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    1. "I rarely sleep well for Noonsleep," Ava said, "so I'm often useless on Afternoondays

    2. But if you are using your time playing games, going on social media, watching useless

    3. He saw what she had now, another scrap of paper that Ava said was useless, the last in that folder

    4. This is why the common advice to “avoid stress” is so useless

    5. He was too close, and they were scrambling all over each other, which helped make their laser rifles practically useless against Big Petey

    6. We are not in this world to passively drift with the tides of ever changing events, to aggressively fulfill useless desires in a vain attempt to express limited personal powers

    7. of a flying car with wings, which would be bloody useless round here, what if it could

    8. To Kandhi, the surveillance seemed utterly useless

    9. Actually, victims are unable to live without offering their energy to vampires: People who don't really need to work go crazy if they stay unemployed for two months; many women complain that their man exploits or maltreats them, however they don't even think of staying single for more than one week; without a male to serve, they feel useless and unworthy of living

    10. These powers influence and pressure mankind into further disobedience by a rejection of God and a filling of the void with useless vanity

    11. actions in the past were useless

    12. I told her that it was useless to have someone cast out a demon if she was only going to let him come back with seven of his friends

    13. Alfred was still useless in his mope over the mess he'd made of capturing Alan and the fear that he had killed his son in the wilds below

    14. If she had complained about sex with you and been miserable, I probably would not have asked for this, but she could not have convinced me you were sexually useless even if she did complain because she seems so satisfied

    15. Something would be along in a day or two to feed on her useless flesh, then this could be done with and she wouldn't have to suffer with what she'd made of herself any more

    16. Then when you don't have any for a few weeks, like now, you wind up in a condition opposite to being stoned, a bleak, dark, hopeless, empty, everything's useless type condition like this

    17. "By making yourself useless for your post and by keeping the responsible members of the crew up with your carrying on

    18. The most obvious ones had already lost their rooves, collapsing over the centuries, so they'd be useless in bad weather and anything hidden inside would have been ruined

    19. Parents will spend thousands teaching kids useless

    20. They neglected to purge the breeder females, considering them useless except as suppliers of fresh workers

    21. We spend our lives in useless pursuits, leading us to yet more dissatisfaction

    22. play useless matches for several years

    23. We will chase useless first divisions but

    24. ‘Not like her useless brother,’

    25. ‘Well, I reckon she was pretty shaken by how much her dad had let the place go – not his fault, poor chap, his health had been terrible for some time and her mother was less than useless … an’ she was only a young woman

    26. He was tired of this useless war and ready for his life to be over

    27. He knew it was useless trying to change her opinion of them now

    28. “And you think that leaving me on the outside, trapped and useless is justified?”

    29. The owner of the club and his staff are next to useless, whiter than white

    30. The woman sat back down, she knew it was useless

    31. She still wants to scream at the useless bugger sitting opposite her, but she has no intention of giving him or anyone else in the canteen the satisfaction of watching her lose it

    32. He rambles on about his day while I eat my curry, telling me about his piano pupils and how they vary from the keen and able to the keen and totally useless

    33. Roman eyes were useless, but his sense of touch was off the charts because

    34. Roman tried to shake his head no, but it was useless

    35. The fascinating but useless information he spouted—facts

    36. The phrase, to count your blessings, can therefore quite confidently be confirmed as a useless adage, yet it has somehow managed to survive the test of time, even though the advice in question is most clearly totally detrimental, totally idiotic and totally ill-conceived

    37. It would have been quite useless to tell these five kids to

    38. pulling himself with his arms, his legs useless

    39. It was useless to keep trying, she figured, grabbing the clock from the nightstand

    40. A bunch of useless bastards they are

    41. either trying to sell the most useless or ridiculous of items

    42. The useless gun lay on the bleacher behind him

    43. him, but it was useless

    44. Washburn was battling it with a small extinguisher, but it was useless

    45. It was useless to even argue anymore about Johnny’s gun

    46. Sending his power directly against him was useless, he knew that from experience

    47. " Angrily, the witch screamed at the little girl: "Useless child! All right, I'll see for myself

    48. practically useless as she cannot get clearance to handle court documents without her civil

    49. Her swords were still in her hands, though now they were useless for Solo Ki had her pinned to the ground, his staff digging into her chest

    50. Klowa wanted to protest but knew it would be useless

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    useless hopeless fruitless profitless vain ineffectual purposeless unavailing obsolete bankrupt