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    1. “Sometime after the war I spoke to the wireless operator of boat U-48

    2. He no longer felt the need to confine his online activities to his bedroom and had spent many a happy evening hour running cables around the house and setting up a new wireless router

    3. running cables around the house and setting up a new wireless

    4. Even the wireless environment had grown calm, with only their jammers on

    5. that his ancestors knew the wireless telegraphy

    6. It had been totally renovated years before by the State of Pennsylvania as a historic landmark, but while doing so, they had also completely brought it into the 21st Century of wireless technology

    7. Rather than just send audio transmissions via these masts, the electronics boffins of the colony had set up a wide area wireless data network to allow all the different geographical locations to remain in constant contact, allowing both voice communication and data flow between them, even video when the need arose

    8. It seemed that it had successfully connected to their wireless network within mere hours of it becoming available

    9. “No, no that came over the wireless network

    10. You can’t send a bulldozer by wireless

    11. The Navy got wireless in 1907

    12. Grant slid the flash drive into a USB port on his wireless keyboard and sat back while it loaded

    13. They were still trying to get our wireless going

    14. They had the whole rig going, where our experiments with radios, wireless, Morse, were somewhat lackadaisical

    15. Sim promised to provide him with a translator, a small necklace-like device with a pair of wireless earplugs

    16. power from the air and providing free wireless energy to the public, but his investor, JP

    17. Bobby the cameraman starts to backup, while Paul is still talking into a wireless microphone looking towards the camera

    18. Then along came new distractions including telegraphy, telephone, wireless radio and the most recent communications via the internet

    19. "So that slug is like an organic wireless internet connecting all the Administrators to each other? So it is sending information to and receiving information from each Administrator?"

    20. Wireless power all I could

    21. Of the wireless

    22. “So it could be possible that he’s an employee who has access to the wireless internet connection,” Carrillo said

    23. Wireless telegraph and radio communications were used by all the belligerent governments and armed services

    24. USRC Grant was the first cutter to use wireless telegraphy

    25. home theater sound system, wireless home theater and home theater system design are

    26. empty cans and and wireless devices off, trying to create some

    27. Dean found another wireless connection and did some recon

    28. cuit can also be used as a wireless telephone amplifier

    29. Comcast is also investing heavily in WIMAX initiatives riding the wave of wireless access through multiple devices

    30. While this may seem to be quite a massive investment, any gamer would agree that the new wireless music controllers are well worth it

    31. We all know how fun it is to play a video game, and thanks to the wonderful power of wireless communications and faster internet connections, we can play with many of our friends and even complete strangers online

    32. Use a wireless headset to receive phone calls

    33. wireless service of the University

    34. Two hours later, the computer, several hundred enseemats with their wireless terminals, and all the Mages were assembled in the circular Council Chamber in which NumbaCruncha had been first unveiled

    35. ‘You have to check the latest enseemats and wireless terminal placements, then rehearse the Emperor and Empress in their role—they’re as thick as a couple of mattresses, so if anything goes wrong you’ll pay for it!’

    36. waiting back at the ATV and keeping in wireless contact with the ship

    37. ‗The modem and router are standard with wireless connections to both this computer and yours in your bedroom

    38. Only the wireless was unable to remain quiet

    39. “Actually the wireless is primary and the wired is back-up and both have been disabled

    40. wireless connection, don’t bother to bring it for Internet

    41. Heard it on the wireless

    42. and the wireless enterprise to assertively induce imperative

    43. can go in there and use their free wireless internet services with your

    44. the wireless card you're looking at is 120 meters -- that's what it would be if

    45. wireless cards all have a speed of 11Mbps, while 802

    46. wireless device conforms to, and tells you whether you will be able to use it with

    47. Wireless Alphabet Soup: What's the Difference Anyway?

    48. At this point, you might have read a few feature lists for wireless cards, and

    49. answering that question requires a brief rundown of the history of wireless

    50. The first wireless networking standard was simply called 802

    1. "No televisions or wirelesses are allowed in shared rooms, Mr Barns

    2. Out of the corner of his eye he saw some wirelesses in a shop window

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