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    1. It is not currently for sale, although the Sheep in Wolf’s clothing project is underway and will be in several locations online under this, my brand name

    2. He was trying to project an aura of mild disappointment, like he was strong enough to take this, but Ava could see each piece of paper shaking as he put it back in its folder

    3. The three-year project is sponsored by the European Union, and also works in rural areas of Hunan and Sichuan

    4. The project also trains local health workers, sensitising them to the needs of older people and building links between the community and service-providers

    5. If the welcome for project staff and accompanying officials is anything to go by, there is already a deep sense of appreciation

    6. Project updates can be found at quellamunga

    7. "Because it was first used to move great boulders, I built the whole thing for one project, a canal project I think

    8. to correct this project

    9. They would have to wait a thousand years to sow human seed after hitting the planet with this snowball, as far from habitability as the Centorin project was today

    10. is a hologram, it can only project to you what you reflect to it

    11. For example, say you are in the middle of a work project that is

    12. Despite the halt on the missile project, South Africa still has space infrastructure knowledge and experience from the successful missile project

    13. Vyinga looked at her, so she could project that she was sincere and not just answering a social question

    14. "Desa; saying that doesn't help me project a confident aroma

    15. the project culture, will evangelise and strategise,

    16. It would not render his tower in-operable during the whole project

    17. He also can’t forgive me for the times I’ve stepped out on him, but all he wants is for me to be dedicated to his project like he is

    18. balance it out with complimentary personal life ambitions as well that you need to project to your partner

    19. This will project a positive and upbeat image to anyone searching through the profiles of an

    20. He wondered how to tell her that in a way that would make her interested in the project and not hurt over the bodily rejection

    21. before any other classes in the project

    22. As you know, when we meet someone for the first time, we can project any image we want and they will react to that image

    23. If Ish named it, he would feel more connected to the project

    24. Thom concentrated on the project and slept in the lab, keeping his nose out of what was happening in ship’s politics and his own damn divorce

    25. He had to project the air of a confident and experienced battle captain ready to identify threats and respond to them decisively

    26. 'Is there any project after 1 he camp?'

    27. The only thing he allowed himself was a magic wand to project his facts and figures during the presentation

    28. Kelvin was glad he was able to finish this project by mail before that happened

    29. As we walk round to the pub, he tells me about the project he is currently working on in connection with the ongoing disaster with the Arts Centre building alterations

    30. He’s managed to dig up some information about the building contractor who originally started the project before going bust

    31. · Local opinion about the project

    32. Whenever we were having trouble with the objectors to this project of hers, she used to pace up and down that place, furiously angry at their small-mindedness and lack of vision as she called it

    33. "Tometahin? Well yes," Yellelle said, "but he can’t project you any more

    34. Over the next few months Tom worked overtime on his project

    35. Because of the economy the way that it is, The American Dream Project

    36. “I wasn’t involved in that project, that comes from the snake pit

    37. Whilst his human self mourned the loss of the one man he had honestly counted as a friend, part of his mind was working out that with Chas gone, the bulk of the proceeds of this little project would now come to him

    38. There were lots of colorful pamphlets around, each about a different seminar or research project, most of them in fasion arts

    39. ’ Mickey muttered, his voice expressing both his physical tiredness and his weariness with the whole project

    40. George then went over to a stack of long timbers next to the wood shed and began a new project, always keeping an inconspicuous eye on his daughters' progress

    41. In a not so surprising coincidence George finished his tower project just when they had completely varnished the decks

    42. George came from the house after the project had advanced sufficiently and mixed concrete to fill the remaining spaces of the posts' holes as Harry moved on to the remaining ones opened up by the twins

    43. “I learned about it because of the patients I’ve had to care for, especially Ava and all Tdeshi’s predecessors as they researched the project

    44. That project ran from 55,42,33 to 100,00,23,” he said, “and those facts are trade secrets of the Kassikan and I could lose my position for telling you that much and I will not tell you more

    45. The next morning, Harry woke his dad, anxious to continue the amazing project

    46. She could see him now … jerkily, returning to his seat at the table … and then, he’d just sort of imploded mentally, as though Andy’s defection was the terminal straw in the train of disasters which comprised this ill-fated project

    47. From what Andy had told him, their marriage had been in trouble, which was why Kev got involved in the project in the first place … he wondered how fragile the relationship was

    48. ‘So you didn’t know about the project he had in mind, sir?’ the Inspector persisted

    49. ‘It seems he considered it would be a risk to the project

    50. ‘Yes, from what we can piece together, it seems that the failure of the project affected his mind, it appears that he dug up the body of your brother and hauled it into the hostel to the bedroom he shared with his wife

    1. Why else would he have projected such a large image of himself?

    2. As the omnidirectional array broadcast his spoofed Staas inventory query, the intact containers from the wrecked hauler Luxor responded, and the information was projected in his visor

    3. When her finger hit the console, the life-size schematic of limbless Master Chief Evelyn Horcheese was projected upwards to float perfectly vertical in the air over the console next to the meter-long model of Tipperary

    4. What Jordo and the Lancers saw projected in their helmets was a tiny patch of sky where the stars looked too fat, too bright

    5. He paused long enough for everyone to remember the crucible of the all the heroic martyr attacks that were projected on the sky behind him

    6. As the android swam in space toward it, he saw the ship because the video that its android's eyes provided to the Angel who animated it, could also be projected to the crystal ball on his desk down here in the chaparral below Gengee City

    7. They had darkened the room with the night-mats so the plates could be projected on a whole wall and let them see all the details

    8. Upon it Kate and Lady Ashley projected a frightful image of a terrible looking creature

    9. The door opened like the scene they were watching was projected on a wall and he had a door on that wall

    10. She was obviously used to this costume and projected proudly out of it with no difference in her skin color whatsoever

    11. “It was pretty intense, but what scenes were projected on my senses during that time really isn’t important if we don’t know where it came from

    12. They each had invisible keypads, no doubt projected on their contact lenses by their in-ears

    13. Ava looked up with him, she quickly projected a sky above them seen thru the cathedral arches instead of the lab ceiling

    14. His eyes took in the sky, the light, and the vastness beyond it that she had projected to symbolize it

    15. At least a third of the passengers were still there, lounging at tables, drinking, chatting and watching projected video

    16. The sun had set on the projected paradise outside Roman’s window

    17. and rooms all projected there by one hand touching an analysis mold

    18. " Those edited images were projected on the cathedral walls behind him

    19. But the poet only stared with reverence at some scene of majesty and power he’d projected from deep inside his mind

    20. that) and a giant screen projected bird eye's view of

    21. Would you like to reflect with me on what follows, thinking about how your biography might be projected on the big screen? Would it be billed as a drama, or a comedy, or maybe even a horror story? Or perhaps a bit of all of the previous, rolled into one super full-length movie that will surely have sequels to be made in the years ahead?

    22. Whatever the case, how about reflecting with me on what follows, thinking about how your biography might be projected on the big screen? Ready or not, here we go…

    23. ‘Is that you Ben?’ Danny projected his thoughts at the small, ragged terrier

    24. His mind projected the sound onto the environment

    25. see my opportunity the voice projected in

    26. the place he had projected them to come

    27. Rex projected the shuttle that was on the

    28. projected to Maton to cleanse the planet

    29. In simultaneity both devices powered up, their levels displayed on the projected screen in front of him

    30. The proposed city of Eludi-4 was now before him as a 1:80 scale structure made of light projected from his console

    31. In the above control room an array of fixed, curiously antiquated display screens were giving the various intermix ratios, projected stability levels coupled with the power requirements for sustaining negative energy

    32. Even when he projected into it with his helmet light, there was nothing

    33. This time he didn’t really get the experiential feeling of being in space; just a projected view into his retinas

    34. When her senses returned she became aware of the myriad warnings projected at her: scarlet flashes of status graphics and vehicle’s voice telling her substantial damage had been done to all vital systems, and thus an emergency landing procedure would be engaged

    35. The graviton converter amplifies the connection between quantum states until they are projected together

    36. Torbin’s room was unusually tidy since he had brought nothing with him, only the tablet to relay his projected thoughts

    37. There were two vehicles parked in a crater converted into an enclosed bay but with a projected holo-field, making it seem like a normal crater

    38. ’ He signalled at the forward console which then projected up an image of the probe, unmagnified, about the size of his thumb

    39. ‘Miss Flores?’ The voice projected into her ear, making it sound like the man was sitting next to her

    40. These days there would be nothing to see if the system was quiescent – it either operated holographically, projected into retinas, or directly mind linked

    41. Before him he saw lines of code, projected as a simple HUD display on a glass screen above the control panel

    42. He projected the business tycoon that he was known to be in

    43. Before this period, the principal, so far as I have been able to observe, the only taxes, which, in order to pay the interest of a debt, had been imposed for perpetuity, were those for paying the interest of the money which had been advanced to government by the bank and East-India company, and of what it was expected would be advanced, but which was never advanced, by a projected land bank

    44. His picture adorned every wall and, even in his defeat, his image was projected on the screens around the arena, but to the crowds he was gone

    45. Above, they had a projected view of space outside: brilliant scattering of stars, the swathe of the Milky Way

    46. ” Governments always calculate their projected income on the basis of the private activity remaining at the same level as before the tax

    47. Could he outwit this? Any doubts would immediately be detected, then projected back on to him and amplified in the process

    48. A resentment of two complete opposites, a prejudice projected down on him, which implied something deeper than anything visually apparent

    49. His interview had been hard for her to watch, and she had squirmed in the dinner hall as the image was projected on the screen

    50. ‘It's me, Monique,’ Gerrid answered in a voice that sounded like a projected thought

    1. Back upstairs, Vinnie held a portable computer which was projecting a holographic keyboard and screen

    2. She still thought Ava was projecting her own thoughts to these dolphins, but she was willing to have some fun with it

    3. He watched thru those eyes, projecting in this crystal ball the natives call an 'Eye' with a capital E

    4. fell in on itself, projecting stones, dust, and debris in all

    5. In his mind, projecting them upon her would greatly improve her appearance

    6. One interesting point in the notion of time travel is that it creates for us the possibility of correcting our errors of the past while projecting the new reality in the future

    7. Were you projecting to others

    8. projecting a positive image, then you need to be unflinching honest

    9. If you are giving or sending a package, then it suggests that you are projecting your feelings onto another instead of dealing with them

    10. On the Huntress's bridge, Pim touched the next series of controls and the Elf was projecting to every bridge on every ship in the little fleet

    11. establishments, the different governments of Europe had as little merit as in projecting them

    12. and the projecting of their anti-matter

    13. ’ Lichman pointed his own watch at Scott, projecting the time into his eyes

    14. The various scans confirmed to his retinal projecting PDU that he was within visual range

    15. Felix checked the fuel level one more time and then relaxed back in his seat, wondering how they could entertain themselves for the six hours flight time the autopilot was projecting for the flight to Callisto

    16. The redundancy of paper money necessarily banishes gold and silver from the domestic transactions of the colonies, for the same reason that it has banished those metals from the greater part of the domestic transactions in Scotland ; and in both countries, it is not the poverty, but the enterprizing and projecting spirit of the people, their desire of employing all the stock which they can get, as active and productive stock, which has occasioned this redundancy of paper money

    17. The unsettling (perception) of being beholden to other people oftentimes engenders troubling notions of an individual‘s private failings that seeks its own outlet by projecting that individual‘s sense of frustration (and shame) on his or her ―benefactor‖ whether it be a family member, a close friend or someone more abstract like (the) taxpayer

    18. This is what psychologists call projecting

    19. Once she learned how to become a calm, assertive Leader projecting

    20. “How can it be that no one saw fit to tell us, in our humble attempts to investigate the murder of Monsieur Danton?” he asked, projecting a kind of sardonic contempt

    21. The attachment to the past is fading away, and I am projecting me into the present time

    22. Again and again she drew near to its grey mass projecting from the moraine

    23. 5 For father Eleazar, projecting his disposition, broke the raging waves of the passions as with a jutting

    24. as by means of towers projecting in front of harbours men break the threatening waves, and so assure a still course to vessels entering

    25. Q: Which is the projecting power?

    26. identifying the present with the past and projecting it into the fu-

    27. – and then projecting it as their own recalled experience

    28. “The word is projecting, not shouting, Glenda taught us that

    29. "In an already fractured culture, senior management was projecting an

    30.  A fissure of the skull and a projecting brain known as

    31. vibration that you are projecting

    32. “Other than the Translocations themselves, the hardest part is projecting your consciousness, so it’s a lot easier if you can Link with someone who’s already where you’re going

    33. From a distant location, she was able to detect the assassins projecting their consciousnesses to their intended Translocation destinations a fraction of a second before those Translocations were effected

    34. “First, the support wizards can directly cast spells to a distant location, as the Hilian elves did to assist us over Kletiuk, and they will be much more effective in doing so for having access to the battle wizard’s on-scene perception of the situation, as opposed to casting to a remote location by projecting your consciousness there as one would do in preparation for Translocation

    35. 5 For father Eleazar projecting his disposition broke the raging waves of the passions as with a jutting promontory

    36. 5 How then can we avoid according to these men mastery of passion through right reasoning since they drew not back from the pains of fire? 6 For just as by means of towers projecting in front of harbours men break the threatening waves and so assure a still course to vessels entering port 7 so that seven-towered right reasoning of the young men securing the harbour of religion conquered the intemperance of passions

    37. “They are projecting the sound quite well, don’t you think?” It passed by us about a half mile away, going toward a small airport a couple of miles away

    38. Using both hands, I softly touched his hair, his face and his neck, while projecting healing Light into him and into Marjie’s mind, which he greatly enjoyed

    39. Nuke’s anger was aroused to a dangerous degree during one of my sessions with Marjie, whose ethereal self was transported to a completely barren landscape except for a few large, dark-colored crystals projecting from the ground

    40. The negative forces on Earth are crumbling under the impact of the positive energies enlightened humans and others are projecting toward them

    41. I desperately ran down to riverbank, pushed a log from the shore into the current and held onto a projecting branch as I swam toward Jasper

    42. Projecting into the future on the knowledge of orientation mostly

    43. Someone with my considerable skills - projecting them back into an opponent would be dangerous; it would probably get me killed

    44. am completely unaware of the fact that I am projecting myself on to others

    45. myself by projecting myself onto others

    46. Projecting our evil on others to then combat it does no good, because it simply

    47. A voice boomed though the courtyard as Bellack watched the scene through the Moomran crystal, which, thanks to a simple spell, was also projecting his voice

    48. projecting a type of magnetic energy with inverse characteristics to a regu-

    49. Once you succeed in projecting into the astral Plane, my

    50. projecting yourself into a problem in order to come up with viable solutions is a heck of a

    1. He was listed as a subcontractor on many other Kassikan projects including security and survillance

    2. I can change any of my projects and

    3. and technologies suitable for civil projects

    4. the men that were merely the pet peeves or pet projects of one person

    5. Naturally, I have hit a complication – which of Joris’s projects can you recall that did not have such issues! JJ’s adopted mother died some years ago and his father is now on his own

    6. The gardens at the manor were extensive and with so many important assignments and projects to see to, neither the television personality nor his faithful gardener had ever found the time to finish remodelling every nook and cranny in the place

    7. important assignments and projects to see to, neither the television

    8. The Lodge-Mistress and her two little helpers had already laid Mandy Hill's Dining Hall schedules and menus on the sitting room tables in each bungalow, as Mandy had bid them, before tackling the landscaping projects they were now finishing

    9. It didn’t surprise her – Ozzie’s projects were not renowned for their success quotient and she was becoming suspicious of Andy and his so-called scientific talk

    10. I didn’t pay a lot of attention, my brother was often involved in what he considered to be get rich quick projects

    11. That was a shady time for him I think, I don’t remember him doing many approved projects at the time

    12. He was trying to guess what a lot of the projects they talked about were

    13. By the break between terms just before Thanksgiving, homes all through the village sported construction paper pilgrims and turkeys, red and green paper chains and all the other crafts projects which spring from the elementary classes of schools everywhere, like apples on apple trees

    14. There were some voluntary organizations in the cities that coordinated certain projects but they were more like a chamber of commerce or volunteer group

    15. Harry's position with Waterhouse allowed him access to all the office's past and current design projects

    16. When projects were completed or when held for anticipated funding---'plannae interruptus,' as the condition was internally dubbed, it was Harry who filed the plans and drawings away in the vaults for safe-keeping

    17. So when requests arrived from his family and friends back home for his own design talents to be applied toward their various projects, he slept little and excitedly drew up the packages

    18. “Other projects may therefore be made secondary to this commission,” he told Harry, and that was the conclusion of his first re-appraisal

    19. She worked on projects which appeared to be related to the probe, but 'accidently' left a few key diagnostics behind that she never wrote down the significance of

    20. Such comparisons, however, between the profit and expense of new projects are commonly very fallacious ; and in nothing more so than in agriculture

    21. Mining, it seems, is considered there in the same light as here, as a lottery, in which the prizes do not compensate the blanks, though the greatness of some tempts many adventurers to throw away their fortunes in such unprosperous projects

    22. The plans and projects of the employers of stock regulate and direct all the most important operation of labour, and profit is the end proposed by all those plans and projects

    23. As during their whole lives they are engaged in plans and projects, they have frequently more acuteness of understanding than the greater part of country gentlemen

    24. Here are just two of the projects, where their children

    25. Traders and other undertakers may, no doubt with great propriety, carry on a very considerable part of their projects with borrowed money

    26. They complained of the contracted views and dastardly spirit of the directors of those banks, which did not, they said, extend their credits in proportion to the extension of the trade of the country ; meaning, no doubt, by the extension of that trade, the extension of their own projects beyond what they could carry on either with their own capital, or with what they had credit to borrow of private people in the usual way of bond or mortgage

    27. In a country where the ordinary profits of stock, in the greater part of mercantile projects, are supposed to run between six and ten per cent

    28. Many vast and extensive projects, however, were undertaken, and for several years carried on, without any other fund to support them besides what was raised at this enormous expense

    29. Upon their awakening, however, either at the end of their projects, or when they were no longer able to carry them on, they very seldom, I believe, had the good fortune to find it

    30. You may put equal time, money and heart into 10 projects

    31. 6 projects fail miserably, 3 projects break even and one is a whopping

    32. It’s hard to know which projects will fall flat and which will fly

    33. This bank, no doubt, gave some temporary relief to those projectors, and enabled them to carry on their projects for about two years longer than they could otherwise have done

    34. Herold’s mind buzzed with art projects:

    35. I have partners that I work with on some projects where we split the profits; or

    36. And I still use outsourcers for occasional projects where I need a specialist

    37. In the long run your projects will suffer

    38. was quiet, solved the main projects, bought

    39. I have seen too many projects fail for

    40. their projects and poring over the deep books

    41. on my projects so intensely because I love my work

    42. How common is it to have several projects on the go? How many of us are

    43. currently working on more than two projects? Probably most of us

    44. To improve land with profit, like all other commercial projects, requires an exact attention to small savings and small gains, of which a man born to a great fortune, even though naturally frugal, is very seldom capable

    45. A merchant is accustomed to employ his money chiefly in profitable projects ; whereas a mere country gentleman is accustomed to employ it chiefly in expense

    46. Sober men, whose projects have been disproportioned to their capitals, are as likely to have neither wherewithal to buy money, nor credit to borrow it, as prodigals, whose expense has been disproportioned to their revenue

    47. Before their projects can be brought to bear, their stock is gone, and their credit with it

    48. To see your daughter in your dream represents your waking relationship with your daughter and the qualities that she projects

    49. It was another of his construction projects, this time on the plain of Dura, and it involved a massive monument to be erected

    50. A recent winner of a national high school science award felt he wasn’t any smarter than anyone else; but, throughout most of his school years, he had spent many hours in the basement experimenting with all kinds of projects, “failing through” to success

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