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Undo en una oración (en ingles)

  1. To just undo all of this.
  2. I can't undo that, but I.
  3. I can’t undo the damage.
  4. Let me just undo the tarp.
  5. She started to undo his tie.

  6. She is going to undo you, Nick.
  7. Undo was introduced in 1974 [j.
  8. They began to undo their baggage.
  9. With wire cutters or pliers, undo.
  10. And now I have the boy, I will undo.
  11. If they can do it, they can undo it.
  12. And she can single-handedly undo it.
  13. Bev started to undo the knot of her.
  14. He sat up and began to undo his bandages.
  15. What the mind has done the mind must undo.

  16. He starts to undo the front of the corset.
  17. He’d figured out how to undo it himself.
  18. We all had to willingly bleed to undo the.
  19. There has to be a doctor who can undo this.
  20. We’d never be able to undo it, that moment.
  21. No later undoing will undo the first undoing.
  22. We can undo whatever they try, right?
  23. Beer and maybe a joint, undo himself a little.
  24. To undo this confusion is the purpose of Yoga.
  25. Everything seemed as if it existed to undo her.

  26. M: You alone can undo the evil you have created.
  27. Basical y, he needed to undo al that his lama.
  28. God, I wish I could undo what happened to you.
  29. Most applications nowadays have an undo operation.
  30. They took a break to undo belts and kick off shoes.
  31. If we undo the harness, maybe, he said slowly.
  32. She had not time to undo, and so carried back with.
  33. His room was so small that he could undo the latch.
  34. Could you undo these please? she asked softly.
  35. He fumbled with the lead as he tried to undo it too.
  36. But we can't allow science to undo its own good work.
  37. Currently, the delete file utility has no undo support.
  38. Miss Jenkins started to undo my hair, but I stopped her.
  39. I will have the Grays undo the modifications to the.
  40. Undo the sin state of mind by forcing a giving attitude.
  41. By the time I figured it out, it was too late to undo it.
  42. Do not undo the radiator cap until the temperature drops.
  43. Templars and their allies are sworn to undo the Vatican's.
  44. In any case, it wasn’t the kind of thing you could undo.
  45. As I walked I brooded over Andrei, trying to undo the knots.
  46. Further, she didn’t know anyone who could undo the curse.
  47. Sheila had managed to undo Roman’s belt in the confusion.
  48. But in respect to sin God never said he would undo the deed.
  49. I managed to undo the awful knot and pulled his manhood out.
  50. Could I undo what I had thought? To know, I only had to try.
  51. It’s too late to undo things now, she said somberly.
  52. Let's undo them, and then we can use the paper for the fire.
  53. But… how? Sophie sealed this place, only she can undo it.
  54. I still regretted the decision and longed to return and undo.
  55. Hal cursed himself and wished he could undo what they had done.
  56. He only hoped it wasn't too late to undo all of the man's evil.
  57. Undo the real life presented fear, work it back to it’s core.
  58. It wasn’t subtle but as she started to kiss him and undo the.
  59. Now undo your robe, remove it and then lie back down on the bed.
  60. It had indeed turned into something she hated and desired to undo.
  61. To undo my master's horror, to have mercy where none was deserved.
  62. With your hands in front you can then use your teeth to undo knots.
  63. I'd started to undo my bootlaces when I became aware of a low drone.
  64. It took less than a minute to undo the four bolts on the disc housing.
  65. Katy stood up from the bed and began to undo the belt on her bathrobe.
  66. It’s important not to undo the work that‘s been done to heal him.
  67. She gasped when she felt his hands undo her bikini top and slip it off.
  68. Court gossip won’t undo you as rapidly as pissing off the Emp would.
  69. He wanted to use his teeth to undo her zipper but didn’t relish the.
  70. Major Salsman letter dated 17 July, 2006 was apparently to undo his own.
  71. Wrong? Aunty Em said, reaching up to undo the wrap around her head.
  72. I bite back, Tiny, he told her, reaching one hand down to undo his.
  73. It was a secret that had the power to undo all the good work that He had.
  74. Yet none of that could undo what Maikyn had done to those prisoners first.
  75. But though I can’t undo the past, I shall now do what is in my power.
  76. His room was so small that he could undo the latch without leaving the bed.
  77. Golden Frog had little power of his own but he could undo his own handiwork.
  78. If he could unspell it, he could undo the sacrifice Laeron had made for him.
  79. But we cannot undo the events that have already taken place, and we can-.
  80. Before she could undo the hatch, the clown moved the lever to start the ride.
  81. Maybe it was pity that occasioned the girls to undo what they had done.
  82. Standing up in his tailored executive suit, he began to undo his tie, slowly.
  83. It is hard to imagine, but undo did not exist in any software for many years.
  84. I heard him undo Astra’s leash, the click of the clip now very familiar to me.
  85. Going over to the mare, I hesitate not quite sure which bit I should undo first.
  86. We’ve protected her from things for years, and I will not have you undo that.
  87. The Dragons were there trying to undo the effects of manipulated Nova-MER-code.
  88. We want to know how we can implement the undo functionality in our applications.
  89. There was a large bronze buckle that took a significant amount of force to undo.
  90. He went to a witch himself to undo the spells his ex-wife’s witch was casting.
  91. How absolute the knave is! we must speak by the card, or equivocation will undo us.
  92. Rogojin followed her to undo the bolts of the door and let her out into the street.
  93. The first thing he did was undo his bowtie and unbutton the neck of his dress shirt.
  94. They joined themselves together and called upon the power of their law to undo them.
  95. Mixed loyalties groaned as thoughts about his family tried to undo him one last time.
  96. In the first one, there is no undo of commands, whereas in the second one there is:.
  97. His lips were on hers again, and he began to undo the hooks on the back of her bodice.
  98. Her manner was inspiring, but a few livid words could not undo years of decaying hope.
  99. After many births and many years of waiting, none of the children could undo the spell.
  100. I was merely asking if you would know how to undo an encapsulation if that had happened.
  1. His eyes were her undoing.
  2. Undoing what they had done.
  3. Man will be his own undoing.
  4. One that could be our undoing.
  5. There was no undoing that click.
  6. Undoing the seat belt, she opened.
  7. My petulant attitude was my undoing.
  8. That was both our making and undoing.
  9. Undoing the locks, the three slipped out.
  10. He was kissing him and undoing his buttons.
  11. Undoing his seatbelt he waited for a moment.
  12. No later undoing will undo the first undoing.
  13. Their unmatched arrogance is now their undoing.
  14. When yielded to, it becomes one's complete undoing.
  15. I heard him undoing the buckle on Astra’s collar.
  16. What has he in his mind! He will be his own undoing.
  17. The fear that had nerved her then was now her undoing.
  18. It was eventually Donald who proved to be your undoing.
  19. His words are my undoing, tipping me over the precipice.
  20. Her limited power storage ability would be her undoing.
  21. Their gods were no gods and it was their undoing this day.
  22. He finally helped by undoing the top button of his trousers.
  23. This antiwar stance was one factor in the party’s undoing.
  24. He returned to this shaking his head and undoing the images.
  25. These things, the undoing of matter, this has all been done before.
  26. She was undoing his belt, being a little clumsy with her left hand.
  27. She took off her jacket and started undoing the buttons of her dress.
  28. The undoing of what you think you know, or think you have been doing.
  29. My dear departed husband always said my soft heart would be my undoing.
  30. She started undoing his buttons and then pulled the shirt over his head.
  31. Groaning at the disturbance, the young man obeyed, undoing his overcoat.
  32. But when they harm us, we unintentionally become the means of their undoing.
  33. Her people had built the wall well, but it would be their undoing in the end.
  34. As he was undoing her shirt, Roidon said, ‘Raiya, we don’t have to rush this.
  35. Furthermore, their greed and arrogance would be their undoing because they were.
  36. The drug that was his undoing 6 months ago was back in his veins, thanks to Odis.
  37. Jacques was sitting on the bed undoing his tie when she appeared from the bathroom.
  38. I authentically made a show of undoing his shoes and peeling of two pairs of socks.
  39. Looks like it has a rationale of its own to evolve the dynamics of man’s undoing.
  40. It was Darkburst's misfortune that this same monotony also proved to be his undoing.
  41. Destroy: The willful undoing of the building process, as in pulling down something/one.
  42. Breathing heavily, I stepped towards him, undoing the cravat loosely tied at his neck.
  43. That, felt Grailem, will be their undoing as an idea was beginning to form in his head.
  44. She quickly reached behind her, undoing her bra, allowing Bob to slip it over her arms.
  45. Drake! A breathy moan, frantic with need escaped my lips and that was his undoing.
  46. Before they could ask, he was already undoing his restraints and was half way out the.
  47. My mother was too… and I paused trying to pin it down what exactly had been our undoing.
  48. You like it? I teased and he smiled as I walked back to him, It will be my undoing.
  49. Stepanída's? What's Stepanída's compared to this? (Brightening up and undoing the parcels.
  50. Meares wondered where they could be, and just what did that man think he was doing? Undoing.
  51. That was my undoing I could feel my shoulders raising and lowing as the silent sobs came out.
  52. A bird flew into her head, undoing the tight bun for what must have been the first time in years.
  53. He was afraid that the darkness, which was his protection, would, in the end, cause his undoing.
  54. However, upon turning back around, he noticed that Venarya was in the process of undoing her dress.
  55. He who had wrought her undoing was now on the side of the Spirit, while she remained unregenerate.
  56. This time around, they tried to take dozens of places at the same time and it proved their undoing.
  57. His eyes were alive with repressed passion that I felt seared by, but his next words were my undoing.
  58. It was a minute before she felt busy hands undoing her blindfold and then the tie covering her mouth.
  59. There was only the shadow of the former soldier, drifting in the purple haze that was once his undoing.
  60. What strange force led him along the paths of evil? What was the cause of his undoing? It was a mystery.
  61. I slowly jacked her out of her gas-induced sleep while I unhooked the IV and started undoing the straps.
  62. Undoing the bag she reaches in and pulls out a clear plastic bag of cocaine and a small automatic pistol.
  63. Was her past involvement with the laird to be her undoing now? It had already taken Maggie away from her.
  64. He followed this by undoing the buttons of his pants, and allowing them to fall before stepping out of them.
  65. A prime example of our undoing is the occurrence of landslides due to uncontrolled logging or deforestation.
  66. But the bubble year of 1999 was his undoing as his fund dropped 19 percent while the S&P 500 rose 21 percent.
  67. I’m afraid her tenderness and caring was the undoing of her and that innocence that was so becoming of her.
  68. The water felt lukewarm and refreshing as she rinsed her skin before undoing the braid and shaking her hair free.
  69. Great power will be housed in one place in one country in one land where it will be the undoing of all others.
  70. Undoing the rope closing the bag, Forrest opened it and showed to Tyrrell the top of the heads of two blond boys.
  71. No doubt he meant to kill his captives, rather than allow them to escape or to be rescued; but it was his undoing.
  72. A person of tact--ah, but I have no tact; it has been my undoing on the cardinal occasions of life that I have none.
  73. Ingrid then ran towards the outhouse while undoing in advance her survival vest and unzipping her mutton-lined jacket.
  74. Then, almost as soon as the film began, Steve put hid hand on Annie’s breast and started undoing her blouse buttons.
  75. Know then that during the coming eon you and these children will be directly responsible for this universe’s undoing.
  76. Undoing her own harness and crawling out of the cockpit, Catherine went to help Angela, whose seat harness seemed jammed.
  77. She pulled back from the kiss, her eyes passionate and I saw her fingers rise to start undoing the buttons of her shirt.
  78. Loco startled for a few seconds was able to grab his bearings and landed a punch in El Fuego's face undoing some stitches.
  79. It was more akin to reverse entropy; an undoing of cause and effect, but with such swiftness it seemed like an obliteration.
  80. So once again it is by twisting the law or undoing a regulation, by hide and seek pressure, not by Amendment or a voted on law.
  81. Oh, my tongue, my abominable tongue! Why can't I learn to keep it quiet?' groaned Jo, remembering words which had been her undoing.
  82. And then, yesterday she was saying she already considered my family as her family too and that was the thing which became my undoing.
  83. Evan took me to the heavens and touching the stars with that single kiss… one that had me rethinking about undoing Griselda’s spell.
  84. Too often, however, we do work that negatively affects happiness, and then have to spend much of our leisure time undoing these effects.
  85. In spite of her feeling of expertise about men, there was one male weakness of which Eve was unaware, and it almost proved to be her undoing.
  86. By the time Caesar stumbled into the small barrel-cramped room, Johnny had already set to work undoing his twenty year long sobriety stretch.
  87. Undoing the pull cord, he stepped close to the stage and sprayed the contents of the bag out across the stage in the auctioneer’s direction.
  88. Her controllers at the time had expressed concern, but this time her relationship with Nick, and their planned marriage, had been her undoing.
  89. I could tell Amar what’s really going on, but that would require undoing the dense knot of propaganda and lies the Bureau has tied in his mind.
  90. Perhaps this would unexpectedly be his undoing, and he would finally be brought to justice for all the terror he had brought upon this community.
  91. Stepanída's? What's Stepanída's compared to this? [Brightening up and undoing the parcels] Just look here,—see the quality! It's a French one.
  92. This fact, the sudden kinship between them, could yet prove Hartstongue’s undoing provided that the executioner does not allow it to be his, also.
  93. Where separate roads are taken or where a nation‘s people become strangers to one another, may very well spell that society‘s potential undoing.
  94. The Panama Canal was returned, undoing an injustice of almost 80 years and likely preventing further deaths from riots or terrorism against the canal.
  95. However, the real indicator of the Indian Musalmans’ backwardness is their collective inability to agitate for the undoing of their economic plight.
  96. Shall not you wear your brother’s cross? And as she spoke she was undoing a small parcel, which Fanny had observed in her hand when they met.
  97. And then, to my undoing, the daughter, Marya Fedosyevna, came in, in all her innocence, a little pale and her eyes red as though she had been weeping.
  98. Centuries down the line, Israel still had to contend with this problem, it was the undoing of Solomon and the reason for their eventual captivity in Babylon.
  99. And you, Madam, will kindly refrain from undoing my work behind my back and foreclosing mortgages on any And Governor Bullock never sets foot in this house again.
  100. He was slow in this, his own thoughts trembling and his limbs aching, but he put his weakness to one side and concentrated on undoing such havoc as he had caused.
  1. All our work is undone.
  2. At that, she came undone.
  3. The crash had undone him.
  4. Her hair's undone; this is.
  5. Juno, she cried, I am undone.
  6. He had come completely undone.
  7. Pain that could never be undone.
  8. What is done cannot be undone.
  9. Still what's done can't be undone.
  10. The Capataz is undone, destroyed.
  11. Blouse with the top button undone.
  12. Irrevocable : Not able to be undone.
  13. I come undone at the things he said.
  14. The top button of his jeans is undone.
  15. Ultimately the work is undone and the.
  16. And he wanted to watch her come undone.
  17. Thomas are a match that cannot be undone.
  18. The goodwill gained was undone in a blink.
  19. Your headmaster has several screws undone.
  20. The rides of fun, back to being… undone.
  21. His collar was undone and his blue tie askew.
  22. Things that can’t be undone, she said.
  23. Her hair's undone; this is going to be tragic.
  24. In a few seconds he had undone the wrist cuffs.
  25. Buddhists are not brave enough to do the undone.
  26. Same time might prefer a tie undone or something.
  27. Undone by our own inhumanity towards one another.
  28. But with the withdrawal undone, I can heal you.
  29. With the top Velcro left undone she was snuggly held.
  30. I should have fled in terror and left my work undone.
  31. The Tao, without doing anything leaves nothing undone.
  32. Fear nothing except your actions that were left undone.
  33. Now those shoes lay next to my couch, the straps undone.
  34. Was it by accident that one window was left undone?
  35. The bed was still undone from his nap the evening before.
  36. It would never be the same again, it could not be undone.
  37. For now, as quickly as the damage was done, it was undone.
  38. Apparently there was still a little work left undone, and.
  39. The resulting snarl of this original evil had to be undone.
  40. He found himself back where he had started, alone and undone.
  41. It will be a fatal, everlasting choice that cannot be undone.
  42. The zipper was undone and out popped a head of dark curly hair.
  43. He had his khakis undone, the towel rucked up around her waist.
  44. Michel realizes that he is trapped; that the woman has undone him.
  45. Hair looked undone but seriously he turned out great just like that.
  46. With two buttons on my shirt undone I replied, Sure, here you go.
  47. Clarissa was unfinished business and he hated to leave a task undone.
  48. Mistakes he had made, things that he had done that couldn't be undone.
  49. I told you a wire had become undone, replied Linda rather angrily.
  50. Valeriya was wearing a white blouse with a couple of buttons left undone.
  51. Hartman’s tie had worked its way undone and the hair covering his bald.
  52. A cool breeze, slithered up her back, the zipper on her dress was undone.
  53. The policeman, having undone the tapes of the shirt, rose and looked round.
  54. They can’t be undone, at least, not easily, and not without consequences.
  55. Her fingers worked frantically on the clasp, but it refused to come undone.
  56. Buttons were undone, belts and zips were manipulated and clothes kicked off.
  57. By that I mean nothing left unsaid, nothing left undone, no one left unloved.
  58. What? Oh this! It’s a belt buckle, it stops my belt coming undone, which.
  59. But have you no chores undone that extra hands could do? Pedro persisted.
  60. Ben had protected Diondra for almost twenty-five years, I had undone all that.
  61. Her voice was suffocated by years of things missed, of activities left undone.
  62. Manning Goldman wore a bright blue sport shirt with three of the buttons undone.
  63. Are you absolutely certain about this? It’s not something that can be undone.
  64. She had, in fact, undone the kiss, as far as such a thing was physically possible.
  65. The wrap is such that it will come undone if you pull your shoulders too forwards.
  66. What have you named the boat? This boat! Tell me, I beg you, or I may be undone.
  67. No way that we could have undone the damage that bite had done to her blood as well.
  68. What an operation! One simple leap of the horse had nearly undone the whole business.
  69. The boy was sitting with his back against a large rock, legs splayed, trousers undone.
  70. She grabs at his belt and in three quick, aggressive flicks she has the buckle undone.
  71. What an irony that they are undone being the sexual scavengers of the male world?
  72. Don’t worry, and don’t apologise, there is nothing you can do that can’t be undone.
  73. He put his coat back on, leaving it undone, and slung the bag over his head and shoulder.
  74. You will find Ingrid, and complete the task that was left undone in the progressive region.
  75. But think about your office and the day you leave it, and how much work will be left undone.
  76. Jeremy, wearing a double-breasted suit, a shirt with the collar button undone and a little.
  77. I am simply blighted—like a damaged ear of corn—the business is done and can't be undone.
  78. The left strap had been left undone and the back of her shoulder burned and twitched painfully.
  79. His wife’s trust in him became undone, as though she had expected him to save their daughter.
  80. He’s wearing a gray suit with the jacket undone, and he’s running his hand through his hair.
  81. He is charming to-day, Tatyana Pavlovna, and it's a good thing you have undone that bag at last.
  82. Making up lame excuses, even if there is the slightest truth in it, will never justify the work undone.
  83. All the work he had done repairing himself had probably just been undone, but for once it didn't matter.
  84. When they gave me the statement officially declaring Jesse dead, burnt beyond recognition, I came undone.
  85. She closed her eyes, wishing that time would stop, that the horror of events could be rewound and undone.
  86. Seeing Wolfe come undone, even that much, made him feel that nothing was secure in their strange, new world.
  87. There was a young Asian student nearby, and without my even asking, he said, Miss, your shoelace is undone.
  88. She had left her household chores undone that day but made a conscious effort to put a simple dinner together.
  89. After showering I threw on a green short jumpsuit, leaving the two first buttons undone and I put on my locket.
  90. I did so, but as it happened they would not hear his arguments and said that what was done could not be undone.
  91. It is important to understand that there are no matters which cannot be undone, and in most cases, very simply.
  92. I can only imagine that they are in complete denial and disbelief at what was done and left undone in this case.
  93. That which universal suffrage has effected in its liberty and in its sovereignty cannot be undone by the street.
  94. A person who has not done one half his day's work by ten o'clock, runs a chance of leaving the other half undone.
  95. It is important to understand that things are held together in place by an efficient structure which can be undone.
  96. A few strands had come undone and hung in her face; they ruffled in the breeze as she slowly lifted her eyes to his.
  97. I have and it was with great joy that I relished the hearing of the news, but I fear the East has undone themselves.
  98. After half a bottle of wine Jannson seemed to relax a bit more; he’d even undone the top button of his starched shirt.
  99. I crawl back to Laden, who has undone his seat belt, and is now crawling out of the window where the windshield used to be.
  100. What crime has been left undone? what injury have we not suffered? Could one be added to the catalogue? It seems to me not.
  1. He undoes the garter.
  2. Fumbling, my mom undoes my straps.
  3. She undoes both dead bolts and opens the door halfway.
  4. Tobias undoes his belt buckle and slides it from its loops.
  5. This is the kind of doubt that often undoes the great work.
  6. Where is he that undoes stratagems and envelopes for you and me?
  7. This progression undoes the historical layers of pre-Communist (i.
  8. As he sits, he undoes his single-breasted jacket, and I glimpse his tie.
  9. He says his next words aloud and there’s a gentleness to them that undoes me.
  10. Leaning forward, he slowly undoes one of my pigtails, his fingers freeing my hair.
  11. Not taking his eyes off mine, he reaches around and undoes the top button on my jeans and the zipper.
  12. He shrugs out of his jacket, undoes his dark tie, and slings them both on to the couch en route to me.
  13. The closer they get to the flames, the hotter it is, and the boy undoes yet another button of his shirt.
  14. Oh? He looks down at me as he undoes the last button, slips my blouse down my arms, and throws it on top of his discarded clothes.
  15. He undoes my pants next, pushing me back on the bed once they've cleared my hips and then dragging them the remaining way down my legs with my panties.
  16. Now this Sort of Love-making nearly always undoes me—no matter how loathsome the Swain who performs it (for I can close my Eyes and forget his Person), but the Licking and Teazing was so sweet withal that I near fainted away with Rapture.
  1. Then I undid his belt.
  2. He undid it and read it.
  3. He undid his seat belt.
  4. She undid the locks deftly.
  5. Giggling, she undid his jeans.
  6. I undid Sue’s bra as we kissed.
  7. Her nervous fingers undid his belt.
  8. She slipped away, and undid his belt.
  9. I reached up and undid the necklace.
  10. He smirked as he undid his trousers.
  11. He undid the strap-ins and stood up.
  12. While they waited, others undid their.
  13. He undid the tie string and coins fell out.
  14. Michael undid the clasp, and opened the bag.
  15. Grumbling, he undid the rope around her ankles.
  16. He undid her buttons slowly watching her face.
  17. I undid it, pulled it out and handed it to her.
  18. She undid his zipper, and lowered his trousers.
  19. Ben undid his strap-in and rushed to the Galaef.
  20. Emory undid his belt buckle and fashioned a lasso.
  21. Nem undid the string on the bag and turned it over.
  22. Sally undid my pants and pulled them to my ankles.
  23. I undid his harness and scratched his feathery head.
  24. Sue undid the tie of my pajama bottoms as we kissed.
  25. She whispered to herself as she undid her seatbelt.
  26. She undid the loose tie of the bit of ski rope she.
  27. She controlled her desire to scream as he undid the.
  28. She came around to face me, undid her towel and let.
  29. He took keys from his shirt pocket and undid the lock.
  30. He undid his straps, and the weight came off his chest.
  31. It rocked at the surface as Garcia undid his restraints.
  32. I undid the heavy iron cuffs and she slumped against me.
  33. He carefully undid the four cover bolts and lifted it off.
  34. Eventually Gomes undid the lock and pushed the gates open.
  35. The room had a series of locks that Hitler carefully undid.
  36. We undid the rubber bands and opened the mouths of the bags.
  37. Amonas then lowered Hilderich carefully and undid the ropes.
  38. She rose and took off her cardigan, shirt and undid her bra.
  39. I undid my seatbelt and hurried to the empty seat next to her.
  40. This second explanation undid the work of the first, and the.
  41. He undid the straps and removed the small chest from the bag.
  42. Swiftly, she undid her belt and pulled her dress over her head.
  43. My head was hanging over the table when she finally undid my.
  44. Helez undid her apron and dried her hands on the kitchen towel.
  45. As she swirled her hot tongue around his, she undid his flies.
  46. Words were hardly needed as they undid each other’s clothes.
  47. Michael stifled a cough as he undid the fly of his cargo shorts.
  48. Todd once again undid the overalls and reached into his pocket.
  49. With agile fingers, he undid the button and slid the zipper down.
  50. He laid Will on the bottom step and feverishly undid the haversack.
  51. She undid the straps of her body amour and placed it on the ground.
  52. It was locked, so he opened it and undid the knots that fastened it.
  53. He undid the waistband of her skirt and pulled it free to examine it.
  54. She undid his fastenings as deftly as her half-inebriated state allowed.
  55. I pulled a screwdriver out and undid the screws on the side of the CPU.
  56. When he came out of her he changed his condom and then undid her shackles.
  57. He undid one of the packets and fanned the photos out like a deck of cards.
  58. I undid my trousers, pulled them down and put her hand on her little hero.
  59. And the dwarf undid Edmund's collar and folded back his shirt at the neck.
  60. Her smile was coy as her fingers undid the remaining buttons of her shirt.
  61. Stationed on the top steps, one of the seamen undid the bolts of the hatch.
  62. He undid the lock, pulling open the grill and then the wooden door behind it.
  63. He danced lumpishly and, after much prompting, undid Robert's shirt buttons.
  64. She undid his pants and pulled out his flaccid penis and put it in her mouth.
  65. He and another man undid the ropes to either side that led up to the winches.
  66. He steeled himself to the task ahead and undid the lower buttons of her shirt.
  67. Slowly, carefully, she undid the clasp of her seatbelt and held it by her side.
  68. Joe sighed happily, undid his belt, shucked his clothes, and came into the bed.
  69. Bergit's dogs were there, forming a protective circle as Bergit undid the nibs.
  70. His heart accelerating, he undid the door safety chain and opened the door wide.
  71. He set the tray on the ground and undid a satchel he had slung over his shoulder.
  72. Raitt, she answered as Annaliese gently undid the cloak to study his wounds.
  73. She reached behind her and undid the fabric concealing and supporting her breasts.
  74. He kept one hand on Hassan's back and undid his own belt buckle with his free hand.
  75. Her fingers slowly undid the top button of his shorts and then drew the zipper down.
  76. Her hands went down a bit and she undid his belt buckle and pulled the trousers off.
  77. She thought as she undid the scarf that was used to keep her hair neatly tied in a bun.
  78. Eventually he got out a screw-driver, and undid the case of the computer in her office.
  79. He undid the latch and opened the lid revealing neatly bundled one hundred dollar bills.
  80. Zoleka undid his shirt, and started kissing his throat, down to his chest, and his belly.
  81. He undid and unwrapped yards of stained bandage only to reveal a penis in perfect condition.
  82. Walking into the huge bathroom, that was bigger than the house I used to live in, I undid the.
  83. Kimberley undid the small net in the top of her scalp and the long hair fell to her shoulders.
  84. I undid the delicate clasp of the necklace and I lifted it to drop it before her on the table.
  85. Minutes later, FBI men undid the cover plate, released Max and helped him out of the cylinder.
  86. He slid his shoes off, undid the first few buttons on his shirt, then stepped into the kitchen.
  87. She stepped back, undid her belt and, with a quick movement, pulled the dress off over her head.
  88. Carefully pulling the end of the string she undid the bow and peered inside the brown paper bag.
  89. The nut undid easily, chewing rust off the stud like smoke, instantly swept away in the current.
  90. Leaving the door ajar, amid the stench of mouldy limewash and stale cobwebs he undid his braces.
  91. He undid a cardboard folder and produced a drawing of a chewed-up bone in one of Tom's slippers.
  92. She undid her seat belt and got up, the smile permanent, joyful, looking at me, squeezing past me.
  93. Tina then undid her wrist communicator and presented it to the governor, holding it at face level.
  94. Standing a few feet away, Petra’s heart began to hammer as Emory stood and undid his belt buckle.
  95. It was all he could do prevent his manhood from springing out of his pants as he undid the buttons.
  96. She turned her back on him again, slowly undid the top portion of her costume and then cast it aside.
  97. After a quick check, he found and undid the fasteners beneath his legs and slipped out of the hammock.
  98. I didn't believe it, she lied, helping Leslie to her feet as Gary undid the ropes around her wrists.
  99. Deon leapt out of the car and undid the marina gate, sliding it open as if it were a piece of cardboard.
  100. Zoleka removed his shoes, undid his belt buckle, covered him with a duvet, and climbed onto her own bed.

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