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    1. I know that this is not a new argument, but what is “Bravery” when used in the context of terminal il ness? I am unaware of anybody who

    2. Nobody wil truly appreciate the enormity of this phrase unless they too have a terminal il ness

    3. Despite what you may have heard though, having a terminal ilness

    4. “Like chains,” the boy said, and Hermann thought that maybe he was silently going mad just while waiting in the terminal

    5. Herndon went to play with his portable terminal on the boat and Ava took a camp quilt to the beach

    6. Also, make sure that they are not suffering from any terminal illness

    7. Though she had been at the center of getting device manufacture going, she didn't actually carry one, but had a data terminal at the house

    8. Ominous military presence in the terminal, frowning soldiers, armed to the teeth, are standing about

    9. One or two taxi drivers move in for the kill when they see Russ, John and Khalid exit the terminal

    10. between the edges of this black speedway, and yet, as he reached terminal velocity,

    11. Hamo’s driver David brings the car to a slow stop near the Departure Terminal

    12. the Waitrose car park seemed ambrosially soft compared to this hard, cold, terminal

    13. While those natives had to be informed by the one of their clan who had gone to a data terminal, the network was connected to everyone on Narrulla's Tear and she was able to query, 'what is known about an asteroid that could collide with the planet Kassidor?' and find out quite a lot

    14. “You have a terminal disease

    15. Therefore he had designated his little brother to carry the satchel with the satellite phone terminal

    16. "What's with the satellite terminal?" He asked

    17. one who is in the last phase of a terminal illness

    18. Leaving the terminal building they found the taxi stand and walked to the top of the queue

    19. The baggage handler hurried down the terminal hallway as fast as he could, so worried that the little carry-on would miss its flight and then be stranded there in Phoenix

    20. He pushed off the bulkhead and flew to the terminal set near Wrigley’s prospecting console

    21. " He gestured in front of his helmet to call up the spoofing script he’d written to emulate Staas Company’s Inventory Query Protocols and passed it to the terminal in front of him without missing a stroke

    22. Tig couldn’t help things by being at the terminal, so he shared Parker’s porthole and watched the wreckage pass by on the junk’s port side

    23. A single false move and those guns would carry out their terminal function without a moment of compassion

    24. As fragile as the plasterwork might be, it would always be bolstered by the terminal brutality of small arms fire

    25. Even the new products using technology from Earth were often decorated to look like their ancient artifacts so the terminal was a crystal ball that you panned and zoomed by looking from a different angle and distance

    26. At one end of the room two elderly women sat at a terminal, hissing information at each other as they scoured the database

    27. He had no need to pay attention to any landscape other than that small slice of the world contained between the edges of this black speedway, and yet, as he reached terminal velocity, something made him notice the further extremes of possibility painted upon the horizon, beyond the vortex that he created

    28. The usual horrors of the Waitrose car park seemed ambrosially soft compared to this hard, cold, terminal descent

    29. 'You arrive at the terminal, see the insurance desk, you are asked if the place you're going is your final destination and you are told this is your last and final call for flight 666, terminating at Athens Airport

    30. Next he removed the diagnostics and logging taps from his own terminal so that his activity would not be logged

    31. Unfortunately, the mood was broken when, over a large cognac, his wife revealed that she had phoned their mutual friend, had told him about her husband’s terminal illness and had persuaded him to make her poor spouse’s final year or two truly comfortable

    32. terminal connected to a giant database

    33. him about her husband’s terminal illness and had persuaded him to

    34. Maybe he could go to a terminal and even find a way to query student records for Tdeshi, but like Ava said, there would be thousands of Tdeshi’s in the school’s history

    35. She didn’t waste any more time at the terminal but hopped on a public for the hour ride up to that clinic

    36. She could see him now … jerkily, returning to his seat at the table … and then, he’d just sort of imploded mentally, as though Andy’s defection was the terminal straw in the train of disasters which comprised this ill-fated project

    37. “I’m looking for someone named Hyondahi at this address,” Jorma got out the notes he’d copied from the terminal and showed him

    38. whether he hit the lottery or had a terminal illness with only days to live

    39. “Automatic Terminal Information Service (ATIS) is a continuous broadcast of recorded aeronautical information such as weather information, which runways are active, available approaches, and any other information required by the pilots

    40. With a raincoat draped over his arm and brief case over his shoulder he dragged his luggage into the terminal

    41. short) climb onto the remains of a terminal moraine at

    42. Klowa got that message off on his way home, the Playalite had a terminal room just off Hapentweighn

    43. plants laid tired and wilted in their gardens, like terminal

    44. She pushed a copy button and instantly a slender paper thin disc came out of the printer next to the terminal

    45. Suddenly a grey terminal against the wall started humming and a stream of paper began to come out of a slot located in the front of the unit

    46. Despite the relative comfort of his bed, the plushness of the décor – a relining chair, a walnut work desk with a holo- interactive terminal, and exercise equipment for every muscle in his reconstituted body – there was no denying the obvious fact that he could not venture beyond this ten by fifteen metre room, no matter how determined and resourceful he knew himself to be

    47. ” said Chris, “I wondered if it was terminal?”

    48. He started the program to initialise the transceiver and, as before, the Astronomicon started up the dumb terminal application on his screen and greeted him

    49. ” he complained as he started up the terminal application once again

    50. Because I have a terminal disease, I feel that my time is very limited

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    depot terminal terminus pole end concluding final last monitor screen boundary limit termination extremity