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Telly en una oración (en ingles)

1. Oh, cut it out Telly.
2. I asked Telly about her.
3. She could hear the telly.
4. Thats what Telly calls me.
5. Oh Telly, give us a break.
6. Yes, like in ER, on the telly.
7. But he was watching telly as well.
8. You have plenty of money, Telly.
9. Stuck with Sam and stuck with Telly.
10. Just move the telly and everything.
11. It was on the telly – just now?
12. Sheri was having a rough time with Telly.
13. He was a funny, old-fashioned man, Telly.
14. He’s watching telly, the boy said.
15. Telly was a mathematical brain, full stop.
16. Really, he knew from the ubiquitous telly.
17. Dennaben just watched telly and ignored me.
18. For heaven's sake Telly, they are correct.
19. He said nothing and just looked at the telly.
20. Sheri and Telly seemed very happy to have me.
21. Well, pretty much what they said on the telly.
22. I remembered Telly telling me you were lovers.
23. An instant affinity bound me to Telly at once.
24. There’s not even a bloody telly in here!.
25. Telly was not at home and she did not stay long.
26. There's a great gardening programme on the telly.
27. Next day I called Telly and asked him to pass by.
28. Telly while he was at MIT and I was at Radcliffe.
29. Sheri said she was sleepy and Laura got up to join Telly.
30. I wondered what sort of dealings he might have with Telly.
31. I walked downstairs and heard a noise coming from the telly.
32. He should have stuck with presenting children’s telly in.
33. After lunch Telly asked us to go for a walk along the beach.
34. I was starting to understand Telly and meanwhile I got to know Sheri.
35. When she met Telly they locked on each other like a virus on a cell.
36. There was an enormous flat screen telly on the other side of the room.
37. He was sitting on Jake’s bed watching telly and holding onto something.
38. Afterwards Telly drove us out of the city for lunch and made a proposition.
39. At Cairo airport, I caught sight of Telly in an office with airport officers.
40. Well, Telly was not of the same caliber but his soft spot was very much softer.
41. Sir Richard and John were watching reruns of ‘One Foot In The Grave’ on telly.
42. She passed the rest of the day lying on the couch watching good crap on the telly.
43. Santos sat in her hard chair watching Telly Savalas watch a building burn on Kojak.
44. She talked to me quite at ease in her scanty attire even when Telly was downstairs.
45. Settle down was perhaps what she hoped would happen to Telly once they were married.
46. Nothing was impossible for Telly with his unorthodox and often questionable methods.
47. But that's changed now, so maybe I can do without the chocolate and the telly as well.
48. You’ve seen Teef perform, on telly at least, haven’t you? Maybe you could try a few of.
49. I was admitted, and his consolation was the reassurance that Telly would be looking after me.
50. I kept up comments of approval all through the display making both Sheri and Telly very happy.
51. Telly and Sheri I suddenly felt tired and would go to sleep though it was still early afternoon.
52. Some are huh? What's that? [Laughter] See? It doesn't mean you turn on the telly and watch rugby.
53. I’m thinking of becoming a Buddhist, at least that Dalai Lama’s on the telly now and again.
54. Dennaben was sat on the couch with his feet up on the arm, watching telly and eating a bowl of cereal.
55. Oh Nicholas, she said, I dont need another Telly in my life and cavalier declarations of love.
56. Dont you think? I mean, perhaps Telly was a part of it, a pawn of this experiment, this vast evolution.
57. I took my stuff up stairs to the flat and unpacked setting up a mattress on the floor with my 34cm telly.
58. I can see that I'm going to have to stop you watching the Clothes Show on the telly if you keep this up!.
59. When you saw me that first time, twenty years ago, you thought Telly was a lucky guy to have made love to me.
60. It was a cold morning at Goulburn gaol, I had been up late having a big one watching late night telly in my cell.
61. We made up and made love with Telly and, baby, it was great with you but I cannot have two men at the same time.
62. Suzy laughs; Yes I remember that, Eastenders was on and I forgot all about it, do not worry I will not turn the telly on.
63. Oh, what I'd give for the telly rights to a struggle like this—more intense, surely, than the attack by Pygmies on an elephant.
64. It was a quiet drive back and I was not sure if there was tension between Telly and Sheri for his almost exclusive attention to Laura.
65. I supposed sitting next to Dennaben and watching him play a game on the telly wasn't that odd after the way the morning had gone already.
66. Maurice closed the door behind him, much to Elsie’s annoyance as she would miss all the fun now (it was always better live than on the telly).
67. Until Telly moved into his double bed with Sheri and Sams cot went into the empty, third room of our second floor lest she blighted the reunion.
68. I met Telly on several occasions when he carried out routine government business for my father and I gave him his fees, which my father estimated.
69. Telly, massive and muscular, went for a dip but after testing the freezing north Atlantic with his toes decided it was still too early in the season.
70. Telly called and told me to address myself to a Hassan Riad at the airport and I made arrangements at work, telling them I would be away for a few days.
71. Not without a certain amount of satisfaction, he said, 'I'm sorry, Gilbert, but you must have been watching too many cops and robbers programmes on the telly.
72. How can I describe Telly? He hated his Greek name, Aristotelis, and said that at least Onassis had the money to bolster it, to keep people from laughing at it.
73. But, no, she had to know every detail and of course there were quarrels and recriminations at home and it is a wonder Telly, himself, did not leave the house.
74. Laura, a few months later, called to say she was pregnant and would I help her with an abortion, which I did, deducing at the same time that the culprit was Telly.
75. After the game ended, Telly brought out sandwiches and beer and we had a snack while Laura and Telly argued about who played best, who had the better luck and who won.
76. Telly was handsome, sociable and charming with that attribute of utter congeniality: the easy smile and ready laugh and, so, effortlessly, embodied the legendary lady killer.
77. Perhaps, moreover, the fact that Telly, at that particular time, had probably run out of paramours, returned from college early, and did not go out at night was a decisive factor.
78. I had not been smoking hooch but I did with them two bong fiends so we sat in this baren flat with a little telly and the bong going round eating pizza and laughing our asss off.
79. Telly was the spitting image of Sylvester Stallone with the qualification that a punch from Rocky would have left Telly smiling while a punch from Telly would have flattened Rocky.
80. In time, as the higher ups, the diplomats rotated every two or three years to different posts and locations, Telly steadily built a network of connections of truly astounding proportions.
81. Now and then with Telly we visited the construction site, as we jokingly called it, to see its progress and from the initial utter shambles, when most of it was torn apart, it started shaping up.
82. I spent many weekends there, sleeping on a sofa in the living room, looking at Jack Paar on late night TV and spending the next day with Telly on his rounds of coffee bars and appointments with 43.
83. Sam, in those early days, drove us literally crazy and drove Telly out of his bedroom and the couples relationship went on hold in permanent silence, speechlessness, not a word from either side, forever.
84. Kicking Off: Porn Star and ASBO Hooligan Batter Telly Kids, was the headline, over a huge freeze frame from the recording appearing to show Natalie lifting one of the kids off the ground by his hair.
85. At her flat Laura asked me up for a coffee and, as her flat-mate happened not to be there, we made love as passionately as usual and my own slight uneasiness about the time she spent with Telly was dispelled.
86. I kept in touch with Maria who was a darling and adored me and even made friends with Sheri, who understood she had nothing to fear from me because it was I that no longer wanted Telly and not the other way round.
87. Peak or not, an orphanage is never a home and Telly grew up and finished primary school in misery, in hand-me-down clothing and the fleeting concern and doubtful affection of rich ladies involved in charitable work.
88. In our conversations during my two days with Laura, she hinted that Telly had parallel dalliances even while he was with her but again I was torn between wanting the details and the need to remain aloof and above Tellys squalid behavior.
89. The three took lunch at the most fashionable restaurant in London town, and Flower and Candy brushed excited shoulders with the rich and famous, unperturbed by the exposé that most of them were shorter in life than they were on the telly.
90. Then, at the end of the school year, Telly announced his forthcoming, rather hasty marriage to Sheri, due to an unforeseen pregnancy, and proposed that the following semester I should live with them instead of the boarding house and I accepted willingly.
91. With me, Telly, tried to keep up a semblance of normality and familiarity, asking me matter of factly, Hows it going Nicky? to which I answered, Fine, Telly, fine, and gave him bits and pieces of college news and my progress in our abstruse discipline.
92. The only difficulty she encountered in her curriculum was in statistical theory, a branch of mathematics, indispensable in the study of trends and populations, and it was this which led her to Telly, a family friend, and inadvertently to the first smile we exchanged.
93. It was close to six o’clock and Mr Crow suggested they go to a pub for a meal, to Murray’s surprise Mr Hawk agreed, Murray refused saying that he was going to watch a bit of telly and have an early night, when they left he phoned Shirl and brought her up to speed, then he turned the telly on, next he went through the rubbish bin looking for the coke bottle Mr Crow had taken from his car before he sank it, there were two nice clear prints on the bottle so he wrapped it and put it with his other insurance, identities and money and stuffed the lot inside the drivers door of the truck, he still didn’t know who Mr Crow was but he was sure with all the resources the casino had at their disposal they would soon trace a fingerprint, one way or another Mr Crows career was about to go pear shaped along with a certain Melbourne ex-bookie, he got a beer from the fridge and began to watch a quiz show on the telly, a young quiz host, who was completely up himself, was being very condescending in his humiliation of an elderly couple who’s greed for the over-priced second rate prizes had stripped them of their pride, feeling upset for them he turned the telly off, he then had a whimsical thought that went like this, to get top ratings all that had to be done was for the TV company to set up one of the aged contestant to punch that pretentious little pricks lights out in front of a national audience, he reckoned the ratings would go through the roof, and with any luck it might also start a trend, he knew it was far-fetched but he was quite happy with his whimsical thought, maybe one day you never know.
94. I was really thrilled that our story had been on the telly,.
95. Sheri almost cried and Telly was taken aback but he smiled and said,.

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