volley sätze

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Volley sätze (in englisch)

Paul spewed a volley of curses.
The first volley hit at 3:05 a.
Just then, another volley landed.
It would delay their next volley.
A second volley finished the job.
There had not been a second volley.
One of the men fired a ragged volley at them.

Usually all it took was one volley of glances.
We are a volley of bullets, we are cannonballs.
A volley of louder knocks came from downstairs.
The volley was concentrated on Wendy’s ship.
One missile, armor piercing, in the first volley.
To begin with there was a furious volley of applause.
Another volley of bullets hit Ice One, and bounced off.
The smoke cleared and, having fired their volley, the.
But it was the third volley that detonated the reactor.
The second volley of missiles leaped from the strange ship.
What she did next depended on when the second volley came.
Another volley of bullets hit the spot where his body lay.
Selma began to unbuckle when suddenly a volley of gunfire.
He unleashed a volley of electric bolts at a high velocity.
Elowen looked up in time to see the musketeers fire a volley.
A well‐placed volley and you scatter five gunners to bits.
The volley continued for ten minutes, then suddenly stopped.
A volley of bullets peppered his chest killing him instantly.
A volley of gunfire rang out as flashes of lightning erupted.
A four missile volley destroyed it before the others arrived.
Her volley of arrows had made those who were not hit pull back.
The booing got louder and the audience launched a second volley.
Bullets started going off and then a mass volley of fire erupted.
Breckenridge and Stokes unleashed a volley on their assailant to.
One of the manned platforms had a volley ready when they appeared.
Caesar heard two horses gallop past and a volley of cruel laughter.
Miller heard a volley of shots ring out, but felt nothing this time.
Just before they were in sling range, we let loose our first volley.
Another quick volley was loosed with some stabbing into the bodies.
The gunner fired off another volley that passed over the after deck.
A ragged volley followed an instant after Yigal’s had found its mark.
We are a volley of bullets, sing the newest cadets, we are cannonballs.
The old reprobate with the surplice burst into a volley of bad language.

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