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Down en una oración (en ingles)

He sits down.
as he sat down.
down to the bar.
It slowed down.
Down the hatch.
Here, sit down.
She bent down.

'I said sit down.
down on the sand.
He sat back down.
Break down the.
down on the sofa.
down later on too.
down onto his own.
and down his back.
Son looked down.
Down here, down.
Li-Li looked down.
began to calm down.
Okay, going down.
walk down the hill.
Screw down the lid.
looking down at him.
his way down to her.
Keeping costs down.
He wrote this down.
Now press down on.
down to the kitchen.
She was lying down.
I made my way down.
the pillow down hard.
downing yet another shot.
Downing sank into his chair.
downing a few stubbies instead.
Downing is with a patient and Dr.
Downing his fourth pint he goes:.
A spokesperson for 10 Downing 289.
'I'm Downing, you're very punctual.
face and downing the whole thing in one tip.
’ he said downing the remaining half…’.
His wound had nothing to do with Mrs Downing.
Only by a steady hand & the downing of liquor.
there he lay, downing in the pool of his tears.
It was the Cabinet Secretary from Downing Street.
And I haven’t told Downing Street, yet, either.
'Ah, on your Art education, is that it?' said Downing.
‘So I released Mrs Downing into the arms of a murderer.
Downing waved his arms at the bookcase 'See these? These.
Henry did it again, downing the whole thing in one giant.
Outside the Manangatang General Store Billy was downing his.
Another shot rang out from close by, downing one of the Japanese.
Henry did it again, downing the whole thing in one giant swallow.
We also think he may have had something to do with the downing of.
Clenching his teeth, Xia fired a second time, downing one more guard.
The feds needed a confession for the downing of the Morales Airlines.
Downing Street is one of the coldest streets in London, even in June.
Bill Clayton saw the Prime Minister alone in his Downing Street office.
Politicians joined the chorus of condemnation, with Downing Street saying.
Downing was sat down opposite me, one foot in a slipper and the other bare.
"I am speaking to you," he said, "from the Cabinet room at Ten Downing Street.
He downed his drink.
downed his second shot.
He downed his cognac.
downed the Bounty Hunter.
downed, the bar tab paid.
She downed it in one shot.
and downed the rest of it.
Charles downed them both.
But I downed four Advil.
downed the last of his drink.
He downed it all in one gulp.
Dinner downed with ginger ale.
mechs and they were all downed.
He downed the rest of his flask.
Omi downed the shutters of the shop.
Harry downed one more rum and coke.
he quickly downed the rest of the mug.
He downed his glass and emerged into.
"Here, here!" and Alfred downed the shot.
Garcia ran to the group of downed Voth.
As he downed the last drop, she was there.
heated up in the microwave, a beer downed.
Alex took the bottle and downed half of it.
That, plus I downed a cup of instant coffee.
I downed the contents and immediately choked.
Downed it, as if it were no more than a pint.
He filled a mug with cool water and downed it.
another shot for himself and quickly downed it.
He passed one to Holly and she downed it again.
Has its ups and downs.
The ups and downs and.
Oh, the downs, I groan.
Dealing with Put Downs:.
Downs replied, We have.
problems and ups and downs.
It has its ups and downs.
Downs and Small stepped away.
downs the coffee in one gulp.
There, see, said Downs.
I survived a few break downs.
better than most Downs infants.
It has its ups and downs, true.
Downs here, cried the man.
Downs put a hand on my shoulder.
The Ups and Downs of Retirement.
The ups and downs were insane,.
and downs of loves in daily lives.
But with the ups come major downs.
i) Put downs are a form of cursing.
Every journey has its ups and downs.
He told us about his ups and downs.
Now, Downs, light its substance.
Rolling downs, hedges, apple trees.

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down pile kill pop consume demolish devour land polish refine downward mastered depressed blue dispirited downcast downhearted gloomy grim low downwardly downwards

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