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    1. response? For how many 'I'll die for my country' soldiers have felt the lover's desire to gift as they trophied child victims, who a moment before were pleading with open hands bleeding with the blood of parents who tried lovingly to protect them?”

    1. “Harold this is a fine collection of trophies from your Malvern days,” remarked Mr

    2. Reia offered, “The lackey even said that the brick-a-brack I dislodged were the Captain's valued trophies from his travels thus far on his quest

    3. Two more trophies for him with the Administration, that’s all he knew

    4. Not to be confused with the Sumerians who flourished at approximately the same time, but who were civilized, living in cities, and not riding the range in pursuit of trophies

    5. There was a rumour, probably true, that policemen cut off the ears of dead terrorists to keep as trophies, but I had never witnessed it first-hand

    6. In regard to the identification of dead terrorists allow me to quote to your from my book Mean Streets - Life in the Apartheid Police: "There was a rumour, probably true, that Policemen cut the ears off dead terrorists to keep as trophies but I have never seen that myself

    7. My two sons have a shelf full of little league and karate trophies and walls full of academic and other awards as a result of the sowing done by both of their parents into their lives in the early ages

    8. Atrocities in the Pacific Theater by US troops were widespread; execution of POWs; mutilation of enemy dead; massacres of civilians; even the collection of enemy body parts as trophies

    9. They had only just reconciled and Caroline was still organizing the stables to her liking including re-hanging on the wall above the desk in the feed room trophies and ribbons she had won riding dressage while still a girl in Canada

    10. Some of these trophies ended up on ‘The Wall

    11. Some cocksuckers in Fokkers want us for trophies?

    12. They’re supposed to be his trophies

    13. Abelon had made up his mind not to cause his father any further anxiety by not participating as eagerly as others in the trophies of the hunt, but to develop his skill as a tracker

    14. The two of them meekly handed over the shoe trophies to Bruiser who then handed me half of his half

    15. Their confident laughter, the heads and horns of their trophies mounted above us, convinced me that nothing from the dark bush around would break into that circle

    16. all the passes he made at you, he wanted you as one of his trophies

    17. “Take a seat Strauss,” she said and I complied, I couldn’t help but admire the many trophies and medals that were stashed in her glass cupboard

    18. I could spot her room, and in the hall, there was a small shelf with lots of ribbons and two framed certificates, no trophies

    19. And, in an act of cruel irony, a few ferals even flaunt tufts of her hair—still rooted in chunks of bloody flesh—above their heads as trophies

    20. Resting by the wall closer to the doorway is a large display unit with two double glass doors locking in a variety of music trophies

    21. “Look at these walls, filled with my trophies!” She pointed to the corpses of the children wrapped in cobwebs

    22. Mark was distracted from that by Gorsh, who opened the case he was handed by another elf as he announced; “The trophies

    23. Court presented himself at the DOCB office and was ushered into the august presence of Colonel Donald Dunne, whose office walls held many guns and other war trophies

    24. They returned with their trophies but many showed injuries, while two were carried

    25. to show off and strut about with trophies on our belts

    26. While we did mention the trophies first, simply summing the use of PSN simply for that would be misleading

    27. Also, connecting online is the only way to back up those hard earned trophies (choose the sync to server option)

    28. The big thing missing from the PSP’s PSN network is the ability to keep track of trophies

    29. –which is more due to the fact that PSP games do not come with trophies (it has been confirmed that the upcoming NGP will have trophy support ), and also, being able to track PSN friends

    30. chance to show off and strut about with trophies on

    31. Heroes stored all kinds of stuff in the attic: quest trophies they no longer wanted to keep in their cabins, or stuff that held painful memories

    32. My father spent his life collecting trophies like these

    33. “I’m not going to end up like those dusty trophies in the Big House attic

    34. Clarity stood near the door of the large living room, decorated with the hunting trophies of the duchessśeventh husband, heads of big game like antelope, lions and bears

    35. While she hunts for the sake of killing, destroying, and claiming trophies, you hunt for power

    36. Lot of nice trophies you got here

    37. He went through the front door and into a long, wood panelled hallway with hunting trophies adorning the walls

    38. She started this practice of collecting trophies of what she called “our career achievements”—meaning souvenirs of the houses and people we looked after as part of oru rightful remuneration

    39. Lion kills by hunters were considered valued trophies

    40. Mind you, I guessed that he had a liking for weaponry when I saw all those shooting trophies and medals in his study

    41. The Itruga, now being captured as trophies by hunters and for collection of possessors of strange creatures and artifacts, were forced to abandon their home and scatter throughout the country into even more remote region and thrive in small populations

    42. Giving back her trophies to a waiting Carolyn Anderson, she then returned to the group of graduates as Ingrid Weiss was called forward as top gymnast of the class

    43. We are God’s champions - His trophies

    44. Ingrid Dows herself took part in the action, finishing off the Japanese officer that had led the sixty or so infiltrators and then picking up the saber and scabbard of the officer as trophies

    45. “The cloak maker wanted to make them without payment, this of course would have turned his family and workers into paupers, I know you will be angry with me for buying such expensive clothes, but I came away with both of us happy, you see I told him that Quetzalcoatl insisted that he accept his gift of those silly old Mixtec trophies, they were only gathering dust, anyway

    46. ” he repeated he seemed to be very pleased to have learnt my name, the only word in the real language that he knew, I pointed in a circle and putting my hands at the side of my head made the sign for sleep he shook his head from side to side and again I was baffled, seeing this he went to the two corpses and made the signs for digging, ah! Hide the bodies of course, if they were discovered we would not get a quarter of the way to Tollan, he was very calm, so I left the thinking to him, my head was going around and around in a daze, I still couldn’t believe that I had survived capture, so I followed and did as he wanted, we dug a deep grave in the sandy bottom of the gully deep enough to stop any animals uncovering our secret until we were long gone on our journey, he rolled the first body in and began to push the second warrior into the hole, I was horrified and rushed to stop him, the headdresses alone, even without their weapons were worth a fortune, I was not about to bury such trophies so I jumped into the hole and stripped what I thought I could comfortably carry, I then stripped the second body, the spoils made quite a nice pile, two Quetzal feathered headdresses, two Jaguar skin cloaks, one obsidian knife and two swords tipped along the edges with obsidian and inlaid with lapis lazuli, sandals and leggings of fine deer skin, a spear, two bows with nine arrows in each finely decorated quiver, the bearded one looked at me and slowly shook his head from side to side, then went back to the task of burying the Mixteca, after putting the second warrior in the hole he continued filling in the grave, I laid one of the cloaks out and began to bundle up the treasures, I offered one of the swords to the hairy one but instead he chose a small obsidian knife and put it in the cord he wore around his waist, I completed the bundle and with no small effort hoisted it onto my back, I then helped to wipe away any signs of what had happened here, we spent the rest of the day under a heap of brush further down the gully, the hairy one went to sleep as soon as he lay down, I was far too excited to sleep, I had to know more about my bearded companion, awed by his fighting skills, but impressed more by his quiet demeanour and air of confidence, what wonderful good fortune, finding this white warrior was indeed the work of the gods, I was wondering what the people would think of my new friend when I got back to Tollan, with that thought I fell into a deep and satisfying sleep suddenly I came instantly awake, the hairy one had a hand over my mouth, voices came down the gully, I listened, then relaxed, this was not a search party, they were discussing the ball game they had just come from and were making their way home, as the enemy moved on the voices faded away, the hairy one took his hand from my mouth and I put my finger to my mouth, he understood and relaxed, it was quite late in the afternoon and we only had a short time to wait before continuing our journey to the west and home, the bundle on my back got heavier and heavier with each step and we still had two hard nights travel before we were on Toltec land

    47. Half way through the night, I was not so sure my bundle was worth the trouble, my shoulder where the strap had rubbed was beginning to bleed and I breathed a sigh of relief when the hairy one stopped to drink and eat the food he had taken from the two warriors, he had food, I had trophies, I had a lot to learn from this strange ally, after sharing the food, my moon skinned friend picked up my bundle and effortlessly threw it on to his shoulder, we marched on through the rest of the night and as the false dawn shed its light, we began to scout around for, hopefully, our last hideaway in enemy country, the day passed without incident and when evening came we again set off to the east and in the false dawn as I scanned the horizon looking for a glimpse of the Hill of Setvic my hairy companion began to scout around for a place to stay, the land had sloped for the last two nights and we followed the incline and eventually reached the plateau, two nights later before we lay down to rest I thought the lie of the ground had a familiar look to it, the next evening before the sun went down I looked around and my heart leapt, the Hill of Setvic was there in the distance, tomorrow we would be on Toltec land, but we were not safe yet we had to survive the night, oh, what a cruel fate if we were to fail with the prize in sight, that night I was followed by demons, jumping in alarm at every noise, every animal call, when the morning star appeared I dropped to the ground, totally overcome by the sight of the outline of the Hill of Setvic in the near distance, a sight I never thought I would see again, my friend, misunderstanding, rushed up and stood astride me, his shiny sticks in his hands, I started to laugh and laugh, uncontrollably; he bent and shook me, I leapt up and hugged him whirling around and around, he put his hand over my mouth, the terror and permanent vigilance of the last few weeks seemed to roll from my back like a worn tattered cloak, I stopped my antics and tried with signs to make him understand that we were safe, not knowing if he understood or not, I walked towards home and he followed

    48. When I described the battle with the two warriors, the children couldn’t get enough of the story, but a couple of warriors at the back, obviously thinking I was padding the story for the children’s benefit, began to shuffle their feet so I thought this an opportune moment to present my back pack, all heads craned forwards as I slowly and deliberately untied my treasures and spread the Mixtec weapons and regalia on the tables, not a sound escaped the crowd for an age, then they all started talking at the same time and everyone crowded around to look, feel, and wonder at such mighty trophies, Jodas stepped forward and took command, ordering lines to be formed to view the treasure, there was a respectful look in his eye as he bowed to Coatl, seeing him bow, all the village started to bow as they passed by Coatl, I could see Coatl was overcome with embarrassment, even so I detected that he enjoyed the notoriety, the warriors, as was right, kept an aloof air about them, they were not professional soldiers nevertheless they were quick and brave and were proud of the fighting skills needed in the defence of their village, when times were quiet they would be seen tending to their different trades, ready to fight when circumstances demanded, one of the warriors approached the priest and asked permission to see a demonstration of Coatl’s skill so that they may look and learn, I was horrified at this as I remembered the reaction that would be forthcoming from any implied threat to the white hairy man, I begged the priest to be cautious because Coatl did not yet know our language, the priest smiled and putting his arm about Coatl’s shoulder steered him through the crowd out into the square all the time talking to him in a low even voice, all the people turned to watch this strange man and their priest as they strolled to the centre of the plaza, both squatted and began making signs in the sandy floor, Wedon talked a moment longer, then returning to the table where the trophies were on display, he turned to the crowd of villagers and said

    49. They will make you great trophies

    50. The other ashigaru didn’t protest about not taking the heads of the bandits as battle trophies: such low level criminals did not make worthy trophies

    1. It is a wrench saying goodbye to her – this is no longer a game where all I have to do is go to the right place and collect the trophy … there are people out there trying to stop me … permanently and with extreme prejudice as the saying goes

    2. He was given a bright purple sash to wear, a sparkling shiny trophy to hold and was made to stand just to the left of the famous television gardener when it was time for the speeches

    3. Hawthorne’s trophy wife and that was fine with her

    4. I confessed my regrets and made known I had only used what persuasions any one in my own place might have used and as consolation left him with the trophy of that unfortunate encounter---a rather well designed and cared for tradesman's folding knife of about half a foot in length

    5. Harold simply said, “It's the Terror Trophy actually, I believe I'm the only one to have earned it

    6. The Greeks pretended to sail away, and the Trojans pulled the horse into their city as a victory trophy

    7. Odysseus (Ulysses) came up with the idea of building a great wooden horse (the horse being the emblem of Troy]), hiding an elite force inside, and fooling the Trojans into wheeling the horse into the city as a trophy

    8. Odysseus (Ulysses) came up with the idea of building a great wooden horse (the horse being the symbol of Troy]), hiding an elite force inside, and fooling the Trojans into taking the horse into the city as a trophy

    9. One thinks at such junctures, not about the awaiting trophy,

    10. Who knows? Maybe the someone who found her took her as a trophy

    11. The only animal of importance killed was a not over-big leopard, which was so battered about the head by the eager natives that it was completely spoiled, the skin falling a trophy to a Sergeant-Major of the Supply, who gave it the first blow with a heavy stick as it ran

    12. I was about ten years old and recollect an Army Sergeant-Major grabbing me by the arm whilst overtaking me to make sure I stayed far enough away for I truly wanted to collect the hand grenade as a trophy

    13. Denying a child a trophy is very sad and uncalled for to begin with

    14. The remaining contestants were possibly more nervous and all held hands, knowing that it might just be them that could be holding the trophy in the next few seconds

    15. The first consists of a trophy and a medallion that the Association of International Poets granted me on August 17th of 2003 at their annual reunion during which one of my poems was read

    16. Eliza was definitely a trophy wife

    17. Unfortunately for her, I had a feeling that the finish on the trophy was tarnishing

    18. His son’s first trophy head had been carried around the village by Zoran’s mate Hilkea and his daughter Nisaba as they bragged about their son and brother, of the great hunter who they were proud to claim as an important part of their family

    19. The crowd had hooted and hollered for us while we grabbed our trophy, 100 bucks cash, and gift certificates to Big Burger restaurant

    20. competition, and money was the end reward instead of a trophy

    21. Kind of crazy, I know but I like to have props when I’m telling a story or maybe it’s that I looked at them as a trophy and I wanted to show him my trophy

    22. he rode off without his artificial leg, later taken by his enemy as a trophy

    23. Life is a trophy and burden,

    24. Trophy: Victory; to contend for a prize; winning in warfare of the Spirit

    25. My hand finally landed on a certain volume and I held it above my head like a trophy

    26. wondered if it was Brian’s influence or the fact that he never wore his hair like a trophy as his superior had

    27. “I have the trophy here, you know the rules and you know

    28. The Visioneer handed the trophy over to the beaming God Boy

    29. The story was bought out, and the cutting is framed and hangs quite proudly on my trophy wall

    30. As she says "bullion", the blonde removes a gold bar from the bag and holds the brilliant bullion like a trophy above her head

    31. The Ark of the Covenant, as a trophy of war, looked good in Philistia, but as a part of their lives and their country, it was disaster

    32. She was also very pretty which meant that she could serve as a perfect trophy on his arm

    33. King Njal had tied a piece of string through the skull's eye-holes, to dangle it from his horse's saddle as a foul trophy

    34. out a golden trophy

    35. delivered to the trophy room of the Neve Vapors

    36. How dare he dismiss her like she was just some trophy 'officer' and not the XO! "We need to be hunting down Raidan

    37. The code should be entered at the player selection screen (this will also unlock a trophy as well!)

    38. –which is more due to the fact that PSP games do not come with trophies (it has been confirmed that the upcoming NGP will have trophy support ), and also, being able to track PSN friends

    39. On the other side, a new trophy was waiting

    40. The door to the trophy room opened by itself, and the hunter stepped out to begin his mission

    41. A dusty mounted trophy on the wall looked like a giant snake’s head, but with horns and a full set of shark’s teeth

    42. ICC Award-Sir Garfield Sobers trophy for cricketer of the year 2010

    43. All Brian wanted was a trophy girl that he could sex anytime he wanted to and treat like a slut

    44. She yanks a group of locks from his skull and hangs it from her waist as fur trapper’s trophy

    45. He taps the fingers of his artificial appendage on the counter like he’s proud of it, like it’s a trophy

    46. ‘I’m pretty sure he only saw me as a trophy

    47. Seb and Bel hoisted the trophy onto powerful shoulders and, no one having uttered a word the entire time, set off at the same fast trot as before, this time up a long steep slope

    48. She sits, fondly remembering how many lives she’s ended with her hunting, countless lives, all wasted for her to hang on her trophy wall or wear or fuck

    49. A waste of flesh for a trophy

    50. Mum thought it was beautiful and wanted it on the bookshelf beside my gymnastics trophy, but Dad, after a grudging admission that it was ‘a bit of all right,’ gave me an odd look and mumbled so Mum wouldn’t hear, ‘You won’t want to be telling anyone else about this, I reckon

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