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Swoon en una oración (en ingles)

1. That brought me out of my swoon.
2. She screamed and fell into a swoon.
3. Drizzle with melted chocolate and swoon.
4. Ahh! she said, pretending to swoon.
5. Speak, of all loves! I swoon almost with fear.
6. Lie slaughtered: the queen mother in a swoon.
7. Cosette, though ready to swoon, uttered no cry.

8. I’m sure the ladies all swoon over that beard.
9. Women still swoon over the mere mention of Giacomo.
10. She would certainly swoon if she saw this apparition.
11. The whole Bible story is either true or Swoon Theory.
12. I felt my strength fading away, and I was in a half swoon.
13. Oh! I’d be honored! she replied, pretending to swoon.
14. Q: Not when I sleep, of course, nor when I am in a swoon, or.
15. Pierre felt as if he had come back to life after a heavy swoon.
16. Only the same ones we knew by helmet and the ones you swoon over.
17. If I was a woman, I’d swoon over this kind of romantic stuff.
18. She'll swoon straight into your arms when she sees all those zeros.
19. He was naked, lying as if in a swoon on a heap of filthy rags: his arm.
20. As the full horror of her situation swept over her, she fell forward in a swoon.
21. Christine’s explanations somehow made me swoon and I had to sit on the floor.
22. His hands framed themselves around my slender neck and I was sure I would swoon.
23. Raskolnikov noticed at once that she was not one of those women who swoon easily.
24. Nobody knew where to start from…? All had lost senses as if fallen into swoon.
25. As for us, Liza was in a swoon ; I would have run after him, but I rushed to mother.
26. Once the lid was open, they would take a deep breath and swoon at the heavenly odors.
27. Through smears of light that blur my vision, faces leer, loom, but then swoon from me.
28. He pretends to fall into a swoon and says senseless things that should have ruined him.
29. Its heavy scents weighed upon them, and at mid-day the landscape seemed lying in a swoon.
30. In the space of a second he began to radiate the presence which used to make women swoon.
31. Afraid lest she should swoon, she returned to her rocking-chair, trembling in every fibre.
32. Master the Art of Seduction Want the skills to make your woman swoon at will? To leave her.
33. She never understood before this moment why all the other girls talked with such swoon about men.
34. There on the bed, seemingly in a swoon, lay poor Lucy, more horribly white and wan-looking than ever.
35. As he repeats the name over and over in his head he realises that it could be and he starts to swoon.
36. A grave symptom was that they had caused a swoon, and that people do not always recover from such swoons.
37. One who would swoon at the sight of blood, while a handsome stranger would catch her and assure her everything would be fine.
38. Earth, for the destruction of the daughter of my people; because the children and the sucklings swoon in the streets of the city.
39. In the afternoon they came unto a land All round the coast the languid air did swoon, Breathing like one that hath a weary dream.
40. Her mother roused herself from her swoon at the first indication of a projected movement on Zina's part, and she now opened her eyes.
41. What! Where? he exclaimed opening his eyes, and sitting up on the chest, as though he had revived from a swoon, smiling brightly.
42. She had long blonde hair in flowing waves, and chocolate brown eyes that made any boy's heart melt: the same way Derrick's made girls swoon.
43. She saw Versilov, turned suddemy , white as a sheet, gazed at him for some moments immovable with indescribable horror, and fell into a swoon.
44. Unknown to her was that her swoon had lasted several hours; due to the extreme stress of the past 24 hours coupled with the lack of food and rest.
45. It smelled so heavy that it made my senses swoon and I had to force myself to retreat to the White House although it was more mansion than any mere house.
46. A wild shriek pierced the house, and the Provencale fell swooning: a shriek and a swoon were demanded by the play, but the swooning too was real this time.
47. During that time, the Natural Gas Index, a basket of natural gas stocks, also took a major swoon, falling 60 percent from its 2008 high to its low in March 2009.
48. By this time the bearded band of duennas, the Trifaldi and all, had vanished from the garden, and those that remained lay stretched on the ground as if in a swoon.
49. Through the mist before his eyes he was aware dimly of Frodo's face and stubbornly he fought to master himself and to drag himself out of the swoon that was upon him.
50. These high expectations often lead investors to overpay, and when these super stocks inevitably stumble, their prices swoon and they become victims of their own success.
51. Their gaze began with a defiant note but was confused by what seemed a deliberate swoon of the pupil into the iris, revealing for an instant a temperament of great sensibility.
52. When the seventieth blow was dealt, the governor said, "Enough! The next!" And the disfigured man, with his swollen back, was lifted up and carried away in a swoon, and another was taken up.
53. Already I had learnt that, after our unexpected departure from Roulettenberg, he had had a sort of a fit—that he had fallen into a swoon, and spent a week in a species of garrulous delirium.
54. How strange that criminals seldom swoon at such a moment! On the contrary, the brain is especially active, and works incessantly—probably hard, hard, hard—like an engine at full pressure.
55. She produced Aunt Pitty’s swoon bottle of brandy which she had hidden much since last night! She poured a generous amount into her water glass and gulped it there and held it up to the lamp.
56. When I finally open’d my Eyes, I saw that Cocklyn had wound his Intestines ’round the Ladder no less than six Times before Death (or a Merciful Swoon) took him and he fell in a Pool of his own Blood.
57. He had scarcely withdrawn when Altisidora, recovering from her swoon, said to her companion, The lute must be left, for no doubt Don Quixote intends to give us some music; and being his it will not be bad.
58. The highest civil official of Tonoro, falling to the ground in a swoon, was further kicked all over the body and rowelled with sharp spurs about the neck and face because of the great sensitiveness of his military colleague.
59. She turned towards Lucy in silent amazement, unable to divine the reason or object of such a declaration; and though her complexion varied, she stood firm in incredulity, and felt in no danger of an hysterical fit, or a swoon.
60. Then she began to weep and moan, and, overwhelmed with grief, she fell into a swoon, of which her betrayer availed himself—not to escape a trying farewell, but to fly from the Russians whose cries were drawing nearer and nearer.
61. Dost thou know that when I first saw the portrait of thy beauteous face I fell down in a swoon before it? When the King's daughter heard these words, she was reassured, and her heart was inclined toward him, so that she willingly became his bride.
62. All you did was use your common sense to see that the figures didn’t match the manager’s presentation of the state of the company, to look at the chart to see the long share price swoon was over and bore in mind Private Equity loves a cheap deal.
63. One morning Úrsula woke up feeling that she was reaching her end in a placid swoon and she had already asked them to take her to Father Antonio Isabel, even if it had to be on a stretcher, when Santa Sofía de la Piedad discovered that her back was paved with leeches.
64. The wines and liqueurs and champagnes of New Orleans were new and exhilarating to her, acquainted with only homemade blackberry and scuppernong vintages and Aunt Pitty’s swoon brandy; but oh, the food Rhett ordered! Best of all things in New Orleans was the food.
65. For sure, he said, and looked at me in this delicate way that made me swoon, though I realized that in spite of the fact that I liked him perhaps a thousand times more than a good number of the people I’d slept with, I wasn’t going to lay a hand on him, no matter how deeply I longed to.
66. On seeing this, Don Fernando, persuaded that Luscinda had befooled, slighted, and trifled with him, assailed her before she had recovered from her swoon, and tried to stab her with the dagger that had been found, and would have succeeded had not her parents and those who were present prevented him.
67. At this instant the Trifaldi recovered from her swoon and said, The chink of that promise, valiant knight, reached my ears in the midst of my swoon, and has been the means of reviving me and bringing back my senses; and so once more I implore you, illustrious errant, indomitable sir, to let your gracious promises be turned into deeds.
68. He will sigh, she will swoon, the damsel will fetch water, much distressed because morning approaches, and for the honour of her lady he would not that they were discovered; at last the princess will come to herself and will present her white hands through the grating to the knight, who will kiss them a thousand and a thousand times, bathing them with his tears.
69. After my death you must show him all the chambers, halls, and vaults in the castle, and all the treasures which are in them; but the last room in the long corridor you must not show him, for in it hangs the portrait of the daughter of the King of the Golden Palace; if he sees her picture, he will conceive a great love for her, and will fall down in a swoon, and on her account undergo great perils, therefore you must keep him away.
70. I had then just life enough to reach the green borders of the waterpiece, where wildly looking round for the young man, and missing him still, my fright and concern sunk me down in a deep swoon, which must have lasted me some time; for I did not come to myself, till I was roused out of it by a sense of pain that pierced me to the vitals, and awaked me to the the most surprising circumstance of finding myself not only in the arms of this very young gentleman I had been so solicitous to save; but taken at such an advantage in my.
71. Miscreant Foulon taken, my daughter! Then, a score of others ran into the midst of these, beating their breasts, tearing their hair, and screaming, Foulon alive! Foulon who told the starving people they might eat grass! Foulon who told my old father that he might eat grass, when I had no bread to give him! Foulon who told my baby it might suck grass, when these breasts where dry with want! O mother of God, this Foulon! O Heaven our suffering! Hear me, my dead baby and my withered father: I swear on my knees, on these stones, to avenge you on Foulon! Husbands, and brothers, and young men, Give us the blood of Foulon, Give us the head of Foulon, Give us the heart of Foulon, Give us the body and soul of Foulon, Rend Foulon to pieces, and dig him into the ground, that grass may grow from him! With these cries, numbers of the women, lashed into blind frenzy, whirled about, striking and tearing at their own friends until they dropped into a passionate swoon, and were only saved by the men belonging to them from being trampled under foot.
72. The queen, then, being dead, and not in a swoon, we buried her; and hardly had we covered her with earth, hardly had we said our last farewells, when, quis talia fando temperet a lachrymis? over the queen's grave there appeared, mounted upon a wooden horse, the giant Malambruno, Maguncia's first cousin, who besides being cruel is an enchanter; and he, to revenge the death of his cousin, punish the audacity of Don Clavijo, and in wrath at the contumacy of Antonomasia, left them both enchanted by his art on the grave itself; she being changed into an ape of brass, and he into a horrible crocodile of some unknown metal; while between the two there stands a pillar, also of metal, with certain characters in the Syriac language inscribed upon it, which, being translated into Kandian, and now into Castilian, contain the following sentence: 'These two rash lovers shall not recover their former shape until the valiant Manchegan comes to do battle with me in single combat; for the Fates reserve this unexampled adventure for his mighty valour alone.
73. It seems that the circumstance of his going down, or sinking, which in my extreme ignorance I had mistaken for something very fatal, was no other than a trick of diving, which I had not ever heard, or at least attended o, the mention of: and he was so long-breathed at it, that in the few moments in which I ran out to save him, he had not yet emerged, before I fell into the swoon, in which, as he rose, seeing me extended on the bank, his first idea was, that some young woman was upon some design of frolic or diversion with him, for he knew I could not have fallen asleep there without his having seen me before: agreebly to which notion he had ventured to approach, and finding me without sign of life, and still perplexed as he was what to think of the adventure, he took me in his arms at all hazards, and carried me into the summer-house, of which he observed the door open: there he laid me down on the couch, and tried, as he protested in good faith, by several means to bring me to myself again, till fired, as he said, beyond all bearing by the sight and touch of several parts of me, which were unguardedly exposed to him, he could no longer govern his passion; and the less, as he was not quite sure that his first idea of this swoon being a feint, was not the very truth of the case; seduced then by this flattering notion, and overcome by the present, as he styled them, super-human temptations, combined with the solitude and seeming security of the attempt, he was not enough his own master not to make it.
74. By this time Don Quixote had recovered from his swoon; and in the same tone of voice in which he had called to his squire the day before when he lay stretched "in the vale of the stakes," he began calling to him now,.

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