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Tornado in a sentence

is a real tornado?.
Sorry about the tornado.
Trash Tornado? We’re.
It is the same tornado.
The tornado had a purpose.
The wind grew into a tornado.
Chapter 3: The Torrance Tornado.

Tornado fighters, I've been told.
had no idea what tornado hit them.
There was a tornado on 8th Avenue.
explodes with the fury of a tornado.
The Tornado funnel? What’s that?.
On 26 May 1917, a tornado travelled 471.
Is it the same tornado? I asked to myself.
Marco is just one half of the shit tornado.
Left: The Texas Tornado is in the American.
including the famous Texas Tornado with its.
Then countless giant tornado funnels formed.
tornado, and then the next day, there was a.
Starts with the tornado of a chaos butterfly.
The wind subsided and the tornado dissipated.
I dreamed about a tornado approaching a house.
following the tornado that struck my fair city.
The tornado was lifting Peter up into the air.
It’s a tornado! I watched it roll to the city.
his grip and his brother is lost to the tornado.
Demarcus pulls the carabiner off and the tornado.
Sorry about the tornado that went through here.
didn’t seem bothered in his swirling red tornado.
The tornado gains velocity, sucking objects into.

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Synonyms for tornado

crack tornado twister