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Transmute en una oración (en ingles)

  1. Learn to transmute and convert it.
  2. Then you have learned to transmute and transcend anger.
  3. Hill says, to transmute much of that sexual energy into.
  4. He admitted that his ability to transmute sex energy came.
  5. Those who transmute sex energy and enhance their sex life admit that.
  6. Is it possible for a man to have intercourse and still transmute sex.
  7. So far, you have a fair idea about how to transmute the creative power.
  8. It consists of the ability of the I to know how to transmute its own essence and.
  9. You can transmute love, ignore it, muddle it, but you can never pull it out of you.
  10. Association does not transmute evil into righteousness, but it does aid in greatly lessening the sting.
  11. These Gods of Gold transmute valueless digits into monetary garments woven from the endless threads of debt sold over and over again.
  12. However, know that we have developed a technique to transmute matter into anti-matter, using little energy and only very compact equipment.
  13. If it is difficult for you to transmute waiting into awareness then try moving into awareness of your environment, paying attention to colors and shapes.
  14. This means that until you manage to refocus (transmute) into the structures of the Self-Consciousness of NUU-VVU-Configurations of higher-qualitative “personalities” of your Stereo-Form, in which the Creative Activity of the lowest “personal” realizational “niches” is reduced to nothing, you will have to stay in “the scenarios” where these low-qualitative emotions of SVUULL-VVU-copies (fear, envy, jealousy, spite, aggressiveness, resentfulness and the like) will continue to influence your psychological states and thus will have a strong influence on all the qualitative dynamics of “unpacking” (by your Formo-Creators) of the slloogrent VVU-Information from TEC.
  1. He was absorbing and transmuting.
  2. He was absorbing and transmuting all.
  3. Those transmuting sex energy sometimes use a combination of the.
  4. Once the power is lost, there is no question of transmuting it into.
  5. We need another ship over the nuclear power plants to start transmuting the radiation.
  6. The Alchemy of Awareness: Transmuting Ignorance Into Wisdom (2009) was written by Terry Findlay.
  7. When irate bankers were shouting at me about another computer crash, I would just throw a few Reiki symbols at them leaving the odd crystal hidden behind their monitors, transmuting the negative vibes into positive ones.
  8. All at once, as with a sudden smile of heaven, forth burst the sunshine, pouring a very flood into the obscure forest, gladdening each green leaf, transmuting the yellow fallen ones to gold, and gleaming adown the gray trunks of the solemn trees.
  9. The features of Level 6 presented here are based on the same evolutionary trajectories that we have been following throughout the other Levels of Awareness: separation from the environment, conversion of components of self from subject to object (transmuting ignorance into wisdom), and an increasing degree of freedom from embeddedness in the environment.
  10. It is only when the painter is concerned with the trivial details of fashion for their own sake, for the making his picture look like the real thing, and has not been concerned with transmuting the appearance of fashionable clothes by selection into the permanent realms of form and colour design, that his work will justify one in saying that it will look stale in a few years.
  11. While his relations were ill and having to have either a doctor or a funeral and sometimes, rousing him to fury, both, or if not ill were well and requiring food and clothing, his pig walked about pink and naked, giving no trouble, needing no money spent on it, placidly transmuting into the fat of future feastings that which without it would have become, in heaps, a source of flies and corruption.
  12. Fernando's heart, Manrico's passionate call, Ernani's, sweet Gennaro's, I fold thenceforth, or seek to fold, within my chants transmuting,.
  1. Mahatma Buddh than his thoughts were transmuted.
  2. Yes, Homer transmuted every facet to an epic scale.
  5. Heat can be transmuted into light and light into electricity.
  6. I could not see Her causal form, She had transmuted into Light.
  7. This person has transmuted sex energy so beautifully that he is.
  8. The Mastery of Relationships, I grounded, Transmuted and sent on.
  9. One theory says that the transmuted energy reaches the brain and is.
  10. One form of energy can be also transmuted into another form of energy.
  11. The root has to be taken into consideration and get transmuted completely.
  12. The energy of those limbs and leaves, transmuted into soil, the limbs and leaves.
  13. The negative energy accumulated on the light body is transmuted in places of healing.
  14. All drives would have been transmuted from unconscious ignorance to conscious wisdom.
  15. An emotion is not transmuted by actively wishing it to go away, or trying to get rid of it.
  16. He believed that 9/11 would ultimately be transmuted into a positive by the country and the markets.
  17. Thought is transmuted into character, and character is the magnet which creates the environment of the individual.
  18. All the parchment and binding roared back in answer, cream shading transmuted to crimson, a destruction of words.
  19. Sinners of every sort, harlots, publicans, women taken in adultery--all were transmuted, at his touch, into purest gold.
  20. The original truth is not transformed or transmuted; it still exists though buried under the surface, away from one’s conscious awareness.
  21. This time it happened more effortlessly; she heard Freddie Mercury in her head, and some of his posture and confidence transmuted itself to her limbs.
  22. So what? Have I ever said I wasn't vain? I have lifted vanity to a poetical level, have I not? I have transmuted vanity into the spiritual, have I not?
  23. One day, as she inspected this drawer, I observed that the playthings and trinkets which recently formed its contents were transmuted into bits of folded.
  24. Now that Tony has consciously or sub-unconsciously transmuted, transferred, and gravitated resistance from operating with de-motivation to self-motivation.
  25. His mood transmuted itself into a dogged indifference till at length he fancied he was looking on his own existence with the passive interest of an outsider.
  26. She watched the monitor as the genes transmuted into sequential codes on it, while lending an ear to Minto’s voice from the Android lessons on the other side.
  27. Human nature was commencing then the process of degradation, through which the spiritual would become materialised, and the divine be transmuted into the diabolical.
  28. In the spiritual world, the old physician and the minister—mutual victims as they have been—may, unawares, have found their earthly stock of hatred and antipathy transmuted into golden love.
  29. Every experience occurs so that you may become aware of it; it is only by consciously becoming aware of the full experience that the emotion will be transmuted and released as a new (higher) experience.
  30. An understanding of this principle, I believe, is the secret for which the ancient Alchemists vainly sought, because it explains how gold in the mind may be transmuted into gold in the heart and in the hand.
  31. Hence, by the insane magic of Wall Street, earnings of $6,500,000 were transmuted into a market value of $320,000,000 for the common shares and $1,240,000,000 for the warrants, a staggering total of $1,560,000,000.
  32. After what seemed like half an hour of muttering in a very foreign tongue, Ywoth and Tgthiem stopped and left the room, followed by a very different Mischia, the majority of whose fear had been transmuted into a acceptance.
  33. On the other hand, we are the result of their combined creativity! We are qualitatively transmuted they! We just continue the process (started by them) of Transmutation aimed at the synthetic merger with Forms of the third Quality.
  34. Third step (liberation): When you feel completely saturated with the emotion you are working on, when your consciousness has transmuted it into a living experience, that emotion (and all the energy that was trapped with it) is freed up.
  35. However, it simply cannot perceive itself as one whole (in our understanding), otherwise its Self-Consciousness would have transmuted into the personality Self-Consciousness structured by the dynamics of many different-qualitative UU-VVU-conglomerates.
  36. Neither a light read nor always strictly accurate, it is an extensive look at how large numbers of people often believe very silly things—for instance, that iron can be transmuted into gold, that demons most often show up on Friday evenings, and that it is possible to get rich quick in the stock market.
  37. This means that “the quantum electromagnetic Field” formed by them in irkkulligren Realities is inevitably transmuted on flakglaass Levels into completely different (higher-qualitative and more universal) force interactions manifested through all different-qualitative iskon (but not “quantum”) Fields-Consciousnesses.
  38. This is also accompanied by a decrease of possible manifestation of gravitational forces as “attraction of masses”, which completely disappear in the dynamics of ffllaayy “Fields”, being transmuted into creative interactions of completely different types that are similar in essence, but have much higher-qualitative dynamics.
  39. These slloogrent different-qualitative structures become the main source of energy-information supply of FLUU-VVU-doubles, the creativity of which is not associated with any karmic Channels of the first two Centers, and they are informed about specific particularities of existence in such karmic Channels only owing to the potential presence of the transmuted Experience in their FVU-Configurations.
  40. As for the meaning of the phrase “no longer belongs”, it reflects the impossibility of a real manifestation of the frequency dynamics of this UU-VVU-copy only in one of high-qualitative NUU-VVU-Configurations of the “personalities” focused by You, where SFUURMM-Forms of its characteristic karmic Channel have been completely transmuted and now constitute (by their Experience) the higher-qualitative synthetic dynamics of SLUI-SLUU of the next DUU-LLI.
  41. VVU-Configurations of all high-frequency UU-VVU-conglomerates and the more so FVU-Configurations of FLUU-VVU-doubles are completely structured by the synthesized Experience, which is transmuted in them in corresponding karmic Channels (it looks like skimming cream from whole milk to make dairy butter) by UU-VVU-conglomerates of all lower-qualitative Levels of the collective Consciousness of a given Stereo-Form (actually of all Formo-Types of a given LLUU-VVU-Form)!.
  42. What will happen, if these emissions are not powerful enough? Nothing bad will happen! You will just begin to structure, by your Self-Consciousness in lower-qualitative Formo-systems of Worlds, lower-qualitative scenarios of development of your Stereo-Form and through an infinite series of “Deaths”, during which the Creative Activity of lower-qualitative UU-VVU-copies will be increasingly “cut off” (transmuted into Experience), whether you want it or not, you will anyway be involved into the evolutional Direction of development.
  43. That is why the Formo-copy may, in a greater or lesser degree, influence choices of those “personalities” in the structure of the Self-Consciousness of which the frequency of a karmic Channel (in fact such frequency reflects narrow-frequency dynamics of Focuses of Dual Reflection of a given qualitative range in the information space of Self-Consciousness), through which its narrowly-specific interrelations with the Formo-Creators of the brain are carried out, is still active; that is, when the energy-information dynamics common to SLUI-SLUU of this Channel is not over yet in the individual ODS, not transmuted by the Self-Consciousness of this “personality” into a higher-qualitative state — certain life Experience, which is not yet activated in its typical NUU-VVU-Configurations, that is, it doesn’t structure any of VVU-Configurations of higher-qualitative conglomerates of UU-VVU-copies used by the Formo-Creators of this “personality”.
  1. He transmutes injustice into justice, and disarms his seeming enemy.
  2. He unceasingly transmutes his attributes while perfecting his creatures.
  3. Because fear was born of love, only love transmutes fear onto its source.
  4. In the flakglaass ranges, it transmutes from the emission that appears as a result of instability of nuclei of radionuclides and due to slowing down of the cosmic radiation into a completely different type of creative manifestation, which cannot perceptibly manifest in any way in the conditions of irkkulligren Realities but forms the basis of manifestation of absolutely all Proto-Forms in the 4-5-dimensional diapasons.
  5. So they “jump” (not mechanically, but only through the dynamics of their FDR, reprojecting their frequency from one NUU-VVU-Configuration into another!) according to their own Interest from one temporal ethereal constituent to another one, fragmentarily (occasionally) acquiring here and there (simultaneously with many “personalities”) their individual Experience of Self-knowledge, which (through the synthesis with the Aspects of Qualities of their existing SFUURMM-Forms) continuously transmutes into the frequencies of new VVU-Configurations.

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