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    1. The snow builds up, and the weight causes it to pack into the ice and push southward from the north pole and northwards from Antarctica

    2. Next to him is "Comatose John," emaciated John from the nursing home, fishing pole in his hand

    3. co-conspirator’s severed head, which was stuck on a pole of silver metal

    4. This planet had a landlocked Antarctica on each pole

    5. Asherah was a pole that was built in the shape of an erect penis (where we get our modern day stripper poles)

    6. They had to pole the ship thru the canals they cut thru the weeds

    7. According to the official news wires Marat had been given a hero’s funeral after his murder by the forces of true-blood reaction, but here Danton stood, unmoving in the candle glow, staring at his recently departed co-conspirator’s severed head, which was stuck on a pole of silver metal

    8. "What's an East Pole?" Yarin answered

    9. The East Pole looked like a hole from the outside, but inside it went way back and had three levels, so that it was the size of a normal concert hall while still keeping the atmosphere of a hole

    10. You will recognise it from the others because it flies the noble flag of Greece from a tall white pole in the yard

    11. A meander had been shot thru with a canal, then there was a complex corridor a few miles to the northeast, with a couple sets of tide control locks to pole thru

    12. “This rod is one of the best crafted fishing equipment in the state of California,” said Hasting and handed a pole to one of the gentlemen for his consideration

    13. ” Although the few 'customers' in his shop at that moment were all staring, transfixed by the Sportsman's invited commentary of the fishing pole

    14. As each new hole was created, measured and left to begin the next one, Harry was there to fill it and fetch another pole for the next

    15. Harry walked passed her as she left the dock and he stood out with the girls, a long cedar pole balanced in his hand

    16. He turned slightly so that the pole spanned the gap between them, then without any effort popped each of them in their solar plexus with the two ends of the stick

    17. Tania and Poly made a simultaneous grab and leap, a little like lifting horizontal fence planks actually but exponentially quicker, their hands grasped the ends of the pole and they used it as a trapeze to vault over Harry head, never letting loose of the pole

    18. “When you’re low man on the totem pole you really don’t have a choice

    19. He quickly set down his pole, and donned his coat at least, not able to dress his bare feet in so short a time

    20. And there I was holding onto the rope which once held up my tent pole

    21. When they had walked some little way from the lanes of the town, Harry adjusted her grip on the stout cane pole and they continued further a little ways

    22. Then he stopped their progress again and demonstrated just how he would prefer her to walk with the pole, something more of a sweeping movement, but nothing overtly odd at a glance

    23. Kaitlyn had listened with rapt interest to every detail, and had accepted with gratitude each time Harry called attention to how she held and walked with her pole

    24. When they were just a little way from the house and Kaitlyn was already walking with her pole, properly Harry noted, he then also noticed that Chloe was imitating her every move and gesture as the three walked along

    25. In short, he was low man on the totem pole, albeit the tallest, one of the most prestigious totem poles in the United Kingdom

    26. She’d pinched her eyes shut, fearful of witnessing the event, hoping she could turn them away, but as she sat helpless against the rough wood pole, she realized she was bond to hear their words

    27. Somehow or other they got behind some sort of a lumberyard type delivery truck and I don't know exactly what happened but somehow or other a steel pole from that lumber truck came through the windshield and literally pierced the passenger in the front seat

    28. The far south (near the South Pole) is home to whales, penguins and migrating seabirds

    29. from either end of a pole on his shoulders - take a running

    30. single pole or tree without 2-4 posters on it; some

    31. wounded shoulder, Uncle Xolon went with them, carrying a gaffing pole

    32. and the boy gripped the pole

    33. the moon near the lunar south pole, not far

    34. I wanted to see what I could find in the adjacent gas station before it got dark and stumbled out the front door, barely catching myself against a rusted pole that held up the awning

    35. “Hold on to the pole pretty good

    36. “Now switch hands on the pole and use this net to scoop him out of the water

    37. North Pole and a South Pole

    38. Place the magnets North Pole to

    39. South Pole and they will repel each other

    40. They then stomp on the dirt around each pole to pack it in good and tight

    41. They adapted the design of the tent as best they could to cope with the missing pole and again weighed down the edges of the fabric with quantities of gravel

    42. Even with a pole missing, the shelter went up with relative ease, their experience with it beginning to show, even with the cold hindering their movement

    43. Because the communal latrines were just pits about ten feet long a yard wide and about five feet deep above the pit was a trestle with a pole resting on it that ran the length of the pit

    44. We had heard of at least one person who was suffering horribly from the disease who had gone to the latrines by himself sat on the pole slipped of into the trench and drowned in shit because he was to weak to get out

    45. God instructed Moses to fashion a brazen serpent and place it on a wooden pole so that those who were bitten and poisoned could look up at it

    46. In the New Testament Jesus was raised up on a wooden pole in similar fashion

    47. They climbed a ladder almost to the top of the stationery pole and attached the cross bar

    48. It was terrible stuff to carry and got caught all over the place you carried it in coils that weighed about a hundred weight this was slung on a pole carried between two blokes

    49. this pleasantry and was quite successful with his fishing pole

    50. out of the tunnel mouth, a black, bristled, jointed lobster like leg as thick as a rugby pole and as long

    1. quickly poled the boat back in and rushed to help the

    2. The slender black man standing at the back expertly poled his goragora out into the maze of tributaries of the Okavango delta

    3. Joe Billie poled the narrow pirogue despite its burden

    4. and colours blinking from the three poled archway

    5. His young assistant, Jimmie, poled them out into the river

    6. “Good customer?” he asked as they watched the raft being poled away

    7. They quickly poled and pushed all the barrels together into the shallows, and when they had counted them they roped them together and left them till the morning

    8. The heavy, square barges were poled along by Caribs and Cimarones, joyfully fierce men who loved war so well that they could be persuaded to bend their sleek brown shoulders to labor if the reward were blood

    9. But the straining Indians poled on with a steady, swinging motion

    1. As the air is pulled in from the North and the South, another vacuum ensues, pulling the warm moist air towards the poles

    2. There are some fishing poles in a corner of the hut and a mountain bike against one wall

    3. They begin checking the undercarriages of the trucks with mirrors on long poles

    4. Betty’s memories are of her older sister getting dressed up to go out with some of the Poles who were stationed in Bristol and how Betty had to draw dark lines up the back of her sister’s legs as they didn’t have any stockings

    5. The world seemed to swing from the blackest depths to the sunniest heights, and all I seemed capable of doing was grimly hanging on to the elastic chord between these two poles

    6. Asherah was a pole that was built in the shape of an erect penis (where we get our modern day stripper poles)

    7. There was no wind for steerage, they were guiding the ship with poles

    8. Kate had four large poles inserted into the mountain and the tenting was tied to these

    9. “He made up the humans and all the pretty animals, but there was something in the ruins of that planet and those crystal balls on poles, those signals were real

    10. Of those that had come a couple had shotguns, a few carried farming tools, long poles and fishing nets and reminded me of senior retired gladiators

    11. They hardly ever used any sail here, just poles and wheel-spars that bore on the well shaped curb stones of the canal

    12. With their feet just wider than shoulder width apart, they raised the lever poles of the diggers, straightening their arms above their heads and in a single motion: both lowered their hands and with straight backs, lowered themselves by dropping into a very controlled near squat, almost a horse stance

    13. Then immediately spread the lever poles to grasp the captured soil, returned to the initial posture---but now with their hands wide apart instead of together---pivoted on one foot, disgorged the captured soil, pivoted back on the same foot and repeated the process

    14. Harry followed behind them setting and plumbing the poles in their excavated holes

    15. Once he was satisfied of their plumb he wedged their positions with rocks jammed and tamped down into the narrow spaces between the poles and the hole walls

    16. He was constantly crisscrossing the soon to be enclosed space, apparently unfazed by the ten foot fir poles he hoisted above his head and carried much like a waiter with a tray of food, or a drum major leading a parade band

    17. Velvet drapes over the windows let in the morning light which reflected brightly from polished brass fittings on the lacquered wooden poles and ceiling ribs, from which hung ornate lamps and tasseled bell cords

    18. eclectic collection of walking sticks, canes and hiking poles, and then

    19. He carried two cane poles in one hand and a tackle box in the other

    20. If I hadn’t seen him with the fishing poles, I might have thought he was

    21. fish while sitting, even with the old cane poles Roman had brought

    22. He put the poles on the porch and came back for

    23. In short, he was low man on the totem pole, albeit the tallest, one of the most prestigious totem poles in the United Kingdom

    24. around the square poles that supported the roof

    25. at the same time, but at the platform she clung to the poles with each hand

    26. They had to move out the door and into the next one, but there were quite a few people around and lots of poles and railings with the usual signs on them

    27. Most had halberds resting on their shoulders, long wooden poles with axe heads fixed at the ends

    28. 'Finlay ask her Grace to give the gentleman a tip please and give him back these hospital poles

    29. A pair of heavily armed soldiers guided them over the black water with incredibly long wooden poles

    30. By mid morn, the meadow was clear arid Uncle Todd had made his final trip to Dort loaded with poles, bunting and remnants of the staging

    31. "See you in four days at Top Farm now, have a safe trip and use the tent poles to help carry the baggage back" Todd yelled as his cart disappeared from view

    32. There were some plank-ups on poles beside the causeway after this, and they didn't get to see much more of that lagoon

    33. Once finished they all gathered the packs and canvas together using the tent poles as carriers

    34. "Well the extra heat warms up this planet, melts the poles and sinks half of the continents

    35. met it as wel - by the three poles of it:

    36. the north poles all facing one direction and they will be

    37. Both pulleys are securely attached to the poles

    38. Jody and Missy hold the poles upright while Alice shovels the dirt back into the holes

    39. The security measures were obvious: silver concave rectangles atop tall white poles, seeming to follow his movement across the visitors’ parking bay

    40. They tied them across the poles as before but this time there was nothing to attach them to

    41. In the pen, I tied the she-goat to one of the poles of the wall and offered her some berries

    42. For a moment he felt annoyed that the precious contents of Jeffrey’s rucksack were also smashed at the bottom of the crevasse, valuable food, one of the tent poles, a couple of tubs of water, all wasted; then he returned his thoughts to more urgent concerns and set about pulling Lucy up

    43. “He had one of the tent poles sir,” added Fletcher, “Now we’ll only have three for the tent

    44. As they expected, they found that standing the tent poles on a hard uneven surface was more difficult now that they were down to three of them

    45. “Not as such,” she said, “But the temperature is lower at the rotational poles than at the equator

    46. “I got the fishing poles out and a bucket filled with

    47. We searched the neighborhood and, at Dad’s insistence, tacked signs on telephone poles and put an ad in the local newspaper

    48. of those poles with a nail in the end, to pick up pieces of paper and other trash that had blown around the lawn

    49. It became a bit of a Friday night game and every time the police moved in he would turn into an open veldt between two narrow poles and escape

    50. We were not too surprised one day to find out he died when someone, not us I assure you, secured a cable across the two poles and he went into it at full speed

    1. untested crew seemed largely overdone to Moshe, as only a small amount of earnest poling

    2. ” The croc god thrust his iron staff into the water, poling

    3. He was poling his pirogue towards the shore and a boy, his son, Jacques and he had more fish plus two large, pissed-off soft shelled cooters for the boy to clean

    4. out of the unloading zone, and then you need to resort to poling

    5. When they’d been poling down the Greenblood, the orphan girls had made a game of rubbing Egg’s shaven head for luck

    6. Perhaps ten minutes later a boat floated down the serene surface of the canal, a tall lank man with black hair poling it along with leisurely drives of his arms

    7. In shallow water the best means of controlling a raft is like a punt, but preferably with two long poles—with one person poling at one front corner of the raft, and another at the diagonally opposite back corner

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