions

    33. I am giving seriously thought about purchasing a slide ruler to ensure that my tires are in compliance with the twelve (12) inches from the curb ordinance lest I too risk receiving a summons

    34. Otherwise he’d have to put the bed out by the curb and sleep on the floor

    35. Wrenching her body over, she clawed for his face, but with his free hand, he seized her wrist and held it immobile while, from behind, a heavy man pounced on her, crushing her to the floor as the car sped from the curb

    36. There, parked at the curb was a car that stopped her dead in her tracks, his car!

    37. It was just beginning to illuminate the top floors of buildings as he pulled to the curb beside Hotel Paradise

    38. The SUV picked us up at the curb in front of the Health Clinic

    39. He sat on a curb leaning against a stall that sold Bulgarian shoes and Russian jeans, and allowed a shoeshine boy, dressed in rags, to clean the mud from his boots while he studied the market

    40. Just before he pulled the unmarked cop car away from the curb, he dropped his car window

    41. Smith readily agreed, and at the next street corner, he pulled the truck to the curb so that Gambelli could put his head out the window and ask a male passer-by for the whereabouts of the nearest bordello

    42. Sim waved another into the curb

    43. They climbed into the first of a line of horse-drawn cabs that stood at the curb

    44. A middle-aged woman pushing a small cart paused for a moment while negotiating the curb, and Elizabeth stopped her and asked if she knew where the bicycle shop of Mishkie Oblieska might be located

    45. The black Renault had been moved from its usual spot, and was at the curb not twenty feet from him

    46. Their cab driver slowed as grating wheels scraped against the curb side

    47. The vehicle shook as they lifted and then dropped over a sharp curb

    48. A few chain-smoked on the curb

    49. The Russian major sputtered, but then, shouting something in Russian over his shoulder, he scrambled down the hotel steps, his companion following on his heels, and into a sedan parked at the curb behind an old black Renault that apparently had brought Zavek and his men

    50. Zavek was speaking to them at the curb when the Countess’ Mercedes appeared, one of Zavek’s men at the wheel

    1. It is noteworthy that state governments have balanced budget requirements, yet that has not curbed the rapid growth in spending

    2. With a visible effort, the professor curbed his grumpiness

    3. They can not be curbed and so the only solution is to

    4. They can not be curbed and so the only solution is to eliminate the EPA

    5. I can recognize that curbed smirk in my sleep

    6. Lawns, dotted with the occasional unthrifty shrub, still separated them from the neatly curbed and channelled road

    7. Destructive natural urges must be curbed

    8. He had a volatile nature that was curbed by his adventurous and studious streaks

    9. With the use of plastics bags, which Paul felt needed to be curbed, he mentioned the environmental damage and banned them

    10. However, this hasn't curbed

    11. it is too high, debt needs to be curbed and more earnings need to be retained

    12. 3) Market forces are taking over and inflation is being curbed by interest rate hikes

    13. desperately wanted to know what was happening but he curbed his curiosity so

    14. Quickly she curbed her thoughts;

    15. the intellect, the refined mind that has been curbed by yog, also ceases to be because it is absorbed in God, the worshipper perceives him through

    16. mind strays here and there should be curbed in order to devote it solely

    17. He curbed a smile and drove straight to the wig shop

    18. Nicky curbed a smile, thinking how clean Tadeo was and how untidy Nathalie could be

    19. “Is it possible Wilson could have taken Ellie there?” Though it wasn’t easy, Clayton curbed his instinctive urge to jump into the nearest squad car and hightail it to the theme park

    20. While he was excited at the prospect of a confrontation and additional captives he curbed his instinctive desire to pick up the pace

    21. Still he needed to be curbed but he was not one of the group who played his own role, one he did with more maturity and common sense with each passing day

    22. He curbed his mood and snorted

    23. Indeed, the performance of a player that refers to his stroke and style can be curbed with many obstacles like the water hazards and the bunkers

    24. And then, turning to the housekeeper, he said, "Mistress housekeeper may just as well give over saying the prayer of Santa Apollonia, for I know it is the positive determination of the spheres that Senor Don Quixote shall proceed to put into execution his new and lofty designs; and I should lay a heavy burden on my conscience did I not urge and persuade this knight not to keep the might of his strong arm and the virtue of his valiant spirit any longer curbed and checked, for by his inactivity he is defrauding the world of the redress of wrongs, of the protection of orphans, of the honour of virgins, of the aid of widows, and of the support of wives, and other matters of this kind appertaining, belonging, proper and peculiar to the order of knight-errantry

    25. "Now," said he, with curbed ferocity, "I'm getting angry; and if you don't command that paltry spirit of yours---Damn you! get up directly!"

    26. longer curbed in by that modesty and awe which had hitherto restrained

    27. With the thrust of its propeller curbed by the slant of its fins, the Nautilus stood still

    28. metled to be longer curbed in by that modesty and awe which had hitherto restrained him, ventured, under the stronger impulse, and instructive promptership of nature alone, to slip his hands, trembling with eager impetuous desires, under my petticoats; and seeing, I suppose, nothing extremely severe in my looks, to stop or dash him, he feels out, and seizes, gently, the center spot of his ardours

    29. On one of their dates, Louie had gotten very drunk, but he had apologized and curbed himself from then on

    30. More even than the work of the great architects, I loved buildings that grew silently with the centuries, catching and keeping the best of each generation, while time curbed the artist's pride and the Philistine's vulgarity, and repaired the clumsiness of the dull workman

    31. I went around to where she had curbed her motorcycle

    32. But he curbed it, I think, as a resolute rider would curb a rearing steed

    33. After India (the world’s second-largest sugar producer) curbed its production by half following low rainfall levels in 2009, sugar prices soared to their highest level in 27 years

    34. Nothing must be said against authority, even against that of the pope, and the play culminates in the pomp and parade of the christening of the infant Elizabeth! Such is Shakespeare's conception of history! Who could guess from reading these English historical plays that throughout the period which they cover English freedom was growing, that justice and the rights of man were asserting themselves, while despotism was gradually curbed and limited? This is the one great glory of English history, exhibiting itself at Runnymede, reflected in Wyclif and John Ball and Wat Tyler, and shining dimly in the birth of a national church under the eighth Henry

    1. That the Brady Bill mandating a five-day cooling-off period prior to purchasing a firearm will have an negligible impact on curbing gun-related crimes should be apparent to any clear-minded individual excluding knee-jerk liberals and well-intentioned, muddled-headed individuals who sincerely believe that adding another gun law to the thousands of gun laws already on the books will, in some (uncertain) manner, act as a further deterrent to professional criminals who want to acquire a firearm

    2. And the stone walls that had created the curbing at the edge of the walk had crumbled and most of the stone was gone

    3. The ―remedial‖ course of action initiated by state and local governments at curbing or eliminating smoking altogether, especially among young teens, by imposing additional excise taxes on cigarettes that would make such purchases cost-prohibitive, are cynical deceptions on the part of politicians on both sides of the political aisle designed to increase revenue for (social) spending programs under the pretext of concern for under-age smoking

    4. Some world governments (Eastern Europe and a number of the European Union countries) are following Russia’s lead to protect children by curbing advocacy for ‘non-traditional’ [I prefer ‘perverse’] sexual acts

    5. On the contrary, due to the fact that it is so sweet, eating pomegranates can actually help you in curbing your appetite for sugar-filled snacks

    6. With more fiber intake, you would be helping your body in burning more fats, as well as in curbing your appetite

    7. Curbing a desire to run, Travis walked across the snow and gravel, all the time watching the big man

    8. Dracos, thinking of the Romanov gold, had difficulty in curbing his excitement as he continued to give instructions to La Salle: combat trousers and jackets, waterproof trousers and jackets - parkas -- all white, combat boots, double-laced and water- proofed for snow, red berets for fast and immediate identification, webbing belts, ammunition pouches

    9. For example, the Atkins approach stresses high protein and animal fat while curbing

    10. Marna had rituals and remedies for everything from curbing libido to driving snakes out of the outhouse

    11. ail external associations from the mind rather than a mere curbing of the

    12. People asked: “Is the infant also charged with fasting or with curbing the desires of its spirit?”

    13. There are other problems with curbing population

    14. Long-term therapy with the aid of hypnosis is also required in curbing problem

    15. Curbing frustrations, Bane did as ordered

    16. Mac extolled efforts curbing drunk driving-drunk drivers do and will continue to kill innocent people-and he praised the judicial system and the state offering assistance and programs regarding alcohol abuse

    17. Curbing his impatience, he again looked out upon the area, and awaited the result in silence

    18. Curbing his irritation, Louie told Mac that he was disappointed in him

    19. Ellen never fully realized that it was only a veneer, for Scarlett always showed her best face to her mother, concealing her escapades, curbing her temper and appearing as sweet-natured as she could in Ellen’s presence, for her mother could shame her to tears with a reproachful glance

    20. The streets were black with loafing negroes who leaned against walls or sat on the curbing watching vehicles go past with the naive curiosity of children at a circus parade

    21. Curbing overtrading and reducing all the little losses was a challenge, and these adjustments led me to concentrate in developing the Pullback Trade with a set of rules that worked for my style

    22. He must also be capable of curbing any tendencies toward greed in his investment: He cannot attempt to buy precisely at the bottom of the market or to maximize capital gains over short periods

    23. But the more societies became complex, the greater they grew, especially the more frequently conquests were the causes why men united into societies, the more frequently did individuals strive after attaining their ends to the disadvantage of the common good, and the more frequently was there felt the need of the exercise of power, that is, of violence, for the sake of curbing these insubmissive individuals

    24. Just as much do we need the curbing of malefactors, for whom are intended the prisons, gallows, and hard labour

    25. Indeed, when Blanche came out to where he waited her, curbing the most impatient horse in Santa Barbara, the hat was the first thing he saw

    1. through the process of negotiating the curbs, which she had to maneuver over with her wheelchair

    2. reached higher than the curbs in most places and flooded the

    3. However they must worship the gods and are subject to more personal curbs on their freedom than Aristocrats who are, in practice, considered above the laws

    4. He didn’t know if someone had stolen the missing shoe as a prank or if he had lost it during his drunken stupor, bouncing off buildings or cars or tripping over curbs

    5. Pop goes the trunk! There are broken beer bottles all over the curbs down here

    6. way through the small curbs and gentle hills that made up

    7. was shining, and if it hadn't been for the water puddled along the curbs, you would have

    8. God says: “He that curbs his spirit’s desires, he does that for himself

    9. still trash on the curbs and parking lot" said the supervisor

    10. police station received a make over, nearby curbs painted

    11. You flagg'd walks of the cities! you strong curbs at the edges!

    12. They would all do better to put their faces on the curbs and wait for the boys who come through the city dragging sledges stacked with corpses

    13. They walked on, getting closer, changing the geometry, seeing deeper inside the horseshoe, seeing groups of men, just standing around and waiting, filling the empty parking slots, kicking the curbs, standing in the traffic lanes

    14. Aged country darkies, Abandoned negro children ran like frightened animals about the town until kind- deserted by their children, bewildered and panic stricken in the bustling town, sat on the curbs and cried to the ladies who passed: “Mistis, please Ma’m, write mah old Marster Gawd, Ah done got nuff of dis freedom!” down in Fayette County dat Ah’s up hyah

    15. Beyond the window, dew coaxed scents from inert earth: the loam of treeboxes, the faintly salty asphalt, the whole summer perfume of rotting fruit peels and faisandés coffee grounds wafting from the trash piled at the curbs

    16. And by the time his wagon appeared, the curbs were lined by children, as for a parade

    17. And theaters were being invaded and roped off by chuckling men, while their wives stood wondering on the curbs and children were spanked into houses to be hid away from this awful time

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