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    1. We’ve wondered if that was one of the positive effects of the modified immersion, having to utilise your higher thought processes to a greater extent

    2. Is there some kind of motor in here; some kind of machine that can utilise the generator’s power and transform it into kinetic rotating movement?’

    3. There are some ideas to utilise these waste products in future

    4. There are also plans to re-channel and utilise the heat energy for other purposes before it is released into the atmosphere

    5. Now we have advanced, computerised crematoriums and we have to utilise this technology

    6. From the 50 states of the USA, 7 states have been granted permission to utilise this process

    7. weapons, they developed a way to utilise the effects of Mako as an

    8. My department was started up 14 years ago with a directive to utilise this technology to eradicate crime

    9. Hu Lyang had conceived a plan to utilise this stadium in Cape Town as a “stash” for Drug supplies (and other illegal items)- which would be able to act as a distribution point and supply all the dealers in the Cape…

    10. ―Spiritual Autolysis is a writing process that allows us to utilise the fullest potential of our intelligence by bringing the mind into the sharpest possible focus

    11. Over the years, human breakthroughs in information technology—writing, printing, telephony, radio, television, computing, and the Internet—have consistently increased our ability to gather, process, organise and utilise information

    12. You can either purchase audio software or utilise online services that will allow you to phone in to their system and record your message

    13. Being able to locate the good lift was one thing, but being able to utilise it was altogether another

    14. exactly how they would utilise your assets or capabilities to generate new

    15. To utilise the many underutilised and untapped resources for economic development, job creation, small business development and the creation of local wealth

    16. He had started bringing more and more work home with him and decided to utilise the spare capacity in his house for business rather than a store for the vicars bring and buy sale

    17. With all the available beds taken up, and Susan sleeping in Foreman's room alone, Foreman had no choice but to utilise the sickbay bed

    18. Over billions of years chimpanzees (apes) have evolved with larger more complex brains than their predecessors, enabling them to form higher-level instincts and intellect, where these animals are able to utilise ‘primitive’ forms of tools (sticks of wood) to help them catch food, insects and fruit, etc

    19. doubting Thomas roll of my eyes, he was able to utilise this fourth dimensional process in

    20. to utilise the vast powers of creativity that are at its disposal

    21. began in earnest and she learnt to utilise her facility for languages in preparation for the

    22. his ability to utilise the manipulation of psychic matter and create almost instantaneous

    23. Under the guidance of OAC teachers, he learnt to utilise his unusual gift at will and when

    24. whole brain, but some activities utilise more of one brain hemisphere, than

    25. In the preceding examples I have described trading tactics that utilise stops in combination where one stop is used to enter a position (usually a stop order to buy for long traders) and the other stop is used to exit a position (usually a stop order to sell)

    26. But it is also possible to utilise two or more stops in combination, where they operate in the same direction – for example two stop orders to sell

    27. Price gaps are the biggest threat to traders who utilise stop orders

    28. This one is not a failure to utilise stop orders effectively, but rather a failure due to not using them at all

    29. Until you really KNOW what Trading With Confluence is all about, you won’t be able to utilise it in your everyday trading

    30. To carry the art, however, to its highest pitch, it is necessary that the reasoner should be able to utilise all the facts which have come to his knowledge; and this in itself implies, as you will readily see, a possession of all knowledge, which, even in these days of free education and encyclopaedias, is a somewhat rare accomplishment

    31. Among the women prisoners and the men prisoners, the jailers and the convoy soldiers, the habit of a kind of cynical debauch was so firmly established that unless a female prisoner was willing to utilise her position as a woman she had to be constantly on the watch

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