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This is a task for.
That is no easy task.
And it will be a task.
Our task is to find.
I knew well the task.
That is no small task.
Th is task was being.

The task was not easy.
It was a hard task.
To thee I hand my task.
It was a hopeless task.
Yet is it no easy task.
Why the task is needed.
That is your task, my.
This was a simple task.
It is not an easy task.
It was a daunting task.
You will find the task.
Steps 1-3 of third task:.
He had risen to the task.
It was an impossible task.
And only one task remains.
The task force said NEPA.
She carried out her task.
They had a different task.
He shared this task with.
Steps 1-3 of second task:.
My task is a simple one.
He had a task to carry out.
For Life had a task for her.
But it is too heavy a task.
Sometimes the task is the.
Their task is to champion.
The terrible task was over.
It is a gradual uphill task.
That was our appointed task.
She returned to task at hand.
This task was all important.
It’s no small task, either.
Tasking an activity that has little.
No questions about the action plan or tasking assignments, only.
Action plan and tasking thoroughly explored, some questions to test.
Tasking coachee with list of activities that creates an action plan.
Colonel Krulak, I am tasking your Marines for that eventual rescue mission.
I entered the reception and was immediately surrounded by my entourage, giving me things to sign and approve, thank heavens multi tasking was one of my strongest traits.
I have already told Director Perkins that our network in Pakistan is now next to non-existent and that the ISI will probably actively work against us, but he told me that the President’s tasking stands.
The girls had been tasked with.
She had been tasked with going back to the.
We have been tasked by the Israeli government to.
Alexander had tasked her with looking after Maurice.
A stray grunt, tasked with foot patrol comes sprinting.
You did not complete the duty that I tasked you with.
The magisters tasked with entrancing the soldiers went ahead.
I have been tasked with the task of making you into soldiers.
You both are tasked with keeping my twin brother at the ball.
You were tasked to bring Robert Puller in, not to work with him.
Once again he is tasked to imagine and recall the plane scenario.
Question 6: You have been tasked to open a locked door in a hurry.
All he was tasked with doing was opening and closing the hatch!.
Otis and Loggins had been tasked as security, embarking in the SUV.
Carla tasked her subconscious to manipulate this negative into a positive.
But you’re also tasked to do the same for ‘national decision makers.
He had been tasked with overseeing the rooting out of such persons in Markarth.
Louie was tasked with stealing enough strong rope to lash the rock to the Bird.
Twelve of us were tasked to hit farther inland, at the al-Faw oil refinery area.
Einstein was then tasked to supposedly measure all the mass in the entire.
Watkins was tasked to fast-track the Digitot Project within the Conlog organisation.
Their rule was based out of fear by those they were supposedly tasked with serving.
In the early 80‘s back at Genie, I was one of the junior traders tasked with the.
That carrier may in turn be tasked to provide air cover to the forward enemy armada.
He was tasked with taking over the kingdom and all of the mess left by the time of war.
All he was yet tasked with was the finding of the alien vessel that had landed offshore.
Twelve of us were tasked to hit farther inland, at the al-Faw oil refinery area.
He tasked out the responsibility of changing them to us, whenever we would come up to visit.
Neither I, nor Walker – still at the NAMA site - were tasked yet with monitoring his signal.
He had been tasked with gathering intelligence, as he was the only one familiar with the area.
Two man were tasked with directing the vehicles to the parking area, while two or three others.
Our destination will be Oslo, which we are tasked to defend along with its airfield at Fornebu.
My friend has told me that scrambled eggs can be formed their professional organisations tasked with.
Three Angels–The three angels that are tasked with revealing and destroying the three parts into.
He still could not believe he had been tasked with the sacking of Pyr, and if it came to that, its razing.
One device I recognized as the device I had been tasked to find on this little jaunt into the monster’s lair.
He also tasked me to try in combat a number of tactics and doctrines imported from the future by Nancy Laplante.
I’ve been here ever since assisting and helping as I can those tasked as guardians, who have come to this place.
What technical work are you tasked with? The Elf wondered what she'd be expected to account for if questioned.
Before you go to your rooms, I have something else from the Cardinal: he tasked me with bringing you your back pay.
She will have two main tasks.
Resolution of all tasks had.
Expect to have several tasks.
We set about our summer tasks.
DID IT completes their tasks.
We assigned ourselves new tasks.
Group tasks by type and location.
One of the main tasks of group.
One of the tasks included shaving.
He had two main tasks; to prompt.
These are tasks (or action items).
Indeed, his tasks at the Abbey in.
Do this with the rest of your tasks.
People had stopped doing their tasks.
Next a preliminary list of tasks was.
Tasks no one else could see to success.
Federation used it to do a lot of tasks.
Dad is taking care of a few tasks here.
I'm running out of tasks to give her.
P1, p2, p3= processors or tasks of jobs.
Tasks are completed as per the priority.
Re-allocate tasks to suit the strengths.
This was one of many tedious tasks that.
Let’s say you have a list of tasks to do.
With these two bunny-hill tasks, you can.
Identify those tasks that are truly urgent.
Forever, our tasks worked out in the shadows.
What is easier to do the tasks and business.
Hilda was there there to set her to her tasks.
Remind yourself of those tasks that you’ve.
She asked him how he had accomplished his tasks.
They have more than enough tasks on their to.
Why does Baldur always get the pleasant tasks?
I work always on tasks that are important, to me.
One of its tasks is to further the development.
They said nothing but returned to their own tasks.
In the night he felt the men rush to unseen tasks.
You women of the earth subordinated at your tasks!.
Jin Song and that Li Laosao doing their usual tasks.
Think of deploying and focusing your team on tasks.

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