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Project en una oración (en ingles)

  1. It was quite a project.
  2. It was a family project.
  3. If the project that is.
  4. It was not a new project.
  5. And the guilt we project.

  6. So the project was a flub.
  7. The moon project had begun.
  8. We did a project together.
  9. In this project, 72 hours.
  10. But this project was mine.
  11. In fact, the project was.
  12. A project that scared him.
  13. Good luck with the project.
  14. They passed on the project.
  15. I’m working on a project.

  16. Project X had destroyed her.
  17. It was their little project.
  18. He shall be project manager.
  19. Our school project was his.
  20. Grand Canal project with you.
  21. She was lied to by Project X.
  22. Now… as to your project.
  23. She had to finish the project.
  24. The Hello World Main Project.
  25. It would be a big project.

  26. The Next Project Was Querying.
  27. I felt lucky to have a project.
  28. We got on with the project.
  29. What sets this project apart.
  30. The project was a big success.
  31. By 1993, the project had had.
  32. You need to track all project.
  33. I thus initiated a project to.
  34. Control of the XUSING Project.
  35. The turbine project was shelved.
  36. The project has resulted in a.
  37. The project took about a year.
  38. Whatever you project, is what.
  39. When the project is completed.
  40. Where it was known as Project.
  41. Was he a difficult project for.
  42. You project the image of wealth.
  43. What makes a project a project?
  44. Hmm… Future project? Could be.
  45. Let them build their project.
  46. Life reflects what you project!.
  47. Rex told her of the moon project.
  48. Part of the project preparation.
  49. This project turned out to be a.
  50. The accident… at the project.
  51. What is the project here for me?
  52. You have to project its opposite.
  53. But the project remains untouched.
  54. The reason that a major project.
  55. The next project turned out to be.
  56. Gary, this is my research project.
  57. Defending the Early Years Project.
  58. This is the project I am proposing.
  59. It was our first project together.
  60. You mean the stage project?
  61. There was another project, he said.
  62. The project was permitted in 2007.
  63. We’re collaborating on a project.
  64. Project Jenova is a branch of this.
  65. She is already into a big project.
  66. Soneji was the project killer, too.
  67. The 80-hour rule can help project.
  68. The success of a project rests on.
  69. The project only took a week or two.
  70. This project has meant a lot to me.
  71. This project was just too dangerous.
  72. Synthesis of the Project Activities.
  73. The Hello World Application Project.
  74. But the Pioneer Project is worse.
  75. Comment or speak about this Project.
  76. Start with a nice small easy project.
  77. On the other hand, if a project or.
  78. I have requested the project be.
  79. I had a breakthrough on the project.
  80. But we have another project for.
  81. It can be part of their beta project.
  82. Appreciate the Scale of your project.
  83. Hence the name, Project Starburst.
  84. Oh, the project is almost complete.
  85. This obscene project continues to run.
  86. The project needed an ‘accelerant.
  87. Form of Payment of the XUSING Project.
  88. Tim was delighted to have this project.
  89. This has been my pet project for years.
  90. Where’s the lab of Project X?
  91. The cost of the project is £1,692,220.
  92. This is part of a research project.
  93. Clearing the land for his new project.
  94. As a result of this, the Project Team.
  95. The Project presents systemic solution.
  96. The project can still move forward.
  97. Yeah but this project is the big news.
  98. Project and implementation of the new.
  99. You may hear bad news about a project.
  100. The working on the project had started.
  1. Were you projecting to others.
  2. Are you projecting a reflection?
  3. Q: Which is the projecting power?
  4. The thing is projecting emotions now.
  5. Apparently he was projecting out an.
  6. It was projecting the images of the.
  7. In career terms, it means projecting.
  8. This is what psychologists call projecting.
  9. Danger in Projecting Trends into the Future.
  10. In career terms, it means projecting your.
  11. By projecting your self-hate out: onto others.
  12. Not the pole projecting from between his legs.
  13. On the other side of the bushes a shoe was projecting.
  14. I was probably projecting my feelings for my own kids.
  15. How do they do this? By projecting fear into your soul.
  16. You're just projecting your stuff onto them, that's all.
  17. Like it was projecting one of those cool cosmic photos.
  18. You are projecting your life-energy outside of yourself.
  19. Once you succeed in projecting into the astral Plane, my.
  20. Projecting ahead to when reaching Tarden, the idea of facing.
  21. The word is projecting, not shouting, Glenda taught us that.
  22. I think maybe he can’t sense me when I’m astral projecting.
  23. By projecting their exploding emotional rage outwards physically.
  24. You can ignore that growth when you are projecting owner income.
  25. The lasers were coming from everywhere, and projecting everywhere.
  26. I worked on the other person I could see me projecting energy to.
  27. Projecting into the future on the knowledge of orientation mostly.
  28. Once she learned how to become a calm, assertive Leader projecting.
  29. True moats give you more confidence in projecting future performance.
  30. John responds to the question by projecting an earthly mole and beaver.
  31. In an already fractured culture, senior management was projecting an.
  32. It’s me, Suong, she announced, projecting her soft voice upwards.
  33. The Hindu has used the four projecting the Hindu God with four arms.
  34. He saw the vast, involved wrinkles of the slightly projecting head beyond.
  35. Again and again she drew near to its grey mass projecting from the moraine.
  36. In his mind, projecting them upon her would greatly improve her appearance.
  37. Hey Ben… Ben wait!! Jose yelled, projecting his voice in front of him.
  38. We’re both empathic, and you’re projecting your thoughts fairly loudly.
  39. What you need to do is engage potential buyers while projecting the image that.
  40. Projecting our evil on others to then combat it does no good, because it simply.
  41. Projecting your voice shows her and anyone else around that you are an Alpha Male.
  42. Answer are always complicated when the rational mind stops projecting its quality.
  43. And then, Chunkmonk stretched his paw towards the illusion she was projecting.
  44. She was Dounia over again, twenty years older, but without the projecting underlip.
  45. My pail’s full, he called, seating himself on one of the projecting bowlders.
  46. Perhaps she was projecting all her insecurities into this new and frail relationship.
  47. Mirror is not producing it rather it is just projecting it to the eyes of the viewer.
  48. He couldn’t tell what she was thinking and she wasn’t thought projecting anything.
  49. It does not make a habit of projecting above-average returns and missing expectations.
  50. The brickwork was sheer, with a projecting course half way between him and the parapet.
  51. Her feet were clad in shoes then in vogue, with thick, projecting soles and stubby ends.
  52. The attachment to the past is fading away, and I am projecting me into the present time.
  53. The various scans confirmed to his retinal projecting PDU that he was within visual range.
  54. The beam pointed to the wooden wall, projecting a clear picture of a newspaper FrontPage.
  55. The parapet along the edgewise cliff was dotted with gantries projecting into nothingness.
  56. You could tell from the actor’s eyes that he was projecting thoughts that were pretty hot.
  57. From reflecting and projecting everything they could back out onto their victims and enemies.
  58. Somehow, the planet is projecting information on multiple levels, and in very complex detail.
  59. He hadn’t made it twenty feet and his body heaved outward, projecting a huge eruption of vomit.
  60. The only way undead evil can survive is by projecting all of its rotting stinking evil out: out….
  61. In our bodies, a bold projecting brow falls off to and indicates a corresponding depth of thought.
  62. Overstanding is the outward motion of a net; charging out and projecting its reality into the world.
  63. The two minds in spirit and soul unites in one projecting mind in feelings; the friend and the enemy.
  64. Back upstairs, Vinnie held a portable computer which was projecting a holographic keyboard and screen.
  65. He had resumed his seat, the cigar still projecting at an insolent angle from the corner of his mouth.
  66. He watched thru those eyes, projecting in this crystal ball the natives call an 'Eye' with a capital E.
  67. She spent so much of her energy, her own will, projecting an image of impossible beauty and ultimate joy.
  69. It was a super control room with each of eight walls projecting images of worlds they could potentially visit.
  70. The tool-brain began relating-to, connecting-to its own abstract reality and projecting it out onto the world.
  71. He came to greet her, and stood in the shade in front of the Lheureux's shop under the projecting grey awning.
  72. If the platform has a pole projecting at each corner, the loops of the bowline-on-the-bight can be slipped over.
  73. It was a giant dog, as large as a calf, tawny tinted, with hanging jowl, black muzzle, and huge projecting bones.
  74. That we are the fear-filled savage beasts merely projecting and reflecting our own fears onto our Outer Universe.
  75. Although this may not tell you where prices are going, it can be a big help in projecting where prices won’t go.
  76. The insects buzzed round his ears and suddenly a little cloud of flies flew up, disturbed from a projecting stone.
  77. The President paused; his arms straight to either side of the lectern, his head bowed projecting a weary demeanour.
  78. Iron and steel makers are projecting new furnaces and mills in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee and Alabama.
  79. Practices which directly affect prior conditioning rewire the brain and body, which are projecting the outside world.
  80. Frequently, the best tool for projecting future earnings is the structure and amount of asset value at a given moment.
  81. The Blue Pyramid had six blue snakelike appendages and three eyes that blinked from the tips of projecting structures.
  82. She still thought Ava was projecting her own thoughts to these dolphins, but she was willing to have some fun with it.
  83. All alive to his jeopardy, he was going "head out"; that part obliquely projecting from the mad yeast which he brewed.
  84. Two big engine pods were mounted under its wings, projecting significantly forward, and the fuselage was quite stubby.
  85. Pyotr Stepanovitch was standing a little sideways to the corner, and could only see the projecting parts of the figure.
  86. Nancy then rolled backward while planting her right foot in his belly, projecting Niotsaeton through the air and over her.
  87. No wonder these apostles did not fully comprehend the Master's words, for he was projecting to them the plan of a new age.
  88. Finally, mercifully, her outstretched fingers passed over a projecting object and she pressed hard then waited a few seconds.
  89. It depends on identifying the typical characteristics of volatility and then projecting a volatility over some future period.
  90. Projecting the trend into the future, a casual analyst at the turn of the century might have penciled in numbers like this:.
  91. So if you have an idyllic ‘Flipper’ model in your head, then you’re still projecting on my kind as you have in the past.
  92. That pink and shining foot, projecting from the shadow, suddenly struck the eye of Azelma, who said to Eponine, Look! sister.
  93. There, exactly there, pointing with one hand, on that projecting mound, there I fell; and there I first saw Willoughby.
  94. Once I entered the suit it formed to my current likeness, acting like a mirror projecting an image of my current depraved state.
  95. Someone with my considerable skills - projecting them back into an opponent would be dangerous; it would probably get me killed.
  96. He was leaning far back in the red leather chair, his legs outstretched, a long black cigar projecting at an angle from his mouth.
  97. Ryabinin was a tall, thinnish, middle-aged man, with mustache and a projecting clean-shaven chin, and prominent muddy-looking eyes.
  98. There were large boulders here and there projecting up from the floor and there were caves in the walls at the bottom of the gorge.
  99. They swung in under the overhanging bushes of the western shore and Balthus groped for and found a projecting root which he grasped.
  100. Quickly, silently, magically projecting its thoughts into the minds of the children- the Oogie beckoned them to gather by its side.
  1. You see is projected off.
  2. The past is projected into.
  3. Projected cash flow on monthly basis.
  4. He projected his own human form, too.
  5. Projected backward by the impact of the.
  6. The projected cost to reduce warming by 1.
  7. Rex projected the shuttle that was on the.
  8. Year 2 Net Income (projected or estimated).
  9. The elastic band on his arm projected the.
  10. Monetary Aggregates of projected income for.
  11. It projected the hologram of Fopi in the air.
  12. The feed is projected on the inner faceplate.
  13. All hate is fear-pain-hurt projected outwards.
  14. Where did the projected reflection come from?
  15. Curves his white bastions with projected roof.
  16. That is the projected Tri-Day price at point S.
  17. So the head is projected on the forehead, the.
  18. However, they were projected to increase by 23.
  19. PDA projected the internal 3D map above the table.
  20. His mind projected the sound onto the environment.
  21. If the plan worked as projected the company would.
  22. Her wide eyes were locked on the projected display.
  23. Consequently, the further away a projected event is.
  24. For example, seven cervical vertebras are projected.
  25. FONEMED hires throughout the year based on projected.
  26. It was as if the bird had projected an image of its.
  27. One was faint and projected a silver line across the.
  28. He projected into my mind, I am not only in your heart.
  29. Petersen was a stumbling block to his projected theory.
  30. So humans reflectively projected that separate self out.
  31. This nifty little gadget projected a hologram and had.
  32. I open my eyes and find a hologram projected on my face.
  33. He checked the icons Owl had projected across his vision.
  34. I’m projected to a rather early memory long forgotten.
  35. They projected a dangerous laser beam over long distances.
  36. God projected the Ten commandment to fit the mind of Moses.
  37. The general projected his answer using more mental telepathy.
  38. The beetling head of the cliff projected over the cane-brake.
  39. He projected the business tycoon that he was known to be in.
  40. A projected image of a simple blue and white planet appeared.
  41. Her large bosom projected firmly against her white body suit.
  42. Until the projected image of a lie becomes seen as the truth.
  43. Asset value was projected confidently at $26 to $28 per share.
  44. The shadow of an enormous right is projected athwart Waterloo.
  45. One thick green line was marked in bold-face type Projected.
  46. A room-enveloping hologram was projected from the floor of the.
  47. His projected his sexual energy out: unhealthily, impersonally.
  48. Human Outer Normality: projected in to become and Inner Reality.
  49. Human Inner Normality: projected out to become an Outer Reality.
  50. I thought projected into her mind, Don’t you dare cry!.
  51. Triple-digit top-line growth, he projected, with earnings of $0.
  52. And then it projected that state back out onto the Moslem world.
  53. Why else would he have projected such a large image of himself?
  54. The sun had set on the projected paradise outside Roman’s window.
  55. The beam of electromagnetic energy projected from this antenna.
  56. I chant projected a thousand blooming cities yet in time on those.
  57. I will need the coordinates of this rock field and its projected.
  58. His face was suddenly livid with the anger that his voice projected.
  59. You’ll record the projected price high and low on your worksheet.
  60. Several of the games were electronically projected but most weren't.
  61. The thought she projected was that I was a tiger she wanted to tame.
  62. Farah, like Al Rashid, was brutally projected forward by the impact.
  63. Take a look at the projected extrapolated value for 5 years from now.
  64. He projected his threat through the psychic link al vampires shared.
  65. It is being projected that Apple will ship more than 35 million Apple.
  66. Cleft projected enthusiasm and his smile was as inspiring as his baton.
  67. I just projected an image of the berry patch and the path there to him.
  68. That weapon projected our whole fleet in the past by over 31 centuries.
  69. Together, they walked through his projected image as they came to his.
  70. This projected large drain on state budgets is due to the unfortunate.
  71. Even when he projected into it with his helmet light, there was nothing.
  72. In other words it merely mediates our contact with this projected world.
  73. As you can see, the reality was quite different from the projected result.
  74. It is essential disembodied projected egos distilled into virtual beings.
  75. Some forty or fifty cotton mills are projected between Georgia and Texas.
  76. This number is projected to grow to 50% (or 161 million) by the year 2030.
  77. Where had previous intimations of the result, effected or projected, been.
  78. They were a tightly knit family who projected family unit and togetherness.
  79. Heads up displays were projected onto the bubble, providing her detailed.
  80. All their noses upwardly projected from their faces like so many jib-booms.
  81. Also, the spread between the futures contracts was narrower than projected.
  82. The surgeon’s demeanour projected a strong variance and lack of sincerity.
  83. The IOU’s alone would pay benefits projected further than 2042! Yet, many.
  84. It makes sense to see how they’re projected to grow in the next five years.
  85. On the back wall, Molly had projected a holographic thingie of a faux rooftop.
  86. I could from his projected hologram that he was in yet another control center.
  87. George activated a hand held pointer that projected a red arrow on the screen.
  88. It was the largest in their history, doubling their projected annual revenues.
  89. We then initiate positions that are outside our projected range of the market.
  90. Being projected towards the objective, the course becomes almost insignificant.
  91. I confess that my first impulse about a projected journey is to leave it alone.
  92. It was not in the way of the projected harbour branch of the line in the least.
  93. IBM was projected to gain as much as 80 percent in the next three to five years.
  94. A more obvious limitation appears from the Corporation’s projected activities.
  95. The only difference is that one is reflected in, and the other is projected out.
  96. Salaries for Lennox’s 110 officers, including projected overtime, will be $25.
  97. Those costs are projected at $95 trillion up front in economic destruction.
  98. For example, a 3d hologram is projected from a small area in your 2d credit card.
  99. The dirty window he was looking through dissolved away and he was projected back.
  100. Monica felt as good inside as the appearance the garment projected on the outside.
  1. I have my own projects.
  2. Lots and lots of projects.
  3. It's a name that projects.
  4. Projects should be taken as.
  5. The projects created in this.
  6. Info handout on THC projects:.
  7. New projects came along with.
  8. Tom, Bling is onto new projects.
  9. Many projects are left unfinished.
  10. We have collaborated on projects.
  11. Say, My Lord projects the truth.
  12. We did a lot of projects together.
  13. How to cost and time your projects.
  14. Tip 64: DIY projects to save money.
  15. I can change any of my projects and.
  16. The projects shouldn't take much more.
  17. Projects have estimated ROI within the.
  18. Visions are turned into projects, and.
  19. I have seen too many projects fail for.
  20. Dear uncle, you know, has many projects.
  21. Spring is the time of plans and projects.
  22. You are finishing up career projects now.
  23. At the very bottom of the projects in pom.
  24. In the long run your projects will suffer.
  25. My company is getting projects to work on.
  26. Corporate hoses get the projects allocated.
  27. We now believe the projects time has come.
  28. Habitat for Humanity projects, the company.
  29. He told me of the Emperor’s new projects.
  30. Anne is our Operations and Projects Manager.
  31. Imagine that Costco cut all growth projects.
  32. Rain Gate projects was one of the biggest.
  33. Herold’s mind buzzed with art projects:.
  34. Usuarist Projects and Identification of the.
  35. I imagined myself, Nat Love of the projects.
  36. By the assault th' invader's black projects.
  37. Cop who choked the kid over in the projects.
  38. Then there were the projects all over again.
  39. Usually, many projects compete for limited.
  40. I spent it on projects I made to give to her.
  41. But…there are 187 projects on that list.
  42. Your mind then projects that internal image.
  43. Mitch and Silas both grew up in the Projects.
  44. Projects at the Paris 10 University, she was.
  45. Different classmates led different projects.
  46. Sure, a couple of projects weren’t going as.
  47. I had dozens of projects in various states of.
  48. We usually have several projects going at once.
  49. Special Projects: Where is the follow-through?
  50. This is more seen on outside painting projects.
  51. That must have cut short the projects of escape.
  52. By running your design and development projects.
  53. Lilliput’s economy with worthless projects and.
  54. Then it projects what is reflects and vice versa.
  55. Long-term projects that might not pay off until.
  56. Who said history projects would get you nowhere?
  57. Norah was analyzing them for one of her projects.
  58. If a firm does not fund all projects that would.
  59. I would keep her active, with projects and–’.
  60. He’d been working on the same kinds of projects.
  61. Soon after, the system projects the Monetary Mass.
  62. His next projects were a bed and a couple of tables.
  63. Life is full of surprises and so are sales projects.
  64. Not one paving-stone projects beyond its neighbor.
  65. He enthusiastically supports all of my new projects.
  66. Choking Hazard: The projects described in this book.
  67. It had been a ride-by shooting outside the projects.
  68. When he wasn't working on official projects such as.
  69. Luckily I have saved the school homework projects on.
  70. Tony got very busy with all those projects and left.
  71. Namibia has many stages and backlots for projects of.
  72. He busted up a basketball game in one of the projects.
  73. He preferred to be there at the start of his projects.
  74. It is one of the largest open source projects in the.
  75. Each science class elected four projects for the fair.
  76. Only do one of these complex projects at the same time.
  77. She asked me what new projects I was working on (after.
  78. Cut costs, ration capital and under fund some projects.
  79. I do better on new projects, where you can be creative.
  80. I heard a shot and come runnin’ from the projects.
  81. You may put equal time, money and heart into 10 projects.
  82. You said Coombs killed this kid in the projects?
  83. Some projects or goals may require money to perform them.
  84. The good news is that nations have stopped dam projects.
  85. It was 1am and Rain Gate projects seemed to be deserted.
  86. Take care of the power that projects all this and your.
  87. I like to have multiple projects within an organization.
  88. So don’t be afraid to begin these projects on your own.
  89. Here are just two of the projects, where their children.
  90. But even in the projects there were nice things mixed in.
  91. I also do some work with kids in the projects, I said.
  92. More complex projects may require the use of specialized.
  93. The magnetism one projects to others comes from the heart.
  94. Their mercantile projects were not much better conducted.
  95. Different woods are better suited for different projects.
  96. Later that night Jamaal trampled through the projects of.
  97. Reinvest the capital back in the business in new projects.
  98. Has Thorne always been against these kinds of projects?
  99. Given that my business was large scale projects, that is.
  100. A thousand projects flashed through my mind to rescue her.

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