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    1. This is a qualification as found in 1 Timothy 3:2, referring to one who is apt and skillful in teaching

    2. Alchemists are also at times skillful in the

    3. they moved like lions hunting—communication was replaced by years of skillful

    4. But before he could say another word, Gemini launched a swift and skillful kick towards his head

    5. their true authority, they will become skillful at delivering souls and many will come to salvation

    6. raising a generation of warriors that are skillful at setting

    7. of the Master, and becoming skillful at setting captives free

    8. finding heavenly integrity and skillful hands with which to lead

    9. by the skillful use of that brilliant theorem of equivalence,

    10. And by skillful manipulation you could even

    11. A number of (politically) prominent individuals have achieved historical repute for their providential and skillful management of exceptional events that defined their tenure in (public) office notwithstanding the reluctance of some who were neither willing or able to meet the extraordinary challenges that confronted them; provoked to action, however, by the enlightened examples of others before taking formal or appropriate action in response to such events

    12. Those who were called skillful leaders of old knew how to drive a wedge between the enemy's front and rear; to prevent co-operation between his large and small divisions; to hinder the good troops from rescuing the bad, the officers from rallying their men

    13. The skillful tactician may be likened to the SHUAI-JAN

    14. Thus the skillful general conducts his army just as though he were leading a single man, willy-nilly, by the hand

    15. She delivered a skillful manipulation in that video, which was intended to keep us contained and dedicated to the vision of the Bureau—the world outside the city is badly broken, and the Divergent need to come out here and heal it

    16. “That’s what you told him, that he would be protecting me? That’s a pretty skillful manipulation

    17. One was stronger but not very skillful; the other was skillful but not very strong

    18. Then I noticed that the stronger one seemed to be holding back a little rather than being less skillful

    19. What are the consequences of the action? Is it an action that will create happiness or suffering for others and myself? Is the action motivated by the thought of cherishing myself at the expense of others? Is there a more skillful way to handle this situation?

    20. If we are compassionate, wise, honest, and skillful, we create positive and harmonious circumstances in this and future lives

    21. It can account for our present situation as the outcome (reward and/or punishment) for our skillful ("good") and unskillful ("bad") actions in the past, both in this life and in previous lifetimes

    22. By contemplating past actions and associated motiva-tions, we can intelligently admit that we were not so skillful, but given a similar situation in the future we now have the insight to act differently

    23. To then take up the opposite, positive actions, is extremely skillful and beneficial, resulting in not only less suffering in the future but also creating the causes for great happiness

    24. Skillful actions will, of course, produce happiness; unskillful actions, unhappiness

    25. Rather, we realize that we can have skillful or unskillful thoughts; we can speak skillful or unskillful words; and we can act in either skillful or unskillful ways

    26. Renata Ogilvie gives the following example of skillful karma in her lectures:[149]

    27. Unskillful actions are the opposite of skillful actions

    28. Skillful actions produce beneficial effects; unskillful actions produce harmful effects

    29. We need to take up skillful intentions which form our character

    30. This doesn't imply ignoring the past, but that by paying close attention to the present with skillful awareness, the past's hold on us will unravel naturally

    31. “That’s good; she’s the most skillful person in these parts

    32. 19 And the man was on his journey passing through the street of Sodom when the sun set in the evening, and he remained there in order to abide during the night, but no one would let him into his house; and at that time there was in Sodom a wicked and mischievous man, one skillful to do evil, and his name was Hedad

    33. 28 And Balaam rose up and tried the are of divination, and he was skillful in the knowledge of it, but he was confused and the work was destroyed in his hand

    34. She had no strength to resist as he gently slid her garments from her body with a few skillful motions, his fiery kiss uninterrupted while he did so, and drew her down onto the bed

    35. 19 And the man was on his journey passing through the street of Sodom when the sun set in the evening and he remained there in order to abide during the night but no one would let him into his house; and at that time there was in Sodom a wicked and mischievous man one skillful to do evil and his name was Hedad

    36. 28 And Balaam rose up and tried the are of divination and he was skillful in the knowledge of it but he was confused and the work was destroyed in his hand

    37. Three of the five fisherman were eventually saved, including a retired Coast Guard warrant officer, in one of the most hazardous and skillful rescues in maritime history (Walker, pp

    38. Captain Waters chronicled the courage and skillful aviation techniques of amphibious helicopter pilots in countless missions, endorsed the seaworthiness of the successful aircraft, regretted the termination of their use, and insisted that the amphibious choppers increased the safety of crews and rescue swimmers, and asserted that with the amphibious vehicles, and the potential failure of the contemporary hoist mechanism, recovery success rates would be enhanced (Waters, pp

    39. Allen, the Coast Guard had earned national acclaim for the more than 10,000 dangerous and skillful helicopter and boat in the wake of the hurricane

    40. All the commercial jet flying in SE Alaska is via Alaska Airlines, which has a virtual monopoly here and the pilots are well trained and skillful

    41. The bold face Salome was very skillful and her inventiveness was the best that existed in Saint Andre

    42. In dancing, he was skillful, his movements were agile and punctual, undoubtedly, an excellent dancer

    43. Gertrude, skillful and calculating woman, agreed with that request and at once called the family doctor, Dr

    44. But they are very skillful and one cannot see them

    45. Since that day we have to be very attentive that no window or door is opened, because the cat is very skillful and fast and always takes advantage of any loophole or circumstance to slip

    46. With a skillful swoop, he scooped up three eggs onto each plate, then tossed the plates onto separate stones just as the boat sidled up

    47. I could tell he was a very skillful baseball player

    48. He was skillful, so arranging the order of the reading of the various passages that the one would illuminate the other

    49. He is becoming experienced in the skillful wresting of victory from the very jaws of defeat; he is learning how to transform the difficulties of time into the triumphs of eternity

    50. There are bunches of hungry and skillful ghost writers out there

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