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Faint en una oración (en ingles)

1. She was in a faint.
2. I was going to faint.
3. A faint ray of hope.
4. I hear a faint snort.
5. She gave a faint cry.
6. It began as a faint.
7. There was a faint hum.

8. You are so faint to me.
9. I hear a faint chuckle.
10. There was a faint sound.
11. I made a faint protest.
12. Faint, but it is there.
13. He began to feel faint.
14. I thought I would faint.
15. Faint? Not where we were.
16. I could hear the faint.
17. The sky is pretty faint.
18. But even at this faint.
19. Its faint glow all but.
20. He gave her a faint smile.
21. He could sense the faint.
22. She gives me a faint smile.
23. A faint hope, she surmised.
24. Then a faint sound behind.
25. Faint grey of a winter sky.
26. Even the youth shall faint.
27. Lezura offered a faint smile.
28. There is a faint ray of hope.
29. Moments later a faint odor.
30. She was faint, yet pursuing.
31. It was only a faint trace.
32. There’s only a faint echo.
33. Massie heard her faint gasp.
34. A faint shadow crept over her.
35. But it was more than a faint.
36. I heard faint pops and tiny.
37. It begins as a faint headache.
38. Her faint words fill his mind.
39. Very faint this time but there.
40. Even the faint touch of first.
41. The scent was faint, but enough.
42. So incredible it made me faint.
43. Faint and fading shadows here;.
44. I thought I heard a faint reply.
45. Her lips form into a faint smile.
46. I thought he was going to faint.
47. But his memory of her was faint.
48. I lay faint, longing to be dead.
49. Brandy hears the faint laughter.
50. But so faint he couldn't be sure.
51. His voice went thready and faint.
52. Finally, there was a faint laugh.
53. A faint voice answered something.
54. There’s also a faint secondary.
55. As my eyes adjusted to the faint.
56. Laura was becoming dizzy and faint.
57. She managed a faint smile for him.
58. A faint rustle in the reeds below.
59. She forced a faint, scornful smile.
60. Star to faint star, across the sky.
61. With a faint smile on her face, Mrs.
62. In here, came the faint reply.
63. Not Roidon, only some faint shadow.
64. He then heard a faint rolling sound.
65. A faint sound came from the hallway.
66. A faint smile appeared on his face.
67. Rare lamps with faint rainbow fins.
68. A faint smile appeared on her face.
69. But she felt faint, short of breath.
70. Through faint hints of words, the.
71. A grunt and a faint moan was heard.
72. A faint grin touched his hard lips.
73. There was a faint smile on his lips.
74. A faint blush stole into her cheeks.
75. The faint sound of voices continued.
76. A faint melody sprang out on the air.
77. There was a faint smile on her lips.
78. The smell is faint, but unmistakable.
79. The faint light of a burning flame.
80. An unusual faint radio transmission.
81. Do you hear that? It’s real faint.
82. She was afraid that she would faint.
83. A faint light grew in the hall again.
84. I felt, briefly, as if I might faint.
85. A faint sound could be heard at first.
86. This time there was a faint tremble.
87. Their memories had grown faint when.
88. It’s faint, but I’m sure of it.
89. There were only faint lights from afar.
90. He heard it again, faint and far away.
91. Snorted a faint puff of scented smoke.
92. A faint smell of roses filled the air.
93. It was the faint aroma of his cologne.
94. But he heard a faint moan from behind.
95. The voice again, faint but not distant.
96. My voice was cracked and dry and faint.
97. I see a faint scar above his upper lip.
98. I could hear the faint wailing of a dog.
99. It is very faint but still discernible.
100. Bradshaw led the way to a faint trail.
1. She had a bad fainting bout.
2. He stopped and seemed fainting.
3. You have fainting on the brain.
4. Bowel Syndrome, fainting in the.
5. Bovary turned white to fainting.
6. That done, he had a fainting fit.
7. I had a fainting spell in the shop.
8. They may also have chronic fainting spells.
9. Tell her shes to feign a fainting or weak.
10. Fortunately I am not of a fainting disposition.
11. That would account for her fainting and bradycardia.
12. A fit of near fainting pushed him back to the ground.
13. Fainting would have sufficed at this immediate moment.
14. From time to time, a fainting sewerman was carried out.
15. I’m not very good with fainting, hysterical ladies.
16. Just the same, I won’t have you fainting in the road.
17. He took a step, tottered and fell to the ground, fainting.
18. If fainting, or pretending to faint, would do the done with.
19. How many more? he asked, almost fainting from exhaustion.
20. I believe I had an attack of shivering, perhaps a fainting fit.
21. Philip had gone pale, and looked on the verge of fainting himself.
22. Some of the jump cutting kills the points, as in the fainting scene.
23. Here, he's fainting! Water! A towel! Make haste, Smerdyakov!.
24. Rory had removed the fainting mans shirt and was fanning him with it.
25. It would explain your headaches, though, and your fainting episode.
26. She sucked and blew air as hard as she could to stop herself from fainting.
27. Then Una's fainting spell had banished everything from his mind for a time.
28. She looked at me, presumably to gauge how much I could handle before fainting.
29. He hadn't yet had to face a trunk call, and he thought the telephone was fainting.
30. My sister would be bathed in tears and fainting; I could not bear to see her suffer.
31. Vronsky was gazing at Anna, and with a fainting heart waiting for what she would say.
32. This time Franz could contain himself no longer, but sank, half fainting, into a seat.
33. The pressure of avoiding disgrace always saved me from fainting and sprinting headlong.
34. Besides, when I saw Master fainting, it left me without the slightest desire to breathe.
35. It’s all the same; you ought to have run after Aglaya though the other was fainting.
36. I couldn’t risk fainting near a werewolf, his lucky day, a free meal without the fight.
37. Some had donned gas masks, thinking there had been an attack that caused the mass fainting.
38. Falling, nearly fainting back to the mattress, Jessie fumbled for the call button at her side.
39. Men began fainting from exhaustion, but the Japanese drove the group on, allowing no rest stops.
40. Alicia and Thelma caught Rebecca, just as realization hit her and shrieking, fell back fainting.
41. A guard came to my assistance but he wasn’t young and handsome so there was no point in fainting.
42. Jo disgraced herself by nearly fainting away, and had to be doctored by Laurie in the china closet.
43. If such circulation is blocked, it creates pain even leading to heart attack, paralysis, fainting etc.
44. Amori near fainting from the overpowering stench of pain and decay that hung thick in the air about her.
45. Then, the effort having exhausted her strength, she fell not asleep this time, but fainting on the floor.
46. He tried his foot again, pulling his leg back and forth, almost fainting from the pain before he stopped.
47. They were changed to groans of sympathizing men, screams of terror-stricken, white-faced, fainting women.
48. Forsaken Constance lay fainting on the sofa, waiting for some one to chafe her hands and bathe her temples.
49. She had a heart which fluttered at any excitement and she pampered it shamelessly, fainting at any provocation.
50. I simply ignored her and finally she pretended to have a fainting fit, to be short of breath and left the room.
51. Katerina Ivanovna, pale, almost fainting, and gasping for breath, jumped up from the bed where she had sunk in.
52. I tried to commit suicide! The monster went out last night, after carrying me here fainting and half chloroformed.
53. He took advantage of your fainting at the police station, but he is ashamed of it himself now; I know that …’.
54. Mori was right: it was silly enough to banish any serious thoughts or fears or the need for a pretend fainting fit.
55. I took the daughter into my home, where she was brought, half fainting, after they had led her father from the prison.
56. Half an hour later, when the captain saw that some were almost fainting of fatigue, he called for a fifteen minute halt.
57. Viliho was oblivious of what had just changed everything: I had escaped, had cheated him by more than fainting, I had died.
58. Olivia, half fainting, saw the ape heaving, thrashing and writhing, gripping, man-like, the hilt that jutted from its body.
59. What I cannot understand, said I, is why they should have spared you when they found you lying fainting in the garden.
60. He began in a stern voice, and before him generals, hard men of the world, bowed down, and ladies fell to the ground fainting.
61. It’s interesting that you should mention that, because I did hear about a small fainting episode this morning in the salon.
62. And I must say, I think she was used very hardly; for your sister scolded like any fury, and soon drove her into a fainting fit.
63. Alaric steadied her as she wavered at the helm, waving a small vial of smelling salts beneath her nose to keep her from fainting.
64. There was great commotion in the house; their mistress had been attacked by fainting fits, and Mavriky Nikolaevitch was with her.
65. The bridegroom then approached to embrace his bride; and she, pressing her hand upon her heart, fell fainting in her mother's arms.
66. This is the time to faint, Eric asserted, but he was prevented from fainting and the screams in his head reached an even higher pitch.
67. Can you imagine? The faint was a bit of news, though anyone who knew Victoria Moon King knew that she had the occasional fainting spell.
68. She fought with all her might to stop herself from fainting, tightening every muscle in her body to force the blood back into her head.
69. She put up her hand to get courage by feeling the ring, for her spirit was fainting within her--she had just caught sight of the cathedral.
70. Was she then to go through life making at intervals conscience-stricken journeys back, and fainting at the critical moment at their end?
71. Her fainting on the day of Nikolay Vsyevolodovitch's arrival was explained now as due to her terror at the student's outrageous behaviour.
72. Claudia recovered from her fainting fit, but not so Don Vicente from the paroxysm that had overtaken him, for his life had come to an end.
73. There it is! But as for my looking suspiciously at your fainting fit--that affair has been cleared up splendidly! Bigotry and fanaticism!.
74. It was also distilled to a volatile salts for fainting ladies, the same way that the horns of the male deer are manufactured into hartshorn.
75. This was something else that Mayor King was used to, but the muffled sounds of her fainting incited more panic within him than did her screams.
76. Then he fell back into an arm-chair so limp and exhausted with his own emotions that we had to pour brandy down his throat to keep him from fainting.
77. She supposed it must be this thickness of atmosphere that made her, on Robert's doormat with her hand on the latch, feel suddenly so very like fainting.
78. Katerina Ivanovna, pale, almost fainting, and gasping for breath, jumped up from the bed where she had sunk in exhaustion and darted at Amalia Ivanovna.
79. She knew it wasn't likely, but right now that hope was the only thing keeping her from losing her composure and embarrassing herself, or worse, fainting.
80. In such a voice as might be expected from a hopeless heart and fainting frame—a voice wretchedly low and faltering—I asked if a servant was wanted here?
81. Claudia wrung his hands, and her own heart was so wrung that she lay fainting on the bleeding breast of Don Vicente, whom a death spasm seized the same instant.
82. She could not assume that pose, which would have made her ridiculous, and she moved on almost fainting from excitement and trying with all her might to conceal it.
83. Merriwether, trumpeting loudly into her handkerchief, embraced both scene, suddenly slid to the floor in what was one of the few real fainting spells she had ever had.
84. The next moment, bleeding and fainting, I was lying among the foul straw with a line of friendly bars between me and the creature which ramped so frantically against them.
85. The orphan grasped a sharp knife in her hand, with which she had attempted to kill herself; and when her fainting hands refused the fearful service, she had swooned in despair.
86. Those who had been concerned in the joke were now sorry they had pushed it so far; however, the anxiety his fainting away had caused them was relieved by his returning to himself.
87. Partly from the pain of the trap, that cut his legs, and a little from fear at finding himself alone in the dark in the midst of the fields, the puppet was on the point of fainting.
88. Questions he would sneak into their conversations—‘Have you been sleeping well? Have you had any other fainting spells? Do you want to talk about the visions you’ve had?’.
89. She had been trembling and fainting with terror almost every day, afraid he would fall ill, would catch cold, do something naughty, climb on a chair and fall off it, and so on and so on.
90. Having introduced him, however, and being all reseated, the terrors that occurred of what this visit might lead to were overpowering, and she fancied herself on the point of fainting away.
91. And while I was thinking, sad and fainting, since there was no time to run or hide as I was trapped in the cave with no way out, I waited, resignedly, that my bloody destiny might be fulfilled.
92. Fashion dictated that well-born women should wear suffocating corsets (no wonder Victorian women were always fainting) and stay at home looking decorative, while the man of the house was out at work.
93. Cardenio also heard Dorothea's cry as she fell fainting, and imagining that it came from his Luscinda burst forth in terror from the room, and the first thing he saw was Don Fernando with Luscinda in his arms.
94. The skeleton was lying near the little well, in the place where the Angel of Music first held Christine Daae fainting in his trembling arms, on the night when he carried her down to the cellars of the opera-house.
95. At these words the band scattered right and left, the Decurio with the fainting girl, whom he lifted into the carriage and confided to some faithful retainers of the family, pointing out the road across the hills.
96. The bedclothes were sprinkled with holy water, the priest drew from the holy pyx the white wafer; and it was fainting with a celestial joy that she put out her lips to accept the body of the Saviour presented to her.
97. The bed-clothes were sprinkled with holy water, the priest drew from the holy pyx the white wafer; and it was fainting with a celestial joy that she put out her lips to accept the body of the Saviour presented to her.
98. But Lizaveta Nikolaevna's fainting certainly took the foremost place in the story, and "all society" was interested, if only because it directly concerned Yulia Mihailovna, as the kinswoman and patroness of the young lady.
99. As for me, so nervous, and so subject to fainting fits, I should require a Doctor Adelmonte to invent for me some means of breathing freely and tranquillizing my mind, in the fear I have of dying some fine day of suffocation.
100. Andrey Antonovitch besought her with clasped hands, told her pathetically all the story of Blum and their friendship from childhood, but Yulia Mihailovna considered herself disgraced forever, and even had recourse to fainting.
1. Then you went and fainted.
2. In an instant, she fainted.
3. Some of the people fainted.
4. She paled and almost fainted.
5. Mom said you nearly fainted.
6. He looked at her then fainted.
7. Who was it fainted, Tom?’.
8. Fainted, Even Wren The Second.
9. Meryem fainted from the shock.
10. Alas! we have fainted, or at.
11. He almost fainted when he saw.
12. Elise fainted at the first blow.
13. I nearly fainted at the thought.
14. Yania fainted, followed by Kami.
15. And then you fainted dead away.
16. Half of the girls almost fainted.
17. They had all fainted or slept now.
18. It felt like he had fainted 317.
19. One fainted from the expectation.
20. Oh, I am dying! He again fainted.
21. I rose to stand and almost fainted.
22. She’d never fainted in her life.
23. Have I ever fainted before?
24. Victoria Moon King fainted dead away.
25. What blows, what blood! He fainted.
26. Police! Some H2O for a gent fainted.
27. She looked at me and almost fainted.
28. She turned her head away and fainted.
29. Chennai… he said, and I fainted.
30. He’s fainted! the cry went round.
31. Her ladyship fainted when Ser Addam fell.
32. Fowl, who promptly fainted on the ground.
33. I literally fainted back into my recliner.
34. In fact, we were so startled Toby fainted.
35. She had just fainted earlier and had not.
36. Ritchie Collins almost fainted dead away.
37. Frank had fainted due to repeated beating.
38. They both turned lean and thin and fainted.
39. Before he could finish, the man had fainted.
40. So either they’ve both fainted or …’.
41. I glanced into the room, and nearly fainted.
42. His mother fainted and his uncle stitched.
43. When he fainted he had dropped to the floor.
44. London, your kid’s fainted, he said.
45. Torrian screamed and fainted, as we expected.
46. Madame Danglars uttered a scream and fainted.
47. The general, who had almost fainted, revived.
48. At that point I gave up screaming and fainted.
49. Abram finished ministering to the fainted man.
50. She, probably, would have fainted on hearing.
51. The battle was abruptly over and she fainted.
52. The guard rats watched as their leader fainted.
53. No wonder he'd fainted the day of the ritual!.
54. He turned white as a ghost and promptly fainted.
55. She fainted, and they carried her to the window.
56. He was so relieved he almost fainted right there.
57. Did you hurt your head when you fainted?
58. The girl ran headlong into his arms and fainted.
59. When he finally asked her out, she about fainted.
60. His eyes opened up and I nearly fainted with shock.
61. Is he hurted? Don't manhandle him! He's fainted!.
62. This was too much for Ben, and he fainted into Mrs.
63. The mother wept full of sorrow; she almost fainted.
64. As if he had fainted and never lost consciousness.
65. Velvet had fainted and Rosebud had gone into shock.
66. But as soon as he had finished, he almost fainted.
67. And Jacob's heart fainted, for he believed them not.
68. She nearly fainted and so I made her leave the room.
69. Thomas’s vision and hearing blurred as he fainted.
70. Nine women fainted to the deck with a unanimous thud.
71. The kid's mother fainted from everything she had seen.
72. Women fainted in the crowd, and everyone was afraid.
73. Paula fainted too long after the amputation had begun.
74. He cried aloud, wept, fainted, but she did not return.
75. He drink too much of my blood, that’s why I fainted.
76. I do remember that the sex was so good that I fainted.
77. An officer estimated that twenty men fainted each day.
78. I would rather they fainted, screaming hurts my ears.
79. As soon as you fainted, there was a major attack at.
80. If I stayed in there any longer, I would have fainted.
81. I cast a rapid glance round the room and nearly fainted.
82. It’s gone! cried the widow, and she fainted away.
83. I fainted then because it was so close and the smell of.
84. She had felt this same way yesterday when she’d fainted.
85. He heard a whisper that the woman who’d fainted had died.
86. I think you’re stressed out and that’s why you fainted.
87. Danny had fainted when the Doc had gone to give the gamers.
88. Miss LeeAnn, she's fainted or something—was awake before.
89. She knew Ellen would have fainted had she ever feel ashamed.
90. Easy now young warrior she has but fainted, nothing more.
91. Blood gushed out of the wound and she fainted in their arms.
92. I would a come before, but Rosasharn fainted, she said.
93. For the first time in her life, princess Yasmela had fainted.
94. When at last she fainted, there house was filled with wounded.
95. Several of the ladies fainted into the arms of their partners.
96. Remember when I almost fainted in the room with Jenks?
97. The gnome fainted and his gloved hands fell lax at the levers.
98. Old Rouault arrived, and fainted on the Place when he saw the.
99. As soon as the three entered the mansion, Corey almost fainted.
100. As she had expected he had fainted from the pains in his chest.
1. She about faints as you turn and point at her.
2. From sand that never crumbles or faints, and never shall.
3. Don't revive her to consciousness, while she only faints.
4. He hopes she's not so anxious that she faints or has a panic attack and doesn't show up.
5. When a car has a flat tire, a man faints or an accident occurs, a hundred people will rush to help.
6. She opens her mouth to cry out for that help, but an instant later she faints and falls to the ground.
7. Before he faints, he hisses at the blacksmith who can hear nothing, but Ralph is honour-bound to say it.
8. He could hear faints voices down one of the corridors as he peered round the corner at the bottom of the steps.
9. My spirit faints at the task before me, at the thought of the persuasions and the protests that will have to be gone through.
10. Have you not heard that the everlasting God, the Lord, the Creator of the ends of the Earth, faints not, neither is weary? There is no.
11. Such gifts as keenness and ready powers of acquisition; for the mind more often faints from the severity of study than from the severity of gymnastics: the toil is more entirely the mind's own, and is not shared with the body.
12. Such magnanimity and sensibility are like the magnanimity and sensibility of a lady who faints when she sees a calf being killed: she is so kindhearted that she can’t look at blood, but enjoys eating the calf served up with sauce.
13. Such magnanimity and sensibility are like the magnanimity and sensibility of a lady who faints when she sees a calf being killed: she is so kind-hearted that she can’t look at blood, but enjoys eating the calf served up with sauce.

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