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    1. After a hundred forty five years, what would she be like today? A cold draft blew thru the hollow in her vitals

    2. One was found riding on a native draft animal herding some others

    3. You may also want to submit the draft charter to the staff of your sponsoring agency and/or school board for review

    4. Between phone calls, I draft some ideas for short stories I have been playing with

    5. ‘Oh, Dave, I’ve heard from the Secretary to the Danvers Foundation regarding that first draft

    6. ‘The Governors have seen a draft of the first couple of sections, Mr Stevenson, and suggested that it would be appropriate to use the initials of people rather than their full names

    7. His father knew; he'd accepted a bank draft signed by the famous scout

    8. There is a cold draft blowing from her side of the stage

    9. Ted has his back to the door, but can feel the draft as it opens

    10. “Is that why you’re out here?” Alan knew that ‘keda’ was the word for the native draft animal

    11. There was a draft through a crack in one of the

    12. But the reason the draft is no good is because I withdrew the remainder myself just this last week in preparation for a play such as this on your part

    13. “What about you have Jameson draft lists of duties and menu suggestions, and leave the 'Concession' temporarily with someone you trust?”

    14. How the CO2 was released in areas where housing growth was to be speeded up, how the condensing and drawing off of byproducts at their temperatures was used to keep the draft going

    15. And again like I told you elsewhere in this book, my law school career got interrupted by the Army inviting me to join them à la the draft

    16. So they got here, had a few babies and took over the native civilization as draft animals

    17. "His immortal soul belongs in Heaven sir, not rotting in the mud with a draft animal's dung

    18. When it comes to a second draft, I can treat it in several ways

    19. From its shallow draft, Nerissa knew it was a coastal

    20. But this time, she could not stave off the DRAFT

    21. He was immensely thankful and relieved for her good humor, DRAFT

    22. For his family, it soon became evident that his new post was as much of a curse as an DRAFT

    23. When the soldier stepped back and the executioner approached, it all seemed as though time DRAFT

    24. And even now, it seemed surreal to her DRAFT

    25. For a moment, she could see her father’s warm and proud smile before his face faded DRAFT

    26. Not a day or night goes by that I don’t pray that Ulfric will be struck with some real sense and he’ll lay his DRAFT

    27. As she watched him throw some meat on the fire and fetch some bread, she began to realize what it was that she found so particularly endearing DRAFT

    28. The maps she had DRAFT

    29. But she had done well to push all of that concern out of her mind and focus on the DRAFT

    30. He exchanged a quick glance with his DRAFT

    31. She had spoken to Tullius as soon as the Breton exited and while she did not intend to divulge too many details of DRAFT

    32. The daylight was of great assistance as she DRAFT

    33. There indeed had always been more than enough cause for an DRAFT

    34. When even the long-toothed feline halted its hissing and DRAFT

    35. The cat gave a thunderous growl and DRAFT

    36. Somehow he would have to DRAFT

    37. He had been able to see straight through the cheap and thinly spun vestments of all who came before DRAFT

    38. It did not even attempt to follow them into the cavern, it was far DRAFT

    39. And knowing Penelope’s own independent spirit he was almost DRAFT

    40. The man answered with a dismissive grunt that he neither knew nor cared and if he DRAFT

    41. It was more than worth the several letters he would draft throughout the remainder of the afternoon, hoping that one of the addressees would answer his earnest prayer

    42. But our parents were real keen on some bizarre old books in the library in the DRAFT

    43. The male just looked on as the DRAFT

    44. He was still weak from his wounds - as was she by her own - tempered as DRAFT

    45. But the new location, decidedly gloomy and ironic as it was, coupled with Mercer’s wheezy DRAFT

    46. Carius was frustrated that the courier had arrived and went before he had penned the final draft of his message to the headquarters in Solitude

    47. For a long time, there had been whisperings of a demented Legionnaire who had been driven mad at the hands of the Thalmor DRAFT

    48. As they crossed to the other side of the room, she DRAFT

    49. As they disappeared, he turned back toward the machine engaging the young DRAFT

    50. The air was heavy there and DRAFT

    1. For example, if the testator never knew English but has the will drafted in that language, then it can be contested on the basis that the testator had no idea what he/she was signing

    2. The privateer attack carrier Hardway is drafted into a force group commanded by Harry Cozen's bitter rival from Staas Company

    3. While we drink our coffee, he outlines the service he’s drafted it so far

    4. ‘Well, I’ve drafted them

    5. They drafted in numerous

    6. Kennitch drafted a quick note to 'Alfred

    7. swaths of lives among newly drafted troops

    8. Cyclostat copies of orders are being drafted and then and then I get an order that has just come to us from Battalion H

    9. He wasn’t even drafted, that’s the money you make in his position as third string

    10. It was drafted by a much junior professional assistant who booked his time against it

    11. unlike the national servicemen (conscripts) we could not even say we were drafted for we were volunteers

    12. Using badgers drafted in from the surrounding districts, Grindel and Cherva had raised the tall banks of earth in front of the sett in a surprisingly short time

    13. Nor were men drafted into units one by one but whole units at a time which kept the moral of the troops high

    14. I was asked to replace the only dentist in the village who was drafted into the army

    15. She was the one who, prior to my conscription to the army, had sent me to Yanikurgon to work in the dental clinic of an Uzbeks dentist who had been drafted

    16. Upon his arrival in Israel, he was drafted by the IDF as a Lieutenant Colonel and as the head of dentistry until 1960

    17. Almost all those portrayed as Black Confederate troops were actually slaves drafted as laborers or brought by their owners to be personal servants

    18. Perot was drafted to run for president by public demand, and his followers tended to be politically moderate and not inclined to vote for either party

    19. He couldn’t even be drafted because he was the head of the household of a family farm, which I told him was excellent

    20. Many southerners in the Confederate Army were not there by choice, drafted or kept on after their enlistment expired

    21. It was getting very late, and there was little else I could do that night, so I drafted my last will and testament on a lined piece of yellow paper that I had ripped off my legal pad

    22. They had been fortunate to keep Karl, the older son, from being drafted for the Volkssturm in the last days, and she could not understand why the boys would have done what they were accused of

    23. Kwonowski was of the opinion that the man’s information was reasonably trustworthy, explaining that the guard was a native of eastern Poland who had been drafted into the Red Army in 1944 during the Soviet advance

    24. Is that how you say it? He was drafted into the Russian army, you won’t believe

    25. After an eloquent “apology,” really a self-defense, he calmly drafted off his sentence

    26. A new Constitution was drafted in 1857 that pointed to more rights and freedoms for the people, but religious communities and the military rejected it

    27. She drafted out letters for suppliers, customers and employees

    28. Members of the Wandering Race are not usually drafted into the Emperor’s service

    29. Being drafted and sent to Vietnam probably saved his life

    30. As cited, “a stunning admission by a senior RCMP officer that he drafted a

    31. Late in 3L Spring, Bill Bowe, class of ‘67, who with his older brother had inherited a mansion where Lake Shore Drive joins Michigan Avenue when their parents were killed simultaneously, hosted a cocktail party to celebrate his being drafted

    32. ’ Trotsky, for his part, warned that if soldiers drafted into the Red Army defied their officers ‘nothing will remain of them but a wet spot

    33. such articles in the drafting of the Constitution, fearing it would limit the rights of the people and the states to those specifically listed, reversed his position and drafted the amendments himself

    34. Esparza when he was the cognizant CA, refused to sign off on the Program Directive that I drafted as a last resort, trying to accommodate the PM in a less risky fashion

    35. By refusing to initial any of the PDs I drafted at Dino’s urging, Wright, in effect, shut down the entire process, yet the blame fell on me as the cognizant CA

    36. “That was the plan, but the Communications troops got drafted for so many unloading details—they never made it

    37. in pet animals and accessories, the Convention was drafted so as to enable non-member

    38. Drafted into the war of my life

    39. “Wil Sattler have to be drafted out?” Miz speculated

    40. It could have been occupied by former slave workers who, in the absence of the men who had been drafted and with only women and children left behind, might take revenge into their own hands

    41. Things came to a dramatic change when Mark was drafted into the Army as part of the Vietnam intake

    42. He was however, very angry at being drafted because it signified an end to all of his current activities, plans and his relationship with Basil

    43. His anger was particularly evident in training exercises where Mark would vent his feelings about being drafted during the training

    44. That was especially important for our sons, in case they would be drafted to the military during the Vietnam War

    45. He had drafted a document needlessly decorated with too much adjectives

    46. When he had transferred across from local government he’d made sure it was tightly drafted in his favour

    47. He’d need a few minutes to polish up the briefing document he had drafted before the four o’clock meeting

    48. “I’ve drafted a report

    49. Carol drafted a letter to the Georgia State Medical Board, outlining her suspicion of Doctor Donovan, evidenced by the drug screen she had done on “one of the study volunteers

    50. None of the original negotiators who drafted the first contract lived to see it completed

    1. Drafting of the will

    2. · The witnesses are not needed while drafting it, but only at the time of signing it

    3. ‘Yes, but I’ve had second thoughts since drafting that, Sally, thought it would be more fun to turn off the A5 at Capel Curig and go up over the Llanberis pass by Snowdon – it should not add anything to the journey timewise

    4. He paid great attention to his well-oiled hair and his pencil moustache, which he kept sharper that his drafting pencils

    5. Livingson's approval' before passing it along to the drafting section

    6. And they’re also drafting replacements, and instructors, out of the schools as quickly as they can,” he went on

    7. “What if I told you they’re drafting instructors out of the system?” Dawley responded absently, adding cream to his coffee

    8. in London, drafting telegrams and letters for the

    9. consultations [saying] management "accelerated drafting" of flawed security

    10. such articles in the drafting of the Constitution, fearing it would limit the rights of the people and the states to those specifically listed, reversed his position and drafted the amendments himself

    11. “The champions of state autonomy in the drafting period were

    12. Mike had taken a three-month drafting course at Thames Valley State Tech just down the road, but forgot to take his exams, so he earned no credits which might have later transferred to UConn Avery Point

    13. Using my many years’ experience in both drafting and negotiating exceptions to contractual terms and conditions, I had undertaken a complete re-drafting of those sets of “boilerplate” and disseminated same to the many field sales offices spread across the U

    14. He refused because they still needed my services as a licensed attorney to 1) continue the trial of a case versus the Navy in the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals that Crowell & Moring had started (at a cost of $425/hour) and 2) to finish drafting claims against prime contractors Boeing and Lockheed Martin, then collecting on same

    15. terminated its work on the drafting of a convention on the use of live animals for

    16. Among the singular events: the deployment of the CGC Chase to the Persian Gulf to support the United Nations oil embargo against Iraq; Operation New Frontier which initiated the use of special pursuit boats and armed helicopters; training teams sent to the former Soviet Republics of Azerbaijan and Georgia to develop and train national coast guards; the development of coordinated pollution control and response plans with Russia and Mexico; a National Strike Force response to an oil spill in the Galapagos Islands; the combining of BM/QM and ET/FT ratings, and the creation of OS and IT rates; the global circumnavigation of the CGC Sherman; the largest Coast Guard port security operation since World War Two in response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the United States; and the drafting of a terrorist resolution which was passed by the International Maritime Organization (Coast Guard, “Adm

    17. these parties were invited to participate in the planning and drafting of the new

    18. In drafting the Charter the High Heels had

    19. I’ve heard they are drafting people, especially boys who have done their military service

    20. Anyway, putting the sheep through the drafting race took

    21. It is a solemn thought that, in framing the constitutions of the new, democratic, independent, African states, we are not drafting a Negro Magna Carta, but are signing a pile of death warrants

    22. However, your wishes are not the only goal that states keep in mind in drafting intestacy laws

    23. Had he done something wrong in the drafting? He hoped Master Nostradamus was not upset with him

    24. But, interestinly, in drafting a new constitution for Japan, U

    25. Men that were instrumental in declaring independence and drafting the Constitution of

    26. ‘’Excellent! In the meantime, I will start drafting a warning message to our Navy component, so that they can be ready to provide us with extra fighter cover for tomorrow morning

    27. Kulkarni, though, denies drafting Advani’s letter of resignation

    28. If I couldn’t pull that off, my backup plan was to major in drafting – after all, if you can win a game of Jenga you automatically earn a degree in architecture from the Universityof Phoenix

    29. When requested, Subba Reddy gladly put the drafting table to use, as a mark of the commencement of work

    30. Even as Ranga Reddy’s ambitious ventures were rising to the skies one by one, Subba Reddy’s new contracts were wearing the drafting table a little bit more

    31. “Then I need to finish drafting the press release for the regional newspapers

    32. For instance, when I was a lawyer, I spent the bulk of my time drafting documents in my office

    33. were doing this exercise, I'd focus on how I felt the vast majority of the time — while drafting

    34. When you're alone in a room with naught but a drafting board, your mind and the bottle

    35. It was on the third day of the fifth plenary session of the Basic Law Drafting Committee in Beijing that Lee had once more caused an uproar which resulted in headings in the media such as “Strong opposition to a more powerful legislature

    36. If he had to put money on it he would guess the Political Adviser was drafting a report to London right then to brief them on his meeting with NCNA officials and the information given him by the Chief Secretary

    37. When the meeting did get under way on the Sunday the Basic Law Drafting Committee Secretary General gave some temporary heart to democrats when he said China did not oppose the principle of direct elections before 1997

    38. “In considering the development of Hong Kong’s system of representative government before 1997, account must therefore be taken of the relevant stipulations in the Sino-British Joint Declaration and the deliberations of the Basic Law Drafting Committee over how those provisions should be implemented after 1997

    39. Remember, I’m a drafting teacher

    40. "I was teaching a girl how to see her drafting board

    41. He remained at Valladolid, apparently supporting himself by agencies and scrivener's work of some sort; probably drafting petitions and drawing up statements of claims to be presented to the Council, and the like

    42. In an account of the session written in 1989 for The Journal of American History, Armstrong wrote this about his next move: “I began drafting up sample subpoena language for these newly revealed systems

    43. There was his drafting table

    44. There was also one other major difference between the Senate bill and the one we were drafting, one that was fairly technical in nature but would make a huge difference

    45. In mid-July, his HELP Committee staff completed the first draft of his version of a healthcare reform bill, beating out the other Senate committees drafting theirs

    46. My rehab at Father Martin’s was the first one where I wasn’t drafting letters to my father about all the things I thought he should know, the things we still needed to discuss

    47. I had assumed all along that both Teddy and I would give eulogies—I had been drafting mine for weeks—and Kara, who was much more private, would read a prayer

    48. If you were drawing them on paper charts, just like trend lines, a crayon might be the appropriate tool, not a drafting pen

    49. In MoneyBall, by the wonderful finance writer Michael Lewis, we learn that some Major League Baseball teams shun drafting high school athletes because this playing data is too limited to make an investment in a player

    50. That of course is a stupid view, so I’m drafting people in from other departments

    1. Not wanting to dive into more research, I pull up the drafts I have written so far and go through them editing the information and tweaking the grammar so that it reads better

    2. He was sent to a deliver an acceptance letter and preliminary design drafts to a group of clients from whom Mr

    3. That evening, after a meager meal, he looked through the conceptual drafts of the plans; no harm in that, he thought, they might after all be put into his charge for the vaults anyway

    4. When I completed the first drafts of all of my requirements of the Project Demonstrating Excellence, I decided it was time to start actively looking for a job

    5. Follow the drafts to find them

    6. Gorgeous State umbrellas, enormous kinkassies or wardrums, brass-studded chairs, beautifully carved stools, European and native swords, native spears, Ashanti daggers and knives, executioners' blades and torture instruments, brass studded cases, leather fetish caps, silken and cotton cloths, execution stools with recent blood stains, valuable old English chinaware, common table knives, large glass vases, carved wooden sandals, silk and gingham pillows of down and soft cotton, a few tusks, ivory pieces for playing “po” and drafts, a few bottles of brandy, common blunderbusses, old flint locks, a few Sniders, and so on ad infinitum

    7. Drafts of warm air stirred his hair

    8. by large drafts of coffee

    9. No drafts to disperse the fumes that would soon be spreading throughout the house

    10. With this, it avoids that somebody receives or make draft in money, it annuls the emission of checks or it impedes any legal right of drafts and it avoids patrimonial appropriation in judicial demand, including the governments, sponsors, introducers, authors and Teams of Coordination of the XUSING Project

    11. put the hand in that money through drafts or transfers

    12. This card has similar actuation to credit card operator’s flags, however with other functions that avoid transforming those virtual monetary resources in drafts or right of receipt in physical money

    13. Instead, I had to settle for local horse pisses like Blatz, Hamm’s, and the drafts sold out of a drive-in mafia beer factory at 23rd and Lakeshore Drive

    14. After leaving one WM, I and a few others continued on drafts at Jimmie’s

    15. Being alone most of the time, I perched on a tall bar stool and quaffed several drafts with my sandwich and chips

    16. More recently I’ve learned to assume that all first writings are rough drafts

    17. There they stopped and drew long drafts of the life-

    18. writings are rough drafts

    19. in the air--no drafts, if you will--within this room

    20. The sudden drafts were inciting Beatrice's sharp screams, and Mariana was helping with theirs, little accustomed as they were to the rough movements of such a weak transport

    21. I prefer to write first drafts by hand,

    22. -chilly3, oversensitive to drafts, catches cold easily from nose to throat, chest and ears

    23. Rewriting and editing drafts wherever and whenever I could

    24. I had 39 messages in the inbox and 39 messages in the drafts and the drafts are more interesting than this in the inbox

    25. which died after a month, taking with it all first drafts – and that began a 15-year journey of research and development

    26. In early drafts of this book, I dubbed this question the "100

    27. It is not essential, but using the oven means drafts are eliminated and I’ve been doing it this way for years with great success

    28. from him and played drafts with him

    29. ‘’Here are the drafts you wanted

    30. Enjoy! If we go by my notes, and original drafts, I can prove that I had this g-device protype in writing before the star trek novelist brought out their prototype that can turn gas giants into stars, “wildfire” and I can even show that I had written garcia with his mental companions before the new Battlestar Galactica aired, which I love by the way, but here’s the deal, I’m really getting annoyed seeing my ideas in my notebooks and journals ending up in movies because I’m not managing to get my work out there

    31. I wrote it because I want to write and this obsessive compulsive disorder won’t let me sleep and if you’re reading this draft, I assume you read the other drafts, and liked them sufficiently to stick with me this far

    32. In the olden days, drafts and open windows were often the way fresh air was introduced

    33. Copies of the paper refined from my hurried drafts were passed around the table

    34. People say that they desire abundant life — and so they do — but so many interpret this to mean that if they will exercise their muscles or breathe scientifically, eat certain foods in certain ways, drink so many glasses of water every day of just a certain temperature, keep out of drafts, they will attain the abundant life they seek

    35. Allow yourself to think on paper for as many drafts as you need

    36. deposit all types of the cheques and drafts in their name or endorsed in their favour

    37. I repeat: any of these Formo-copies or even any of their conglomerates is not at all you! Tell me, do all characters of novels or movies, performances, cartoons, fairy tales, and legends, which you imagine or subjectively observe, with which you live and feel their story lines, (that is, Formo-images of absolutely any VVU-Information which you let through the information space of your Self-Consciousness, including construction project drafts and drawings, a tiny figure of a person casually drawn by somebody on a sheet of paper) become real for you, only because you picture them in your Imagination or watch somewhere? Of course, they don’t! But all of them are absolutely normally and really perceived by innumerable inhabitants of realizational “niches”; VVU-Configurations of fragmented Self-Consciousnesses of the inhabitants structure various Spheres of creativity of OLLAKT-DRUOTMM-systems, and the inhabitants perceive the dynamics of each of these mental or sensuous Formo-images directly with regard to themselves, because all of them, — both the inhabitants and Formo-images perceived by them (and simultaneously by you), — are created not from Formo-Matter, but from energy-information Ethereal Substance that has very special properties

    38. could now exchange bank drafts with their New York Correspondent bank and

    39. They bought the bank drafts that they had sold with small bills

    40. She saved it in drafts and turned around to see Sammi Harrington waving with Derrick off to the side, holding shopping bags and looking awkward

    41. You may find that your planning is better on clean sheets of paper and that you might make several drafts before refining your plans to your satisfaction

    42. In their place: cold drafts and torches that burned in charred sconces

    43. So where do you participate in mock drafts? A Fantasy Football team manager will find a good many Fantasy Football sites where participation in mock drafts is possible

    44. Once you become involved in Fantasy Football mock drafts, you'll naturally find sites that end up being your favorites

    45. Those who have not yet participated in a mock draft, and have performed their prerequisite homework; but need to polish their player ranking profiles and numbers should give mock drafts a chance

    46. Once again, you’ve been able to make the decision based on what has historically occurred during the mock drafts

    47. Before you start, you need to know that the main goal is to keep your chickens warm and away from air drafts

    48. Thomas first drafts of sections of the thesis and his grasp of understanding of how

    49. Thomas’ mentor thrilled that his first drafts were nearly final drafts

    50. There came in, moreover, two drafts which M

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