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    1. ’ Liz said starting to unwrap the new paintbrushes they have brought in with them

    2. Unwrap candy kisses and place one in the center of each pretzel

    3. Most of our friends had exchanged small gifts before the break, but Lisette had insisted that I save hers so that I had something to unwrap on Christmas Day itself

    4. Lewisohn and obtaining his advice and authorization, Colling gave the men injections of penicillin, and packages of the new penicillin tablets, reminding them that they would have to unwrap them from the foil they were sealed in, and hold them in their mouths to get them to work

    5. Ruby, unwrap the flower and detach its head carefully from the stem

    6. Orphenn moved on to her other wrist and began to unwrap it

    7. Unwrap and serve

    8. ” I started to unwrap the sandwich when he interrupted me

    9. I unwrap my tablet and call Hani and Dr Tawfik

    10. But to never unwrap, to never open?

    1. "When I unwrapped them this spring I found an aluminum stuck in the treads

    2. They unwrapped the presents to

    3. He lifted the red velvet cloth and unwrapped a three-foot-long brass trishul

    4. Carefully he unwrapped the bottle; its contents held a powerful poison

    5. Roman slowly removed the apple from his pocket and unwrapped it

    6. Johnson unwrapped the brown string holding the envelope closed

    7. He unwrapped the

    8. Jean unwrapped the

    9. saying, he unwrapped the parcel and held out the

    10. courtesan unwrapped them, she could envelop Theoton

    1. by actually unwrapping it the moment

    2. They are sitting in the lounge with Treacle – Jake is on the floor rubbing Treacle’s stomach as the stupid cat lies there waving his feet in the air … Obviously, he’s only just arrived, Alastair is only now unwrapping the present he has brought

    3. Was I loudly unwrapping a peanut butter and jelly sandwich during the quiet test? No

    4. Titus obliged, unwrapping the rags from the sabre and presenting the magician with the sabre’s handle

    5. ” Terry said as I sat down, unwrapping the bacon

    6. Unwrapping it with the free hand that wasn't holding the

    7. Soon the big day arrived and Matthew thinking he was the first to rise early that morning was met by Sarah in the front room excitedly unwrapping her presents

    8. Searching in a pocket of her coat, she took out an energy bar and, unwrapping it, broke it in two before giving one half to each child

    9. Stick nodded and began unwrapping the anti-gravity unit, and he had just reached into the safe again, when the UPS said,

    10. She got the hint when she saw him unwrapping a condom

    1. He unwraps it from its skin pouch

    2. A relieved smile covers his face as the doctor stitches him back up and unwraps a large plaster

    3. Jesus the Christ awakens on the slab, unwraps the cloth

    4. This provides a wonderful presentation once your recipient unwraps the box

    5. When she unwraps the newspaper, she finds a model house, tall and narrow, no bigger than her fist

    6. She opens her purse and unwraps the partially crushed wooden house and says in her best French, “My brother had this

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    break bring out disclose discover divulge expose give away let on let out reveal uncover unwrap undo unclothe free lay bare peel strip uncase