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    1. I still have the coffee table, in my apartment with my tuner on it

    2. So long as neuroscientists are fixated on the brain, they will never realise that the brain acts, just like a TV, basically as a receiver and tuner The scientist, who exclaims, ‘See, we have proof — the PeT scans show that the neural activity in the brain has changed,’ is missing the point

    3. Afterwards, Amigo turned on the radio, setting the tuner on

    4. The pitch warbled as if she was a radio, and someone was messing with the tuner

    5. 'I understood the orders was to let the tuner in once a quarter, sir

    6. Wemyss had forgotten the tuner

    7. The tuner had standing instructions to come and tune

    8. Well, why couldn't the fool-woman have reminded him sooner? But the tuner having tuned didn't excuse the parlourmaid's not having sewn on the button the tuner had pulled off

    9. I couldn’t help but growl and swipe at the tuner

    10. tuner so that it could be used as an entertainment

    11. Leaving the tuner on, the General worked on

    12. The small drill started up and it rang through Smith’s eardrums like a guitar tuner on a concrete floor; an A flat, shifting to an A sharp as the drill increased its speed

    13. And he who mingles music with gymnastic in the fairest proportions, and best attempers them to the soul, may be rightly called the true musician and harmonist in a far higher sense than the tuner of the strings

    14. —The tuner was in today, miss Douce replied, tuning it for the smoking concert

    15. That was a tuningfork the tuner had that he forgot that he now struck

    16. He feathers the tuner, switches bands: nothing

    17. Each came with a shortwave tuner and a special “high-efficiency aerial” kit to ensure clear reception of both the standard radio broadcast on NBC and shortwave broadcasts in a variety of languages direct from Berlin

    18. He reached out and, having let the tuner warm up as the salesman had shown them, flipped on the speakers

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    radio radio receiver radio set receiving set tuner wireless piano tuner