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Volley en una oración (en ingles)

Another volley of.
volley to put him off.
A second volley followed.
Paul spewed a volley of curses.
she interrupted his volley.
a wild volley of bullets at me.
The first volley hit at 3:05 a.

Just then, another volley landed.
It would delay their next volley.
A second volley finished the job.
Curran snarled a volley of curses.
There had not been a second volley.
heard the volley of splashes to port.
other, a sunset volley, along the street.
volley to win the game against Highlands.
in return a volley denunciation and contempt.
One of the men fired a ragged volley at them.
We are a volley of bullets, we are cannonballs.
Usually all it took was one volley of glances.
The volley was concentrated on Wendy’s ship.
A volley of louder knocks came from downstairs.
One missile, armor piercing, in the first volley.
this that take the first volley in trench warfare.
she jokingly pretended to parry the verbal volley.
Another volley of bullets hit Ice One, and bounced off.
The smoke cleared and, having fired their volley, the.
But it was the third volley that detonated the reactor.
What she did next depended on when the second volley came.

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Sinónimos para volley

volley burst fusillade salvo