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    1. There is a local saying “If you can see Carn Brea it’s going to rain, if you can’t, it already is” a nd, if you stand still for long enough, you wil be guaranteed to turn mouldy

    2. Mal: 2:6: The law of truth was in his mouth, and iniquity was not found in his lips: he walked with me in peace and equity, and did turn many away from iniquity

    3. The morals they decided to teach me were just so I wouldn’t turn out like this guy

    4. By the way, that Bedford Van that blew over in 1971; can somebody please turn it back over?

    5. “Keep your hands in the air and turn around

    6. Instead, we turn on the TV to avoid being entirely alone

    7. Chewing food well in the mouth is vital to generate saliva, which in turn stimulates the production of digestive enzymes in the stomach

    8. When Jesus saw how much she needs Him; He turn to

    9. In just a couple of minutes, you will turn to the pages where you can put all of this new knowledge into action

    10. Breakfast helps replenish the blood glucose levels, which in turn is the brain's fuel

    11. “I turn it on first thing in the morning, and then it’s up and running just before lunch time

    12. This in turn, will ensure that his long-term finances will not take a hit in case of major medical expenses in his latter years

    13. “It’s your turn, Mr

    14. I turn to Aiko, who is still sitting with her chai tea

    15. The higher energy sources provide to the plants a quick pick me up, Higher energy food sources are easier to be absorbed then lower energy sources which require more energy to assimilate leaving the plant in a minus situation which in turn causes stress etc

    16. Turn on the water before stepping in or even undressing; test its warmth with your hand

    17. “In other words,” it was Nancy’s turn to interrupt, “you didn’t have time to paint

    18. A farmer purchases an old, run down, abandoned farm with plans to turn it into a thriving enterprise

    19. Searchers usually turn to spiritual pursuits of attending religious discourses, meditation camps and reading of scriptures and the like

    20. Scar tried to turn his head to look back at Silence

    21. He’d wanted to turn them into splinters, but that wasn’t a job for just one putter

    22. But before she made the turn, she did some more thinking

    23. This time it’s Kira’s and Sadie’s turn to exchange glances

    24. Ackers reached out his hand and tried to turn the door handle, it didn’t move

    25. not doing well but some have the capability to turn around

    26. He got a good look at the combination of numbers that he had just used to turn the alarm off

    27. Keeping moving, I’d started on the bathroom, dealing with the bath, hand basin and loo in turn and ending up scrubbing the bathroom floor with an energy driven by desperation not to fall apart

    28. Rock dust will help to increase the energy level of the soil and in turn will quickly raise the roses and the soils energy levels

    29. why are you here?’ I stammered, shivering slightly, as he sits me on the bed while he goes over to turn on the bedside lamp

    30. Plants under the care of the ants are protected by them and are also used as a source of food either for them directly thru the sap or pollen of the plant or indirectly thru the use of aphids and other insects which attack the plant and which in turn are ‘milked’ by the ants (for their nectar)

    31. Getting A Hold: Raise the energy level of the soil; in turn you will have higher energy levels of the rose, vegetable or plant

    32. Description of Disease: Canes turn brown from tips, plants most affected in colder climates, right after winter protection is removed, not a disease itself but can led to disease attack

    33. Some awkward motor function in his brain willed his hand to jerk up to the doorknob and turn

    34. ’ She added cheekily as we turn into the nursery gate and join the crowd of young mums and not-so-young grannies waiting to collect the infants

    35. The truck's angle is linked by fiber cables running along the top of the backbone so both trucks turn the same amount in opposite directions

    36. Turn pile over, spraying with the liquid seaweed as you go, turning the pile: This is done by one of several methods

    37. the easiest being using a front end loader to turn the pile over; or use the shovel technique

    38. The main idea is to turn the pile over in such a way that you are turning the layers together except for the center of the pile

    39. At the point where the temp starts to drop that is the time to turn the pile over again

    40. Uncover pile and turn over while spraying with the liquid seaweed

    41. Turn pile over lightly, (aerate the pile by turning over the top layers)

    42. Turn pile over while spraying with liquid seaweed mixture

    43. Day 4: Turn contents of bin #1 into bin #2 (you should have three bins for this purpose), turning over well and adding a sprinkling of the formula as you go and also spraying with the liquid seaweed

    44. Day 8: Then the next day dump the contents of bin #2 into bin #3, turn bin #1 into bin #2 and start all over again with bin #1

    45. Turn over bin #3 ,water as needed with liquid seaweed and add a sprinkling of the formula

    46. I turn and stare at the prickly bush filling the flowerbed under the lounge window … pyrocanthus? Is that what it is called? It’s got vicious, long thorns, that thing

    47. Method 2: Slowly bring water to a boil (use low flame), then turn off heat, add 1 cup of the herb, steep for 5 minutes, turn on heat to low and simmer for 5 min

    48. So many have never laughed, and so many have died before their hair could turn silver

    49. The mind wants to reject it and turn back time, believe in anything else except the reality it has been presented with

    50. I turn the TV off

    1. Jorma thought he might have asked with a shade of accusation, though his look was friendly when Jorma turned to him

    2. She noticed a fisherman about a thousand yards out had turned his glass on her so she waved and posed

    3. " She turned and bent over to pick up the quilt, making sure the guy in the boat could see her spreading

    4. Since I first went north I met many guys that might have turned me into a farmer or a sailor or a financier, and I was infatuated with them partly for the romance of being someone new

    5. Jorma turned to sit beside her

    6. But all the while, it astounded me how this serial killer turned out to be such a strong factor in the manner in which my parents raised me

    7. He got to his feet to pace but when he turned he saw that Herndon was coming around the camp

    8. conversation turned to the medical dilemma recently posed and the

    9. The tooth powder in the bathroom was turned around, but any of them could have done that

    10. Luke: 7:44: And he turned to the woman, and said unto

    11. " She was at the front door, she turned toward him in the open door

    12. forgiveness, He turned to the woman and said,

    13. They turned right onto the tenth floor street of third canal, indoor at that point, and were immediately outside again between third canal and the yacht basin

    14. As soon as they were out onto the plaza atop that building, Yorthops turned east toward the basin and went to the far end and found a table among the lush pots of mushroom ferns they had in the corner

    15. My theory turned out to be true in Micah’s case

    16. It was just the instincts of this body that turned her head when big, broad-shouldered men with cleft chins walked by

    17. ” He turned the flask and squinted

    18. And he turned again into

    19. When David had his men turned against him, when their

    20. says he turned to God to strengthen himself

    21. Henry turned the knob of the door as slowly and quietly as he could

    22. He had turned south toward the city center once he left the basin

    23. So it was going to be that easy, Johnny thought to himself as he turned to head into the principal’s office

    24. Ackers turned his attention to Johnny

    25. She heard them scuttling through the pipes, turned off the flashlight, and held her breath

    26. “Are you going to stand in the elevator all day? We have important things to discuss,” Ackers chastised them, and then, without waiting for their response, he turned and started walking down the hall

    27. Nancy couldn’t see him through the flames, but when the cannon was turned off, the man was looking unharmed and vastly relieved

    28. Use it with the heat turned all the way up!

    29. Isa: 50:5: The Lord GOD hath opened mine ear, and I was not rebellious, neither turned away back

    30. He turned and gave Johnny a condescending stare

    31. Ackers turned to look at them with a stoic face, “Do you think I should have called her Don’t Eat?”

    32. Johnny and Ackers turned to each other in stunned silence

    33. They all turned their heads to look at him

    34. He turned and saw his mechanic in the approaching crowd

    35. She could see it in his eyes and turned away from him

    36. He stammered and opened his mouth, but then shut it again and turned away

    37. She turned around to see a woman, about eighteen years old, dressed all in black

    38. Nancy turned to regard her tormentor

    39. Everyone was focused on the fight except for Ackers, who turned his head and looked at the sword sticking out of the wall

    40. Herndon almost popped an aneurism over that, she could see purple veins pound in his face, but she turned it on him with the story of Kulai's fortune

    41. The Operator turned around to see Silence standing behind them

    42. Grabbing my shoulders, he turned me round to face him

    43. Red pointed over his shoulder and Big Petey turned to see a new host of soldiers enter the room from the elevator

    44. His head was turned away from it as he was watching Scar fight Nancy and Silence

    45. The Operator turned around to find that Johnny had taken the Super Chip right out of his hand

    46. With a deep sigh, he turned on the antique chairs and smashed them to pieces until there wasn’t a chunk bigger than his fist

    47. But every pretty pair of tits this night has turned me down, so I’m willing to try Mama Grizzly here

    48. Johnny quickly darted over to his holographic keyboard and turned down the volume

    49. Her happy whistling turned to a concerned hum

    50. This wasn't even once a week, she had turned it up during her travels, especially her time with Jorma

    1. They walked out into the lake almost knee deep, that would be enough, the water was already turning cold

    2. There is no shadow of turning in Him

    3. thoughts, that you want to have, and reading those thoughts and turning

    4. He could imagine her turning to dry powder in his arms, stabbing himself on the splinters of her bones as her shrill cackle faded into the cold distance of outer space

    5. Have you considered turning to the Church as they could

    6. As far as everyone was concerned, I could prevent people from turning into zombies

    7. That's what Venna did was just leave, not even a note and signature turning it over to me

    8. I flinch, thinking about what Micah is slowly turning into

    9. This was slowly turning from bad to worse

    10. This is a growing practice wherein, for example, a bacterium gene is injected into tomatoes, turning them into 24-hour-a-day anti-pest factories

    11. He turns it on, states his name, the time and the names of those present in the room before turning to me

    12. They were already turning into the Ungor arm and the majestic mountains splashed with snow were visible in the companion's ruddy light

    13. As such, they were always turning and looking impassively at things, and it gave Scar the creeps like nothing else in the world

    14. Check the water meter after turning off all water use

    15. ’ Stephen turning the radio on makes me jump

    16. ’ He repeated, before turning and letting himself out, yanking the door closed firmly behind him

    17. She keyed in a series of commands into her computer, turning off the beeping, and then headed back to the window

    18. ‘But … the bitch! The complete bloody bitch!’ I ranted at him, turning too quickly and having to hang onto the back of a chair as my balance goes

    19. Bury at base of rose by turning over into the soil

    20. Turn pile over, spraying with the liquid seaweed as you go, turning the pile: This is done by one of several methods

    21. The main idea is to turn the pile over in such a way that you are turning the layers together except for the center of the pile

    22. Turn pile over lightly, (aerate the pile by turning over the top layers)

    23. Day 4: Turn contents of bin #1 into bin #2 (you should have three bins for this purpose), turning over well and adding a sprinkling of the formula as you go and also spraying with the liquid seaweed

    24. He picks it up slowly and begins to examine it, carefully turning it around and around in his hands while he looks at it

    25. His stomach turning a little

    26. She didn't bother turning her head around as she spoke and Sammy seemed only to notice her for the first time

    27. Most people wanted photographs of beaded sweat on brown skin and slow turning ceiling fans in Bangkok, Phnom Penh or Vientiane

    28. ’ She agreed, turning as Stephen comes into the room

    29. almost immediately heard a key turning in the door lock

    30. Somewhere a goat bleats pathetically, turning Bolt’s head

    31. ‘You moving back in, then?’ he asked turning and facing me, leaning his backside against the window sill

    32. ’ I said starkly, turning to look her in the face

    33. ’ She said, turning to look at the building

    34. Glenelle certainly couldn't hack their way out of it, other than turning off enhancements

    35. ’ He replied, turning on his heel and rushing out of the room

    36. From the outside, she looked like a slapstick comedy routine, lurching this way and that, stopping and starting, turning around

    37. He waited as long as he could before turning around to see who the bigmouth was

    38. MacKenzie clasped his knees tightly, his knuckles turning white as he gripped the

    39. Turning around to face her, his eyes bulged, his face burned tomato red

    40. Turning south, he headed towards the Boston Monitor

    41. Wambach growled it from the console without turning around

    42. "Is that right?" Bahkmar said, closing his screens and turning to him

    43. "You're distracted," Jaseem eventually accused him, "You're not turning into one of those who think we should never enjoy anything aren't you? Not even here in the reward of Paradis?"

    44. I caressed each object, staring at it, turning it over and over in my shaking hands, discovering the simple joy of some bright plastic birthday nothing as if for the very first time

    45. I was only feeling a deep grief growing fast inside me, turning into a dark ocean of self-pity and desperation

    46. Turning to her so their faces are so close they almost touch, he glares intently into her brown eyes and sends out a thought

    47. She gets about half way to the desk before turning back with her eyes locked on him, speaking loudly this time,

    48. The impossibility of there being another person in my room wound itself around my cortex, turning my fingers and thumbs into fat, sausages

    49. His staff was happy with the style and got into it, especially when they found there were good wages involved so there were now some creative artists turning out some really beautiful saddles using some of the exotic plumes that come from the tails of many species of local animals

    50. We never knew how things would go, the mood of our captors capable of turning on a pin head

    1. The beer turns sour in my mouth

    2. Vera’s face turns red like she wants to grab my head and punt it

    3. “Oh, Tobias!” She turns to hug me

    4. She turns to Theo, who’s pouring a drink behind the bar

    5. The creature turns around to face the car and cries a deep guttural noise, like air bleeding from a bagpipe

    6. Levi in his walk with God, he turns many away from

    7. And then he turns around and I see those rows of loathsome eyes just leering at me, and I just want to coil that sucker up and inject all my venom sacs straight into his face!

    8. This formula can also be used to create a paste (slowly add water to mixture, and stir until it turns into a paste)

    9. We lock eyes and the palm turns into a fist

    10. He turns to me

    11. He turns it on, states his name, the time and the names of those present in the room before turning to me

    12. Half throwing me away from himself, so that I stagger as he takes his hands off me, he turns and paces back to the door

    13. It feeds off of you, turns you into a shrieking bonfire

    14. He turns on the radio and the same news announcer is blabbing away

    15. He turns off the radio

    16. He turns to John, holds out his hand stiffly

    17. Family members can take turns visiting with a relative, taking them out to eat, going shopping, or doing other activities they enjoy

    18. They watch him leave, then Zitteraal shakes his head, turns to John

    19. John looks inside, sees an emaciated body lying in the bed, then slowly turns his attention to the face

    20. John looks back at comatose John lying in bed and the man in bed slowly turns his head, raises up slightly, looks

    21. John turns again to Zitteraal, who has seen nothing

    22. John pulls away quickly, watching the building he just exited, turns out of the parking lot and races down the street

    23. Finally he hangs up, tosses his phone on the passenger’s seat, reaches over and turns on the radio

    24. He turns off the radio, waits a couple of seconds, turns the radio back on again, listens with a growing look of shock and alarm

    25. John turns his face away from her

    26. She puts her hand on his cheek, gently turns his face back to her

    27. He turns to get back in his car, but stops as Enoch speaks

    28. John turns, gives the man a dirty look

    29. Trooper 2 turns and walks back to his car, talks into his shoulder-held microphone

    30. He turns to John

    31. She stirs, feels for him, turns and looks at him sitting in the chair

    32. She turns him to face her, looks steadily into his eyes

    33. Learning to make compost is a great way to take something that is being thrown away and turns it into food for the soil, for the plants, and food for us

    34. John turns red with anger

    35. He turns to the nurse

    36. Turns back to John

    37. Turns and leaves

    38. John looks out the window for a few seconds, then turns and looks at the watch

    39. The Young Psychologist shoots Dave another dirty look, turns back to John

    40. He turns off his light

    41. He turns it

    42. He touches the clothes with his hand, turns back to the room

    43. She turns and smiles at him, comes over and kisses him, puts her arms around him

    44. Finally, the old man turns his head slowly toward them, slides down off the donkey

    45. She, it turns out, had done

    46. They took up the front another few turns before they could finally slide it under

    47. John gets out, turns, waits for Dave

    48. Without another word, he pushes off, turns the boat slowly in the lake and rows away as John watches

    49. John turns and walks toward the temple

    50. Al Snafu turns his attention to the teachers at the bottom of the staircase, clears his throat, tries to reclaim some air of dignity

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    turn twist turning play good turn act bit number routine turn of events bend crook bout round go spell tour rick sprain wrench wrick grow change by reversal reverse change state ferment sour work call on deform flex release plough plow move around turn over become trend drift revolution rotation spin gyration cycle deviation change variation reversal talent proclivity inclination bent propensity tendency aptitude need requirement exigency revolve circle rotate gyrate avert divert alter convert transform metamorphose transmute direct point set form mould shape fashion