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    1. Nobody pinned a medal on him, but nobody tried to break his bones either

    2. win a single medal

    3. Glayet, give him a hero’s medal and let him go

    4. the military bearing and the Major’s uniform with the medal ribbons

    5. touching his Saint Christophe medal for reassurance

    6. There is however, a reverse of the medal: very

    7. gold medal winners and they were waiting

    8. It made us proud to have been attached to the Battalion but what had us smiling even more was the fact that Captain Melstone had won the Military Cross and CSM Domby had won a bar to his Military Medal and Sgt Dawson had been awarded the Military Medal as well

    9. Major Danby informed me that I could be recommended for a medal and that would be just the thing for when I walked along back home with all the young girls making eyes at me and I would be a hero of the town

    10. On our train there were troops from nearly all the services there were sailors in their bellbottom trousers and Naval Officers full of gold braid then their were RFC pilots with fancy wings on their uniform chests and brightly coloured medal ribbons below them

    11. The purpose of the bill: to award the Presidential Medal of Valor to the police and firefighters who died in the 9/11

    12. As a youth he fought for the English against his own country in 1874, and obtaining a medal

    13. The West African medal may well be hung on a ribbon of yellow and black, as fever and death stalk hand in hand in effective combination

    14. K was awarded the SA Police Medal for Combating Terrorism twice during his service years

    15. K was awarded the South African Police Medal for Combating Terrorism twice during his service years

    16. In 1998, he and his crewmen finally received the Soldier's Medal in recognition of their actions saving the lives of the villagers from murder by US soldiers

    17. K was awarded the South African Police Medal for Combating Terrorism twice during his service years besides lesser awards

    18. The units received over 18,000 awards, including 21 members awarded the Medal of Honor

    19. As the President placed the medal around Steve's neck, they both shook hands and posed for the news photographers

    20. Were they trying to figure out who to give a fucking medal to?

    21. I have no idea why they gave me that fucking medal

    22. Maybe you should think about giving me a medal

    23. She gave me some new medal that no one has ever heard of, and apparently, ‘If I’m ever out of work…’

    24. If it’s any consolation, you would have received full military honors, and maybe a medal

    25. ” I paused and looked them over, then said, “As ranking battlefield officer I hereby award you all with the Medal of Honor

    26. Wutai War was Shinra that they granted him medal upon medal,

    27. association bronze medal and his parents had never bothered to

    28. At the rowing medal ceremony: "Ah, isn't that nice, the wife of the IOC president is hugging the cox of the British crew

    29. That’s my Henley medal

    30. Had I done that, since I was ahead on points, a first-place medal could have been mine

    31. He enjoyed an occasional ride in this car which according to a brass medal in the car was capable of cruising at over 100 miles per hour, “If you could find a good smooth road,” my father said

    32. In 1990, Shenandoah College and Conservatory in Winchester, VA, calling him a man who could write a book on entrepreneurial spirit, awarded him the Free Enterprise medal and named him Entrepreneur of the Year

    33. “You can begin to relax a little now! You’ve really done well by everyone! I shall make my report to Pharaoh that his Fourth Army should be close by, and its equipment is here and safe! You might even get a medal!” He patted Moshe on the shoulder one more time for emphasis before abruptly changing the subject

    34. If they wish to wear them upon their chest, they can be pressed on, and the back of the medal will adhere to them

    35. After he listened to Myers orally debrief and answer questions from the MACV people, Lochert said he had nothing to add except that Myers and Detachment A-302 of the 5th Special Forces Group were the best unit he had ever been in the field with, and he, Major Wolfgang Lochert, hereby notified the assembled officers that he was putting the Mike Force Team in for a unit citation and submitting SFC Charles Haskell, better known as Snake, for the Medal of Honor

    36. Deserved the Medal

    37. I hear 7th put him up for the Medal

    38. should be close by, and its equipment is here and safe! You might even get a medal!” He

    39. " He dug into his pocket and pulled out a Purple Heart medal

    40. Mark Berent had three voluntary tours of combat in Southeast Asia and is the holder of the Silver Star, two DFCs, the Bronze Star, numerous Air Medals, Legion of Merit, the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry, and the Cambodian Divisional Medal


    42. Fifteen CG-16 crew members and Lieutenant McPhail received the Navy and Marine Corps medal for bravery (Willoughby, pp

    43. On her first mission, ASM3 Kelly Mogk earned the United States Coast Guard Air Medal (Spellman, Coast Guard, March 2002, back cover)

    44. The Gold Lifesaving Medal was posthumously awarded to the missing Navy and Coast Guard personnel (Price, “The Forgotten Service

    45. ASM3 Mogk, the first female swimmer in the Coast Guard, and the first woman certified from the Navy Rescue Swimmer School (Pensacola, Florida), was subsequently awarded the coveted Air Medal, and was honored in a Washington, D

    46. Habel earned the Coast Guard Medal for heroic duty for the courageous rescue he and his utility boat crew performed in Chesapeake Bay on 25 January 2000

    47. Your blessing + on this medal, so that all who

    48. Take this holy medal; wear it with faith, and

    49. Munro received a posthumous Medal of Honor

    50. A medal on the mantelpiece

    1. The guys, sporting whatever medals they have, are very smart as they stand straight and square shouldered with others of their generation

    2. Ribbons and medals and statuary waved and banked around him

    3. Struggling on with a box full of losers medals and honest press clippings

    4. He wore a chest full of medals, which impressed Tarak, who asked about them

    5. They know that all the medals will be ours

    6. It came down the chain of command that the Lancashire Fusiliers had won a hat full of medals including six Victoria Crosses which was unbelievable

    7. Leading them all was our RSM looking splendid with his medals and short drilling stick

    8. They needed to be for there are more medals for bravery awarded to SAP dogs than humans

    9. I approached them and they stiffened and saluted me, as I was adorned with medals that I had received

    10. He observed me dressed in a military uniform adorned with medals, and Adas who was wearing a gray businessman’s suit, a Borsalino hat and sported a mustache

    11. I never wore my medals in public until about twenty years had gone by

    12. Betty sewed on my captain’s badge, and dusted off the medals, of which I had two or three, and put them on my tunic

    13. At that point her date came over, and while he strode up confidently enough, I think he was a little taken aback by the sight of all the medals

    14. Black Union soldiers had distinguished records and many decorations, including Congressional Medals of Honor

    15. He had earned medals while serving for both I Para and the SAS

    16. “If I could change one thing about this war, it is the relentless quest for medals and God-damned fucking recognition,” I told the walls

    17. He walks with his medals shown proudly on his military jacket

    18. I also have a complete collection of writings and memoirs and also badges and Medals

    19. “Take a seat Strauss,” she said and I complied, I couldn’t help but admire the many trophies and medals that were stashed in her glass cupboard

    20. Before undertaking the trip in August, the children participated in a two-day state swimming meet to try to obtain some last minute medals to show to their grandfather in Santo Domingo

    21. True to form, they all won new medals, including four-year old Suni who placed third in the breast-stroke event for her age group

    22. In 1975, he received one of one NCSU’s first three Watagua Medals, the university’s highest nonacademic award

    23. Mark Berent had three voluntary tours of combat in Southeast Asia and is the holder of the Silver Star, two DFCs, the Bronze Star, numerous Air Medals, Legion of Merit, the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry, and the Cambodian Divisional Medal

    24. Coast Guard Commandant Admiral James Loy and other officers presented achievement medals and letters of commendation

    25. A 1968 Coast Guard Academy graduate and member of the Humanities Department faculty, Admiral Collins earned two graduate degrees and several Coast Guard medals and awards (“Admiral Thomas H

    26. Colby earned Gold Life Saving Medals and Plaques of Merit

    27. potentates pinned medals on George, while the the U

    28. up to the podium and McClure stuck the medals onto his coat

    29. He was a spoiled young boy who'd been handed everything in life, including this ship, his medals, and his good looks

    30. Both began their careers as young prodigies, shooting up the ranks with medals and awards heaped upon them

    31. And, aside from his medals, he was just another pawn in the Imperial war-machine

    32. He's won his share of medals and all that

    33. His medals and

    34. Each got a medal that was unique to each child; soon they would find out what their medals could do

    35. Tim opened his weary eyes and saw the bronze, ageing face of the Sub-Commander, his long grey hair combed over a thinning scalp, his pristine uniform and shiny medals on show, for all to see

    36. Irish dancing competitions were held at the festival each year and every school of dancing in the town and beyond competed for medals in the various categories

    37. They both won medals, which Bridget was very proud of

    38. Medals were pinned to the chests of Beck’s men and their Major was awarded another promotion, this time to Lieutenant Colonel

    39. the others here, could you find a way to work with these others and keep a lookout for trouble? I am afraid those young squirrels will spend all their time arguing and making themselves medals for bravery and will forget all about the hard work they are supposed to be doing

    40. Then there were the special guards, the Chevaliers Gardes and the Cossacks, each in their own special ceremonial uniforms, watching over thousands of guests -- the nobility of Imperial Russia, proud and invincible in their fineries and the gentlemen in uniforms that sagged with medals

    41. I think it suits most of us at Burton's just to leave the medals on your chest

    42. Most look elderly, adorned with shiny medals and appear to have the superior attitude to match as they bark out orders

    43. Countries no longer counted their medals as international boundaries were a thing of the past, but the individual achievement of a world record was heralded just as before

    44. Mind you, I guessed that he had a liking for weaponry when I saw all those shooting trophies and medals in his study

    45. To the greater disad-vantage of his wife, as she was entering into a sad maturity with her somber long dresses, her old-fashioned medals, and her out-of-place pride, the concubine seemed to be bursting with a second youth, clothed in gaudy dresses of natural silk and with her eyes tiger--striped with a glow of vindication

    46. She couldn’t restraint her tears as she looked at the picture of Jack, taken years ago in his dress uniform, an impressive row of medals on his chest

    47. Those present around the parade square applauded while Amin pinned on the two women the small medals with black, red and yellow ribbons

    48. Mister Stone, does your Time Patrol have rules against accepting foreign medals?”

    49. Seeing that Nancy had stopped just outside the door to the room and was pinning a row of medals on her uniform, Murrow hurried to her

    50. Nancy smiled to him when he stopped near her and pointed at her medals

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