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Tornado en una oración (en ingles)

It is the same tornado.
The tornado had a purpose.
The wind grew into a tornado.
Chapter 3: The Torrance Tornado.
Tornado fighters, I've been told.
There was a tornado on 8th Avenue.
The Tornado funnel? What’s that?

On 26 May 1917, a tornado travelled 471.
Is it the same tornado? I asked to myself.
Left: The Texas Tornado is in the American.
Marco is just one half of the shit tornado.
Loomis's paper on the Mayfield Tornado, Feb.
Then countless giant tornado funnels formed.
The wind subsided and the tornado dissipated.
Starts with the tornado of a chaos butterfly.
I dreamed about a tornado approaching a house.
The tornado was lifting Peter up into the air.
It’s a tornado! I watched it roll to the city.
Demarcus pulls the carabiner off and the tornado.
Sorry about the tornado that went through here.
The tornado gains velocity, sucking objects into.
As though a small tornado was inside the classroom.
I flew into a tornado of events, information, emotions.
He pushes his arm, guiding the rapidly building tornado.
Paul had designed the space to double as a tornado shelter.
The tornado that whipped around them was designed to detain.
As suddenly as it had appeared, the magical tornado vanished.
It was the tornado of breath going in and out of McLeod’s.
Plans of the track of the New Haven Tornado, July, 1839, 343.
Pirate had described the exact way the tornado had carried him.
Mike was born 7/15/77 during a hurricane that spawned a tornado.
He narrowly escapes poisoning by carea and is in an awful tornado.
It killed 695 people – more than any other tornado in US history.
Felix was surrounded by a tornado of canopic jars that pummeled him.
By contrast, the USA has one tornado per 8,187 km² (3,161 miles²).
Ezekiel was witness to this when he saw angels appear like a tornado.
Pyramid was an enormous serpent formed from a swirling tornado of red.
A tornado of that size could destroy an entire city when it passes over.
Sebastian and Aspen ran toward the ditch as the tornado reached for them.
Mike was born during a hurricane that spawned a tornado on July 15, 1977.

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