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Variant en una oración (en ingles)

  1. The other variant of the.
  2. And so, this variant cannot exist.
  3. Finally, I do the other variant, 100 (.
  4. A second type, called variant angina, can.
  5. A variant on this drill is called shadowing.

  6. Th is is the variant of invariant… Th e.
  7. How about a homonym variant? Not naught.
  8. Th is concept emerged as a variant of cul-.
  9. You can purchase multi variant testing software.
  10. It appears to be a variant on the neutron bomb.
  11. Unix variant a name that ended with the letter X.
  12. The variant virus had mutated and become airborne.
  13. Maybe it is a variant of their inter-dimensional tunnel.
  14. But we do meet in practice with a variant of the idea, viz.
  15. My training program was a variant of the gate selling.

  16. It had been attacked by a variant of the Space Weapons Labs 21.
  17. What changes are the actual action methods (the variant part) [j.
  18. It has been proposed that individuals with the Asp variant of a.
  19. The practice is a variant on IRA kneecapping, which was a punishment.
  20. Afterward, we pass on to comparing the next variant with all the rest.
  21. With this variant of the pick ‘em pool you are going up against odds.
  22. The long-legged Doji would just be a more volatile and indecisive variant.
  23. And you don’t know how that variant will change to you at the next moment.
  24. It must have been a photo-reconnaissance variant, as Ingrid had predicted.
  25. They spoke a variant of the language of the people called Nomo far to the north.

  26. There is a variant of this type in which success is achieved by the strength of.
  27. Also currently in service are M-240s, M-249s, and the Mk-46, a variant of the M-249.
  28. Suppose that we need to select the best variant of the long strangle for IBM stock.
  29. A variant on this is where they have money but it cannot be accessed for some reason.
  30. It was in essence a lighter, shorter variant of the old and proven BAR automatic rifle.
  31. It contains photos of a new Soviet heavy jet bomber and of a new variant of Mig fighter.
  32. In a variant of the self-aware master plan theory, there would be one main criterion for.
  33. Each variant of “you” perceives itself as the only one who is there, in “its now”!.
  34. Where the TF-58R variant of the XF-83 really differed, though, was at high supersonic speeds.
  35. A nice variant is to instead of Rosemary and thyme, use only "Old Bay" or only Italian seasoning.
  36. More disturbingly, the chimp, which she hadn’t infected with the variant virus, was dead, also.
  37. Also currently in service are M-240s, M-249s, and the Mk-46, a variant of the M-249.
  38. A pagination algorithm can be split into an abstract (invariant) part and a concrete (variant) part.
  39. This is the section of the curve that is most convenient when using the integer-based variant of ECC.
  40. She then told me what she knew about this war and the future as it happened in her variant of history.
  41. The Gottesmen are easy to spot – all wearing a variant of Berndt’s attire, though the colours vary.
  42. Depending on the state, this crime may fall under a variant of murder charges, instead of manslaughter.
  43. Most modern firearms use a variant called smokeless powder, which is what you’re probably thinking of.
  44. The relief is a rustic variant of the Assyrian style; certain details prove it to belong to the IX century.
  45. In a basic variant of the partially directional strategy, all available funds are invested in the portfolio.
  46. For each variant the criterion value is calculated, and then the variant with the highest value is selected.
  47. The market-cap-to-profits ratio (a variant of the P/E ratio) troughed at 4 in 1978 and peaked at 20 in 2000.
  48. The variant part contains functionality to show the header and footer of a specific page that is paginated [j.
  49. Modern popes are titled by the variant Pontifex Summus and elected by the similarly named College of Cardinals.
  50. Since there is such a variant at the moment of each of your innumerable Deaths, I had to warn you about it.
  51. But, which 2%…? If one of those 2% variant genes is a major gateway gene; then you have an entirely new species!.
  52. Suppose that this time the best variant has to be selected for another type of option combination, the short strangle.
  53. I think we’re going to have to abandon my proposed lead jackets and go back to a variant of the heretics’ practices.
  54. This new variant of the P-38 should thus be considered very dangerous, much more so than the usual American WILDCAT or P-40.
  55. For whatever reason the reconnaissance unit (RU) had developed a variant of the uniform with special applications and colors.
  56. Up to now, the joke was clearly on the RCMP, which was now passing off as a bunch of clueless, mean variant of the Keystone Cops.
  57. In the basic variant of partially directional strategy, the percentage of long and short positions is not an independent variable.
  58. The criterion value is calculated for each variant of this combination and the variant with the maximal criterion value is selected.
  59. In full compliance with this logic, the highest criterion value is obtained for the combination variant with a 1:3 call-to-put ratio.
  60. The gene variant is just one risk factor for Alzheimer’s, but scientists say it seems to be an important one—especially for women.
  61. If the criterion value obtained for the best variant exceeds the threshold value, the opening signal for this combination is generated.
  62. On the other hand, ignoring optimization (by fixing parameter values) increases the risk to miss the profitable variant of the strategy.
  63. However, this protocol cannot strictly be called an Ethernet variant because it does not use the CSMA/CD media access control mechanism.
  64. What are the chances of his succeeding with that bigger coast defense variant he and Maigwair discussed? High Admiral Rock Point asked.
  65. Hahaha, I’ve had your local ales and it’s true what you say! It’s great stuff! I myself have tried every variant I’ve come across.
  66. By choosing a certain distribution, the expert fixes a model intended to describe a certain variant of the possible future market developments.
  67. Most of the students wrote proofs of their beliefs using Boyle's Law (gas cools off when it expands and heats up when it is compressed) variant.
  68. To demonstrate the desirable shape of the curve, we have selected the best variant of the strategy with rather smooth and stable capital growth.
  69. In your case, a variant of the TF-58, to be combined with a ramjet section and to 2D thrust vectoring exhaust nozzles, will power our future XF-83.
  70. That variant, the TF-58R, is planned to produce over twelve tons of dry thrust, or over twenty tons of thrust with the ramjet lit up at high speeds.
  71. Practically every Unix variant available includes support for NFS, which makes it possible to share files among systems running different Unix versions.
  72. ISIS is actually claiming to follow the teachings of Wahabism, the official, state-sanctioned hard-line variant of Islam that dominates in Saudi Arabia.
  73. Also, in terms of heavy bombers, the only thing the French have here is a single squadron of PB-4Y PRIVATEERs, a maritime patrol variant of our old B-24.
  74. The important thing is whether the life principles to which you adhere correspond at all to the very possibility to fulfill exactly this variant of choice.
  75. This is perhaps the most complex process for you to comprehend, owing to the fact that each of you is conceptually attached only to this variant of himself.
  76. The most convenient way to express the forecast of the upcoming event is to combine two exponential distributions (one for each variant of the FDA decision).
  77. So are state-sponsored terror and a variant of genocide in which a group of humans are liquidated not on the basis of race, but on the basis of social class.
  78. One of the variants consisted of the nearest options expiring in one to two weeks; another variant consisted of distant options expiring in two to three months.
  79. Of course, I admitted, ‘fear of finding dead bodies on toilets and in bags’ is maybe a more uncommon variant, but people find dead bodies everywhere.
  80. The Anti is a specific variant of the pullback trade, characterized by its location in the trend and the specific strong countertrend thrust setting up the pullback.
  81. Consequently, it may well turn out that at least one variant from this multitude will give (solely by chance) satisfactory results during out-of-sample testing as well.
  82. They dropped on the planets with the rapturans who they had ordered to breed and increased their numbers, along with the genothroid variant soldiers and the exeon drones.
  83. Saburo thus selected a set of tatami do armor that was not damaged and put it aside, along with a nagemaki, a shorter variant of the naginata, and a wakizashi short sword.
  84. While your fighter squadron will be equipped with the new P-38N LIGHTNING, your 177th Medium Bomber Squadron will get a new attack variant of the B-25 MITCHELL, the B-25NG.
  85. But when the value investor's search for new ideas fails to turn up anything promising, then the default option may indeed be a broad-based index fund or some variant of it.
  86. After the final variant of the strategy has been selected, its efficiency is verified by running at the interval τo, which was not used in the process of strategy creation.
  87. Klarman's variant is that he never wants to show up at an auction to discover that all the other bidders are more knowledgeable and have a lower cost of capital than he does.
  88. The bolt itself was a highly concentrated variant of the death spell that struck Shinosa Valley; it causes living cells to explode, but mostly passes through inanimate matter.
  89. The more popular and successful variant of carry trading involves dividing carry by some volatility measure, effectively giving us an ex ante Sharpe ratio as the trading signal.
  90. We used a new variant on your automated, hair-thin attack spell that Yazadril, Nemia, Hilsith and Alilia designed, and for that reason Yazadril and Alilia were our attack wizards.
  91. No changes to the numbers and words in the text, including those with variant spellings and inconsistent hyphenation, capitalization, and formatting, have been made except the following:.
  92. The Great Roque War: An American variant of croquet (the name was derived by removing the first and last letters), roque is played on a rolled sand court with permanently anchored wickets.
  93. This “unpacked” Information, in which “the outer reality” is actually represented, is the instantaneous variant of the skrruullerrt system which is around you, but also structures you.
  94. The Navy could actually have had a decent fighter already by adopting a carrier variant of the F-86 SABRE, which is already in widespread Air Force service and is the rough equal of the Mig-15.
  95. The Shooting Star is a variant of the Evening and Morning Stars combined with the long shadows of the Hanging Man and Hammer candles and the small real bodies of the Gravestone and Dragonfly Dojis.
  96. Variations of this concept are sometimes called equal risk strategies, and it is also well known that Richard Dennis’s and William Eckhardt’s Turtles used a variant of this sizing strategy.
  97. For example, between two combinations with an expected return of –$2 and –$10, the first variant is preferable and, in principle, can be selected as the one with relatively better characteristics.
  98. The superiority of this particular variant can be explained by the shape of empirical distribution, which is skewed to the right (besides, there is a local peak on the right side of this distribution).
  99. However, none of these subjective “nows” should be perceived as fleeting instants, which come from one variant of your “past” and immediately disappear in the next variant of your “future”.
  100. In fact, a variant of the TF-58 with a rear post combustion tube, designated TF-58P, had been developed and had proved already able to deliver a maximum thrust of seventeen metric tons with post combustion.

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