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    1. talented, but I’m shit here

    2. The golden girl, so talented, good looking, the envy of all her friends in looks, talent and career

    3. It seems she is the most talented of all in massage

    4. Only the most inventive and talented of her subjects would be able to engage with her grand-daughter on a mutually fulfilling and intellectual level

    5. 'And this is the talented boy?' Mr Greener patted All's back

    6. 'Yep, as talented as the man above sends them,' Fred said as we settled at the

    7. You don’t have to be a talented or experienced

    8. ’ Trevor said ‘I can always find a job for a talented journalist

    9. Only the most inventive and talented of her subjects would be able

    10. ‘The standard of performance was pretty high – we had some really talented girls

    11. The talented girls didn’t stay long; the revue was in a prime site and agents prowled around regularly looking for talent they could sell elsewhere in the city

    12. talented he truly was

    13. One of the first things I found out about him was that he wanted to write music for children – something along the lines of ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat’ style of thing, but he felt that he was not talented enough

    14. Later, when we could speak, he’d explained that he had fallen for me more or less as soon as he met me but had assumed it was hopeless as he could see no reason why someone as talented and attractive as me could ever consider him

    15. As you may have come to know yourself, my daughter is greatly talented, but lacks the singular discipline to truly succeed a proper human should have

    16. The twins answered easily to congratulations as either 'the talented gentlemen,' or as 'gifted actresses' whichever accolade might be offered by their peers

    17. meeting my talented friend, how in a million years I never thought I’d be in a car

    18. She was a talented, intelligent warrior

    19. The talented? Or enslave them?

    20. As for the young woman, she is talented and I suspect that the good faith put in her by so many is wisely placed

    21. He was a talented swordsman and a streetwise Nord; there seemed little that could have given him trouble

    22. She was truly talented

    23. I can only follow the instructions of whosoever sticks their talented behind on that attendant’s chair,' said the elevator to Jodie


    25. In other words, some of the world’s inventions were not solitary efforts but instead were joint efforts between talented people living in our world and higher entities residing on the Other Side

    26. Somewhat dissolute, rapacious, murderous, and vindictive, who saw himself as a talented performer

    27. Khan was the more talented fighter; he should have won

    28. I never thought we’d bounce back from losing such an amazing, talented fighter, but Raven has filled the void superbly

    29. ESPN: (Laughing) Did you know you had a such a talented player buried on the

    30. I knew I had a talented student of the game who worked his tail off every day at practice to be a better player, but I never imagined he had come that far

    31. Reducing academic standards provides a free pass to underachieving students while undermining the (potential) progress of talented students (otherwise) capable of taking ―it‖ to a higher level

    32. Once opportunities beckoned, however, the more talented or determined among them departed for

    33. The hastening of scholastic mediocrity in America‘s (urban) Public School System is understood by the efforts of (its) soft-headed administrators and educators seeking to promote equality of results at the expense of its brightest students, many of whom are routinely held in check in order to allow their less talented classmates ―sufficient‖ opportunity to play catch-up; oftentimes necessitating a lowering of academic standards for the ―benefit‖ of other students who are intellectually less gifted, thereby promoting false impressions of academic achievement where performance results are (oftentimes) questionable

    34. It may be reasonably argued that the Private Sector traditionally attracted (more) talented individuals (less) averse to risk taking in exchange for the prospect of potential advancement while other individuals possessing less capacity (perhaps) or who, lacking the requisite skills demanded by most companies, generally opted for quasi-guaranteed job security provided by the Public Sector

    35. We did not, however, during this week, have another organized class on oral stimulation, and we saw no more of the talented Slave Vina

    36. ‖ Competition, properly channeled, was/is intended to be ―ruthless‖, rewarding the talented and industrious above the ordinary and idle

    37. I would remind this young man that whatever franchise in whatever sport, team owners are looking to recruit the most talented athletes available on the open market that offers its club the best opportunity to win regardless of color or ethnicity

    38. She was actually pretty talented, even if she did say so herself

    39. The woman is a talented powerhouse waiting to be put to use in the twin worlds, Faery and Human

    40. “You are amazingly talented, Teresa, in this as in everything else I have taught you

    41. You are talented, handsome, and you have a lot to offer

    42. “You say that you only have visions about talented people?” Hunter asked

    43. A rebel, very talented with computers

    44. It hasn’t hit me yet: that Edward, by far the most talented transfer initiate we had, the boy whose blood I cleaned off the dormitory floor, is dead

    45. undoubtedly use to hurt others? She was already powerfully talented, and as

    46. with the fragrance of the knowledge produced by talented charm with the aroma of ability,

    47. CFI’s staff continues to grow with many talented people

    48. The SOLDIER was a talented swordsman, agile and strong, but

    49. But you must understand, I also believed, and continue to believe, that Terry was the most talented member of the band, and without him it is highly likely the band will lose its popularity and eventually fail

    50. “Father never bragged about himself or showed off, but he was actually very talented

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    gifted talented pleasing tasteful skillful sublime discriminating graceful imaginative