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Telly in a sentence

Oh, cut it out Telly.
I asked Telly about her.
She could hear the telly.
Thats what Telly calls me.
Oh Telly, give us a break.
Yes, like in ER, on the telly.
You have plenty of money, Telly.

But he was watching telly as well.
Stuck with Sam and stuck with Telly.
Just move the telly and everything.
It was on the telly – just now?
Sheri was having a rough time with Telly.
He’s watching telly, the boy said.
He was a funny, old-fashioned man, Telly.
Really, he knew from the ubiquitous telly.
Telly was a mathematical brain, full stop.
Dennaben just watched telly and ignored me.
For heaven's sake Telly, they are correct.
Sheri and Telly seemed very happy to have me.
He said nothing and just looked at the telly.
Well, pretty much what they said on the telly.
An instant affinity bound me to Telly at once.
I remembered Telly telling me you were lovers.
There’s not even a bloody telly in here!.
Telly was not at home and she did not stay long.
Next day I called Telly and asked him to pass by.
Telly while he was at MIT and I was at Radcliffe.
There's a great gardening programme on the telly.
Sheri said she was sleepy and Laura got up to join Telly.
I wondered what sort of dealings he might have with Telly.
I walked downstairs and heard a noise coming from the telly.
He should have stuck with presenting children’s telly in.
After lunch Telly asked us to go for a walk along the beach.
When she met Telly they locked on each other like a virus on a cell.
I was starting to understand Telly and meanwhile I got to know Sheri.
There was an enormous flat screen telly on the other side of the room.
He was sitting on Jake’s bed watching telly and holding onto something.
Afterwards Telly drove us out of the city for lunch and made a proposition.
At Cairo airport, I caught sight of Telly in an office with airport officers.
Well, Telly was not of the same caliber but his soft spot was very much softer.

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