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Wan en una oración (en ingles)

1. They were wan and tired.
2. Wan Da was startled and he said.
3. My name is Wan Da, a guest.
4. Wan Da interrupted his thoughts.
5. Joey gave a wan smile and nodded.
6. On the moon’s wan, her magic was.
7. I made the best of it, but I felt wan.

8. Wan Da who was looking intensely sighed.
9. Wan Da looked on with a sigh in his heart.
10. Wan Da halted his steps and turned around.
11. Wan Da was silenced for awhile and he said.
12. A tearful voice leaked out, broken and wan.
13. When she lifted her head, Wan Da had gone far.
14. Wan Da was silence for awhile before he sighed.
15. WAN bridges/routers connections to, 113–114.
16. He considered the question, his face slack and wan.
17. You no wan Leon bothering you and you wan seet alone.
18. There was a black look in the sky, and the sun was wan.
19. See Chapter 7 for more information on WAN technologies.
20. Figure 7-1 Routers or bridges connect WAN links to LANs.
21. Louie looked back at the wan, stooped old men and women.
22. In the darkness, he saw Wan Da looking nervously in front.
23. That’s him—the wan on the big chestnut in front, No.
24. The wan smile he gave me stayed with me the whole way home.
25. Sarah always smiled when she saw me, but the smile was wan.
26. Ariel paused, concerned, standing above the wan, thin child.
27. Not as pretty as he did when you last saw him; a bit wan.
28. She grew so wan and thin she was like a ghost of her old self.
29. Wait here awhile with Brother Wan, if I did not succeed, I.
30. The wan and weak light of the distant lamp barely lit the room.
31. However, bridges do pass broadcast traffic across the WAN link.
32. A wan expression, more of scholarly interest than of actual humor.
33. When I have received news from your past honored guest Wan Da that.
34. The higher speeds are commonly used for backbones and WAN connections.
35. You can use WAN links to build an internetwork in many different ways.
36. Wan Da could only feel a strong force holding him and he was lifted up.
37. The old Wan Dan looked at these young man and women who were troubled.
38. Wan Da was startled and he was greatly moved for he found someone that.
39. He extended his hand to grip Wan Da and the two of them ran across the.
40. It was Wan Da who had spoken and he was looking intensely at the green.
41. He wan to Keeng Ceety to gat sometheeng pretty—Puta chingada cabrón.
42. Wan Da could not separate the two figures that were fighting for they.
43. Wan Da replied, This type of green snake is not commonly seen in the.
44. If you have eight offices, a total of 28 separate WAN links are required.
45. Wan Da shivered for the voice was ghastly and he stumbled as he tried to.
46. Big Brother Wan told me that Father and Mother are in grave danger and.
47. Penrose, how are you holding up? Charles merely offered a wan smile in.
48. Wan Da sighed as he retrieved his dagger and cleaned it with a white cloth.
49. A MAN has three features that differentiate it from both a LAN and a WAN:.
50. When your page is first created it will be relatively empty and you will wan to.
51. The twilight threw a wan light on his fine brow, and covered his eyes in shadows.
52. Once again I was distressed to see that both Mathilde and Aspenquid looked very wan.
53. Just about all of them, she said with a wan smile, then changed the subject to.
54. Finally, What do you wan? said as only a guy with a massive load on could say.
55. That is the province of the wide area network (WAN), as discussed later in this chapter.
56. ATM is being used as a high-speed backbone protocol and for WAN connections, but the 25.
57. The result of this expense is that WAN bandwidth is far more expensive than LAN bandwidth.
58. The train going in the direction of Chai Wan was about to close its doors when he leapt in.
59. It usually is not practical to use a WAN link in the same way you would use a LAN connection.
60. One way is to schedule certain tasks that require WAN communications to run at off-peak hours.
61. Table 7-2 lists some of the technologies used for WAN connections and their transmission speeds.
62. Thin and wan, and shaking with fever, he rode slowly down the lines, followed by his son and aide.
63. Before you select a WAN technology, you should consider the applications for which it will be used.
64. A WAN connection does not necessarily require a major investment in hardware and installation fees.
65. So, Moshe concluded, as a wan smile of appreciation battled for control of his features with.
66. In this narrow gap are the industrial island of Tsing Yi and the deserted stepping stone of Ma Wan.
67. She had sunk into one of the golden thrones, and as I turned to her she greeted me with a wan smile.
68. This way, the LAN data is converted to ATM cells at each site before it is transmitted over the WAN.
69. The issues involved in any WAN are the same: delay time, quality of the link, and available bandwidth.
70. This arrangement provides WAN access to users without them having to establish the connection manually.
71. Another factor in selecting a WAN technology is the topology you will use to connect your various sites.
72. PVCs are routes through the carrier’s cloud that are used for the WAN connections between client sites.
73. WAN technologies vary in the way they’re structured, the way you pay for them, and the way you use them.
74. Internet An internet is a collection of local area networks (LANs) connected by a wide area network (WAN).
75. Today, most organizations use a less expensive technology to create WAN links between their various offices.
76. Centralized IT supported the LAN, the WAN, and the communications systems, while SAP was all decentralized.
77. Generally speaking, WAN connections can be slower and more expensive than LANs, and sometimes much more so.
78. Wan Lung had been casting his line and hand net in Three Fathoms Cove almost daily for much of his long life.
79. Today, with the increased use of cloud technology, WAN visualization and optimization are becoming more common.
80. Marius' blood-stained face appeared under the wan light of the air-hole like the ashes at the bottom of a tomb.
81. When you create a site link object, you select the sites that are connected by the WAN link the object represents.
82. WAN links differ from LANs in that they do not use a shared network medium and they can span much longer distances.
83. The sections following the table examine some of the technologies that are most commonly used for WAN connectivity.
84. Be aware, however, that the leased lines are the only elements of the WAN that are not flexible in their bandwidth.
85. Most beaches or docks had twenty stories of balcony over them, now only dim shadows against the wan glow of the sky.
86. This means that another router is needed to support some type of WAN connection to an Internet service provider (ISP).
87. In nearly every case, your LANs will run at speeds far exceeding those of your WAN connections, as shown in Table 7-1.
88. The WAN links themselves can use technologies ranging from telephone lines to public data networks to satellite systems.
89. ATM is both a LAN and WAN protocol and is a radical departure from the other lower-layer protocols examined in this book.
90. In most cases, the actual traffic moving across a WAN link does not utilize all of the bandwidth allotted to it at all times.
91. When you connect networks using WAN links, however, you almost never own all of the technology used to make the connections.
92. Here the clock struck twelve, and both forgot themselves in watching Beth, for they fancied a change passed over her wan face.
93. Wan Lung observed as they conversed with the detectives and then walked back to the ambulance where they took out a stretcher.
94. And now his head began to spin round, and a wild expression of energy crept into his inflamed eyes and pale, meager, wan face.
95. In most cases, systems use SLIP or PPP to provide Internet or WAN connectivity, whether or not the system is connected to a LAN.
96. He would stand still for hours: but never sat or leaned; his wan but wondrous eyes did plainly say—We two watchmen never rest.
97. A WAN is a collection of LANs, some or all of which are connected using point-to-point links that span relatively long distances.
98. A WAN connection requires a router or a bridge at each end to provide the interface to the individual LANs, as shown in Figure 7-1.
99. Her pretty face was wan and listless; her hair uncurled: some locks hanging lankly down, and some carelessly twisted round her head.
100. Solar flares on the surface of the sun 93 million miles away can disturb satellite communications, causing your WAN link to go down.

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