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    1. Kevin jerks the wheel and loses traction a bit before his car slides off the road

    2. ‘The car won't go through this, even on traction mode

    3. The media get a lot of traction from overreporting events like the aftermath of the 2006 elections

    4. Their powerful running game was getting no traction

    5. “Fuuuuuuck!” he shouted as the horse’s front legs drove into the earth on a sharp angle to gain traction needed to round the tight corner

    6. He gunned the engine to make it through, but the sand was, in fact, firm, offering excellent traction, and he crossed way too fast, shooting up the other bank high into the air

    7. LP swerved left, hitting loose gravel and losing traction

    8. In the old wheeled racing, that was used to force the car down onto the road, giving the tires sufficient grip or traction to corner at up to four and a half times the force of gravity,” the explanation went

    9. On all fours, fighting to keep some sort of traction on the pitching deck, Colling crept to the locker holding Boroszki’s gun and the grenades

    10. Kosmo asked Jason if he noticed how often news stories seemed to “lose traction” and dissipate

    11. DSC, ACT, CCT or AC/DC to maintain traction, or that it might have a special

    12. You’ll often hear startups talk about the difficulty to scale their hardware and software as they start to gain traction, but one of the most difficult things to do in building a better business is growing your team

    13. Simon did not know how much time passed as he hung there, arms extended from the ropes that tied him to the tree, legs dangling in the loose bonds that prevented him from gaining traction to ease the pure agony of it

    14. When the boat pitches up and down it tends to lift the anchor off the bottom, losing some traction

    15. began to gain traction

    16. traction ‘If the reduction is carried beyond this limit, the consciousness

    17. He swam a somersault to roll away, but his ball got no traction in the sand

    18. but the four wheel drive and traction control on the car more than made up for it

    19. The three walked into Seven’s room where his leg was in traction

    20. Use comfortable footwear that has good traction, so that you won’t end up falling down on your dog

    21. they lost traction sliding over the edge of the steep embankment viciously

    22. He asked after the boy’s condition and was told that he had been dragged out by the rescue services after sustaining a multiple broken leg, and he was now recovering in hospital with his leg in traction

    23. Parked around the site was a collection of old trucks, including an ancient stream traction engine which was hitched to what appeared to be an antique howitzer

    24. Although the vehicles were obviously very old, they were also well maintained and, although they had all been painted in various camouflage designs, many of the details of the wheels had been picked out in gold and red; the traction engine, in particular, was highly decorated beneath its sand and olive green painted canopy

    25. I have him in a skeletal traction device to immobilize the leg and I had to use a Steinmann pin in the distal femur

    26. A quiet week as no one was stealing much or found to go fishing when they were supposed to be in traction at a clinic, until our biggest museum in the city, and a client, called us for help

    27. purpose of the animals; food, traction, guarding, sledding, law-

    28. Animals have been used as, byproducts suppliers, traction,

    29. A move into forward traction and then

    30. out of the meeting, and then it happens again with you, you'll not get any more traction with

    31. ‘It’s supposed to have heaps of wax on top, to give traction in the water

    32. The gun slipped from her hand and I tried to gain traction to grab it, but my foot slipped in the expanding pool of my father's blood

    33. They weren’t like your garden-variety wooden house stairs, oh no, these were wide, concrete stairs with a criss-cross pattern etched into them for extra traction

    34. The wheels catch traction

    35. Traction isn’t gained by spinning the tires

    36. Slowly, inch by inch, they were sliding further into the hole as there was not enough traction in the soft dirt

    37. Patch lost traction and slid off the car

    38. Everything is ripe for a big change and the call for the Boblovian Revolution next February has gotten an amazing amount of traction

    39. In most cases conservative treatment like traction and physiotherapy normally help the disc to slip back into its capsule with relief

    40. is typically made when the business has already developed some traction in the

    41. But any attempt to drag in Chauhan as a prime ministerial option was never going to gain any traction

    42. ‘One big learning for us is that individuals invariably draw more traction than organizations on the social media,’ is how he put it

    43. She took a few steps, but having nearly no traction beneath the soles of her boots, she slid on the glassy ice, falling onto her back with a thump

    44.  Expert blogging tips for high traction in the search results

    45. The wheels grasped for traction as the crazed Hiss spun the steering wheel left and right

    46. any traction, there was no way possible that he could climb that slope

    47. I scrabbled on across the floor, but I couldn’t gain any traction against the boards

    48. “The branches will provide traction, or at least I hope so,” she said

    49. • Very corporate and traditional voice that cares about curating content, which loose traction in

    50. ” the Professor tries to respond but loses traction

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