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Thatch en una oración (en ingles)

  1. Thatch buildup should be controlled.
  2. And all this framed by a thatch of black.
  3. The structure of his game was much like thatch.
  4. Macleary closed the thatch work and re-joined his son.
  5. The houses were made of bundled grass with thatch roofs.

  6. Long fingers, a thatch of thinning hair beneath his cap.
  7. The layer of the thatch should not go beyond half an inch.
  8. It is important to control the buildup of thatch in your lawn.
  9. Unbuttoned overalls revealed curly black thatch from neck to navel.
  10. Two roads of thatch cottages, a plant nursery and an antiques store.
  11. Half an hour later, they came to a wooden farm house topped with thatch.
  12. All the thatch roofs had been burned and the insides of the houses were a mess.
  13. Their houses were large and square with a nearly flat roof and all made of thatch.
  14. They stumbled upon the Witch, and her cottage repaired with sticks, mud and thatch.
  15. Also there had been gold thread woven into designs on the thatch roof of the temple.

  16. The thatch had fallen in, the walls were unplastered, and the door was off its hinges.
  17. We followed this path for some distance arriving at a tiny thatch hut in the twilight.
  18. Nisaba screamed her delight as she raced past with some of the lighter thatch coverings.
  19. The thatch gave off a reek long past musty, the walls sagged inward, and the lintel above.
  20. The latter was a round structure with a conical thatch roof on top of an elevated platform.
  21. Both Ingrid and Jesus then reversed their turns in order to continue using the Thatch Weave.
  22. Loki isn’t thinking about magical color, or paying attention to the denizens of the thatch.
  23. Thatch is actually the above-soil runner accumulation, which is propagated by the lawn’s grass.
  24. Built of native bluestone, it had been half-dug into the hillside and roofed with grass and thatch.
  25. Broken door frames, worn out roofs, and decaying thatch told the story of this forgotten dwelling.

  26. We then went down a barely perceptible trail to a small round hut made of wood with a thatch roof.
  27. On closer examination, it proved to be made of logs covered with thatch and then covered with sand.
  28. Some of the houses were up on stilts—built of vertical stakes like bamboo, and roofed with thatch.
  29. There were ruder houses of mud and thatch barely visible along side streets and the numerous canals.
  30. Although not used, the temple was kept clean and the thatch roof replaced as necessary by the locals.
  31. It was also made of stone with an elevated thatch roof, but it took a while to dig the snow out of it.
  32. At the far end of this spacious tent Shukra was enthroned on a thatch yoga mat elevated by a small dais.
  33. He lived in a one room cabin of roughly piled stone chinked with whitewashed mud and roofed with thatch.
  34. It is important to control it, since thatch can become a barrier between the grass roots and the nutrients.
  35. On the eastern side of the plaza there were palaces and a temple all of finely fitted stones with thatch roofs.
  36. The thatch had come off in clumps, and a section of the wall had caved in a few feet from the battered wooden door.
  37. Where’d he go! The startled men looked around, but all they could see was a falcon sitting on top of the thatch roof.
  38. We were taken to guest caney, as they called their thatch huts, and all our needs were tended until Behechio returned from a trip.
  39. For a moment he hung there, clawing with his feet like a cat on a clothesline, but presently a piece of the thatch came away, and Mr.
  40. The hotel has wheelchair access throughout and all bedrooms are linked to the main hotel buildings by way of thatch covered walkways.
  41. He looked up and saw the moonlight streaming down through a large hole in the thatch, illuminating a pile of straw on the floor beneath.
  42. Frontal passes seemed to work well against Japanese bombers, while the Thatch Weave certainly had proved its value as a defensive tactic.
  43. Here, under her few square yards of thatch, she watched winds, and snows, and rains, gorgeous sunsets, and successive moons at their full.
  44. Ben stood under his thatch of black and felt himself being categorized and discarded, sectioned off into a group of losers, druggies, wimps, fags.
  45. Most of the houses were now made of the dull red rock called tezontli, but there were still some simpler reed and thatch houses on the periphery.
  46. What would you prefer—these people attacking us? Torches thrown on the thatch, wagons busted up? Having to kill a dozen to protect ourselves?
  47. The diminutive young Filipino pilot then spent a minute describing the Thatch Weave to Brereton and Clagett, along with the results it gave in combat.
  48. You don’t have to go far to find a little thatch bar or restaurant with great sunset views, wonderful fun atmosphere and at less than half the price.
  49. On the northern side of the plaza, there was more housing, but this was of stone set in mud, also with thatch roofs and in varying stages of completion.
  50. Where before there had been only a sea of tents, now there were substantial-looking houses, constructed of timber with roofs of corrugated iron or thatch.
  51. He was standing in the cool granary, still fragrant with the leaves of the hazel branches interlaced on the freshly peeled aspen beams of the new thatch roof.
  52. It was made of wooden walls with a high thatch roof reaching nearly to the ground and a central hearth made of stones, with a smoke hole above it in the roof.
  53. But it was only a boy from town, who had a random thatch of straight black hair and was grubby, gangly, dressed in a torn linen smock, barefoot, and one of his spies.
  54. The latex- processing plant of one stood near at hand and by it was a sort of palm thatch barn, used normally for smoking sheets of the raw rubber hung on horizontal laths.
  55. Tess, who continued to live at the cottage with the warm gable that cheered any lonely pedestrian who paused beside it, awoke in the night, and heard above the thatch noises which.
  56. Knowing that her salvation would be in the mutual protection given by the Thatch Weave maneuver, she did her best to ignore her fear and continued towards Jesus, who was also approaching her.
  57. Their houses were large dome-shaped structures made of poles driven into the ground, bent, and bound together at the top with sticks extended between the poles and reed mats or thatch fastened over them.
  58. Handfuls of decaying straw, the broken and trampled remnants of former bivouacs, or thatch torn from the roofs of what few huts remained, furnished all their provender, and they perished in the camp by thousands.
  59. Joan stated that they were in dreadful difficulty; the autumn rains had gone through the thatch of the house, which required entire renewal; but this could not be done because the previous thatching had never been paid for.
  60. A third section scattered through the village arranging quarters for the staff officers, carrying out the French corpses that were in the huts, and dragging away boards, dry wood, and thatch from the roofs, for the campfires, or wattle fences to serve for shelter.
  61. The stems of sugar cane plants are so rigid that they have been used since time immemorial to build thatch houses with and as punishment rods to beat slaves, women and children with… The practice of caning servants or children still exists today in some parts of the world.
  62. Removal of the wrestling gear that had until then covered his thighs and most of his abdomen, revealed a chest covered in tight brown curls that continued in a line down to the thick pubic thatch that ran between his legs and spread over his bum, which was as hairy as his thighs.
  63. They were busily "unhaling" the rick, that is, stripping off the thatch before beginning to throw down the sheaves; and while this was in progress Izz and Tess, with the other women-workers, in their whitey-brown pinners, stood waiting and shivering, Farmer Groby having insisted upon their being on the spot thus early to get the job over if possible by the end of the day.
  64. The mossy thatch of the cow-shed, the broken gray barn-doors, the pauper laborers in ragged breeches who had nearly finished unloading a wagon of corn into the barn ready for early thrashing; the scanty dairy of cows being tethered for milking and leaving one half of the shed in brown emptiness; the very pigs and white ducks seeming to wander about the uneven neglected yard as if in low spirits from feeding on a too meagre quality of rinsings,—all these objects under the quiet light of a sky marbled with high clouds would have made a sort of picture which we have all paused over as a "charming bit," touching other sensibilities than.
  65. Grass afield wears silver thatch,.
  1. Well, you should have taken some men from the thatching.
  2. Long broad leaves can be sown along the thatching battens with vines (h).
  3. They were far less prone to fire than the thatching used throughout Ionia.
  4. The ground groaned; I ran behind a heap of thatching bracken next to the cowshed.
  5. To dream that you are thatching a roof indicates that you are putting up a barrier between your conscious and subconscious state.
  6. Three-lobed leaves or leaves cut in this fashion (e) can be locked over a thatching frame without any other fixing being necessary to hold them in place (f).
  7. Joan stated that they were in dreadful difficulty; the autumn rains had gone through the thatch of the house, which required entire renewal; but this could not be done because the previous thatching had never been paid for.
  1. Thatched roofs covered each of them.
  2. The thatched roofs, like fur caps drawn.
  3. The roofs were all thatched and smelled fresh.
  4. A lovely quaint cottage with a thatched roof.
  5. They stood on the thatched floor of the nursery.
  6. Water dripped down from the thatched eaves above.
  7. We climbed into a small house with a thatched roof.
  8. Across the road stood a stable with a thatched roof.
  9. Over his head was a thatched roof, about seven feet up.
  10. With a thatched roof and lots of flowers and plants….
  11. The rain taps at the thatched roof and drips off into the mud.
  12. The roof was bigleaf shaftwood fronds thatched six inches thick.
  13. They lived in a little thatched cottage that was untouched by time.
  14. African rondavel style with round white stucco walls and thatched roof.
  15. Each was pretty basic, with circular mud walls topped by thatched roofs.
  16. John awakes on a cot in a thatched hut somewhat Gilligan’s Island-esque.
  17. It was a small but well-maintained thatched hut with a small corral in back.
  18. The flames had spread rapidly, and now the thatched farmhouse roof was ablaze.
  19. They walked a quarter of a mile and came to a low building with a thatched roof.
  20. It was a very modest thatched roof cottage with elderberries in the front and a.
  21. The palace had the massive stone walls and high thatched roof favored by the Inka.
  22. Mosh waited in the shelter of the thatched stoep of an unused unit, watching over.
  23. A hundred yards or so ahead of them was an old stone farmhouse with a thatched roof.
  24. The boma at the centre, a thatched roof open on all sides, was the focus of activity.
  25. The horses also had been fed for a fortnight on straw from the thatched roofs and had.
  26. My father, Iya Muatombo, had been born in a grass thatched hut made of mud in Ethiopia.
  27. The picture showed a thatched cottage with a front garden full of flowers, a little over.
  28. There was at Faverolles, not far from the Valjean thatched cottage, on the other side of.
  29. Looking forward I saw a structure of stone that had a roof thatched with bundles of dry grass.
  30. Aylesham was not as you might imagine a Kent village to be, an idyll of thatched cottages with.
  31. From a lofty perch Tarzan viewed the village of thatched huts across the intervening plantation.
  32. Beyond those, ringed by bare dirt, stands a pretty cottage with a thatched roof and stucco walls.
  33. It really was something special with its thatched roof, and small garden with cats lazing around.
  34. Progress had looked on as tracts of jungle and thatched huts disappeared beneath a carpet of flame.
  35. Past thatched wayside cottages whose inhabitants came out to wave their hands in friendly greeting.
  36. They stopped at ‘Inga’s bar,’ that had small bamboo sides and a thatched dried banana leaf roof.
  37. The next scene was of a whitewashed country cottage with a thatched roof basking in a summer afternoon.
  38. There was a hole in the thatched roof to let out the smoke of the fire in the middle of the earth floor.
  39. Then it closed on a white cottage with a thatched roof on the slope of the volcano, above the tree line.
  40. He would take a look within, thought Tarzan, and so, cautiously, he approached the low thatched building.
  41. The town lords’ country houses are richer targets than villages of huts with thatched roofs, Karyl said.
  42. He tried to scramble up the side of the cabin, and succeeded in catching a fleeting hold upon the thatched roof.
  43. But of course, naturally everything changed, for now the eccentric creature laid kaput on a mangy thatched carpet.
  44. Over the square frame, on untrimmed willow limbs, grass had been piled, not thatched, but heaped up in a low mound.
  45. Most of the buildings were low, wooden structures with thatched roofs, but the occasional stone building could be seen.
  46. A cornucopia of all manner of plants were impeccably arranged around a large central patio topped with a thatched roof.
  47. As we pulled up once more outside the small thatched cottage I now called my home I just stare blankly out of the window.
  48. The dry winter wind still blew, but a screen of thatched hurdles erected in the eye of the blast kept its force away from her.
  49. Soon, the thatched roofs of the village by the river appeared, with its cultivated firan cane fields spreading out and around it.
  50. As we pulled into the graveled car park, clouds snuffed out the sunshine, casting the tiny thatched and whitewashed cottage into gloom.
  51. Pressing forward to the outposts on June 26th, we camped just above El Pozo, in a snugly thatched hut considerately erected by the Cubans.
  52. I stopped over what looked like a huge city with a very high terraced mound and many lower ones, most topped with houses with thatched roofs.
  53. The escort were so wretchedly clothed, that they twisted straw round their bare legs, and thatched their ragged shoulders to keep the wet off.
  54. The arrow left his bow and he watched it rise past the pigeon coops and descend towards the thatched roof between the abbey nave and the tower.
  55. However, we eventually found a small hotel with a thatched roof and they were open – so many of the hotels we saw were still closed for the winter.
  56. Fire leaped from thatched roofs and wooden beam-ends as he hurtled down and past and round again, though all had been drenched with water before he came.
  57. Wishing there was a sign that said Royal Oaks, Petra tramped after Emory past black and white timbered cottages with thatched roofs, millponds and barns.
  58. The self-contained, free standing thatched cottage provided the finest accommodation and they found delectable fare and sumptuous banquets at the hotel.
  59. Two more bounced off of the building’s stout walls, three buried themselves in the stable’s thatched roof, and two bounced off the closed stable door.
  60. Faramdoula had his practice and where the family lived in airy comfort under palms in a large thatched bungalow raised off the ground on chest high posts.
  61. The horses also had been fed for a fortnight on straw from the thatched roofs and had become terribly thin, though still covered with tufts of felty winter hair.
  62. It was to be lashed to the raised floor in the center of the raft and be about four body lengths wide and four body lengths long and one body length high, with a thatched roof.
  63. The thatched roofs, like fur caps drawn over eyes, reach down over about a third of the low windows, whose coarse convex glasses have knots in the middle like the bottoms of bottles.
  64. We stood in a large courtyard just inside, with spacious thatched alcoves opening all round, in which a couple of hundred slaves and attendants lay in silent rows, resting on their mats.
  65. The building was one of those delightful looking thatched roof types that had been extended with a modern conservatory to provide the seating needed to house the bulk of the restaurant customers.
  66. Near a post-card village called Chipping Sudbury we stayed in a four-hundred year-old thatched farm house owned by a jolly farmer and his wife who served lashings of bacon and eggs for breakfast.
  67. At this occupation they could shelter themselves by a thatched hurdle if it rained; but if it was frosty even their thick leather gloves could not prevent the frozen masses they handled from biting their fingers.
  68. They soon came to a wooden gate, high and broad, beyond which they could see gardens and a cluster of low wooden buildings, some thatched and made of unshaped logs; barns, stables, sheds, and a long low wooden house.
  69. He began to work about the house: he got the wood ready for the winter with his son, threshed the grain with the women, thatched the sheds, gathered in the bees, and gave ten hives with the young brood to his neighbour.
  70. There, near a factory, and between two garden walls, there could be seen, at that epoch, a mean building, which, at the first glance, seemed as small as a thatched hovel, and which was, in reality, as large as a cathedral.
  71. Yet even without knowing his brilliant record one could not fail to be impressed by a mere glance at the man, the square, massive face, the brooding eyes under the thatched brows, and the granite moulding of the inflexible jaw.
  72. If you ever chance to pass that far off African village you will still see before a tiny thatched hut, built just without the village, a little iron pot in which is a quantity of food, and beside it a quiver of well-daubed arrows.
  73. The community of fowls to which Tess had been appointed as supervisor, purveyor, nurse, surgeon, and friend made its headquarters in an old thatched cottage standing in an enclosure that had once been a garden, but was now a trampled and sanded square.
  74. They call up at once the old country home: the honeysuckle clasping the thatched cottage, contrasting so prettily with the white fence in front: the sloping fields of green painted with daisies, through which, unshackled, the buoyant breeze swept so peacefully.
  75. Long thatched sheds stretched round the enclosure, their slopes encrusted with vivid green moss, and their eaves supported by wooden posts rubbed to a glossy smoothness by the flanks of infinite cows and calves of bygone years, now passed to an oblivion almost inconceivable in its profundity.
  76. He carried off his Flora, his copper-plates, his herbariums, his portfolios, and his books, and established himself near the Salpetriere, in a sort of thatched cottage of the village of Austerlitz, where, for fifty crowns a year, he got three rooms and a garden enclosed by a hedge, and containing a well.
  77. The three-legged dog, the blacksmith shop spouting flames and sparks (something she couldn’t believe the fire marshal would allow), the three story-buildings and thatched roofed cottages, well, those were all things she hadn’t noticed before when she’d been preoccupied with Kyle and his supposed prom invite.
  78. Under the thatched roofs her mind's eye beheld relaxed tendons and flaccid muscles, spread out in the darkness beneath coverlets made of little purple patchwork squares, and undergoing a bracing process at the hands of sleep for renewed labour on the morrow, as soon as a hint of pink nebulosity appeared on Hambledon Hill.
  79. Why? Did you think you could put a collar and chain on me as if I were one of the watch-dogs they keep over there in the railway yards? Look here, Padrona, I am the same man who came ashore one evening and sat down in the thatched ranche you lived in at that time on the other side of the town and told you all about himself.
  80. Despite their pale swollen faces and tattered uniforms, the hussars formed line for roll call, kept things in order, groomed their horses, polished their arms, brought in straw from the thatched roofs in place of fodder, and sat down to dine round the caldrons from which they rose up hungry, joking about their nasty food and their hunger.
  81. Homer would have come thither to laugh with Perrault; and there was in that black garden, youth, health, noise, cries, giddiness, pleasure, happiness enough to smooth out the wrinkles of all their ancestresses, those of the epic as well as those of the fairy-tale, those of the throne as well as those of the thatched cottage from Hecuba to la Mere-Grand.
  82. Not to inherit by right of primogeniture, gavelkind or borough English, or possess in perpetuity an extensive demesne of a sufficient number of acres, roods and perches, statute land measure (valuation 42 pounds), of grazing turbary surrounding a baronial hall with gatelodge and carriage drive nor, on the other hand, a terracehouse or semidetached villa, described as Rus in Urbe or Qui si sana , but to purchase by private treaty in fee simple a thatched bungalowshaped 2 storey dwellinghouse of southerly aspect, surmounted by vane and lightning conductor, connected with the earth, with porch covered by parasitic plants (ivy or Virginia creeper), halldoor, olive green, with smart carriage finish and neat doorbrasses, stucco front with gilt tracery at eaves and gable, rising, if possible, upon a gentle eminence with agreeable prospect from balcony with stone pillar parapet over unoccupied and unoccupyable interjacent pastures and standing in 5 or 6 acres of its own ground, at such a distance from the nearest public thoroughfare as to render its houselights visible at night above and through a quickset hornbeam hedge of topiary cutting, situate at a given point not less than 1 statute mile from the periphery of the metropolis, within a time limit of not more than 15 minutes from tram or train line (e.
  83. I followed the path, winding past thatched huts,.
  1. She knew no such troublesome thoughts ever disturbed the brains under the four flaming thatches in the carriage and, as always when she felt herself different from her neighbors, an irritated confusion fell upon her.

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