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Ventilation en una oración (en ingles)

  1. The ventilation passage was over seven.
  2. Peat needs good ventilation when burning.
  3. My palace was spacious, and had good ventilation.
  4. Then lay in a damp hollow with plenty of ventilation.
  5. None of the sensors in the ventilation shafts had been.

  6. It even had ventilation from the coal-burning furnace in.
  7. He tried to look out of the ventilation holes as he had.
  8. She was in a cramped, windowless room with no ventilation.
  9. Insure crawl space vents for proper ventilation of all areas.
  10. The natural ventilation took the smoke away, high above them.
  11. Ventilation, effect of, on the mortality of infants, xxviii, 79.
  12. What about the bugs and transmitter in the ventilation tunnel?
  13. I find a ventilation grid but it’s screwed down with a metal plate.
  14. If you want a small fire inside, ensure there is adequate ventilation.
  15. More importantly, proper ventilation must be provided inside the coop.

  16. Do not bother with windows, the door will give sufficient ventilation.
  17. Here Vronsky showed them the mechanism for ventilation on a novel system.
  18. I have found a ventilation trap that gives directly into the bridge proper.
  19. Inadequate ventilation, afternoon sun and slick skins made holds impossible.
  20. Installing fan is simple, yet very effective way to aid the ventilation process.
  21. The success of a greenhouse depends largely on the efficiency of its ventilation.
  22. The air in the chamber was fresh and cold, evidence of a good ventilation system.
  23. Both the drainage and the ventilation were better than he had been accustomed to.
  24. She can hear the fans starting and can tell that the ventilation will clean the air.
  25. The above ground ventilation pipe was removed and Peter put back the stone roof slab.

  26. It seems these two plan to use the old ventilation shaft to get in past the block.
  27. There was little ventilation and a few of the pilgrims were getting somewhat nauseous.
  28. Buildings that use plenums to move air usually do not have a ducted ventilation system.
  29. After the first two breaths of mouth-to-mouth ventilation, his friend gave no response.
  30. The lighting, plumbing, heating, ventilation, and kitchen are all of the latest development.
  31. You may also want an automatic watering and ventilation system which can add to the cost too.
  32. Crazed miners: turned insane by working in the black depths without any light, or ventilation.
  33. But care must be taken not to block any windows or other ventilation when this method is used.
  34. A low rumbling noise then attracted her attention to what seemed to be a ventilation duct grill.
  35. Excessive moisture and inadequate ventilation are the main conditions that promote their growth.
  36. Check for plant growth directly outside vents to insure that it’s not inhibiting proper ventilation.
  37. Once secured, he pocketed the grenade and cautiously looked through the holes of the ventilation grill.
  38. It can occur without direct exposure to the sun—lying on hot ground with poor ventilation for instance.
  39. In the confines of the ventilation shaft, he would have had no chance to survive the subsequent explosion.
  40. Janay looks at her as she proceeds to unplug the ventilation machine and Janay returns to the present time.
  41. Oxygen can be used up in a shelter which lacks ventilation or becomes blocked and sealed by rubble or snow.
  42. Ventilation system helps draw hot air out if it needs to and take hot air in if the greenhouse is too cold.
  43. Usually, it doesn't come with extras like heating system, ventilation, foundation, insulation, staging, etc.
  44. The crates were not airtight and additional holes had been bored in the lid to insure necessary ventilation.
  45. Once he reaches the bubble he jams a chromobomb into the opening of the ventilation shaft and hits the deck.
  46. Sorry the ventilation systems aren’t quite up to handling this, but we’re having maintenance work on it.
  47. It was a stubby dead-end of a hallway, complete with a ventilation grate, some crates, and a computer terminal.
  48. It had what appeared to be an electrically driven ventilation system and heating unit fitted against the rear wall.
  49. Proper masking and ventilation could trap or capture the suspended fibers, which made working with it relatively safe.
  50. A good rule of thumb for crawl space ventilation is about two square feet of opening for every 25 lineal feet of wall.
  51. If there is a fire burning, make sure that there is adequate ventilation to avoid asphyxiation or carbon monoxide poisoning.
  52. So she steps back into the chamber room and closes the door, in order to give the ventilation enough time to clean the air.
  53. The advantages of a boiler can be listed as follows: it is absolutely rainproof; it is cozy; and it has wonderful ventilation.
  54. Plus you will not have to bathe very often; the suit has a ventilation system that gets rid of your sweat right off your skin.
  55. The detectors have located radiation everywhere; they believe it is a vapor from the reactor, spread by the ventilation system.
  56. Kaltigins nodded his head, then activated his suit’s anti-gravity drive and entered the ventilation shaft before floating upwards.
  57. For the area in the environment with hot summers and freezing winters, install a heater and a ventilation system in the green house.
  58. The community toilet, with a bucket and spigot as replacement for the shattered tank was without a seat, light, ventilation or paper.
  59. The ventilation system twisted and turned its way through the machinery, coming out beside the rolling roads above at regular intervals.
  60. This is followed by laying insulation, water supply and sewage, running electrical installations, heating, ventilation and painting work.
  61. The activities, which follow now include insulation, water supply and drainage, electrical installations, heating, ventilation and painting.
  62. Poor ventilation in crawl spaces will encourage moisture and dampness will occur which is again great conditions for the termites to live in.
  63. By sheer luck, the flying ventilation grill struck the nearest terrorist, a black woman, on the side of her head, knocking her to the ground.
  64. With my blacked-out windows cracked for ventilation, sleeping conditions are pretty damn good, and the next time I open my eyes it’s 3:30 a.
  65. Ventilation, underground flooding, and mine safety are all important considerations in underground mining, but with uranium they’re crucial.
  66. Dear Sirs,—We notice that in buildings in the East for factory purposes, all wood columns have a hole bored through the centre for ventilation.
  67. Aside from the usual care, when the plant and seedlings are withering or the growths are stunted, the most probable cause is improper ventilation.
  68. Thinking that maybe she had ingested some drugs from the Grand Am through the ventilation system, Cassidy decided not to argue the point and move on.
  69. I could visualise the blocks in the walls and the ventilation grill in the door based only on memories of things from another time, from another world.
  70. One man with a thermos bottle full of that agent could kill everyone in a large ship or space habitat by pouring the content in the ventilation system.
  71. Norm estimated the delivery and bonding of the cells and the body to create Neurons and short term memory allowing self ventilation could take 24 hours.
  72. An hour later Elohat was deep in the complexities of the ventilation system, climbing a ladder to the Second Level, when something dripped onto his head.
  73. Ten minutes later, a call from Kaltigins made Michel join him near the access grill of a ventilation shaft running up and down the long axis of the ship.
  74. Wouldn’t have helped anyway; the outbreak didn’t start in the germ-vaults where the barricades are—it started in the ventilation ducts outside them.
  75. In the profound silence, perfect save for the soft whine of the ventilation overhead, he could distinctly hear the man's wrist-watch ticking off the seconds.
  76. Inspection cameras can also easily be inserted through keyholes, through any small aperture drilled through a wall, through ventilation grilles and cabling ducts.
  77. As he reaches the end of each line of the song Billy fights back tears, fights back images of artificial ventilation and a hand hovering over an electrical switch.
  78. Now in possession of six full AK magazines and four fragmentation grenades, Farah withdrew behind a big ventilation air intake and examined quickly her wounded leg.
  79. That agent, of frightening potency, could have wiped out our space population with only a few thousand liters of it in total, if dispersed via our ventilation systems.
  80. A warning about using proper ventilation in your work area, if not used a condition called paint intoxication may happen, Just like being under the influence of alcohol.
  81. The usual purr of the vents stopped abruptly and, after checking his console, Shen confirmed that all ventilation to the bridge from life support controls had been cut off.
  82. Two minutes of cautious shuffling around inside the ventilation shaft followed as the troopers floated past each other in the restricted space, careful not to make any noise.
  83. He was arriving close to a ventilation grill that must be opening at bridge level when his eyes caught a very thin, nearly invisible wire strung across the ventilation shaft.
  84. I didn’t know what to do, I crawled further towards the edge of the vent, as soon as he saw what I had in mind he rushed over and helped me down from the ventilation system.
  85. They were both natives of the Yakhan however, always on the run, both with boost habits and Piishain with a norrot habit also that the ventilation system couldn't keep up with.
  86. The underground bunkers and facilities were not spared either, with hot plasma filling them first via their ventilation outtakes, then with hot lava pouring in from the surface.
  87. They had no bed or blankets; ventilation was poor, making it hard to breathe in fresh air; the food was served charred, cold and heavily salted; the only water given was bitter.
  88. A well-designed case will also have a carefully planned ventilation path that blows the cooler air from the outside directly across the components that most need to be kept cool.
  89. A plenum is an air space within a building, created by the components of the building themselves, that is designed to provide ventilation, such as a space between floors or walls.
  90. How can you ensure that the temperature is just right for your plants to grow healthy? Aside from taking care of your plants daily, creating ventilation system is your best answer.
  91. The total volume of space was actually very significant and, while the place lacked proper ventilation at this time, Nancy could see some useful future use for this basement level.
  92. Matters stayed as they were for a whole year, and during this long period the sacks were inspected and rearranged several times, to ensure ventilation, so that the rice would not deteriorate.
  93. That same ventilation shaft also gave a chance to Erik to run two wires connected to tiny whip antennas, once Dean had installed them on the open bow deck as part of his excursion for canned food.
  94. Previous to the adoption of this mode of ventilation, they experienced great inconvenience from carbonic acid gas; and some of the workmen had been killed by an explosion of carburetted hydrogen gas.
  95. Dangling by her feet over the convenient ventilation grate Yula still presided over, the Elf took in the bridge activity, but her focus was on the monitors directly below her---the navigation consoles.
  96. Through this wonderful journey, keep in mind the basics involved in chicken care like building a good and hygienic house for the birds, ensuring proper ventilation, drainage and sunlight for the chickens.
  97. Manually opening and closing vents work fine, but when you are not around or if you don't know what should be the right temperature for your plants to grow, you need to build an automated ventilation system.
  98. She was close enough Ahlkofahrdoh could just see the lantern light gleaming from her scuttles and the half-dozen gunports which had been opened for ventilation, even from deck level, whenever waves lifted both of them simultaneously.
  99. But one of them sailed through a second-floor hay door into the stable’s loft, directly into an AOG trooper’s face, and the last—better aimed or extraordinarily lucky (or both)—drilled through the ventilation space under the stable’s eaves.
  100. Malone, I will place no restriction upon your correspondence, since the ventilation of the facts is the object of your journey; but I demand that you shall give no particulars as to your exact destination, and that nothing be actually published until your return.

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